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Poker player, scooter rider, musician, yours. Follow my journey in the Triple Threat Challenge! $nekbeard

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Got knocked out by a 13 year old today
Retweeted by Jake Hershey @depaulo_ryan Hey hey dont talk about NJ like that! It smells like pizza and pork roll! @glynch66 Ohhh I remember that hand! GG!
Last week we had an EPIC run in the @ACR_POKER $630 KO PLO8 event with 8 knockouts! Check out this highlight reel…
Retweeted by Jake HersheyAnd im having FUN the last few weeks ive had an insane attitude change towards poker. Last month, the slightest downswing put me… @jsmith84poker 👹👹👹We are nek nek and in the $80k @jsmith84poker gunna have to ask you to move 6ft awayPretty colors 😍 of the coolest things from this is using the bankroll to do some good and support some amazing causes. Thanks…
Retweeted by Jake HersheyAye he put that thang in sport when he hit 7 mph 😂
Retweeted by Jake HersheyToday is the DAY! It's not too late to earn tickets to one of our 4 Super Bombpots. 💣💣💣 Join us at 2 pm est for…
Retweeted by Jake HersheyFuuuuuuuck hulu logged me out mid movie and I have NO idea what my log in is @parallelvalley Pretty good guy lol
Lots of donators on the felts todayThe #TripleThreatChallenge results from todays HU games on @ACR_POKER. 🥊 🥇@nekbeardhersh @TeamPokerPastor 🥈…
Retweeted by Jake HersheyTodays HEADS UP 🙆‍♀️🙆CHALLENGE on @ACR_POKER was a fun one! Congrats to #TeamPardy on their 4th challenge win🥇…
We are NOW LIVE with todays challenge!
Retweeted by Jake Hershey😈😈😈😈 when did having a college professor become an insult? We are living #idiocracy yall! The @LearnProPoker Summer Sale continues until July 5th! Only $30/month to become a no limit hold em crus…
Retweeted by Jake HersheyHave a good one.
Retweeted by Jake HersheySO.... WE DID A THING BABY ; ) We are here to stay!!!! LETS FKN GO!!!! @ACR_POKER
Retweeted by Jake Hershey
@daispud16 They are easy with the on demands on ACR hahaJumping a red light.
Retweeted by Jake Hershey @jessefullen @TripleThreatTM Same same @Jon_Pardy Do the yogaThis is crack up!!😂😂
Retweeted by Jake Hershey @RachaelvsWorld @jaleyhohnsonnFox News has done to our parents what they thought gangsta rap would do to us
Retweeted by Jake Hershey @Upay4MyShoes 😭😭😭😭 @Upay4MyShoes I played 75 today!!! That includes rebuys thoughNow THATS a monitor don't think anything I've seen so perfectly captures why there's no way the US is going to be getting on top of C…
Retweeted by Jake Hershey @Upay4MyShoes Yeah annoying when he doesnt 4bet AA!!! Hahaha @Upay4MyShoes Soappalled trapped me and busted me with AA in the HR sunday lolWhen somebody raises my big blind
Retweeted by Jake Hershey @Upay4MyShoes I definitely dont under estimate you 🤣 youre a savage @hlybnny This confused me so much 🤣10 tabled today... thats a first. Felt comfortable, had a lot of fun. 11 FTs and 4 binks. #teampardy isnt playing.
@BillyBilliams1 @Upay4MyShoes @TeamPokerPastor @Jon_Pardy 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻Feeling like @Upay4MyShoes today san diego right now
Retweeted by Jake Hershey👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 like vibin to avril with your broI BELTED AN Eb5 FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE TONIGHT HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP
Retweeted by Jake Hershey @ACR_POKER I was playing 15 tables and my 3-year-old son came into the room. He saw a female-looking avatar with fe…
Retweeted by Jake Hershey @Upay4MyShoes @JonathanLittle Lmao wtfHer bone structure says touch her touch her
$1161 for 1st, final two tables! LFG!
Retweeted by Jake HersheyNew profile pic @RaiserClothing to @GoBlue63707137 ! WINNER IN FIVE MINUTES BIGGEST BUY IN EVER !LPP !TTC !ttcteam !ACR !bankroll @DeeNice002 Thanks dee!The felts were really good to us last Sunday. Can we do it again???Good Morning you miserable complaining MFs. How about just enjoying the good things in your life and realize how short life is.
Retweeted by Jake HersheyScene from Rounders 2 (2025) Mike McDermott: Why do you think the same five guys make it to the final table of the…
Retweeted by Jake HersheyGiveaway winner announced tomorrow morning on stream! Think I'll go live at 9:30am.
Just watched this Amazing Jonathan documentary on Hulu. Turned out to be a documentary about trying to make the doc… @BetOnDrew @RaiserClothing Got a dope hat too⚠️NEW #TripleThreatChallenge YOUTUBE VID OUT! ⚠️ The rathole 🐀 on @ACR_POKER is the answer. What was the questio…
Retweeted by Jake Hershey @GordoExperiment @jessefullen @TripleThreatTM @Twitch__Poker @ACR_POKER We talkin about TTC clip of the weeks, not… @GordoExperiment @jessefullen @TripleThreatTM @Twitch__Poker @ACR_POKER The concept is identical @GordoExperiment @jessefullen @TripleThreatTM @Twitch__Poker @ACR_POKER Equations floating and good will hunting cl… @GordoExperiment @jessefullen @TripleThreatTM @Twitch__Poker @ACR_POKER IM THE DELIRIOUS ONE?! You crazy if you don… @GordoExperiment @jessefullen @TripleThreatTM @Twitch__Poker @ACR_POKER The point is that the editing and clip was… @jessefullen @GordoExperiment @TripleThreatTM @Twitch__Poker @ACR_POKER @jessefullen @GordoExperiment @TripleThreatTM @Twitch__Poker @ACR_POKER @GordoExperiment @TripleThreatTM @Twitch__Poker @ACR_POKER @jessefullen 😬😬😬😬😬 @GordoExperiment @TripleThreatTM @Twitch__Poker @ACR_POKER @jessefullen @GordoExperiment @TripleThreatTM @Twitch__Poker @ACR_POKER Wow nothing at all like @jessefullen clip of the week 😛 @KyleAAAnderson @RaiserClothing Hahahaha its so nice :) same with the hat and tee I got too ;)Grinding in my comfy new @RaiserClothing hoodie! Thanks guys :) mongurrians could have just swam around it was 8 years old watching this live and I'll never forget it to second term
Retweeted by Jake HersheyWhat. The. Fuck.
Retweeted by Jake HersheyYooo the @LearnProPoker Summer sale is ending in FIVE days! This is your last chance to sign up for only $30/month.…
@TeamPokerPastor where I was working has been paying the employees very very well since returning. Yall better check the compa… do not drop your oxygen levels
Retweeted by Jake HersheyLets show the world what going hard in the paint looks like.. LIVE.. HUNGRY... ENERGIZED... and ready to use the E…
Retweeted by Jake Hershey @allstar_alli The good ole days! Well, whenever you can hop on a plane, come visit! @allstar_alli I just got a new hoodie and its so comfy. San diego is perfect cause its warm all day and cool all ni… bats manAmid America's #COVID19 disaster, I must come clean about a lie I spread as a health insurance exec: We spent big $…
Retweeted by Jake HersheyGIVEAWAY TIME!! Win a $27.50 Ignition Tournament Ticket!💰 To enter: follow us on Twitter, like and retweet. This Gi…
Retweeted by Jake HersheyPalm Beach County commissioner’s meeting on masks — mashed up with “Parks and Rec” Town Hall. The internet remain…
Retweeted by Jake HersheyThe only acceptable way to shoot elephants.
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you could spend 1,000 years guessing how this video ends and you’d still never come close to getting it right
Retweeted by Jake Hershey @amymarxx Hahaha I think it was the 800mg ibuprofenThey about to stick all sorts of cotton swabs in me @_TLock Literally drenchedMan, I'm sweatin my ass off in this doctors officeAs we approach the end of month 2 in the #TripleThreatChallenge things are getting SWEATY! 😮 EVERY. GAME. on…
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I think im regular sick rn