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going door to door confessing to my neighbors that i got cancelled for pooping my pants on the first day of schoolmfs in 1686 before Isaac Newton discovered gravity
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19In 2020 im going to become a streamer where i watch adam sandler movies in silenceSpotify for atheists @nelward64 football
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19congrats @brainfoam_ !!! Great job at football!!! @lyanporto I dont consider this to be a probleminnuendo is longer than 2 minutes though dont worryme when im writing a song longer than 2 minutes is still my favorite song of 2019, thanks @nelward64
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19
INTERNET ART LIVE ATLANTA 💙 1⛳17🌴20🌵 @worldofequip @VAPERROR @nelward64 @FLOOR_BABA @100pelectronica
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19 @2xenotiic2furi1 cherish itthe other time i think of him is when they had "100 top metal songs" or something on VH1 and they brought him on f… always think of the final verse in "fairies wear boots" by black sabbath where Ozzy couldnt think of a line for t… @eilogin @VAPERROR @drunkenunicorn @worldofequip @FLOOR_BABA Theres no roof its underground.Reminder the obamacare insurance deadline is tomorrow so sign up if you havent yetWE ARE PERFORMING JANUARY 17TH AT THE @drunkenunicorn!!! VAPERROR @VAPERROR EQUIP @worldofequip NELWARD…
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19 @Loppyq that might be me. i only "learned" how to pay attention to boring things after I took adderall.I just have literally no experience to compare it to. I have no idea what its like to not have ADDI see all these posts about people who have ADD and describe it being a horrible experience but honestly I was diag…🎷🎷teaser for my last release of the year: INNUENDO🎷🎷 🌞releases Thursday 12.19🌞 💾💾 presave now on spotify:…
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19 @shigbit2 @plopadop Id get on that quick.If yall are still out here brushing your teeth, maybe it's time to start eating cleaner food. but yall aren't ready for that conversation
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19Don't be that guy who's not on LinkedIn.
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19Like who falls for this grift. Its like if I described myself as a "painter" but only used my platform to release m… dumbest brand of conservative pundit is the ppl who say "im a progressive" and only use their platform to criticize the left @umru_ Are you getting studying composition? bush is so fucking cool @JoeBiden You shouldnt have to fight for health insurance
@dynastic Meant to say thumbs up but clicked indifferent cause im dumbi just wanna fast forward to thursday when i hopefully wont be sick anymore, drop the track and go on a nice walk (… anyway innuendo is a special one. It popped in my head as i was working on why would i and seasons and i busted… sick and have no energy to do anything ugh @bonerman_inc I cant wait for my mcdonalds christmasthe one after this is not gonna have a video. but i know everyone is going to be asking me WHERE IS THE VIDEO no ma…'s video is weird @theneedledrop This could be a scene from the anthony fantano movie "It was crunch time. I reviewed faster than anyone had reviewed before"E3 2017: Xbox One Xbox X Reveal
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19it's- apparently- that time of year again
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19
3 and 1 should be swapped but thank you for listening om flattered that people listen @takashishiful Fantasy guys thats cool i know them. Are you from atlanta?Hey I just now bothered to see what this was @nelward64
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19in my eardos in seven dayos
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19Imagine dragons "believer " is the smells like teen spirit of are generation2019 IS SAVED
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19HYPED HYPED HYPED HYPED HYPEDDDD
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19This dude is a great artist, and makes the only lyrical music I enjoy. His music videos also have a great style and…
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19🎷🎷teaser for my last release of the year: INNUENDO🎷🎷 🌞releases Thursday 12.19🌞 💾💾 presave now on spotify:… @EdReed_ @LoneliestMunk @SpectatorUSA @RubinReport You can look all of this upPosting a teaser tomorrow! @andrewbrophy @oliviahns Do yall have instagrams? Was gonna post that thereOMG im so flattered!!! I never understood these charts but now i have one!!!
OFFICIAL @MAGFest SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: 🌵 DESKPOP & Nice Crew 🤝 (@robinboehlen) 🗓 January 3rd (Friday / MAG day 2) 🚪…
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19ahhh i feel some kind of sick coming on gotta finish shooting this video before i get sicker @FortExcalibur @formerhero_ @cursedbyfera @acloudyskye @inkwillmusic @nitepunky @itsunderscores @yitakulxiv Twitter! I’ve been working since Friday when I made a post that got hundreds of tags with up and coming artists…
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19also found out my shower and dishwasher need to be fixed. hope nothing else cursed happensthen in the bathroom at home depot this guy was listening to nickelback on his phone loudly while making grunting sounds on the toiletthen i went to the gas station and i swear the guy buying lottery tickets was like "honestly I come here because I… heard somone say "I don't know much about shapes but I like the circle better than the square"just realized i overheard a lot of absurd things todayThinking about innovation... The possibilities are endless man its crazyDaily reminder that mario was betrayed
I find the "talking baby" movie genre to be fascinating. Who knew babies had so much to say? @ChepakiLeCookie Gotta do it over and over and over. @sound_cIoud Le Epic troll!!! @ChepakiLeCookie ????? @SpeedRunesLive No correlationI wrote the lyrics to a song in one sitting. Not only that but i remember all the lyrics without looking back at th… is Charli XCXI coming out @KASSbitch Oh he'll yeah @gupimusic I talked to someone who went to berklee and they made them use digital performer lol @pooldad Who is he to assume santa is his friend? To put himself on equal footing?It would be cool if you could mute yourself on other peoples accounts. Like a soft block, they just wont see your p… theory: @nelward64 was the one who ate the $120k wall banaan. Proof:
Retweeted by nelward nu music 12.19Cant help but smile, thinking about alvin and those chipmunks.
@pinkhoneybug I remember Vin Diesel was one of the people in the choir in the we are the world remakeWe are the world with imagine dragons, charlie puth, ed sheeran, and adam levine with a rap verse by macklemore @SpectatorUSA @RubinReport "Troll" aka "anyone who is not nice to me"I can't believe eminem shows his face in public after the colossal own that was "will the real slim shady please shut up" @RibbsBlue Then i also made that upIf a sequel to undertale called "Overhead" that takes place in the sky instead of underground let it be known that i made that upJust got the news that Undertale"Most girls" by pink totally has the super nintendo strings at the beginning (the name of the synth escapes me rn)When pop stars associate with brands its just a huge turn off for me. These ppl are already mega rich what is the point. @EdReed_ @LoneliestMunk @SpectatorUSA @RubinReport loads of prominent leftists have offered to go on his show. Cont… are different. Usually if theres a movie thats regarded to be good i enjoy it95% of the music i hear does nothing for me haha, thats why i get so excited when i hear something i connect with @L0G1c9UY Is it literally just a patreon substitute? And the name sounds like its a dating website @FuckBamboni I cant believe eminem shows his face in public after "will the real slim shady please shut up"Wow, this blew up! Here is a link to my soundcloud.
I keep seeing threads about the worst tweet of the decade anyway here is my vote look hot af in those self checkout cameras at krogerI hear some kid singing "Johnny johnny yes papa" but hes fucking up the lyrics. Something about "twinkle star" @samuel_layton Im not going back until they have bathroom monitors, making sure no one uses the bathroomA mashup of ghost and money machine called "ghost in the machine"Last year at magfest i heard someone pooping very loudly in the stall. I stood outside, ready to fight them. It was… @Latedawn_ Snata!Keemstars beard actually isnt that big. Thats just the way his face is shaped