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UK based Narrative Illustrator! Published by BHP, 404ink. She/Her 🇧🇩🏳️‍🌈🌙

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@jadedlyco Rip jade. Rip to all our fuckin hEARTS @jadedlyco IM LOSING IT JADE!!!!commission from a while ago :> it was an anniversary gift and I created an illustration of a shared memory they had…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con coma @MaguSays I feel in both cases you draw them like softer as the year goes on and its super cute? @SaraAlfageeh Welcome to suffering Sara!!! @andythelemon_ HELLO
#2019年自分が選ぶ今年の4枚 :FE風花雪月編
Retweeted by Shaz@post con coma @Dollightfully I don’t live w my cat anymore since I moved out but here’s some photos ;-;
14yr old Muslim girl getting attacked by a 40 yr old racist woman. Woman called herfriends “n**ga” and she tried to…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comathese are our children on the streets getting attacked by grown adults
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaThread: 50 years ago, on Dec. 4, 1969, Chicago cops killed 21-year-old Black Panther, Fred Hampton Hampton's death…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con coma2019 favorite pieces this year!
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaCob | Ace & Non Binary | They/them Welcome to the twitter of a corn cob who draws their ocs and likes using pink a…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaCoincidentally, I worked on 9 projects in 2019! First are my published works: OPTIONAL, a short story in the Mono…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaELECTION UPDATE Boris Johnson’s chances of losing his Uxbridge seat now above 25% according to some betting compan…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaAnyway, the election is very close, vote labour !! 🌹WATCH: Homelessness was at its highest level under the previous Labour government, so I ask John Healey why we shou…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaNON-GOOSE TWEET: if you're in the UK, please, please, please go and vote for a Labour government on Dec 12th END…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con coma @danipendergast @malek_is_alive This is so gorgeous 💖💖
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaSometimes I think about how halal and heteronormative my existance is on the surface and how even that is controver… think... by virtue of working from home, I am, a house wife now ?I made a very small watercolour
What if we kissed in the abandoned fox temple.... 😳😳😳
Retweeted by Shaz@post con coma @Trungles Trung all your chicken content is so cute ;-;!! I hope they are doing well ;v; @foxville_art I wish you luck Anoosha ;—; I’m highkey dreading the eventual wedding planning when it comes to me.And Then Came Morning, Found Family Part 2/3 has been uploaded to patreon with two beautiful illustrations from…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaDigital art? Pop-art? No, Fred Taylor (1875–1963) in the 1930s...
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaNot sure what to do about a new webcomic host yet so I'm going to focus on publicising the comic more on social med…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaIn light of recent Tokyo Mew Mew news uAu
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaSmall reminder I have an inprnt shop now, and also that tokyo mew mew art is on there 👀 @Dhurrobeh Om shanti om 😤? @senshiandy I’m nearly in tears buddy ;-;!! Holy shit, I’m so excited for this and you! This books going to be so g…
Here’s just a few amazing creators doing just that! @RaynardFaux @DAYGLOAYHOLE @OliveOilCorp @shannondrewthis
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaSERIOUSLY!! Follow these folks if you wanna see what Black creators are actually creating instead of what you THINK…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaBUUZA UPDATE: This week we introduce the uh main. Con f l ic t’m so tired today, I wanted to draw more mew mews and art things but I am just!! So tired ;-; @SaraAlfageeh T t talking about reading via nintendo ds light...i think I read a lot of the spiderwick chronicles l… @AriadneArca Oooh oAo you keep a spreadsheet for page uploads?tfw your bf has lived his entire life not knowing he's colour blind
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The real tea about art and gatekeeping is that one company has a monopoly on all the tools we need to use to become…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con coma @C0RMC0BS Same lmfao... @C0RMC0BS Yes u-u all the time...most recently on some commercial work u———u @AshiaMonet Yes uwu! Things have been ok💖 how have you been bud? @AshiaMonet Welcome back babe 💖💖💖 @3os_knight Mm yeah fair enough! But adding to that, it is in some people’s bag, and many people do read it :,) @3os_knight I read your comic oAo?♥ MY SWEETHEAAART ♥
Retweeted by Shaz@post con coma @HeyMushba Quote retweeting treats your qrt like a new post- it doesn’t add any traction to the original post. It’s… stop quote retweeting my art :,) @3os_knight They are trying to hide their blatant racism under a seemingly noble statement.
ah, it beat the xion drawing as the most popular tweet uAu @yoonkiIl yes! It went on for a couple of volumes, but it didn't have the original writer and wasn't as popular ;w; And thank you!I didn’t include ringo or hime because Im a manga purist but also....but also they are both goodAnyway, I’m glad yall like my magical girl fanart, im gonna make that medium page so I can tell everyone who berry… @Belier_Cosplay She’s from the sequel, tokyo mew mew a la mode! @yoonkiIl It’s Berry Shirayuki from the sequel manga Tokyo Mew Mew A La ModeGonna bump this again uwu! Thanks for the rt’s!Lrt; ok but then surely ban all meat? Like, look go hard or out yourself as a racist. (Like look, I would be alri… to make yourself relevant in politics - throw Muslims / their faith practice under the bus. The Green party i…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con coma @krokodailusz Thanks! @zukiiniart Thank you! @J_a_y_J_u I AM VERY EXCITED FOR NEW TOKYO MEW MEW CONTENT !! Also i yhink maybe later today folx r gonna redraw their old mew mew ocs 😤Also available on my InPrnt uAu @J_a_y_J_u A VERY BAD SEQUEL WITH AN ALL MALE CAST WAS ANNOUNCED>.....BUT ALSO A SEQUEL BY THE OG ARTIST AND WRITER… light of recent Tokyo Mew Mew news uAu> but basically I exist in fandom by not actually engaging with it at all while watching the bad ships and the puri…> i didn’t really explain. I came to the internet when I was like 12 and everyone shipped ichigo and kishu and that… this talk about fandom but also tokyo mew mew ... m8 i’m being sent back into 2008 @alexisparade IT’s OUR GODDAMN TIME !!When you're an introvert at parties #comicbook
Retweeted by Shaz@post con coma @SaraAlfageeh I read a book like this recently where the author clearly knew a lot about Shakespeare and the narrat… I'm opening up emergency December editing commissions to help with my incoming holiday bills ^^ If you…
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you guys really like this one huh uAu?self care is drawing headless self portraits / oot illustrations
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaI wrot oot but meant ootd @notanotheralex Thank u bud uAuself care is drawing headless self portraits / oot illustrations @sammyborras It was a southwestern train after all u-u
[shows up two months late with fanart for the scary clown movie]
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If you liked The Animals of Farthing Wood, you will also enjoy my latest #comicbook, a story of an old fox who tell…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con coma @comicsandcola @Short_Box @EnGingerboom dunno if you’re up for freelance work but maybe ?It was like. Limited to 5000 words so, you can imagine, I had to cut out a Lot.Incidentally did you guys know that part of my first class bachelors degree was accomplished with a dissertation on…’s 6 am dare me to start a medium page about magical girl reviews and feminist theory @riibrego
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Today is your last chance to register to vote in the General Election. Please make sure you do! #ukelection
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaI would like 10k followers just so i cant always see when like, one follower drops off lol
@C0RMC0BS CRIES @C0RMC0BS FRIEND...not even a chandeleur? Or darmanitan? @C0RMC0BS Get urself a good fire and or ground frend because...there are so many steal boys...foreverAnyway, freelance is still hard because I am still, constantly working and yet have nothing new to show anyone :,)… boost! New shop, nearly all prints available oAo 💖
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comacomics piracy discourse, and my response is always the same: the customers are broke the *creators* are broke the…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaThe mental gymnastics some Muslims and Asians will do ‘disprove’ anti Black racism exists in our communities or tha…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaAdmitting this is not a betrayal of Muslim communities but acknowledging that we have allowed toxic parts of Asian(…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaexcerpt from tamou, my short film about a trans man in morocco of the previous century - part 2 -
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaBoycott @vuecinemas till Blue Story is back on every Vue screen with an apology. Especially the South Asian communi…
Retweeted by Shaz@post con comaAnti blackness in the Asian community is a real thing. Wouldn’t have to explain why people should show solidarity t…
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