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@brokendowngolf Amazing. 😍 ♥ 🖤
@kc_123 @CrawlersB @PercysCafeBar @thejacclub @FatcatBallroom No need to give me the puppy dog eyes, Homer. I'm coming, I promise. 😉 @CrawlersB @PercysCafeBar @thejacclub @FatcatBallroom Oooh. And I'm off work on the 2nd. @CrawlersB @crawlersband
@vonny_bravo So sorry you're having to deal with this and these absolute bastards. Hope you'll be okay. ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 @Liv_May17 Fuck, I'd be terrified. You are an intimidating presence. @ldlapinski I've liked this cause Morgolyes YES, but.... Dawn French.... @MrsHHteaches I've been there. The n years married, fourteen together when she left. I was a mess for a while, but… @jamesdraper @emrazz nails it.
@BeffernieBlack took the shot and made the joke better. 😁 mean, I already loved @RakheeThakrar (Met her at @bigfinish day, she was hugely friendly and adorable) but she's… @ItsMeBabyArms @danvstheworld "Roses in Willies" is my new Band name. 👍 @QueenOfTheSonic I like Forever. It's nonsense, but it's enormously fun nonsense. @QueenOfTheSonic I can see that. I love them (well 2 of them) but they ruined a lot. Everyone tried to ape them aft… @catistewart Reported him in a heartbeat. Horrible fraction of a man. @ldlapinski I mean... I'm still going to watch but... I may end up just watching Going Postal again and smile abou… @ldlapinski Oh. Have just seen... Hmmm.... Why does it look like Blade Runner? @ldlapinski Have you seen it? Is it bad? Please say it's not bad. I've been hoping for this for years. @veneficaultrix Look at the jawline... of these look like @michaelsheen is playing them and enjoying himself immensely doing so. @missmillythomas Hope you're okay. Sending love and hugs. 🤗 ♥Take the rest of 2020 off dude. You have earned it. mean... Have they seen her? Look at her! I would let her kill me and thank her for it. @ItsMeBabyArms Ah, Uxbridge. I'd have said vote against Boris Johnson. 😁 @caitlinmoran Claudia Winkleman is a wonderful human being and a brilliant presenter.Why true crime documentaries need to rethink their focus | Stylist
Retweeted by Neil Larrisey @MILKTEETHPUNX @pottymouthworld @kojisaysaloha Milk Teeth and Potty Mouth in Manchester? I'm sold. @MILKTEETHPUNX @musicfornations Yes. F*%!ing. Please."And Ninjas" might be the greatest end to a blurb I've ever seen.
@QueenOfTheSonic Amazing. 😂 @jamesdraper Well, I went to type the correct thing, which was simply "the girl" and my phone this time decided to… @jamesdraper They do. Then Elliott stands on another boys back in order to snog the he girl taller than him. Also,… @QueenOfTheSonic You look so cool. You always look so cool.So... They're watching ET in work. Had this film always had a scene where ET and Elliott get drunk and then a clas… please. @brokendowngolf Please say it's staying in the track. 😁 @brokendowngolf That ending is... @SkatingPolly @hayabusalanding Ahem... Two bonus tracks? Do I buy this album for a third time just for 2 bonus tra…
@TessaViolet Liverpool or Manchester @hernameiscalla "Wasn't he also Vigo The butch?"
@malloryomeara Booksmart. It was wonderful. @e_charretier @f_francavilla This is amazing. I can't wait to have it on my wall.No content with being Agnes herself (IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!) and in Eighth Grade and The Addams Family, Elsi… fucks sake. I consider myself too be extremely left wing, but some times I do feel that humans should have to p… this coming and I am 100% delighted to be correct. Knock Em dead, Billie.
y’all are dumb as hell if you don’t think mary elizabeth winstead with a cross bow is sexy.
Retweeted by Neil Larrisey100% agree. Also, why is Todd Phillips on there? Joker is not a better directed film than Knives Out or Doctor Slee… @QueenOfTheSonic Ah but Jenny The Doctor's Daughter but not really is wonderful in her Big Finish stories. Actually… @whatrosasaid These two tweets showed up 100% perfectly as I imagine you hoped they would.
@_norbidthestars @bigfinish My biggest recommendation is to give her an 8th Doctor story and watch how quickly 11 l… @DoktorTopha Me neither, really. Pace was too frenetic and felt a bit silly and, most importantly, felt a massive w… @ldlapinski I adore him, and thank you for reminding me of the joy that is Matt Berry just screaming Bat before turnining into them. @LMMyles Hahahaha. Great minds. That was an interesting remake of The Mysterious Planet #DoctorWho @veneficaultrix
Figured out Lullaby by The Cure today. Have a snippet. the first New Music Friday of 2020 has dropped an absolute belter. The new @thebigmoon album is absolutely wonde… @_porcelainsteel The TV movie?
@Luiseach Powerful use of the insult "Melt" Love it. @jamesdraper Yeah, that'll be disappointing... So of course it'll happen. Foos might do Darling Nikki and it'll be…"I know some day you'll have a beautiful life and I know you'll be the sun in somebody else's sky, but why oh why c… @WearyWithToil "I know some day you'll have a beautiful life and I know you'll be the sun in somebody else's sky, b… @jamesdraper Yeah... That bit's... Odd. @jenhingley @st_vincent Oh my god. I am jealous of every single human that gets to go to this. St. Vincent, Gary Clark Jr, Mavis Staples...Right. @jamesdraper How do we get there as soon as possible? @KatyMontgomerie Speed Metal. @brokendowngolf Also, that Cat in amongst the things growing out of your head looks like an evil spirit. Which I sh… @brokendowngolf Nah, far more Louise Brooks. @brokendowngolf I sincerely doubt that. @holminto Oh dear. Space Jam would have been a better watch. Its got Bill Murray in it for a start. 😁 @ItsMeBabyArms Agreed. Abusers also gaslight and isolate. For many years my mum thought her family had turned their…
@jamesdraper Right. I have a request for circadian rhythms 2... @ICOEPR Wonderful film, and it features Chekov's gay man. Also, it seems that Zellweger's best performances are som… @TheMysterines Must. Hold. On. Til. Payday....I mean... Your dad isn't here anymore sadly, but he'd have been perfect. Emma Thompson. Definitely, Emma Thompson. @0hMySt4rs Oh, that film... My mum was married to an abusive man who beat her regularly & attempted to murder me. M… @Zeezerizer I met Z Berg after a gig in Liverpool some years ago and tried to seem cool and interesting, which imme… I shaved my face. I instantly regretted it. I look like Errol Flynn. me... I just... I'm ashamed of humanity. @tardis_monkey Episode 3 was apparently inspired by Black Mirror, which explains a lot to me. The first two are cam… @pauljholden All of them require this gif...
Oh, thank fuck. 2020 has just been awful so far, the world needs this. @Liv_May17 @holminto Hmmm... It's quite hard to choose a Tat that covers my face. Maybe I'll get someone else's fa… @QueenOfTheSonic It's a horrible film. Every single character is horrifically damaged and/or dead by the end of the… @Liv_May17 This is... Oddly, quite a healthy way to deal with this, I think. "I don't like how this looks, so let'…
@_girlinred_ You wrote Bad Idea. You have a wonderful way with words and I'm sure any conversation had with you is a glorious one. @QueenOfTheSonic Also, hope you're okay. Take care of yourself. You are a bright light in a dull world. @QueenOfTheSonic Barely slept last night, so was a little "spacy" in work today. May have fully lost the plot aroun… @thetimeladies_ @ForbiddenPlanet Well.... This must be bought. Hurry up payday! @brokendowngolf Always and absolutely.Oh my God. A THREAD. Hahahahaha. This is funny. Literally over 30 years ago, I was a child (obvs) my grandma gave m…
Retweeted by Neil Larrisey @sapphicgeek @GailSimone @e_charretier Excellent. I am assuming you've read Neil Gaiman's output. Full of well roun… @sapphicgeek @GailSimone Have your read The Infinite Loop by @e_charretier and Pierrick Colinet? Cause if you haven… @sophilestweets There was one scene where he didn't say a word. Just oozed menace. Then he's world weary and tired… @RachaelAtWork I accidentally took the work phone (a cheap old Nokia) home with me the other day and when they rang… @NiamhAWalsh This punchline was perfect.
@jamesdraper I mean, I don't really care that much, it's a silly story but I do often find myself worrying about pe… @jamesdraper He got a similar ending to Ben. There are people arguing that Ben should have lived happily ever after… saw that "Bring Ben Solo Back" is trending and I'd like to say I'm shocked at the amount of people who want a…