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Independant woman, reader, thinker, listener, sci fi fan, and TV lover, all credit to my profile name goes to John Barrowman, #DiscoPride

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Classic Who Doctor: Three New Who Doctor: Ten Companion from RTD Era: Capt Jack Companion from Moffat era: Bill @beebeccarose I’m so sorry! I’ve been through that and it’s horrible! Hugs to you! @BaronDestructo @bradtravelers YES! @Larkistin89 You got this! @erinbails Yay for @jenisicecreams @TheRealAlienTwo @Tyranicus Same here! a prayer we’re living.
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@Larkistin89 @extspace They are so precious! And look like a combo of my two children, Lucy and Logan! @Tyranicus @Tyranicus Dude,next time I see you, there better be a cheese fountain nearby
@Larkistin89 I mean I feel like this is a realistic scenario either way lol 🍋 @Larkistin89 Is if just me or does the guy Vader is choking resemble Rodney in this shot?Only one. And I got my ticket to see it in the theater for a special 30th anniversary showing this Saturday!… @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 You’re welcome! Finding that has honestly made my morning @zoidberg95 @TheRealAlienTwo I mean he does have faith of the heart VERSION YET!!!!! @Outlander_STARZ @LuciferNetflix @911onFOX @CW_Arrow Calling all fans of @bbcdoctorwho 🗣 Consider this tweet your…
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Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Never Apologize For Being Nerdy 🖖🏻 @zoidberg95 @TheRealAlienTwo Ahhhhh what? Johnny I’m totally sad for you. Because my vote totally went to Baby Yoda @Soloadventures2 @EnterpriseExtra @BetaArtemis I’m not in the mood for your bullshit whether you like Disco or not… wins the internet and my day. @EnterpriseExtra @BetaArtemis They are unfortunately not the only one. A few showed up on other posts as well. The… @BetaArtemis @annaonthemoon Yup, one of those twats that did that was actually following me. They got blocked super fast
Except I would never switch off that song.
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Never Apologize For Being Nerdy 🖖🏻 @Larkistin89 Woo hoo! @KultKommando @TeltheTrekkie Yeah it’s the exact reason why I can’t watch it, the humor puts me off big time @PatrickE34 I seriously saw that and went “it’s a proven fact” @Larkistin89 @Larkistin89 Good luck, lady. I’m a little short on positive vibes (too much drama at my own job) but I know they a… @TeltheTrekkie No I don’t think there was a “decline” they just needed a break. I just think the correlation is hil… @PatrickE34Marc Crawford legitimately put a hit out on a player when he was with the Canucks. The fact that he has still coach… @TeltheTrekkie Hah I’d be willing to bet this is one of those folks who lord The Orville as “real Trek” without rea… @WilsonFrontier @Tyranicus @zoidberg95 Same here! I can’t stand the crowds for Black Friday, I hit up a few deals o… @dondonpatapon_ It’s not the one with the bedroom aliens is it?
@BatlethBabe @BaronDestructo @bradtravelers @AmazonStudios @AppleTV @CBSAllAccess @disneyplus @hbomax @hulu @BatlethBabe @BaronDestructo @bradtravelers @AmazonStudios @AppleTV @CBSAllAccess @disneyplus @hbomax @hulu @thejonconn @zoidberg95 @PatrickE34 @TrekProfiles Me too! I was already planning on going to that game, so it worked out! @zoidberg95 @PatrickE34 @TrekProfiles @thejonconn Booo! (That’s ok I understand! Those tickets broke the limit on my spending budget!)Hey Trek hockey Twitter fam! Any of your teams doing Cyber Monday deals? I got tickets to see my Jackets play my Av… for another AirPods Pro giveaway? Got five pairs this time. Just RT and you're in! Giveaway open worldwide, w…
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Never Apologize For Being Nerdy 🖖🏻 @Larkistin89 You have to put yourself first! It’s hard sometimes but you do! You are doing things the right way and… @CodySDax Wait what? That’s how you ring in the new year!!!!!! @Larkistin89 @stargatecommand @BaronDestructo @GateWorld @dhewlett @amandatapping @terylrothery @MichaelShanks @jedikat71 Agreed! Those three especially shined. It was a brilliant movie! @PatrickE34 @BatlethBabe @PatrickE34 @BatlethBabe Well I promise to only drag you out on Sunday to celebrate my birthday, because while I un… @PatrickE34 @BatlethBabe You better! 😉 @PatrickE34 Same here! I’m going to miss Craig. His run has been better then I ever thought it could be and he is u… @zoidberg95 That is love! @BatlethBabe @zoidberg95 That’s awesome! I’m waiting to see it till after Christmas so I can see it with the entire family! The… @zoidberg95 @Mix929official Yes! And I really loved the message behind it and how she started making better life ch… @zoidberg95 @Mix929official Same here! Lol @zoidberg95 @Mix929official Go see Last Christmas now! Especially if you love the song!
@PatrickE34 They have a fairly large center here so I know they have a presence here but that’s the first time in… @sebulia1 Well the thing is they were out on a street corner downtown, which a lot of groups do regularly. But they…’m this close to reporting the local Scientologists to the city. Just got harassed by them downtown for the second… @CallMeDjm @CallMeDjm @drakkorex @Tyranicus Exactly! She might be more recognizable to the younger generation because of OITNB but she’s not “more famous” for it @Tyranicus Those be fighting words! #MaximumJaneway @themiliton @Larkistin89 @DenisCoveney @TTrekkie Thank you, I appreciate your genuine and polite response! @themiliton @Larkistin89 @DenisCoveney @TTrekkie Whether you may find it common is one thing, but please listen whe… me believe. Because in you I believe.
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Never Apologize For Being Nerdy 🖖🏻 @BatlethBabe Agree but also add this! (Because she’s totally a character that’s been around as long as the other tw… Hello December, and Hello to another obvious choice for Nerdy Gal of the month. Leia, princess, gene… number one boy
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Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Never Apologize For Being Nerdy 🖖🏻Considering the Disney era includes the OG characters it still counts. It will always be her.… couldn’t pick just one
@RadMissFliss @CBSAllAccess I have zero issue with paying $5.99 a month for content I truly enjoy. Does that make m… @Larkistin89 @Larkistin89 I cannot help but smile! And also could watch that tiny clip all day @BetaArtemis Gina Carano is not just an MMA fighter, she’s the woman that put women’s MMA on the map before the UFC… @BatlethBabe So I’m totally in the minority here, but the more time that has passed since s2 aired, the less I’m in… @kjmclaugh I’ve felt that from family before and it hurts like hell. I’m so sorry. @PatrickE34 @BatlethBabe I think we do. He supposedly called them cowards for considering switching to CGI lol @PatrickE34 @BatlethBabe Oh definitely! And that’s my assumption too, considering they debated using CGI for Baby Y… @PatrickE34 @BatlethBabe Exactly! I’m wondering how much of it is him actually in the suit and how much is a voiceo… @PatrickE34 @BatlethBabe Pedro Pascal was such a phenomenal choice as Mando, he really gets to show his chops in a role like this! @BatlethBabe @starwars @themandalorian @ginacarano @JuliaRJones I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been madly in love with Gina Carano for years.
I just entered for a chance to win the Orbit Loot Sweepstakes! NoPurNec18+Rules @ #orbitloot hugs to both @zoidberg95 and @annaonthemoon tonight. My thoughts are with both you guys and your moms! 🖖🏻 & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a @Target Exclusive 10" @Pokemon Eevee Pop! #Funko #FunkoPop
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Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Never Apologize For Being Nerdy 🖖🏻 @TheRealAlienTwo Every episode brings something new and awesome! Plus this amazing cast, I died and went to heaven… @TheRealAlienTwo Same! would like to point out that the past two episodes of #TheMandolorian have been directed by women making it the f… @Tyranicus @StargateNow_EU I completely agree with all the replies to this question! But I have to go out of the box and menti… since Thanksgiving is over I’ve downloaded the only Christmas album I own. But hey it’s a good one! @Larkistin89 Whatever it is, love and strength to you! @NCC_17fOrmula1 I still haven’t seen Star Trek VI, which I know many people who consider that their favorite movie! @Capt_Inatp @BatlethBabe @annaonthemoon @NorthernCornish @rashiduzzaman82 @uk_locutus @DrJenThrows Yes, thank you f… @BatlethBabe @annaonthemoon @NorthernCornish @rashiduzzaman82 @uk_locutus @DrJenThrows I just had fun with it and m… @Tyranicus Thank you! The collar was actually a gift from the cats of @TrekRanks because you know loud mouth opinio… baby is still getting over his cold but he’s finally starting to feel better and thanks everyone for the well wi… @spacequeensoph @BatlethBabe @citruslucy Hey! I’m Heather. I’m demi and bi, but just wanted to say I love the posit…