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Illustrator & Comic maker ! She/Her 🇧🇩🏳️‍🌈🌙 Currently making Award winning webcomic BUUZA!! Represented by @kurestinarmada

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Hey illustrators, did you check out The Illustrators' Survey results this week? Hit them up, have a read, spread t…
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@EnGingerboom OAO amazing !!! Are you applying owo??Applied for MCM London, fingers crossed as always haha....💦
With one of the most eagerly anticipated UK published books of 2020 coming via @AveryHillPubl, Charlot Kristensen…
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This is the most precise and accurate dissection of how MENA folks experience race and generational divide I’ve see…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanBREAKING: Kickstarter United WON our union!! Now it’s your turn!! 💪 JOYOUS THREAD 👇
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanSome more paintings / Life drawings up on m,y Patreon this week!
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanVery Honoured to be on this list >A<! Also BUUZA!! Vol 1 is on Goodreads, so do write a review if you have time!… books by & about qpoc for your reading pleasure 🌻🍃☀️
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @AshiaMonet OH MAN WE ARE!!! Amazing ;;;-;;;; <3Some more paintings / Life drawings up on m,y Patreon this week!"Islam kept the Muslim world centuries behind the west” - PM Boris Johnson The Islamic world has given us: Surger…
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Basically hire me to write some quarter/ 3/8ths life crisis comics because that’s right where I am broA lot of at least contemporary comic reimaginings of characters like eg starfire or raven or black canary or batgir… maybe the part I like most about birds of prey is that like..Harley is just a 25-30 yr old woman whos a mess @dirtbagg NOsports 🥇 captains #fe3h
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @AshiaMonet That’s so great XD I’m happy for u and also tbh that receptionist!!
My brother (1/3)
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#HarleyQuinn and her girl gang aren’t knocking the skulls of anonymous soldiers or supernatural rivals. They’re def…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan#これを見た人は緑色の画像を貼れ 青い海を描かずに海に憧れるモアナの姿を描きたかった想い入れがある絵
Retweeted by Shazleen Khanmoment of appreciation for the most romantic line in anime #OHSHC
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@_emnays Awww buddy thank u 💖 @DomDuongArt @GreggKatzman @InclusiveComics Whaaat!! Zach’s in some good company there haha- that’s Dominique!! @3os_knight Ah that’s awful! I literally just showed Beauty to my students today :,( and he was so young!!Exactly 1 year ago today, I uploaded the first episode of BUUZA!! Since then we’ve gone o…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanContinuing my journey with trying to paint over on my patreon! $2 patrons can see the full version of this & all my…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanStills of the animated sequences from the documentary Liyana (2017), dir. Amanda and Aaron Kopp, Intaba Creative C…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khanwords unsaid
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@sarakipin @gallerynucleus SHIT THATS...oh my god youre one of my favourite artists and this is my favourite book /… of Ani and her bandmates ( belong to @SirGrimmington , @0tacoon , @punkoz_ )
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @petitradou Your work is great my dude 💖🔥Can't Colonize The Vibe🔥 Commission work
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@SaraAlfageeh I feel like a lot of red carpet looks recently are looking very uhm, reminiscent of islamic fashions?… @bogboogie AWW BUDDY!! @erikapriceart AHHHH congratulations 💖💖 @rudebeetle It looks beautiful! Really excited to be getting the book 💖
I was asked by @itsnicethat to talk about my illustration for @TEOTFW ads and the talk is now online! I'm scared to…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @byelacey Y ELLO W!!!! @byelacey We are living in constant fear @enna_kodumada I lost it at “handing in their poc cards”...fam like as if diasporic folx arent on the frontline of… @JennieGyllblad YEAH!! But seriously all one needs really, is to live. IF YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT A PUBLISHER.... Tbh… @JennieGyllblad This is why we self is it literally more profitable to self publish.......I’m really glad so many people have been remembering her today! She’s someone who’s work touched so many people, inshallah she’s at peaceQinni was an artist I loved on Deviantart and followed ever since. Her paintings and mixed media pieces she’d post… @JennieGyllblad Jen i think I’m gonna be sick wtf are those rates @softnadjah_png OH MY GOD I THOUGHT SHE WAS HOLDING A BAG OR A WRAP OR SMN... @riibrego Your works so gorgeous! I love how diverse the atmosphere in all your drawings are while still keeping yo… @C0RMC0BS Oh slimey friens take ur time @C0RMC0BS Ahh use it as spooky foreshadowing like meeeeeFeeling just a wee bit... evil today 😈 we're currently on a pretty hardcore number, but still have a while to go! C…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanBack in the day when I was 16 and was gonna go into music professionally haha. Had to cut this into pieces to fit…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khanwe all kno the 90s aesthetic is visually nice but what i also love abt it is that objectively speaking the art *IS*…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @kurestinarmada I strongly sympathise 😔 @MaguSays You should watch !!! It is really fun !!
@weimingkam Also just. Dinah’a moment in the final fight!! Was so worth it!! I have been waiting 20 years man 😭 @weimingkam SHIT YEAH!! Like man every one of the ladies are SO GOOD and I especially appreciate huntress being a h…’S BEEN A WHILE SINCE A COMIC BOOK MOVIE MADE ME THINK A LOT ABOUT HOW WELL PUT TOGETHER IT IS !! And also this o… before; Birds of Prey is the best ensemble super hero movie. It’s funny, the action is really good & creative, e… OF PREY WAS A GOOD MOVIE @Stiriia But also. Extremely excited to see black canary on screen haha... @Stiriia But also I am genuinely excited for birds of prey because margo robbie seems so into it!! So im excited to… @Stiriia Welcome to . My existanceThis is making rounds again- just so you know you can grab the full set of prints on my INPRNT shop!… @MRuschDraws @KAIxJU @wendycomics Ahh thank you so much <3Reminder that a lot of my art is available as prints over on my INPRNT!🌸🌊 PLEASE LET ME WONDER : AN IN-DEPTH REGARD ON CITYPOP 🌊🌸 the article is now available to everyone on my blog he…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @TabKimpton Tab that’s amazing !! 😍 the wallpaper & colour choices and matching duvet is so goood
some more pages from my 2017 tokyo mew mew zine!! 🐦🐺💙💜
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanNew update over on Kickstarter: This week we hit 60%, and I did interviews with…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @butterfIyguy Thank you so much for the shout out 💖💖 I’m so glad you enjoyed the comic 😭im gonna make a tapas comic thread since ive been reading a lot of those recently, so heres that
Retweeted by Shazleen Khanlast one (for now) is buuza!! by @neonlanterns its,, so good i binged it all the other day nfmvgcm i couldnt put it…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @ThoughtBubbleUK @tui_hil it’s you oAo?!!gonna go to sleep but hi 💕
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @javi_draws It’S REALLY GOOD!!! The original webtoon is good too and while the kdrama from what I saw introduces so… @Trungles Trung... that’s too powerful, I’m im awe 😭
🌠 Tüs 🌠
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @AtlaTheWriter Ah... cats are to smart for us truly @treejoakley OK BUT EJ THAT’S A LOT OF STUFF TO ACCOMPLISH IN ONE DAY THO!! Congratualte urself on what you have do… @nadiyahrs Im fucking screaming nadiya u joker XD @sasbatcii @stickyinstitute Will that hp zine be available as a pdf oAO @nadiyahrs WTF BRO...
@theorah Haha I hope you enjoy buddy 💖💖💖 @alexisparade Wait is this the one that was a collab between multiple people or IS THERE ANOTHER OAO
@erikapriceart Ahahaha XD thats gr8 honestlyLrt; that’s great and also it takes a real good writer for artists to work w u hahah Like! Good writers are good b… the @kierongillen comics writing masterclass. I feel aggressed
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @inkybarracuda This kids so pure ;-;!! I hope my lil siblings grow up to be so considerate @jadedlyco @Heart_of_Time Thank you buddy >>W<<New update over on Kickstarter! Get a preview of @neonlanterns beautiful print here: We're…
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@AshiaMonet Thank you >w< @OverratedRelish Thank you!Another!! @viv_tanner THATS SO CUTE AHHH 💖💖💖 @nadiyahrs Ahh!! I’ll try and get it when I can afford it >w< @nadiyahrs Oooh is it good? I was thinking of getting it oAo