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Shazleen Khan @neonlanterns

Illustrator & Comic maker ! She/Her 🇧🇩🏳️‍🌈🌙 Currently making Award winning webcomic BUUZA!! Represented by @kurestinarmada

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Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @rowanclair_ THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! HHH @AmalasRosa I love all the little details 💖💖 your work is so lively !!Some close ups of my lived in backgrounds #100percentzoom
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @Petite_Fish yes it is why i spent the last 2 hours playing animal cross 💖 @luchie_hm YEES!! I hope they bring out more vegetables too though 🥺 I wanna make food items 💖💖I want to work but maybe just to make like, 3 inked pages and then animal cross time @luchie_hm PUMPKIIIINSS !! ITS SPOOKY TIME YEEES @bogboogie OWO 💖💖💖💖💖💖 @bogboogie SCREAMS !! You’re parcels on the pile to be labelled so.. SOON 👀👀👀 @EvaBeeSmith Oooh!! Amazing ;-;;!!! @EvaBeeSmith Aaah what is this from? ( is the fe3h news👀)
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanPlease give Alex a follow, his old account was wrongfully suspended & he’s gotta start over ;-; @nooskadraws I’m so sorry this happened to you !! But its alright, well get this account to 5k no problem >>:V
pt 9
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@andythelemon_ They are so good!!!! Its such a smart idea & they are a fab collection!! & honestly its an honour to be a part of it 😤😤😤💖 @tui_hil Glad it got to you safe!!Look at what arrived today!! So excited for this and this drawing is too cute 😭❤️ thank you @neonlanterns
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @andythelemon_ I love how aesthetically pleasing yhey all are 🥺ARE YOU A SEIYUU FAN? COLLECT THEM ALL! Many thanks to my friends for their help willing the most indulgent anime m…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan“unconscious bias” training to a government that: 🧐 Blamed Grenfell victims for their own deaths 🧐 destroyed th…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @sammyborras Sammy your island is so pleasant ;3; @snowswallow_ Cuute ;-; @MaguSays FFF THATS SUCH A NICE FRSME...waaaahAaaaa my copy of buuza vol 2 got hereeeee @neonlanterns everything came out so gorgeous ;-;
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Water Lilly harvesting in Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @DivineBlkPearl Ahhhhh so glad it arrived safely!!Such a satisfying feeling to put volume two next volume one on my bookshelf!✨✨✨😭🥰 @neonlanterns (and I love the ext…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @emilypearsonart Hey - I’m so sorry this has happened to you. I hope you can get out of this ok, all the to you and your loved ones !!! @AshiaMonet AMAZING !!! Also omg youre so beautiful 💖💖💖💖💖The anniversary edition of my YA urban fantasy novel THE BLACK VEINS is HERE! Grab a special edition of this magica…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanBy freezing benefits, people WILL die - in addition to the 130,000 that have already died due to welfare cuts. If w…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanRishi Sunak wanting to freeze benefits is just priceless. That man gave millions of taxpayer money to dormant compa…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @haridraws @Zolwia @marlowelune Im crying im crying im so excited!!publishing gatekeepers ruthlessly reject inventive stories (often by POC) bc "it's too risky/there's no established…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @haridraws Holds ur hand... its ok ur comics make me cRY ANYWAY !!! @theorah Rip bex but its never too late !! @byelacey YEAHH like 90% of like “just ok” comic panels can become WOAH SUPER COOL by just...tilting that horizon a lil. Just a bit @byelacey It’s my fave cheat & also great for like... making panel layouts less flat 👀This is how I get away with everything is probably fairly obvious to some people but it's somethign i only realized recently LOL and thinking of it l…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @luchie_hm She’s so cute ;-; @HisokasHeaux Thank you so much !!I am... up to date... I am in love with the characters??? Queer Muslims?? YES thank you so much @neonlanterns for g…
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@bogboogie @LOVESHOREGAME @GDoCExpo @nomorerobotshq Mashallah you both deserve it so much !!! Congratulations 💖💖🌈My ongoing webcomic Charity Case is a polyamorous romance with a side helping of found family, and a generous serv…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanHave you been to Love Shore yet? 🌃
Retweeted by Shazleen Khanif you're cis please do the bare minimum to fight for our rights to exist #uktransrights
Retweeted by Shazleen Khantamagotchi summoner (circa 1996)
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanStreaming animal crossing on twitch again ! now! No commentary right now tho :,) @luchie_hm Omg haha ! Come to my discord for the call because I’m alone at home today and maybe I forgot how to act… @luchie_hm Yes thats what I wanted to do tooo!! But i am impatient and I wanna start enjoying the game again so...!… will be streaming myself destroying the island so if anyones up for the asmr sounds of me terraforming my isla… s2g today I’m gonna renovate my whole island so please bask in its glory while i fully demolish it !! @bogboogie 👀 i want it deeply in my heartLOVE SHORE - A neon city, cyborgs and the choice to solve crimes and even fall in love. Where are your Gods now? A…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan💋 MY MAN!! 💋 A Junichi Suwabe Tribute Zine 40 pg | saddle stitch | A5 | 29 artists A sultry collection of our bel…
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@SA1NTCAKE Aaah!! I never got into it back in the day but my friend was relly into it :,) it seems like a really wi… @_emnays You would be too powerful i’d have to do a fight upon you @_emnays SCREAMS @SA1NTCAKE Have you watched hbomberguy’s rwby vid because.. friend I think you’d have a good time 👀The Dealmaker.
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I was in pain last week so I couldn’t participate in anything. Please take this as my #drawingwhileblack and my tha…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanI don't think people realized how effective some of the BLM protests were.
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @ThatShyKid2 Oooh!! Ooh awesome I hope you enjoy 💖💖It's here! Everything looks so beautiful and perfect, I love the print so so much! This really made my day :) Than…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @LOVESHOREGAME IT LOOKS SO GOOD I’M cryinhh....Where are your gods now? Check out our brand new trailer, and be sure to wishlist #LoveShoreGame on our brand…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanThe ultimate goal is to show WB Games and other developers that Joanne is a toxic asset, someone who costs them mor…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanAnd being a licensed game, a percentage of every sale goes straight to Joanne, and you know she’ll use part of her…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanThe only people who will profit if the game does very well are the publishers—WB Games—and maybe the studio, who al…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanThe crew on HL are paid salaries or contracting fees. None of them will see an extra dime based on how well the it…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @istehlurvz @bogboogie OH NO ( SEE ITS ALL THAT OMINOUS “aw i look good in red” SHIT THATS GOT ME WORRIED YEAH) @istehlurvz @bogboogie Every update i am filled with more worry something awful will happen to oli @javi_draws @miukumauk It’s true, the OVA is still one of my faves but the anime...forget it @AliceOseman @Moemai ...A KITTEN!!!!!!!
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@Emmavieceli Aww thank you Emma 💖 Hope you enjoy!!Eeee! Gorgeous kickstarter package arrived from @neonlanterns ❤️ it looks amazing, hon! What a gorgeous thing to ow…
Retweeted by Shazleen KhanAHHHHHHH I GOT THE BUUZA!! KICKSTARTER PACK ❤❤❤ @neonlanterns art and story is well done!! I look up to her so much…
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @EkaAlf AHH SUPER GLAD IT GOT TO YOU SAFE!!Yes we packaged up 200 books tonight 👀Hey! Did you all know I am...only 15$ away from hitting my first Patreon milestone 👀? When I hit it I will!! Actua… @sammyborras Ah Sammy, I don’t know if this is an option for you but I started using royal mail Click and Drop? It’… @celicalms Only halal gaze allowed here
@TanekaStotts Congrats Taneka 💖💖💖Like a lot of u guys think my inks in buuza are loosey goosey but i want u all to know that if i had my way id make… @_emnays Im cute omfgggg @MaguSays Yeee!! His colour pallet is vast and full of wonders @MaguSays Its funny bc i continued and realised zach dresses like a bad pirate already [ LIKE NOTHING CHANGED] musa… @MaguSays I take ur pirate sam and offer u a pirate AU; sam’s navigator, she and zach are smugglers and musa stumbl… never do the challenges I ask u guys to engage with but listen, I promise for this one challenge: draw ur oc in an alt version using one of the neopets paintbrushes
Retweeted by Shazleen Khan @SA1NTCAKE GOD UR RIGHT... ERRGHH... i meant exclusively with manga & indie stuff that’s numbered but w cape comics… @abellehayford @jellyflavor @kianamaiart Man I really wish yours and kiana’s designs were official, they are so much cuter