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Independant woman, reader, thinker, listener, sci fi fan, and TV lover, all credit to my profile name goes to John Barrowman, She/Her #DiscoPride

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@mskiescher Can you do that on a fridge? I may have to!Come home from work after an 11 hour shift to discover the cats had opened the fridge door. I may have threatened t…
The most insane but good thing to come out of this year? THERE’S HOCKEY ON MY BIRTHDAY @zoidberg95 @bearlystarted That would be an interesting experiment but I doubt I could get enough people to play along with it lolOMG my boss is sanctimonious bastard and he’s not even here today @zoidberg95 @bearlystarted Favorite tattoo? And I would totally steal this myself but I want to keep the frequent… @WilsonFrontier @UberEats @DoorDash I’ve noticed there’s a lot that joined and now aren’t but there keeps being new… @SAghdashloo @keonmalexander Better a prisoner then a martyr. @manicpixiedane Ahhh yes! 19, 20 and 21 are what inspired me to go back and do a full rewatch (I’m currently in the… @TeltheTrekkie You’re killing me with this, I’m dying at how hard that idiot fell for youJaneway. Without a doubt comes the thunder! I am so ready for these storms to bring some relief from the heat! @EnterpriseExtra Ahhh Gravy! He was looking for the “sweet spot”. Every ship has one! @MakingAmy Fucks, definitely
@HerPikaHighness I honestly believe Shat has turned into Denny Crane in his old age. Like he played the character a… @CallMeDjm @startrekcbs 👍🏻👍🏻 @TheRealAlienTwo Although you are right, Benson would totally judge anyone not wearing a mask right now @TheRealAlienTwo No, it was getting to tell my dumbass boss “I told you so” , that’s some fine judgemental satisfaction right thereI got to channel this Benson mood today, and I’m going to tell you it was glorious @zoidberg95 @AaronBossig @StarTrek You were just stating facts! @zoidberg95 @AaronBossig @StarTrek I’m all for more Idris in Star Trek! @kindredtrekkie @StaticWarpBubbl Yeah, I’m know it’s worse for you guys up North, I didn’t realize it was hitting C… @StaticWarpBubbl It has literally been over 30C every day for the past week and a half, and I’m a cranky, tired, dr… @zoidberg95 I love you, man. I needed this @StaticWarpBubbl He’s my favorite actor, and I think he did a phenomenal job in the role, but it makes me feel like… @alexandertperry I both clearly missed something and also very glad I don’t know lolGoddamn it folks, I do love the current state of women’s wrestling. Kick ass awesome @Tyranicus @TrekProfiles Seconded!
@CallMeDjm @dxndeliions @PromTrekPod And while he’s doing that, I’m running my Bajoran incense stand while bugging… midweek reminder from Benson to hang in there @Oliviaj_8 The Picard theme. But my first dance would be to Faith of the HeartUmmm hell yes to both! @PatrickE34 @Tyranicus @Trekkie01D Queen of Fire and Melancholy,..... Way too true @CodySDax I think Leto is a phenomenal actor, but a pretty fucked up person.
@PhD_Purgatory @ARobbinsTV @nbc4i And your comment implies that it’s somehow her fault. So let’s not blame the woma… @PhD_Purgatory @ARobbinsTV @nbc4i Did you miss the part where she resigned after multiple death threats and people… @CallMeDjm Definitely Omega @Mr_Picard Well it’s a helluva lot better then ScarJo’s response when she went through the same thing.
@TrekFan4387 No question the vote went to Macrocosm, Janeway’s biceps demanded itI’m a zombie today after barely any sleep last night, so this seemed fitting for the Benson mood of the day @TheRealAlienTwo Ding, ding, ding,! So trueStolen from @TheRealAlienTwo I know immediately which one I think I give off, but interested to see what y’all th… @TheRealAlienTwo I’d say teal or pink @FinalFronqueer Stay strong, mate! We love you and always have your back! @TeltheTrekkie @HerPikaHighness Agreed's do our part, #5thLine.
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Never Apologize For Being Nerdy 🖖🏻 @HerPikaHighness Also part of me wonders if this is just another ploy to trash the franchise for not being willing… @HerPikaHighness He literally went on toxic YouTube shows to trash Picard. The guy truly has a problem if he thinks… The 9th episode of Promenade Merchants is available on #Spotify #applepodcasts and where all RSS feeds can b…
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 Never Apologize For Being Nerdy 🖖🏻Guy uses his long lost son to make himself relevant again. @Tyranicus Yeah it really hits you to see it performed on screen, it’s how I fell in love with RENT. I saw the film… @stephen_pastran @abbymsommer @CJ_at_Tanagra @TrekRanks I already started one in my head! @stephen_pastran @abbymsommer @CJ_at_Tanagra @TrekRanks Same here! Though I think the Mirror Universe would fall in… is exactly why I believe that there’s a huge difference between being a fan and being a part of fandom. I’m a…
There’s literally an intersection on one side and an alley on the other, but it’s too hard for people to go around… there was a car wreck literally right outside my window (no one is seriously hurt thank god) but the thing that… @Larkistin89 I’m doing a bit better. Thanks for asking! @Larkistin89 Ahhh I somehow missed the Micheal one! Love it! @Ms_EmilyJordan @kanyewest Also I’m going to want mutually assured destruction in the inevitable duel between him a… @Ms_EmilyJordan @kanyewest To be far though he’s not approachable, and I don’t want to have a beer with him @Tyranicus across The most Empowering, Compassionate, and Fierce Woman character on a TV crime drama to date. (That’s to… @TheRealAlienTwo Fully agree @TheRealAlienTwo The sarcasm in it gets lost in translation so ultimately I agree with you, all the kids did with t…
@Nerdygal33 radiates bastard and cheerleader energy #shindanmaker @StaticWarpBubbl I’ve only had that happen a lot on my podcast acct that both me and my co host share. Never had it… @SeanCochran Speaking from my personal experience, most Ohioans are either die hard OSU fans or hate how obnoxious… @SeanCochran Yeah the folks here in Columbus would take issue with that. A lot. (I’m not saying I do, but Ohio State fans be bonkers) @feuryously Both, now you won’t feel bad about loudly singing along, and later you can actually pay attention @TrekGeekBill @jarrahpenguin Same here, never used to get sick all throughout college, and was always the mother he… mood of the weekend. Stay safe everyone! never actually seen the show, only listening to the soundtrack, I honestly had no idea so many folks played… an extensive, excruciating process of elimination....... (I’m just kidding, he was the only one who entered but…
@ShuttlepodTwo Wait there’s a reboot? And yes I used to totally catch the original as a kid at night and it always freaked me outTagging the couple guys I know are Hamilton fans @TheRealAlienTwo and @JonfuciusOnlineAnyway once I get home it’s #HamiltonFilm time! What are your top three favorite songs? Mine are... Who Lives, Who… selfie of the day! Spent a few hours at the park with my friend because it’s the best place for a social dista… call, will be selecting the winner at 8pm EST @PatrickE34 @TheRealAlienTwo Who are these people who live in an apartment but have more then two cars? I mean this… @TrekRanks @BrandonMutala @stephen_pastran There’s only one episode in that picture that wasn’t at least mentioned… @ShuttlepodTwo @TrekRanks @stephen_pastran Love that list! Especially Dawn, great picks!The stars don’t align that often for me to be on TrekRanks, but when it does it’s always a pleasure. Thanks for th…
Benson mood of the day! Doctor says wear your mask! #MaskSelfie #DoctorWho @zoidberg95 @johnnyp_1975 @FrankMcRavall @dandeckr @Tyranicus @rashiduzzaman82 @BatlethBabe @DerekLawrence73 @TheRekhaSharma Do you want to trade? I’d take that over my blaring hot Midwest week with shit excuse for ACC’mon, folks! This one is a beauty! @TheRealAlienTwo I’ve never seen it either, but I’ve listened to the songs so much I know them by heart @JonfuciusOnline @TheRealAlienTwo @TheRealAlienTwo I mean it is Independence Day weekend, seemed appropriate @TheRealAlienTwo My literal plan for the three day weekend is to watch it on repeat. All weekend @TheRealAlienTwo HELL YES
@TrekLegacy @TrekRanks HAH! I’m wondering if this will truly motivate a TAS centric episode out of you. It would be fun! @BatlethBabe Aww! I’m sure it will be great though! Ironically this wasn’t labeled as teal, the box called it jade,… @BatlethBabe I love it. It’s been forever since I dyed my whole head, but I think it came out wellIn case anyone truly wants to know how flamboyant my hair looks mood of the day selfie of the day! Don’t let the bastards grind you down! #WearADamnMask Happy July, and let’s be honest, none of you are surprised with this choice, right? The one characte… @alexandertperry Hah, I thought the same thing when I saw that (though I couldn’t exactly remember when your birthd…