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Nell Bryden @NellBryden NYC / London

New York🗽 London 🎡 #singersongwriter with @BMGuk 'The Collection' is out 4th Sept! Pre-order now:

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@madtownguy75 Thanks Steve! Hope you're well out in Wisconsin! x @lewiswilcox09 Thank you so much Lewis! xx @Ducatitrackgirl @stevepowerdj I. Love. Steve. Power!!! He's a legend -- so supportive x @hbg1966 @BBCRadio2 Thank you my love! Glad you approve! x @BWMANUK Vinyl is hopefully likely actually! We've discussed it -- But we are waiting until May 2021 so that I can sell it at tour... @HessoMedia Ahoy! You sexy sailor you @TheVintageAlan Thanks for posting this Alan! x @markirwing @BBCRadio2 Sure! But I really hope they open again!? What a sad thought! xIt's a bird. It's a plane. It's... the cover of my NEW ALBUM of radio singles! #TheCollection is out 4th Sept, with…
@AnnieB_is_me @BBCRadio2 @RealKenBruce I'm so happy to hear that! I love that venue -- miss being on tour. Hope you're well Annie xI'm so proud and appreciative of these guys! @Bootmaster69 @BBCRadio2 @RealKenBruce Lol! Too right @niftysue @BBCRadioLincs @BBCSounds Thanks again for the lovely interview Sue! x @Rodge7 @BBCRadio2 @HessoMedia I love this! So many awesome artists have done that for me, and writing songs makes… @vaux57 @BBCRadio2 @HessoMedia LOL! Thanks Cam -- I'm in company with massive major label acts and then there's lit… @LesleyHastings @HessoMedia @BBCRadio2 Thanks Lesley! Magic happens! xx @kirstyk181 @BBCRadio2 @HessoMedia Thank you so much Kirsty! xx @RobertW80480007 @BBCRadio2 @HessoMedia Lol! I'm sitting at a table with some serious heavy hitters so no complaint… @GreenGabPR @ventsmagazine Ta Miss Gaby Green! Looove you xHere's a wee interview for y'all with @ventsmagazine - hope you likey!
It seems utterly surreal, but somehow my 21st single #TheseChanges has gone on the @BBCRadio2 B list! I feel like t…
Somehow I missed this spin @janicelongdj gave #TheseChanges last week on @BBCRadioWales but I LOVE remembering her… @Chiefradio1 Fab! Thank you all x @hbg1966 @BBCRadioScot @JaniceForsyth Haha! It’s such a cliche right? Thanks for listening in x @toewad1 I heard it! Thank you for letting me know x @RealKenBruce Thank you Ken! I set my alarm to wake up and listen because I know it sounds all the better for your intro and back anno @BenjPritchard79 @BBCRadio2 @RealKenBruce @ElkieOfficial Haha! Yes my ears were burning! Love Elkie, lovely idea xWhoop Whoop! Big Man Bruce is playing my single #TheseChanges on @BBCRadio2 — Hooorah for @RealKenBruce! xx #NewTo2
About to be live on @BBCRadioScot with @JaniceForsyth ❤️
It's the Little Indie Film Team That Could! Here's my latest video, brought to you by @mannbrosmedia…
@RobertW80480007 @xsnoizemusic @mannbrosmedia Thank you Robert! Hope you are making more of your beautiful music for the world too x @manni_best Thank you for always supporting me! xx @ClaireNe1 Oh I'm so glad! Thank you so much for that Claire... xx
@GreenGabPR @xsnoizemusic Well it's five o'clock somewhere, surely x @chiefkirsty @Chiefradio1 We have two cockapoos! They are so different in personality it's unreal -- the boy wants… @TheWolf_Tweets @Tammy59039968 LOL! I love this @hbg1966 Thank you, too kind! And thank you for your lovely DM -- came at a moment when I needed to hear that! Send… @ClaireNe1 Thanks Claire! Did you see it? Here's the link: @TheWolf_Tweets First of all I think my spirit animal is a wolf, so brava! Secondly, Joni is the soundtrack of so m… @chiefkirsty @Chiefradio1 Awww bless you Kirsty that still makes me want to cry! Have you gotten a new dog? xx @vaux57 Cheers Cam! x @ElaineBruce61 Thanks Elaine! x @LesleyHastings A moving canvas lol! x @xsnoizemusic Thank you so much for this! You guys are amazing and I'm honoured x @GreenGabPR @xsnoizemusic Love you Gabs! So exciting! Is it too early for vino? xxVIDEO PREMIERE: Nell Bryden – These Changes @NellBryden
Retweeted by Nell BrydenThe Official Premiere of my new video #TheseChanges is out today, exclusively with super cool @xsnoizemusic! Check…
Advantages to being bald, #345: painting amazing makeup on my head for my new video. See the premiere tomorrow! @Pmshoopycanary @RealKenBruce @BBCRadio2 Keep your beautiful head up! Sending love to you xx @RobertW80480007 @BBCRadio2 Thanks Robert! x @BlueTerra11 @BBCRadio2 Aww I love this, thanks Marilyn! Happy to be on your shopping list x @julieworsley1 @BBCRadio2 LOL! Poor Teresa -- although I love that you're singing my songs -- love to both of you xx @MadonnaBeatrice What a gorgeous picture and lovely message! Sending hugs all the way from America to you in Sevilla x @madtownguy75 Thank you for this Steve -- I can tell you can relate! xx @Golf_Mad_Pete So true... It's exhausting just sitting on the couch doing nothing! x @SKG0508 @BBCRadio2 Love it! Thank you Sarah x @Chiefradio1 @chiefkirsty Hi there! Happy to help and support you! Can you please contact Push Music Productions to set up the voiceover? xx @madtownguy75 Thanks Steve! SO glad you're digging it xx
I thought it’d be nice to give you an explanation of my new song #TheseChanges — what it’s about, what I was thinki…
The heatwave in New York City has finally broken and I feel myself coming back to life after a week of melting! Hop…
I don't know about you, but sometimes I just want a tear-jerker! #TheseChanges is a song about how heartbreaking &… @madtownguy75 @NellBrydenFans @RealKenBruce @BBCRadio2 Hmmm, let me ask my distributor! If not, I might have to fin… @AnnieB_is_me @RealKenBruce @BBCRadio2 Thank you so much Annie! xx @Seagulldancer Thank you so much Lisa xx @Pmshoopycanary @RealKenBruce @BBCRadio2 Wow -- you are doing so well and you're so strong! Thank you for the kind… @julieworsley1 @RealKenBruce @BBCRadio2 I'm so happy you like it Julie -- this makes me smile xx @madtownguy75 Hi Steve! I love this-- I don't have a box set, but I probably could find a box and throw all the alb… @ilovemyweedog @RealKenBruce @BBCRadio2 Oh I really hope that tour happens! Keep your fingers crossed Gina x @andlifeainteasy @RealKenBruce @BBCRadio2 Thank you so much! xx @kirstyk181 @RealKenBruce @BBCRadio2 Oh you are SUCH a sweetheart Kirsty! Thank you so much for this -- it's made my day xx @MadonnaBeatrice The bed is mine, the couch is yours And behind closed doors Such a mess What happens next? These… @MadonnaBeatrice I look older in the mirror So much older than I should Some bad is for the better Right now I can’… @MadonnaBeatrice These Changes, These Changes, It’s strange how we’re strangers Family to fighters Lovers to liars… @MadonnaBeatrice Lyrics for you, as requested! Nothing louder than silence So come on Joni, sing me Blue Oh I wish… @geoffe1968 @RealKenBruce @BBCRadio2 Oh yay Geoff! Thank you -- that's too kind (and it was a BIG lovely intro too) @JenDavies2 @RealKenBruce @BBCRadio2 Thank you so much Jen! So happy to hear that xx
Did you hear it? @RealKenBruce premiered my new single #TheseChanges on @BBCRadio2 this morning... Listen back:… damn that was an exciting way to wake up! Thanks for premiering my new song @RealKenBruce on @BBCRadio2 — I was… labour of love? My new single #TheseChanges comes out today & will premiere on none other than…
Any guesses?... #NellBryden
Ooh, it's exciting! So very exciting....
Tala takes a ride in an #Adirondack guide boat
Good dog, Cleo! If you're on #Instagram, you can follow me at
Thanks for this wonderful comment Chris -- sending you and your family lots of love xx charity! Thanks so much for putting this on my radar xx to this! @corrie_shelley @RealKiefer @soundothesirens This is such sad news -- so many venues are right on the edge after th… @madtownguy75 What a lovely message Stephen, thank you! xxxSO happy to hear she had a special 50th! Glad to be a part of it Lewis... Sending you both lots of love xx
I heard this lovely message on @RealKenBruce's show on @BBCRadio2 - help me find this sweet man and his granddaugh…
Well, as promised @lewiswilcox09 , here is a serenade for your lovely wife Tracey for her 50th birthday TODAY July…
Otto says he likes it here by the lake and we should never leave. #Adirondacks Moon Rising
Here's a playlist inspired by my show on @BBCRadio2 where I selected some of my favourite female singers and songwr…
My cousin Rosie’s girlfriend Katie made this AMAZING cake for #4thofJuly hike in the #Adirondacks for #4thofJuly2020
@jstpumpkin Look at him! A handsome Navy man... xx @jstpumpkin This photo of you with your father is adorable Sonja x @NellBryden Morning Nell. Any chance you could RT this?The Other Side, comes out today. It’s raising money for Glob…
Retweeted by Nell Bryden @alanric41083448 Love this Alan, thank you x