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@tearxofink I DONT K N O W @BTCBYYAYA @sunfloweremedy !! Sunflower! It u!GIVEAWAY 🐝 You will receive a 5x7 sunflower painting with a bee on me! How to enter: ♥️ Follow me ♥️ Like and R…
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)Important announcement!
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)I'm sorry what guilty for cutting off someone who clearly disturbed your happiness is just a sign you’ve been manipulated…
Retweeted by beckett (he/him) @TS7Track3 I'm so sorry11 wow, ive lived more than I thought @ThomasSanders I love them
@sunfloweremedy DKJXC KING LOUIS IS BEST BOI HOW DARE THEE- @sunfloweremedy IM SORRY SKDNC SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL BUT THATS WHAT YOUR DESCRIPTION MADE ME THINK OF @sunfloweremedy’m about to do some high-speed solitaire up in here
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)HomoSexual @Arlahndo My crush will be the firstOh also the sonic movie is unironically amazing go watch ithappy Valentine’s Day to dogs
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)For people that are awake and care, not date went really well bc hes a sweetheart and bought drinks and popcorn bc… @sunfloweremedy Alright good- i love you waffle i hope youre having a good night @sunfloweremedy Good or bad? You okay?Love yourself, be your own Valentine. You have to spend more time with yourself than anyone else in this world, so…
Retweeted by beckett (he/him) @tearxofink It's a f i r s t- I thought he dated someone but hes actually in romance purgatory- He likes them but at least hes not Taken
@sunfloweremedy I w i l l I'm not spending the night with him- @sunfloweremedy Thats not e n o u g h- the movie will be until 11:30 and then i gotta take him home like a g e n t l e m e n @sunfloweremedy Skxnd whens my curfew- the move starts at 9 15Did I mention- hes Verified Single @sunfloweremedy It wont be for another 3 or 4 hours- late movieeeeeI would just like everyone to know that I asked an extremely cute boy on a not-date to go see the Sonic movie with…
Pretty much @kaijuvenom The way this was phrase made me think it would be for the best if you shot your partner, but it's not a…
Everyone is inactive today its so quietMove to Oklahoma we have: -Homophobes -Transphobes -Christians -Sweet tea -Y'all'd've i’m getting married! friend: i’m pregnant! me:
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)the most mischievous thing i ever did in elementary school was when we had a MEAN substitute teacher; so i wrote "c…
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)I be like *making everyone at work hate me noises*All the hufflepuffs cried for Cedric diggory cause he was their last remaining top
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)I DIDNT SET MY ALARM AGAIN @sunfloweremedy Y O U GO TO BED ITS MORNING BE A VAMPIRE @sunfloweremedy ITS 12 AM ITS NOT MORE UNTIL 9 @sunfloweremedy GO TO BED- @kaijuvenom Bless you youre the only holy person left I've been judged for so long @nerdy_as_heck bold of u to assume ive stopped dabbing
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)3 years ago we had dabbing 3 years ago Holy shit you remember when we all said 2016 was hell and we were glad it's over That was 3 years agoWill I ever go to sleep at a reasonable time? Find out in 2 hours if im still awakeI made an emoji'm trying to make moodboards, gimme ideas like character and (color), or stuff like character and pride or character and (emotion)
Dont challenge me I'll highly consider it bc i know someone that wants to go see it and laugh am nothing but a blob of gendered mush. I lack in serotonin and Doritos. my bones are nothing but milk. I crave physical affection.
Retweeted by beckett (he/him) @tearxofink I'll take full credit for your success @tearxofink Please apply to that collegeThat makes things worse I really am Alone am in no way shape or form
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)Its so weird to interact with people and them say theyre busy at work, like,,, what? You're adult? You have job? O shit me tooWork in 8 minutes, not dressed, half asleep-Snooze myself to being lateHi I think i fucked up and my rant account got hacked so if you get a weird dm with a link from me dont open it @kaijuvenom Ah, I will excuse you for now but only bc quality time with girlfriend is important @kaijuvenom That's also a possibility- you may wanna like. Sleep. @kaijuvenom Ottoman?I'm not breaking a 10 day streak I may just go to bed insteadOh hi I wasnt expecting to cry tonight @ogstefani Who did it better? 😂😂😂
Retweeted by beckett (he/him) @Chxcharito @CeriacsFriends @hasi992 @CultureCrave Definitely remember this magazine
Retweeted by beckett (he/him) @CultureCrave He said :
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)Jim Carrey recalls playing the Grinch 😂
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)THOMAS FUCJIN SANDERS S T O PSelf control?. Never heard of her bc I get paid tomorrow? Or crackers bc save money?Time and healing, easy @sunfloweremedy THATS FAIR BC HES THE LESSER OF THE TWO BUT ITS SUCH A GOOD SHOW*Ahem* I present to you, some of the horoscope signs ...but gay 🌈 -Aqueerius -Leosbian -Bices -Pancer -Nonbinari…
Retweeted by beckett (he/him) @euphorichues BUT ITS SO G O O D I NEED THE SONICI have heartburn but I wanna eat more of the food that gave me the heartburn even though it costs money @sunfloweremedy hOW-Leo was at a talent show and made it to the final two, and they asked both of them to dance for 1st place. I’m so p…
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)Suddenly I don't hate dogs anymore.
Im mixing up a teeny weeny potion. Its got lots of sticks and leafs
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)Not to brag but once i got 500 hits on a story I hated 😌It's with a heavy heart that I deliver the sad news that @s8n is no more, his appeal has been rejected. He was obv…
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)Happy birthday to the best waffle sibling in the entire world @sunfloweremedy W h a t thats so coolllll Have funnn idk how to make candles @sunfloweremedy What the h e c k is a soy candle ive never heard of that-Id only known him for a few hours, but we were with a group of new people and he started playing piano and singing,… got about 10 reason to want to miss work today but Nope here we go bc I dont wanna get fuckin firedfortune cookie whole ass told me that "your fortune isnt something to find, its something to unfold" as if I dont f…
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)Haven't made myself cry with my own writing in a whileDONT USE VOICE TO TEXT TO GOOGLE THE MEANING OF A SPANISH WORD IT HURTSUsually lawful good but if there isnt one then chaotic good an unrelated note i learned that some spiders have a detachable penis, hows your day going'm very glad I learned what the incognito tab was, because when curiosity gets the best of you at night sometimes… saw this saved tiktok in my camera roll reeally late last night, had a realization, and then added text
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)breaking news: time is fake. more at 9.
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)you werent a real middle schooler if you didnt read at least ONE self insert fanfiction that referred to anyone wit…
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Nine days five hours
Retweeted by beckett (he/him)It is Nap TimeRoman: *to Patton* Your smile? It makes my day. Patton: *to Roman* Your happiness? I live for that. Virgil: *on t…