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Your cute but devilish Nekomancer Queen デザイン @da3iann パパ @Goth_lunacle @Kumi0002cm #PerseArt #Perserotica ❥ ❥

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@mintyyukime I wonder if thats looked diff from ones i saw before and more xmas-y but maybe im crazy and should double check XD @Dorkshadow @Spiteme_ @Pichupie80 @KeiManeki @TrashBunnyy @GlassesCosmic anyone tell me where the comfy blanket and hot cocoa vtuber assets are from I keep seeing everyone post? SO CUTE @RiiKami @YFUBABY Yes! Kami let’s goooo! @MarinaBooUwU Marina you’re amazing! @kazamorix GRRRRRRRRRRR @kazamorix ima bite you @kazamorix M'AM IM A CAT NOT A DOG WHY THERE A MUZZLE @kazamorix M'AM THIS IS A MCDONALDS. We're a family friendly company. Leave it to Kaza to send me a cute couple pic… @Rio_Kenpachi Graven sent me this one too AYO YOU GUYS GOT THE SAME TASTE @sugoinat Its your platform to use as you please. You can use it purely for entertainment, or you can use it to als… @Graven4Hire I have an entire folder of cute anime couple pics. XD!!! @LilNasX From one anime girl to another, you do you. I 100% support this. @ThAR0adMutT Mmm these more like scenes from animes more than cute anime couple artwork @SkaiVT CUTE always the possessive anime boys @KowaiSinaru Yes gib!Send me cute anime couple poses please. FEED ME!Always happy whenever I see someone lurking in stream, thank you for dropping by always~. #vtuber #envtuber
Retweeted by 💀Persephone💀Nekomancer Vtuber @TimeTravelKey This slaps! @BenkyotyuHiyosu Your work is beautiful! Hopefully I can hire you when you open again to draw my character. @ThundaRaven RAVEN NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. ARE YOU OK!?
Retweeted by 💀Persephone💀Nekomancer Vtuber @YFUBABY DM sent! @YFUBABY Ill DM you my VR name if thats ok? @YFUBABY YFU! I mean..i was debating getting on vr chat tonight i got full body im down? @KeiManeki KEI WHY YOUR FOOD ALWAYS LOOK GOOD? PLEASE FEED MEI feel bad but I couldnt find maxfennecs twitter! So many people who dont have their twitter linked in their twitch… you @Pichupie80 @KeiManeki @Spiteme_ @TrashBunnyy @GlassesCosmic & themaxfennec for the raids yesterday and t… @sleepiijuice Feel better soon Sleepii!! @capt_hokage Not Hokage purposely loitering around while taking this photo. sus. @suigintoudesu Why he grasping those buns so firmly
2021🚨Stream Starting🚨 Trying out the New Multiplayer Horror Game Propnight! Time to become one with lamp. 🔗⬇️⬇️⬇️ do 🥺 #Vtuber
Retweeted by 💀Persephone💀Nekomancer Vtuber @Arixaina Looooool what don’t like your straw a little salty ? @ichiigoma me pllsss
@KishinShinobi Congrats on 3k! @SunKenjiVT Kenji really baiting with the twitlongs! I hope you’re having a good one too. Glad you’re part of the c… @Graven4Hire That looks like a hand worth saving to me. 10/10 hand model.Anyone else excited for new eco friendly straws? @BasilLief And you and boo are on the same dc 👀 @Graven4Hire Just doing my duty to save you from possible future carpal tunnel syndrome. @Graven4Hire I’m honored that my booba will be the throne for your wrist to rest upon. @Graven4Hire Hehe. There is some pictures people posted in my discord server of it if you wanna see and could alway… @Graven4Hire @_sugarskullP @padoruri @Graven4Hire Ahem. Hi. 👀 @LeeandLie Any game I can kill my friends. Crab game, phasmo, pummel party, grounded, dbd, you name it. @MidnightBlaize This is my entire state of being. I understand lol. @faelions happy birthday andie!!!! 💜💜💜 @MidnightBlaize Big moodWhy I love male vtubers. #TikTok #Vtuber #ENVtuber #VTuberUprising
Retweeted by 💀Persephone💀Nekomancer Vtuber @faust_vt @ThundaRaven That’s fucked up ahahaha @schrodingerlee Congrats!The fine ass male vtubers featured in this video in order of appearance @shxtou @RiiKami @SunKenjiVT. Please go follow them!Why I love male vtubers. #TikTok #Vtuber #ENVtuber #VTuberUprising PINNED TWEET, WHO DIS? What better time to post than the middle of the night 🙃 I did a smol cover of Bullet's…
Retweeted by 💀Persephone💀Nekomancer Vtuber🚨STREAM STARTING🚨 Just chatting followed by some Vtuber Crab games with like 30+ people! So hype for the chaos! 🔗…
Retweeted by 💀Persephone💀Nekomancer Vtuber
2021🚨STREAM STARTING🚨 Just chatting followed by some Vtuber Crab games with like 30+ people! So hype for the chaos! 🔗… @KatsumiVT LETS DO IT @shxtou *me feigning shock* what?! I had no idea! @Buffpup_ 10 minutes to compose my anxiety and run around like a chicken with its head cut off getting coffee to su… @ai_tiq I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to credit artists @KatsumiVT I love you but we aren’t attached at the hip doing everything all the time! That’s what I mean. @MarkIVWarrior Thanks mark not really posting this as looking for people to talk to so much as reminiscing on friendships past @Spiteme_ Thank you Spite 🥺 @faceonehimbo This is why I need new friends 😂 @Trinityin4 Thank you Trinity you’re a sweetheart too @Icelyn_Winter It’s true though sometimes it feels like it takes too long for someone new to fill it @HentaiVtuber Yes officer this is her right here she’s the one @dayleaf404 Aww yes good advice. Just got those moments I miss people who aren’t around anymore or who have passed… @uguubear I honestly haven’t played in awhile but used to love playing and would be down to give it a go again sometime. @Dorkshadow @PBerengaria that person attached at the hip who is excited to spend time with you and do everything and experience… @AenslandAsuka 🥺 it be like that @PBerengaria We all out here just looking for our partner in crime. @AenslandAsuka Maybes. Feels hard sometimes to replace some people who aren’t around anymore. It’s hard to find tho… @HentaiVtuber Lol I mean in general though for everything.I miss having a partner in crime that I do everything with. @LeeandLie I would honestly be honored if you wanted to 😳 @LeeandLie IM SO HYPE!!!!Thank you so much everyone for the fun Just Chatting stream today! Had so much fun watching Spooky videos and chatt…
🚨STREAM STARTING🚨 We'll be doing some Just Chatting today and watching some Spooooooooopy videos together! I'm a s…
Retweeted by 💀Persephone💀Nekomancer Vtuber🚨STREAM STARTING🚨 We'll be doing some Just Chatting today and watching some Spooooooooopy videos together! I'm a s… Kaze's birthday and don-a-thon stream! GO WATCH HIM! Y'ALL Sunday 11/28 (tomorrow) 10AM CST, it's birthday stream time. i'm ready for punishment. But anyone's…
Retweeted by 💀Persephone💀Nekomancer Vtuber @KabhaalVT Hello 😳 @alittlesugoi Hope everything is ok Sugoi! @AtteraNox Crimes against humanity if I ever saw one @LordCommanderVT LOL Coffee is the preference, but when the urge for tea strikes. Quite evil indeed. 😂 @Dorkshadow THERE HAVE BEEN ENTIRE TWITTER POST DISCUSSIONS ON THIS HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW!? @LordCommanderVT I microwave my tea. @SunKenjiVT tik tok is so ridic..i get reported all the time for 'sexual content' cuz what my model has cleavage? tik tok is whack.
@CodofWisdom @AtteraNox @PolteraVtuber @halcyonlumia Oh thank you! Sometimes it be hard finding peoples twitters. 😭Thank you so much for the fun stream today everyone! Thank you @AtteraNox for playing and thank you so much…🚨STREAM STARTING🚨 🔗⬇️⬇️⬇️
Retweeted by 💀Persephone💀Nekomancer Vtuber🚨STREAM STARTING🚨 🔗⬇️⬇️⬇️