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Philadelphia's leading expert on breakfast sandwiches and Hebrew-accented Dutch. Probably tweeting jokes but also talking #SciComm & storytelling. he/him

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@aussiastronomer Lots on @LifeologyApp Slack! @KaeLaniSays Groooooooan @carolyn_beatty Exactly my point @carolyn_beatty You're basically Delaware's Phish @TorresLuzardo @mikeyil If we're going through such things, please allow me to share my ancestral sweets shop @picturesofdives enjoyed this film, and I am proud of my young friend @JonPlester. @carolyn_beatty Great news, in the realm of things I normally DM you about @abgutman This means you can, once a day, tell her "Let me tell you about my day on Twitter" and it will be new and exciting for her!The first Da Vinci Fest Live arrives, a cabaret featuring @oureric and other @TheatreExile friends, #jazz with Anne…
Retweeted by Neil P. BardhanIt’s a “step into the shower while still wearing my glasses” type of day for me
Retweeted by Neil P. Bardhan @NeilPBardhan It's a "notice halfway through your drive home from the dermatologist that your shirt is very clearly…
Retweeted by Neil P. Bardhan @rachelheleneg Precisely @mikeyil @geekadelphia @PHLGeekAwards RIP @mikeyil Doing this via Tweetdeck is betterrrr @arockjonestown 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 @KaeLaniSays @MichelleNWrites @broadstreview Thank you for this!! @lisa_b_davidson @mixedlinguist Lots of tweets in my timeline yesterday/today about teeth-grinding and prevention t… @neurofim And people say this website is bad!?!!? I'm doing INREACH here. @neurofim For some definition of "better" I can agree. But is it appreciably worse on my forehead? Something someth… @JackelRobert I wish you would step back from Twitter my friendIt's a "contact lens on my forehead" kind of morning @CaraintheArts *shy wave* @melissaekline My friends running the study were very kind about it. It was an fMRI study so I knew the scanner tim… @melissaekline As a participant once, I had to leave an experiment due to a panic attack. I felt TERRIBLE about it.
Here's a blogpost called "the president of pronouns gives you permission to just kind of try stuff" about trying ou…
Retweeted by Neil P. Bardhan @thrasherxy I've used the word "performative" in this arena, though the intent you describe has an interesting wrinkle perhaps. @Andreaontheair His tail tho 😭😭😭😭 @nickmongo Delete this @lalexgreen Check out the upcoming project at @IODTempleU! @adamteterus @mountain_goats As a person who will eventually be on this podcast myself, I can say with some convict… @FarFarrAway Is this performance art, or merely 2020? @ScottPaulissen @MadS100tist @christlet @HenriquesLab This is what I needed now. Thank you? @by_CKennedy Yes, and I have a local spot. @By_paigegross @elizaPHL @TorresLuzardo I know, but this time we get to do it in business casual while videoconferencing! @elizaPHL @By_paigegross @TorresLuzardo would you all like to attend my virtual networking event later this year? It's BYOB/C/etc. @joshraclaw @VerbingNouns this tweet will haunt me for the rest of my life, I just know it @EvanAntoni0 @KateMMartin sounds like you've got a cool Bathing Man camp going on up there @ceemoneymo How is peanut butter the Green Party candidate??? @adamteterus @JackelRobert @samsanders Lots of great ones on @RISKshow though it's not exclusively scary! @bikemamadelphia With groups like this, I sort of believe on one level they're actual teens..but most likely 22-27… @KateMMartin @EvanAntoni0 A colleague has been researching this and summarized, without judgment:… @KateMMartin @EvanAntoni0 I didn't know what to expect from a "line rider", I thought maybe a rodeo thing.. this is even better! @MadS100tist @christlet @HenriquesLab During my postdoc I was friendly with the genetics folks across campus. One d… @FromPhDtoLife This presentation style feels in line with some I’ve seen in philosophy of language and other fields… @thejoemoore @SveaVikander @easternblot I'm choosing to focus on the joys of pastry memories! 😂 @MadS100tist @christlet @HenriquesLab Not themed at all, BUT for historical reasons I can discuss later I have had… @ImprovNeil @easternblot I'm racking my brain and realizing that when I was in Germany I was buying pastries and not paying att… @martarusek Oooh yes! @by_CKennedy 💯💯💯💯💯 @CrimeandCookies @by_CKennedy Which show hurt you, and shall we start a podcast? @by_CKennedy At the same time @by_CKennedy Colleen.This sociolinguist concurs 100% and thanks you for the thread! 👏🏽
Retweeted by Neil P. Bardhan @sophyish MILD ANECDOTES, I'm here for them. @theDKinDC
@JackelRobert The Message @GretchenAMcC This is too real! @JackelRobert @actioncookbook @tholzerman This is highly relevant to my interests. Cc @phillydesign for cheesesteak pix @michaelharriot And K*rstie Alley! @meganissleepy @JackOakLeaf I'll think soon about how best to tell one, but let's just say it takes place in a college classroom. @JackOakLeaf I have more 3OH!3 stories than I'd like to admit. Would my sharing them help you in this troubling time, or furhter trigger? @mattaukamp Turns out this is from Quest For Glory 3. @SarahKeelerB This doesn't actually address that need directly, but if you're thinking along these lines, might I s…👋🏽 @HulkChogan Synchronized swimming, but it's a Harold? @Lallypb @covercash @BradfordPearson @StreetsDept I dropped mine off at CAPA yesterday and received notification 8 hours lat… out the theme of next month's GrandSlam at tonight's StorySlam: Rearview Mirror! This is your last minute remi…
Retweeted by Neil P. Bardhan8 hours later.. 👐🏽👐🏽👐🏽👐🏽👐🏽👐🏽 @sewelai is it viable, really? @whyangelinawhy She used her own pers'nal bidet The kind you find in a secondhand store Personal bidet @radiocolin @bengarvey @RidePATCO Philly's worst kept secret @bengarvey @RidePATCO A smooch, halfway across the Ben Franklin"I have the privilege of working with students whose identities diverge sharply from mine. If I don’t acknowledge t… @thewordunheard Hildacy Preserve also has some benches and is probably v v quiet on a weekday @thewordunheard White Clay Creek State Park. We went in on the DE side I think. @whyangelinawhy I'd read itwhen I take a sharp turn in a conversation, someone will assume i am going off on a tangent and might encourage me…
Retweeted by Neil P. Bardhan @dannybauder I've always been so curious about this spot. I live nearby.
@mattaukamp I will look into this. @RandyLoBasso Definitely! Music nerds who couldn't quite be audiophiles but wanted to be... @RandyLoBasso It's the kind of thing that doesn't work on Spotify @RandyLoBasso Very cool!! I maybe have those sound files somewhere @AlexaRossTV 2019 you would be very surprised if 2020 you dropped some wisdom @RandyLoBasso YES @RandyLoBasso I spent a significant amount of time and resources at a summer job playing with audio software to lay…"At Broad Street Review, we want to keep offering consistent, insightful arts and culture coverage that you can acc…
Retweeted by Neil P. Bardhan @silberzauber nice!!! @JackelRobert a literal metaphor for figurative oolong, got it @JackelRobert I'm going to need you to draw a diagram. Can you hop on a Zoom? @JackelRobert not sure what this is a metaphor for, but i hate it @JackelRobert On the Internet, nobody knows you're Donald Ducking it. @JackelRobert ROBERT @Lizzielohan @Danpearson266 @108_Victoria_St "We had joy, we had fun, we had third cars in the sun" - my neighbors