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@yumhoneyblood @sharonvanetten It is the best song on that album. Which is a hell of an album, but I could just drown in Jupiter4
Oscar Isaac has gone grey. And he just looks hotter. I'd hate him, but I just can't... @0hMySt4rs Yes. 100% yes. Rejections are horrible and they hurt, but even the best writers in the world have gone t…
@CrawlersB isn't sad. this isn't cute. these trains were meant to be temporary, but systematic underfunding of services i…
Retweeted by Neil Larriseygreat performance, oscar isaac
Retweeted by Neil LarriseyI would also like to point out that I own all of these physically on vinyl too, barring @brokendowngolf (because sh… a surprise really, @Spotify. @SkatingPolly @yumhoneyblood @SCannibalsBand @BloodRedShoes and my absolute fave…
Stina here being my spirit animal.
@merepseudmcl Massively Prescient and one of the best albums I've ever heard. @ldlapinski I cannot cope with this movie. I have many times felt that "life drags you down" feeling and then the e… @AllRatherPod @EleanorMorton @ldlapinski @HachetteKids Very much looking forward to getting a copy and reading this book. @sophiecowdrey Agreed. Cap is the best. I love him so. @sophiecowdrey It is almost up there with this for the finest moment in cinematic history... listen to both @yumhoneyblood and @SELFESTEEM___ Both put album of the year contenders out this year.… @sophiecowdrey Yep. When my man threw it... Goosebumps. @shemakeswar Hmmm... Why am I not surprised that my new favourite band knows my old fave?
Have trouble with this, but here goes. I'm Neil and when I get past my anxiety, I am good with people.
This right here is an encapsulation of why I love this woman.
@reb_day These videos are absolutely, 100% my favourite things on the Internet. I mean they're hilarious all the ti… @veneficaultrix
@weerestaurant @paul_smortions @dknursigadoo @vonny_bravo And? Are they still paying? Then give them what they ask…'m with Vonny. How's is picky eaters, let alone people with allergies, like me, killing the restaurant industry? T…
@Gin_and_bones @jamesdraper Fucking arseholes. Honestly, I leave you for five minutes and Dickheads appear. @TessaViolet Accurate.
Zoooooool! could go on. This is the legacy of ten years of Tory government. And it’s utterly repugnant.
Retweeted by Neil Larrisey @jamesdraper @susie_dent It occurs to me that anyone who saw this may think I'm being a troll rather than just anno… @jamesdraper @susie_dent Because the word Oblong was an adjective before it was a noun. Like I said before. No amo… @merphynapier 45 minutes of Merphy Goodness? Yep. Just feed it straight into my eyes.Fellow estranged folks! This week is hard, so take care of yourself. Lean on your friends, pets, delicious food, bo…
Retweeted by Neil Larrisey @jamesdraper Beeves, however... @jamesdraper It isn't a real word though, James. Oblong is already an adjective as well as a noun. The door is Oblo… @sarahmcgphoto Seriously, I await your autobiography with baited breath. It'll be the only autobiography that reads… @QueenOfTheSonic @IreneWildthyme Oh... I'd just queued it up to watch. Maybe I won't then. Jenny's TV opinions are generally on point.Crabs That Growl is my new band name. is how marginal taxes work. Under Labour's plan, rather than paying £27.5k in tax on an income of £100k, peopl…
Retweeted by Neil Larrisey @princess_jem4 Ghost with the most. @MundyMorn Why, thank you. I'll tell it you said that. 😁I am Neil, God of all the hair. does not live in the same world as us. She appears to live in a world written by Neil Gaiman and she's the ma…
@tardis_monkey The shot with Bambera is gold alone. 😁 @TheHazelHayes Isn't she? She absolutely lights the movie up.So I'm making a first draft of my "Favourite songs of 2019" playlist on Spotify and this is going to be the centrep… @vampdavegrohl "Do not listen to a word I say, just listen to what I can't keep silent" is a perfect lyric.Not a girl but its a better name... Yve Bronchitis and the Disruptive Humping Dog Toys is amazing. The eye flicker. Soooo horrible. want to buy me a ticket and drive me to and from the @BatForLashes gig in Manchester tonight? Please?The Johnny Depp we deserve instead of the one we've got. @QueenOfTheSonic Sabrina/Clarissa! In my hometown? I am there.
My eyes, there's something in them. 😍 😍 @amberjff I very much will! (ahem, what's the website address?) @RachaelAtWork This is a depressing thing to read. And to see @SadMeganGirls agreeing with you. You are two of my f… @amberjff Ooh! Looking forward to it! (Then I will await the vinyl release with baited breath) 😁I am a very tired human. Tonight I'm off to see @CrawlersB play what will be for me, the 14th gig I've been to in 2… @princess_jem4 I cannot express how much I would buy an Addams Family Comic made by you! @ineffablebucky @JODlEWHlTTAKER Tweet of the week for me this. 😂I rated @nadineshah at Barbican Centre ★★★★★ via Bandsintown rated @doddleoddle at Dingwalls ★★★★★ via Bandsintown rated @MILKTEETHPUNX at Sound Basement ★★★★★ via Bandsintown rated @bloodredshoes at Arts Club ★★★★★ via Bandsintown rated Fontaines D.C. at O2 Academy Liverpool ★ via Bandsintown rated @QueenKwong at Arts Club ★★★★★ via Bandsintown
@yumhoneyblood @BBC6Music About to go see @BloodRedShoes in Liverpool @ArtsClubHQ and the last Tim I was there was…
@400FootGhost Yeah, that one is really really good. Genuinely frightening in places too.
@notpixietit She was the Conservative candidate for Sefton. Must be difficult to be forever losing. 😂 @400FootGhost It is clearly unfinished. It tells a complete story, but I'm guessing at least one more draft would h… @pineyewoman666 @MILKTEETHPUNX @b0rnco1d I want to read the Liverpool review. Its one of my favourite gigs I've bee… Walliams has timed this book release perfectly... @jeanxgenie @cultdreamsband @nervusmusic I loved the idea of the Self Care session, even if on the day I was too an… is #TransDayofRemembrance where we remember those who have been lost to hate or suicide. Our own pocket of…
Retweeted by Neil Larrisey @The_Anchoress @BBC6Music Miller Mailer Plath and Pinter. It's geeky and chic. Which is on brand for you. 😁 😍 😉 @vonny_bravo @BBCScotland Riot Grrrl revival doc made by you? And how can I, in Liverpool, get it straight into my eyes as soon as possible?Milk Teeth continuing to be the best. @Rose_Matafeo Mysterious Skin. Incredible movie, but it broke my heart and made me feel sick. Oh and Spotlight, fo… @400FootGhost @toriatweeter That's amazing. 😍 @shemakeswar @HurtlingBand Ooh I like this. Thank you. @400FootGhost @toriatweeter I went to school with The Boo Radleys. They were cool. The bench at belvedere was a leg… @400FootGhost This album is incredible. Is there a more badass moment in music history than the "Mmmhmmm" as Long S… @vampdavegrohl @carinaround @Manics @deftones @PJHarveyUK @shemakeswar That is a surprise. It's possibly my favouri…
@vampdavegrohl Hmm... Can't pick 5 faves, so here's the 1st 5 I can think of that I adore... Low by Bowie Tigermen… @jamesdraper U OK hun? @LMMyles I read it and thought "I never would have thought of it, but it's brilliant" Which gives me hope for the series. @savannahbrown I always read that to the tune of "We will go to Finchley Fair" from Dirty Boys by David Bowie. To… This was... I'm not saying I'm exactly like this... But my word, I relate to a lot of it. A lot.
@jamesdraper "Whoa! Somebody's Comin!" @ClubEVOL @TheMysterines @JimmysLiverpool @BBCR1 @BBC6Music @ArtsClubHQ @SkeletonKeyuk @AlfieSkelly for @TheMysterines' fizzing Who’s Ur Girl as your Track Of The Week:
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@bonestobreak @MILKTEETHPUNX I don't remember them singing about Deer? 😁 😉 @castlerawk Aaaand... no signs of aging found here. Is it an Elizabeth Bathory thing? Do you bathe in the blood of… performances from @MILKTEETHPUNX @nervusmusic and @cultdreamsband tonight. The crowd were deeply into it an… @Gin_and_bones Yes it is. And my brain is a Dickhead.So my anxiety is playing up tonight so much that even when the band I've come to see have set up a meet and greet s… @jamesdraper Amusingly, you and I appear to have aged very little in the last ten years.Apparently, I've not changed a great deal...'s a day of the week so I am going to a gig, as I am won't to do. Tonight is the wonderful @MILKTEETHPUNX in Live… @e_charretier Yes! You appear to have made it and so that awesome sounding stretch goal will be in! I love people.