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@JustServy im on to different stuff though. not good to wallow in past material @JustServy also, all of these songs were made alongside ghost and sleepwalk so everyone who i played these for woul… @JustServy Sing for you is good, i think the problem then was it was radically different then anything i had releas… @JustServy stilt ville is a proto hopscotchposted a bunch of abandoned songs to my alternate soundcloud account. example one reoccuring thought i have is to rename myself "NickSmack" out of respect to the band Godsmackdoes anyone else entertain their brains by thinking of the dumbest shit humanly possibleits one of those lyrics where its like... "did they actually say..." and then you think to yourself "no, I must be… lyric from "teenage dirtbag" was pretty wtf even when it came out @VAPERROR earthbound made me tear up but mother 3 made me bawl uncontrollably
this is the only game I can think of where I have to budget for me crying my eyeballs out and probably waking up my roommate @smudgebap it hits close to home, I also have a brother who is my age who resembles me, its just kind of upsetting @smudgebap nah thats why I said "not ready to go through that again"I'm at the very end of mother 3 but I dono if I'm ready to go through that again.when I was a kid I ate an entire box of cinnamon toast crunch when I was stoned. otherwise it would be my favorite… New Double Single is out now "HOPSCOTCH / IF U THINK OF ME" Click here:
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@lowresclaus Cymbalta increases your serotonin reuptake or something @lowresclaus antidepressantsometimes I miss cymbalta but I'm doing fine without it... and getting off of it really fucking sucked.facebook reminded me of this thing I made 3 years ago. Cymbalta is one hell of a drug to the hard workers... lmao just kidding hard workers suck. if you work hard I have a problem with youwarm pad the general midi preset @Bluebotmusic im talking about the warm pad general midi presetare there any other warm pad enthusiasts besides me @ashascaris It seemed funny to me when I wrote this
@PeteButtigieg this is pretty inspiring stuff pete. I liked the part where you talked about "trust"For the rest of our lives we will be hearing from Pete buttigieg. Let that sink inI'm kind of late on this but this is fucking hilarious @Blarrgensnorf i only listen to music where they do thisTo me, the theme song of Friends is the greatest video game music track of all time because when it comes to the ga… have a extra monitor that shows my Twitter feed in real time. It's impossible to turn off. I value great discourse more than most people.just give me back my riffs bro! just give me back bro my riffs... @ElectrikDave thats a tall tale if I've ever heard one. @ElectrikDave thats impossible. delay and reverb are in no way related.shoutouts to people who use delay instead of reverb most of the time @mushbuh whatever. im done with pizza. now, I only eat pasta and my loyalty is to chef boyardee. @mushbuh they'll use you when they need to and then throw you in the dirt just like they did to me. @M227Vinny @aldgarjr @RubinReport @MikhailaAleksis @tristanharris he must have absolutely no passion in what he's d… @melonmelon420 oh yeah haha it does @melonmelon420 I have an older instrumental called "popskotch", I was aware of the similarity which is why its call…
@SabbothArt Remember when you are going to school that acceptance from your peers is the highest priority. thats wh… @C0PLE I've heard the italian group at school goes for that. Tomato is a native italian fruit and they put ketchup on everything.If you want to fit in with the Cool Canadian group at school say stuff like "I could really go for a game of Hock r… would be better if everyone could only tweet one thing. Like an NPC in a video game computer terms, the human brain is roughly as powerful as a Nintendo DS.
Retweeted by nelwardnever wanna fall in love with u - nelward
Retweeted by nelward @PaxDomini0 @just_some_cajun @RubinReport @MikhailaAleksis @tristanharris this year Dan Bongino is going to inform… @georgiagirl211 @RubinReport @MikhailaAleksis @tristanharris yah i know, its hilariousjust curious @TSobercitizen @RubinReport @MikhailaAleksis @tristanharris yeah I should be holding all the other people who comme… @PaxDomini0 @RubinReport @MikhailaAleksis @tristanharris semantics. you know what i mean @RubinReport @MikhailaAleksis @tristanharris lmao why are we supposed to take you seriously as a member of the medi… @Advil_J_Beans How can you not like watermelon
@ShirubaGaunna Yeah it happened luckily he doesn't have the power to do it though.Thank you! @DanEck2000 I don't understand why whenever I point out a way that america is undemocratic some people are assuming… @purple_Geico ive decided going back and touching up old material is a bad approach. so now it will all be put out into the worldover the coming week I'll be uploading a lot of WIPs and beats to my "nelward jr" soundcloud. most are from 2018. s… president advocating for delaying an election is definitely a normal thing that happens in a very free country @rf9weu8hjf78923 @DJ_Paypig whats the original tune this is based on @AHorribleJoke you wanted this Jose Lopez @FLOOR_BABA that was fun when we played at the drunken unicorn 9 years ago
@realbillgates2 tasted really fucking good too. it was so sweet it was almost creamy. what a shameyeah it has high levels of nitrate in it. gonna throw it out hopefully I wont get sick.What is wrong with my watermelon. The yellow part is dry. Google is yielding no conclusive results but I'm assuming… made a new piano arrange after 4 years! Featuring a pretty cool song from @HatInTime, Nyakuza Manholes by…
Retweeted by nelwardNYC is taking after Portland - a trans femme protestor was pulled into an unmarked van at the Abolition Park protes…
Retweeted by nelward @mushbuh i saw this jock guy who was tucking his nose under his shirt and walking around. i guess at least he's trying
@ABC2020 Celebrate Regisif u think of me is really funky and fantastic you should listen to it, maybe give hopscotch a try afterwards
Retweeted by nelward @RockodileCroc hey if hes just joshing us I just want to know. I'm just asking questions and I respect someone who… - Waffle via @YouTube
I don't get it. Is this "wint" guy just joshin us?but its ok man ill get over itIt's sad, man. I don't think Bart Simpson wants to be my friend.over the years ive seen how irony echoes through the internet and to the point where the original intent is lost an… feel like my brain is an old dusty ass rusty windows 95 computer that i force to run every dayand just to be clear it was just a 30 second song that broke ray william J down into an abstraction and didnt reall… are still going to email me and ask me about this i am aware but if this mitigates the amount of people who… no disrespect to ray william j as a person, but to me he was only a face that would pop up incessantly onto yo… asks about this so ill just publicly state I took down the "Ray William J" song because I actually found o… rumors are true the Glendale Galleria has outdoor dining available in its parking structure.
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here's a little promo for those of you too lazy to click but maybe interested.
Retweeted by nelwardGenuinely been listening to this song for the past few hours Glass Beach and Nelward are the only musicians ever
Retweeted by nelwardLET'S GOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by nelwardwhat do you get when you spell "christmas" backwards? It spells "I challenge you to a debate" oh shit bro you are in deep shit now!!!Bro i s2g if u talk shit about christmas one more time!!! You know what? That does it... I challenge you to a debate!!! @awizardingporg @mama_matthew64 yeah its cool
he went into the woods because people kept shaming him for his chronic erectionsim going to go into the woods and make music like my hero Boner Haveralso some more fun trivia: "Seasons" was born out of "if u think of me" after i attempted for the 2nd time to get i…'s a little promo for those of you too lazy to click but maybe interested. I ever play a real life show again I want to open up by turning all the lights off on the room and blasting "Orinoco Flow" through the PAalso, "if u think of me" is the result of a 2 years long on and off effort to make a follow up to apple shampoo. i… this was the one I acquired whistling samples for a couple months ago. Thanksart by @Beau_Elliotteveryone please listen to nelward he’s no joke my favorite artist
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Retweeted by nelward @purple_Geico I had to go to the hospital. its ok though.