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He’s giving off this energy man after him buy the “70k, 20 karat gold chain” and mumz still cut @breezewidit Anuh uptown carrot @Stevegad5000 @smadiistepfada 20 karat gold or 20 karat plastic?Suh unuh really count the carrot dem fi see if unuh get 20?😂😂Bought this for 70k for a girl and two weeks later she tell me she’s going back to her ex she ask if me want it bac…
Retweeted by YawGetBun 🇯🇲Idgaf if you ugly as long as you got a nice ass, my dick don’t discriminate @brittneibryan SealaRandom 876: yuh dash me weh Me: nuffi cuteWah dis mean? @kiimiko_ Oh nvm got it @kiimiko_ Wtf how @kiimiko_ No @awoken_male S.T.D @coolizzle Mi have a S word weh yuh aguh know soon, it name STD @jamaica_dwl @demilade____ 😂
@_1xmj @jamericanxo #wooA me fi a sekkle inna yuh belly like sundeh dinna with me is a waste of time cuz all imma do is laugh at you and make you more upset @Andi_O @Les_brise 😂😂😂🤣I can confidently say i have no feelings for any of my exes @kevv6ixx Crúff @luvminuh Placing a gf on me to see if I’m taken and if you’re eligible to shoot your shot. This is so cute ☺️Do you have a problem if you and your partner is walking and they stop and hug a “friend” of the opposite gender? @luvminuh Denial is the first sign if love...continue 🤭❤️ @luvminuh Same sweetheart ❤️“How could you do this to me” like a the man sen yuh guh dweet 😂😂🤣 @daryklazula 😂😂🤣Because we have manifested and now normalized toxic behaviours
Retweeted by YawGetBun 🇯🇲 @Amediss_ Gay ass nigga @Countryxxxx @kevv6ixx Seala 😂😂 @kevv6ixx Lmfaooo 😂 @luvminuh I already know you trynna smash but go ahead @amics_co @papismithy @kevv6ixx Some romantic intense song.gyal a faint @jay_yardii And oil. Wickedest combo @kevv6ixx TOP FUCKING TIER. JUST UNIQUE AND CHARMING @saintsenoj Raw a RizlaGirls can flirt until it’s with a nigga they like @Theophania876 Okay I’m gonna try these one day @papismithy @kevv6ixx this right here is a top tier dateWhat’s the best brand condom? @freenickoy 😂😂🤣🤣 @brownboyback Starting locs? @nobullshitgyal Happy birthday 🥳 @Kevito876 @kyngtavii @Grimcesss Legally* steal light“How to legally teef light” lmaooooo 😂😂🤣🤣 to legally teff light.....
Retweeted by YawGetBun 🇯🇲“Toxic” “Normalize” “Manifest” Where were these words all along why a recently everybody start use them @kevv6ixx 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 @kevv6ixx Yes but it’s still a date for some people just that it’s informal @kevv6ixx Dawg “YOU” cannot have a date inna your personal space because your definition of date differs from other… @kevv6ixx Hence why i said it is whatever the couple wants because yuh have different types a dates formal and info… @kevv6ixx Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of ea… @kevv6ixx A date is whatever the couple wants it to be.A date is whatever the couple wants it to be @aquarian_nette Mouth and pussy? @__Semaj Love seeing this 😍😍😍57 pounds ⬇️ plus some toning 🙃
Retweeted by YawGetBun 🇯🇲 @daryklazula Eminem rhymes fast and is poetic with his lyrics @Extradionaire8 Happy birthday 🎉The fact that i was saying “chicken block” before i read the comments 😂 @6treena 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @brittneibryan Congratulations 🍾🥳 @luvminuh Awww judy my day 1 fan 😫🥳 @luvminuh Listen that’s a picture 😂 @daryklazula @EMSnow6 yuh agree to this? @daryklazula Niggas out here not knowing the difference between the greater/less than sign @Legzydawlyy Nothing @domo_kyg 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 @luvminuh And? @samzii7 @dxddygenius Your niece is a princess and a person of culture. I appreciate her as a human being @MillerKatanya And then 3 minutes later you “🥺🥺” himNeed me a shawty I can show off 😭
Retweeted by YawGetBun 🇯🇲 @brittneibryan I post my 3 girlfriends everyday on social media. I cheat with my chest @kevv6ixx Mi stop manifest tweets longtime @ThatThickChick Rn yuh shouldn’t even a talk to mi 😒Who come from ochi and waan link up i think i need some new friends @jamaica_dwl Apology accepted. You’re safe. @brittneibryan Definitely not @jamaica_dwl Are you disrespecting me? I feel like you are lemme draw for some files. @kevv6ixx 😂🤣 @naahdiff YouTubeSICK A THESE DAMN TOXIC ENTITLED FEMALES. ONCE YOU TWEET SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT MEN YOU HEAR HOW “YOURE PICK ME”. A M…
Retweeted by YawGetBun 🇯🇲I’m so glad my father didn’t name me, this nigga lazy af my mother say he wanted to name me “Earl” @kevv6ixx “Earl... look at him, poor guy” girls do that 🤦🏽‍♂️😂Everytime mi and this girl argue she remove har dpBig up the Don Gorgon and Emily Crooks, both of whom have set a foundation in their respective areas👏🏿👊🏿💪🏿
Retweeted by YawGetBun 🇯🇲 @jamaica_dwl Yzt especially when she described him as “worthless” when he said he makes sure he dates women with money @jayskull__ Mi feel yuh woulda name yuh pitney “braff”Bomboclaat
Retweeted by YawGetBun 🇯🇲Ninja prove to we inna that interview seh street knowledge can flop book knowledge anyday 😂
@jackies_backie Pheww thank God I’m blind😭😂 waan jerome try roast mi a again mi have him ticket @jamaica_dwl @luvminuh Can y’all like remove my name from your conversation please @876aaliyah Yuh naa get nuh good sex lol