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Director of Tech & ECommerce @BethesdaGear, @BiowareGear · Former @ThinkGeek, @GameStop · Improv Comedy · Starting Strength Training · Geek Egalitarian · he/him

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I cannot stress enough how frustrating @ShopifyPlus in regard to their product road map. Give me a timeline of fe… @JessieJane__ Any particular artist there you’re fond of?Happy Monday for a #tattoo artist in #Denver CO. Any recommendations? @cyberat2600 low key feels like a win either way @CortanaV It. It a serious of tubes right ?Wealth tax
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@realsuperblake @alexpardee I’ve been summoned.Rig assembled!
@sophsa Well thats nice. @Riverboatjack 👀 @Laurathefierce @RealClancyBrown Oh shit. Now I understand what I’m looking at. WowA one man show. Debuting nightly. No tickets sold no tickets for sale. @Laurathefierce @RealClancyBrown Can you explain what this means? @elenacleaves I think for the most part I’m kindly ignored. @tea_bird Beaver nuggets and local jerky all the way back to Colorado. Every time. @NicTompkinsH Yeeeees @melanatedmomma Improv jam in Denver at the Voodoo comedy club. I miss my theater friends @WhipSmartBanky fried fish balls 😍😍😍😍😍😍 @midgetnazgul are we talking chips or spears? breaded ? @hellofrombea like store bought frozen? or fresh made? @kvltjam @CharmingGrump what about Jarlfriend?I got an air fryer - Fish Balls (amazing) - Bread (it toasted it) What else do i need to try in this amazing space age food cooker?
@quoth_the_rave @faethfarts Fae I can’t think of any. This is Mortisha Adam’s the early years spin off series. @quoth_the_rave 2pm on a Friday is bloomn onion time. 🥩🧅 @tuba_man This anxious little fuck. Absolutely. @alison__berg There are an equal number of church’s and temples but the brewery snd weed industry has better real estate here 😂Yes so thats a DC 34 saving throw to survive the overwhelming assault on all the things? * rolls * @sophsa When a tweet would make an excellent tiktok.[ screams in this meeting could've been an email ] @jgw47_art same tbhI took a chunk out of my new floors moving my squat rack boxes in from the rain. SO PISSED 🤬 @VanessaL3000 @videogamedeals Oh yeah that happens all the time. All. The. Time. @VanessaL3000 @videogamedeals What was this? @sophsa Is this a threat?
@ChantelLehl @notcapnamerica Same. Ugh. @quoth_the_rave Oh crap, I hope you all are ok and don't have to evac! Its crazy we can see this from Aurora. @RowanRowden How the fuck is this guy employed at google. @quoth_the_rave THAT TUB. All i want is a bigger bath tub. @sophsa this is like "Dark Mode Twitter" color. Nice. @Christeregis Woah @GrlpantsGR Any openings in consumer goods? Europe needs merch too I hope. Help. Get me off this continent @GrlpantsGR Gross. @angusamacdonald @krisstraub Yeah but you gave him Russian street drugs that don’t even have a name yet. @angusamacdonald @krisstraub ^ this one will take everything @ChantelLehl @themistyview @BadAstronomer This is horrificI’m so irritated. I’m tired of buying collectibles from renders that betray the thing you actually get. UGH.
2020 #Local58 @ugobananas Its soul can now rest. @Christeregis I'm very happy to hear this. pack it up. im out.ordered @tyga ( chicken bites last night on Grubhub. Holy shit were they amazing. @shiraz @TwitterGaming hey @OldManKaidan @ChachiBobinks All the time. @QueenofTacos why is 65 degrees so cold here. 65 degrees in Manhattan beach is way dif. @samzorz liesI'm stuck in #AmnesiaRebirth. After pulling the pin on the grenade i'm stuck behind an altar. i can only move my he… love the Fall. But i think i'd like it better in Southern California. I miss warmth already.
OK HOLD UP. Hey @Bungie Putting an advertisement for the careers page within the JSON response of your new ARG...… i had a dollar for every time i was shut down in a meeting, i'd not need the job where i get shut down in meetings.NEW @DOOM ETERNAL DLC IS DROPPING TOMORROW MY HEART IS ERECT
Retweeted by 🎃 Danny S Pumpkins 🏳️‍🌈Any of my Denver friends lift? Looking for a starting strength partner. @olsencassidy Did you see the @ArchDigest video? It’s a dream @wsakaren @ShipperHQ Yes using ShipperHQ on and . I'm working on se… @ShipperHQ are USPS rates down? @CortanaV This is an allegory to my dating life.
Massive shout out to everyone who has supported me on this journey so far @andrewjvaldez @makariosjay @nerdwithus
Retweeted by 🎃 Danny S Pumpkins 🏳️‍🌈 @clearascrystal The hell you got against mini mr. good bars? @Get_Wrexed @faethfarts those big boi eyes <3Any other #shopify store turn off Shopify Quick Pay? This feature is by passing scripts and user flows to get a fas… brother made twitch affiliate today! GET'M @linkk326 I was his first subscriber! @Fangamer's product page for the #StardewValley CE is incredible. *wistful sigh*100% the mindset to have
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@RowanRowden Is this related to the music thing? @fast Thanks, I hate it. 🤣 @fast Hi @DesignByZoe I wish remote tattooing was a thing @shomipatwary That’s the brand. I love it @tuba_man Yo, i have this urge to buy new flatware from ikea. its real man. @BeyondThePale26 hahahahaOMG ITS ON ITS WAY. MY RIG IS ON THE WAY. @nerdwithus Renegade on the Citadel strip. Paragon on the Normandy ship.
Retweeted by 🎃 Danny S Pumpkins 🏳️‍🌈 @Isa_Kole I have never considered this. Ass in the streets, Angel in the ... Normandy?I'm setting up some front end stuff for #GreatWarWeek for @bethesdaGear this morning. This and N7 week are my f… @Futterish @DOMOCAPITAL "GME is one of the most shorted stocks in the world" - over heard at the office when i work… @Isa_Kole I've also never been a bad guy in any of those games. ever. even on replays. can't do it. i love these… @Isa_Kole This makes exactly 2 of us. total. I didn't even know you COULD romance characters in Bioware games until someone told me.Anyone else listening to Randy Travis on a cold Sunday morning tearing up over lost love, opportunity and times we…"m so hyped for this game. smol. Knows nothing. Only knows bark snd treats. Does not even pay taxes. Such baby. 12 of these titles I’ve had the pleasure of bringing their IPs into the real space in form of apparel or collec… peddle nostalgia in the form of soft goods. @ElementalAmber Same @clearascrystal Look upon my field. A blight has fallen upon my crop. Not a single fuck has sprout.
Always there to cheer me up. #puppy @sophsa I will check this out. Thank you Soph.Ive bought masks from so many places and nothing fits my face well. Stupid big ass head. @sophsa This will be on the exam tomorrow