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literal witch, queer icon, professional meme farmer and very famous internet celebrity. untag me from arguments thnx! she/her

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Retweeted by fiona ✌️we walked over 5,000 steps just in ikea today and i would formally like to surgically remove my feetGonna be a super depressed French speaker with gut problems. Ya love to see itI may have forgotten to take my meds 7/9 days during our move but at least I haven’t broken my Duolingo streakY’all want everyone to die.
Retweeted by fiona ✌️ @coldheartedf4g Addressed this in the thread and on my Twitter already but you’re right ✌️hun don’t worry nobody wants their genitalia near ur mouth like ew lol @joacoland I genuinely don’t know so not saying either way but his wife could be bi!Quote tweeted this reply already but not to this thread so for those who missed it, Elliot Page hasn’t said he’s a… you’re not Australian then this is what I’m dealing with rn lol aussie magpies are very different to UK ones was funny until I tried playing my 2020 Top Songs playlist and just spend the whole time trying to skip by 5-2… with substantial outdoor space - how do you avoid/protect yourselves from magpies? Just moved in and two h… be posting “nobody cares about your Spotify wrapped” and then post a pic of their baby ???
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But don't worry, after firing the perfectly qualified and sensational nanny because he's a man, Ross has hired a yo… threw an absolute fit when Rachel hired a male nanny because he "must be gay" and he thinks it's unnatural and… is v niche but does anyone know where i can get a lil table that would attach the the arm of a sofa? essentia… @annieelainey Ooooh I missed that nice nice danke 💕Important thing I missed re Elliot Page (and many others did too so sharing so y’all know too lol) 👇 @rojaberrybun @TheDoctor3396 @ThatSoullessOne Untag me pls @the1janitor Kevin please I have a lifeit isn’t cute ur putting peoples lives at risk. embarrassingme watching people upload TikToks surprising family members by visiting for thanksgiving @neonfiona yeah it does make sense, it's the same "i'm losing my perception of that person that made me think they…
Retweeted by fiona ✌️does this make sense it does in my headis it just me or do TERF lesbians making a fuss over “losing” a lesbian now that Elliot Page has come out as a tran… @SnowflakeHope Omgoh no how ever will he pay it i got that i have hopes to grow and ~harvest~: tomato, mint, rosemary, strawberries, basil and lettuceit feels illegal that i can grow cucumbers so i got seeds just to try but expecting nothing tbh. doesnt make sense… im a gardening gay now!!! our new place has garden spots so im planting so many herbs and veggies and fruit ur… @neonfiona Umm not as impressive as the Ratatouille main theme being your song of the year
Retweeted by fiona ✌️ @samwightt @magicmad11 @taylorswift13 Spotify is cheaperoh damn @cir_bur Okay that’s impressiveyeah but did you make it into the top 0.05% for your top artist in 2020 #SpotifyWrapped
Ross Geller still sees the paediatrician from his childhood and role plays as a five year old for every visit and h… @LanaSummerx whoaaaa truethis is too precious they should’s a mad storm happening over Sydney right now where the entire sky has been blacked out for over an hour. The… and Amazon halted hazard pay for their frontline workers during a pandemic after making a combined $30,000,…
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Topshop going into administration is so satisfying to me. They were REAL snobby about going digital so dove into so… who’s like “nobody should lose their (insert basic necessity) during a pandemic” is sooooooo close to real…
Retweeted by fiona ✌️ur girl is back in Sydneyyyy ✌️ @samdylanfinch Bonus tip: keep meds everywhere. I’d have them next to my bed, in my wallet or planner, at work, in…
“If we defund the police who will keep us safe?!” dw guys nine year old fiona is on the job to all the jordan ms out there @theamazingdrewH Just another Jordan MSome diary entries by moi, aged 10. anyone here is a professional decryption expert then please reach out, my year 4 diary needs decoding @marinashutup Can’t tell if it’s too many or not enoughwe love a broody bad boy with a vision what can i say what is wrong with you that’s a fish me when people say the exact same thing about Gill: i get it gotta get this goddamn vaccine
Retweeted by fiona ✌️OKAY AUSSIES if you want to visit some queer elders who likely don’t have kids or grandkids to help them out or eas… there some kind of programme where queer Young People can be like replacement grandkids for queer Old People bc… realised there are likely thousands of elderly queer couples in retirement homes without kids or grandkids to…
I do plan to wear one in public when I’m in Syd/Melb until vaccine though, just bc they’re such bigger cities. Al…’m in the ACT right now and literally nobody wears a mask and it’s fully normal and it just feels so alien like wh… it actually is safe to do so in most parts of Australia. This is where we’re at. Also nobody is on a ventilator… really did not anticipate how incredibly alien it would feel to go out for a meal without masks on after nine mon…
this is the most heartbreaking moment passed off as “comedy” ive watched in my life??? the episode is about Rachel… was staying with him before the wedding and he ended up trying to make out with her and when she was like “WTF… IS HIS COUSIN. replies in this thread tho oh NO literally GASPED i am SO EXCITED
@priya_ebooks 100% samewait — WHAT? how?? i—
Retweeted by fiona ✌️the fact that 18 by anarbor came out in 2013 and not 2005 is so unsettling to meplease no. we no longer have the strength
he didn’t stand a chance i stutter @heycabinfever
In the last episode I watched they said they have monthly dinners to discuss the others and LOVE that for them @magicmad11 Who probably also deal with it lolIncorrect, Phoebe and Joey are flawless. @magicmad11 I used to have that and it was krepitus (sp?) and a physio helped loads @tasdj this is true lol @tasdj I’m getting many replies like this lmao I may need a physio @Rhys_G HMMM okay maybe I need to go back lolINTERESTING not even in that way bc i have dealt w actual knee issues but they’re just OFF. like the way they’re not centre… mind, he got mad she can’t ride a bike, promised he’d help her learn then broke her trust by letting her go (… are genuinely the worst part of the body bc they never FEEL RIGHT they’re always just a little bit offHe just bought Phoebe her dream bike bc she’s never had one before and that is the first good thing he has done. I’m on season 7. @Addison_Peacock Vitamin water had a massive spon deal with them im rewatching and the first three seasons someone… border between NSW and Victoria, Australia’s two largest states, just reopened after being shut for over four m…
Retweeted by fiona ✌️ @1followernodad STOP ITthe border between NSW and Victoria, Australia’s two largest states, just reopened after being shut for over four m…
we do love a rainy day in melbourne truly have hatched the greatest concepts, you will be rewarded greatly financially.
*6am 🙃i'm a queer disabled artist, i make art for lost souls and tender hearts, and i've been in financial crisis for the…
Retweeted by fiona ✌️one of the biggest newspapers in Britain there, casually describing an entire group of human beings as an “epidemic”
Retweeted by fiona ✌️I cannot understand weddings right now. I cannot. If being legally married matters to you for sex and you can’t wai…
Retweeted by fiona ✌️4am seems like a great time to PANIC about the PASSING OF TIME heyAnd then he lies to Rachel about reading it and then has the AUDACITY to get mad at her for what was written in the… HE DID THAT. Also some of y’all are sending in other Awful Ross stories but I haven’t gotten to those parts yet… joke watching this as an adult it’s obvious that Joey and Phoebe are the best characters I FORGOT THIS ONE. He was dating a girl, took her on a beach holiday with all the Friends, she shaved her head… he finally decides to let her go to on spring break (but hid her red bikini) but upon seeing the friends she…