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“Bringing in yay, he has the El Diablo confidence ... we know that everyone is scared of him, so it gives us that E…
“If you went in and changed the scoreboard so it said we were losing 8-4 when it was 0-0, we’d be insane, we’d 13-0… @NintendoAmerica Now that's how you boogie.After beating some of the best teams from #Frag15, @paiNGamingBR have moved on to BLAST’s Fall Showdown. Read more…“The room is part of the city’s ongoing partnership with #Philly-based esports company @nerdstreet, whose goal is t…
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Are you ready for the bracket stage of #VALORANTMasters? There are some spicy matchups tomorrow, and maybe we’ll ev… 2nd Qualifier of the @wildrift #SummonerSeries Third Circuit has concluded with two more teams locked in for Ma…
Retweeted by Nerd Street @JukedGG Looking fresh 🙌“It was kind of nice to be the sort of underdog for once, where people weren't expecting us to win. So we went into… fact: Loading Screen has been on since 1972! No need to verify that, trust us. @SirSkrallex and…
It's time to break out your deck builds: our Magic The Gathering Series is here 💎 Register ASAP for our upcoming… you ready for the #OWL2021 playoffs? Here’s a preview and some predictions to get you caught up before next wee…'re partnering with @hitn to launch CONDUIT, a year-long training program designed to prepare young Hispanic and…
Some of the top finishers at @fragadelphia are competing in a #BLASTPremier qualifier this week to try to get to BL… HAVE GRUDGES WE HAVE A SHOW Tune in now for Loading Screen with @SirSkrallex and @Shiggydiggykub and get ready…
Miss out on @fragadelphia? Here’s a recap of all the action this weekend and @BnB_pt2's run throughout the tourname…'ve got Super Smash Bros tournaments all week: MONDAY St. Louis MO | 6:00pm CDT TUESDAY Bakersfield CA | 6:00pm…
Retweeted by Nerd StreetWe're live with Qualifier 2 in the Third Circuit of the @wildrift Summoner Series! ⚔️ Find out which teams will ma…
Retweeted by Nerd Street“We knew that we were gonna win, honestly, I don't think any teammates had a doubt in their minds ...” - @Crashies you ever played competitive Minecraft? Or visited @localhostgg? Check out our weekly schedule to see what's… @nerdstreet has named professional American Football player JuJu Smith-Schuster as brand ambassador for the compa…
Retweeted by Nerd StreetIt's nothing but good news for @BnB_pt2, the #Frag15 Grand Champions. 🏆 @JonjiJlc 🏆 @Shakezullah 🏆 @SpongeyGOD 🏆…
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“I feel like it's really good for us to lose maps instead of the series. When we lose maps, we tend to learn a lot… isn't just cool - this is #WinterChamps22 We're excited to announce that @fragadelphia will be a part of our… one team can climb out of the lower finals and into the #Frag15 Grand Finals - will it be @RBG_Esports or…
Retweeted by Nerd StreetAnd don't worry - we had another cake for everyone else 🥳When a Nerd has a birthday on LAN, you have to celebrate it the right way 🎂 Happy birthday to our Senior Video Pro…
Jimmy is back #Frag15
Retweeted by Nerd StreetThere's clean, then there's @SpongeyGOD getting an Ace clean 🧽😩☠ @BnB_pt2 | #Frag15
Retweeted by Nerd StreetThat’s two days of #VALORANTMasters in the books and two wins for NA. Read more about @Envy's nail-biter against Br… the first day of #VALORANTMasters? Check out some of the best moments from today. #VCT got off to a great start at #VALORANTMasters with @100Thieves showing why they’re built for LAN. Here’s more fro…
@Asunaa Vintage LAN pic confirmed 1/2 years ago vs present
Retweeted by Nerd StreetICYMI: The Reversal at Sun Center Studios planned for Sept 10th-12th has been postponed. Stay tuned for updates on the new time/location!Hot takes, wrong takes, or just facts? 🤔 Head over to the @ESEA booth and share your ESEA Hot Takes #Frag15
Retweeted by Nerd StreetWhen @TeamJuJu steps off the field, he trades in his helmet and jersey for a headset and a controller 🎮 Learn how… the NFL season opener last night got you wanting to play Madden? We talked to some pros including… Street welcomes Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver @TeamJuJu as a Brand Ambassador to create and promote educat… new era of Frag is here.
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It's a great weekend to be a VALORANT fan AND a CS:GO fan with #VALORANTMasters and #Frag15. Here's here’s why you…“We want to create a dynasty. ... It’s always cool to have something in the history book with your team.” --… may be the end for #CDL2021, but the roster-mania has only begun 🤪 Take a look at some of the off-season roster… the friends who stood out in the cold for every midnight release, To the friends who never screen-cheated or com…
Retweeted by Nerd StreetIf you cheat in a video game, Alex does not forgive, Alex does not forget ☠ YOU shouldn't forget to tune in now fo…
Will another NA team bring home the next #VALORANTMasters trophy? According to @Hiko, "This @100Thieves roster wa… every Wednesday at Localhost. Who’s coming out? 📍 Austin TX | 6:00pm 📍Bakersfield CA | 6:00pm 📍Denver CO | 6:0…
Retweeted by Nerd StreetWant to find out how can #esports make more substantial impact on #cities 🏙️? If so, you're going to wanna tune in…
Retweeted by Nerd StreetAs #VCT Masters: Berlin inches closer, the predictions and hot takes on Press 4 To Defuse get spicier 🌶🥵 Tune in n…"Supporting talent, innovation, and growth in the esports industry is at the core to what we do at Nerd Street." -…
This weekend, #VALORANTMasters Berlin starts! To get you ready, here’s a primer on the teams competing and how they… Loading Screen freestyle rap? Yes please😎😎 Tune in now to the newest episode with @SirSkrallex and…
🚨 WE NEED YOUR HELP 🚨 We've worked hard to bring you some of the best plays, talent, matches and content this yea… Monday, gamers! Check out this week's schedule and head to to register for your nex… do you think deserves to be the new Esports Broadcast/Production Team of the Year? @riotgames @ESL @nerdstreet
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@ltsCamo This is the only grass we touch tbh's on the schedule today, gamers?
@Soself79 It's good to switch it up sometimes 😊 @RoxusLIVE Good luck in your games! W's only 💪 @2hwall Okay but what lane do you main? @na1cs_ Sounds like a good time to us 😎 @Zaniveus SameLong weekends just mean more time for gaming. What's your go-to combo this weekend? 🤔
Is @Splitgate the next big esport? From exciting gameplay to the unique portal mechanic, there are several reasons…
This weekend is all about the Overwatch League Play-Ins. Here are the matchups you should check out. #OWL2021's not a goodbye, it's a see you later 🫂 On our final Field of View episode, @DarfMike keeps us up to date on al…“I had really bad body aches and cold sweats during the night for literally like four days straight. That really hi… Steam Reviews got...extra steamy ♨️ Tune in now to the newest episode of Loading Screen with @SirSkrallex a…
It’s time for your favorite #VALORANT show! Tune into Press 4 To Defuse as @DarfMike and @NaoriMizuki chat with sp… teams are still fighting to keep their seasons alive. Before the #OWL2021 playoffs begin, here’s everything yo…
We are live with Kara Cancel! Tune in now for online casual Guilty Gear Strive lobbies with @CrashtagVS and… matter what esport he has played, @psalm has found success. Read more about his career development, from getting…
The Third Circuit in the @wildrift Summoner Series is now loading… Check out the teams that have already qualified… our #SummerChamps21 officially over, relive all the action from the $10,000 Rainbow Six Siege Championships be… vacation may be over, but that doesn’t mean the gaming has to stop🎮 Check out our weekly schedule! 🏆… @FermayWasTaken’re stranded on an island with only a Nintendo Switch. What’s the one game you play until you are rescued?🤔Congratulations to Chess Club, our Rainbow Six Siege #SummerChamps21 Champions! 🏆 @LBillzz 🏆 @Reedsink 🏆 @doqR6s 🏆…' things back @SupGomes 💪 @PioneersGG | #SummerChamps21
Watch your back or @Reedsink steals 2 👀 | #SummerChamps21 final #SummerChamps21 series has washed ashore 🏝️ Tune in now for the Grand Finals of our $10,000 Rainbow Six…'s @wildrift qualification time ✅ We are now live with Day 2 of our Wild Rift Summoner Series: Major 2! 🎙️… quick 2-0 for Chess Club, and they make the Grand Finals of our $10,000 Rainbow Six Siege #SummerChamps21 Champio…, this @doqR6s flick is INSANE 😳 | #SummerChamps21 in a 1v3? @Reedsink's got it. | #SummerChamps21 a win on Villa, @PioneersGG are the first to make Grand Finals of our Rainbow Six Siege #SummerChamps21 Champi…
Huge flank from @GryxrPR to secure the retake! | #SummerChamps21 3k for @WhimpyKid2 from Spiral. @PioneersGG | #SummerChamps21 to the seconds, @kanzenkyari steals the round! | #SummerChamps21 are now live with Day 4 of our $10,000 Rainbow Six Siege #SummerChamps21 Championship 🏝️ ⚔️ @PioneersGG vs The… for more @wildrift action? Tune in now for the Wild Rift Summoner Series: Major 2! 🎙️ @_Jolly_ &… things go 2-0 in the way of @PioneersGG, they make it to the Semifinals of our $10,000 Rainbow Six Siege… @WhimpyKid2 + @DiasBrLucas duo clutch 🔥 @PioneersGG | #SummerChamps21 situation, @SpikerR6 goes HUGE 🤯 | #SummerChamps21 2-1 victory for Dino Nuggies, and they advance to the Semifinals of our $10,000 Rainbow Six Siege #SummerChamps21 'em down, @Ambi_R6 takes 4⃣ | #SummerChamps21
Quick 2k for @Azianned, making it look easy. @TeamMystiC_US | #SummerChamps21 6-1 to start, @TeamMystiC_US bring it back and secure the 8-6 victory on Clubhouse 💪 Tune in now for Map 2 of… out, there's an @ooziier6 on site 👀 | #SummerChamps21 for Day 3 of our $10,000 Rainbow Six Siege #SummerChamps21 Championship? 🏝️ Check out our first match: ⚔️…