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nErDcampKS @nErDCampKS Hesston, KS

The 5th annual literacy-focused EdCamp is scheduled for June 2, 2020 in Hesston, Kansas!

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@Sylvanocity Edited to add: by “sold out” we mean all tickets spoken for. nErDcampKS is free for participants to attend. 🙂 @Sylvanocity We thought that might have been an autocorrect problem but wanted to be sure! 😁 We limit registration… @Sylvanocity Did you mean attendance? That’s around 200. If you meant our dance skills, we rate ourselves around 4 out of 10. 🤣🤣
Authors, Illustrators, and Book Creators!! We are ready for you! Follow this link:
@adibkhorram Congrats!!!!!!! This is fantastic!!
I'm looking ahead to Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month and setting aside some time for free Skype visits! Sign up here…
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@sralph31 @JCBakerDMS13 @nErDcampIndy @nErDcampNC @nErDcampMN We had a #nErDcampKSkids last year for the first time… attendees: consider supporting other Nerd Camps in 2020 - @nErDCampKS (6/2), @nErDcampIndy (date TBD),…
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Are you a public school teacher working in the same community as @TysonFoods? If yes, be sure to write a…
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Mark your calendars for another amazing day! And it’s our 5th anniversary! @nleisten70 We will in about 5 seconds!
@PenguinClass Thanks so much for all your support!
Last night I shared that my graphic novel HUNGER HEROES will be out Fall of 2020. Today I want to share this: The…
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Any @nErDCampKS #nerdcampks2019 authors that write picture books and would be willing to skype with my students in…
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Below is the compiled list of books that authors and Illustrators recommended during the panel! Go buy these amazin…
When @nErDCampKS and a trip to @bluebirdbooks2 happens all in the same week! My summer reading list just grew by a…
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We have two sets of keys that have been found. Please find one of the organizers to claim. If not, cars will be tak… Maier’s session about Picture Books that Support Social and Emotional Learning will be in the library. Jarre…, @nErDCampKS #nerdcampks2019! Trending #1 in KS.
Retweeted by nErDcampKS“Using books to break down walls, stigmas, and stereotypes” with @Dusti_Bowling and @ellyswartz. @nErDCampKS out our afternoon with @priscabarnes, CEO of @StorytimeVillag, who is discussing the importance of access… feel so seen #nErDcampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSReaders Theatre led by @SauerTammi at #nErDcampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSThank you @SJNeill13 for you inspiring keynote this morning. I’m now ready to learn how to build a community of re…
Retweeted by nErDcampKS.@danielmiyares’ doodles are not like my doodles. Thank you for this most beautiful gift. #nerdcampks2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKS @Jarrett_Lerner rocking it at #nErDcampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSA packed room with the amazingly talented and kind @Jarrett_Lerner! #nErDcampks2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSA full room with YA authors @MirandaWriteNow and @adibkhorram! #nErDcampks2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSFun information on ideas to bring more meaning to Read Alouds! #nErDcampKS2019 @danielmiyares @alastairheim
Retweeted by nErDcampKSLearning about so many fun creative ways to approach books with kids!!!📚 @Jarrett_Lerner Books are not a house with…
Retweeted by nErDcampKSHere is the link to today's participant folder! #nErDCampKS2019 @Jarrett_Lerner is hosting a standing room only session and people are still pouring in. Title: Injecting joy into…
Retweeted by nErDcampKSA book does NOT need to be a non-fiction or STEAM based to use problem-solving with our students. Use the books you…
Retweeted by nErDcampKS“Books have the conversations adults are afraid to have.” - @SJNeill13 #nErDcampKS2019
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Retweeted by nErDcampKSWords from @SJNeill13 to think about. #nErDCampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSMy AHA from @SJNeill13 #keynote at @nErDCampKS. Thanks also for the reminder of @kevinhoneycutt snow globe slide fr…
Retweeted by nErDcampKSAMAZING keynote from @SJNeill13 to kick off #nErDcampKS2019! Thank you, Sam, for sharing your wisdom, experience,…
Retweeted by nErDcampKSFirst up: Anatomy of Dynamic Read-Alouds with @danielmiyares #nErDCampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSGetting ready to learn from these wonderful authors on how to use picture picture books in STEM. @Kateywrites
Retweeted by nErDcampKSYes! Yes! #nErDcampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKS @SauerTammi is sharing her secrets to being a good writer! First tip - READ #bpstogether #nerdcampks2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSLearning about revision- taking it out of the “dread category” and making it fun- like flossing in the classroom. 😂…
Retweeted by nErDcampKSFirst session of #nErDCampKS2019 is started off with the amazing @danielmiyares and @alastairheim!
Retweeted by nErDcampKSA full house in @SauerTammi session this morning! #nErDCampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKS @mirandawritenow and I repping the Young Adult space at #nErDcampKS2019!! #authorsofinstagram #selfie
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Retweeted by nErDcampKSEnergized by the passion and ingenuity of Sam Neil! #teachingoptions #read #stepintothearena #courageovercomfort
Retweeted by nErDcampKSThis is so respectful and absolutely awesome. (Seen at @nErDCampKS)
Retweeted by nErDcampKS“Put away the enemy of creativity- your phone- and get out a pencil. And the point is not to be good. It’s to creat… #1 at @nerdcampKS has started. STEAM picture books with @Kateywrites @jodywrites4kids @AnnIngallsBooks
Retweeted by nErDcampKSGetting my dollars ready for the #nErDcampKS2019 raffles like...
Retweeted by nErDcampKS💛🤓💛📚💛🤓💛 #nErDcampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKS#nErDcampKS2019 hasn’t even started yet and look what I got! Thank you @tracisorell @LynMullalyHunt @penguinkids
Retweeted by nErDcampKSReady for some amazing professional development! #nErDcampKS2019
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Retweeted by nErDcampKSBreaking the ice at #nErDcampKS2019 ! @nErDCampKS
Retweeted by nErDcampKSHere we go #nErDcampKS2019 is starting!
Retweeted by nErDcampKSExcited for #nerdcampks2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSReady for a great day! @nErDCampKS #nErDcampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKS#nErDcampKS2019 with @mitch_annamarie, @MrsCReading, & #heatherneedsatwitter!
Retweeted by nErDcampKSHanging out with some fantastic educators at #nerdcampKS2019 !
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Retweeted by nErDcampKSLove this! #nErDcampKS2019
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Retweeted by nErDcampKSI am so excited to be here w @AmandaBuethe #nErDcampKS2019 #ksedchat
Retweeted by nErDcampKSSpending the day with old friends and making new ones @nErDCampKS! #nErDCampKS #nErDcampKS2019
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Retweeted by nErDcampKSWe are ready for #nErDCampKS2019! @mrs_tiltonclass @linkkmae @MrsRJHill_RM109
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Retweeted by nErDcampKSCan’t wait to learn today @ #nerdcampks19 #nerdcampKS #nerdcampks2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSGood morning #nErDcampKS2019!
Retweeted by nErDcampKS#nErDcampKS2019 ⁦@WSMSMediaCenter⁩ ⁦@LibraryShms⁩
Retweeted by nErDcampKSSo excited to be at #nErDCampKS2019. Going to be a great day of learning from amazing people.
Retweeted by nErDcampKSLooking forward to our day of learning at @nErDCampKS today! @MrsStarkweather #nErDcampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSExcited to be together for a day of learning together! #nErDcampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKS#MObrarians attending @nErDCampKS—because the 5.5 hour (one way) road trip is only a small part of the fun.…
Retweeted by nErDcampKSMy fourthies & I read this last year for Book-a-Day, and it touched so many hearts. Imagine my excitement when I a…
Retweeted by nErDcampKSKeynote speaker and all-star teacher @SJNeill13 kicking off @nErDCampKS with straight talk and high energy. Is your…
Retweeted by nErDcampKSLearning new things with cool people at @nErDCampKS! #nErDcampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSThis is so true! A teacher's reading life has a big impact on their students' reading lives! #nErDCampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSListening to @SJNeill13 at #nErDcampKS2019. Love what she’s sharing.
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Retweeted by nErDcampKSGreat inspiration from @SJNeill13 ❤❤❤❤📚📚📚📚📚 #nErDcampKS2019 @nErDCampKS
Retweeted by nErDcampKSThoughtful, inspiring, keynote #nErDcampKS2019 with @SJNeill13. Creating readers. Collaborating educators. Thank yo…
Retweeted by nErDcampKSIf you are a @KSDEredesign school looking to redesign your high school ELA department you need to talk to the…
Retweeted by nErDcampKSYes!! Great keynote with @SJNeill13 at #nErDcampKS2019 #empathy
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Retweeted by nErDcampKS @SJNeill13 says “...teachers put courage over comfort. If you’re not making someone uncomfortable you’re not doing it right...” @nErDCampKS
Retweeted by nErDcampKSFalse. #jennisnotinnocent 😂 started at @nErDCampKS . So many @usd259libraries librarians here!!
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Retweeted by nErDcampKS @nErDCampKS @alastairheim @ellyswartz @bridgetheos @EmmaOtheguy @ruthbehar @danielmiyares @jodywrites4kids
Retweeted by nErDcampKS @nErDCampKS is today! The Rachels are starting us off. @rbharder @rach3liblady #nErDcampKS2019
Retweeted by nErDcampKSThank you, ⁦@ruthbehar⁩, for this amazing book by Tammi Sauer ⁦@nErDCampKS⁩! #nErDCampks2019
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