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@TwitterTV ...catch me tomorrow ;) @RutledgeWood @joe_hill Following in the footsteps of Eurovision's pitch of: Floor is Lavato! journalism is a bedrock for so many facets of society, including the stories we watch on film. Here are some…
Retweeted by NetflixThis father recounts what happened when he was separated from his son at the border. (📺: Immigration Nation) you possess one of your brothers so you can hug one of your other brothers 🥺
Retweeted by Netflix @katharinemcphee me a more compelling story: ✔️ Girl squirrel breaks out of captivity to meet boy she sees through window ✔️… and a half minutes of @XtineQuinn from Selling Sunset being peak @XtineQuinn from Selling Sunset, because we ca…
Retweeted by Netflix @kimxharold @UmbrellaAcad loooooove @Azim65784141 @UmbrellaAcad i heard that tooI heard a rumor ... that you were crying tell my dog
Retweeted by Netflixsabrina carpenter and jordan fisher's chemistry was so amazing in this movie! 💛 #WorkIt #WorkItMovie
Retweeted by Netflixthe chemistry with these two is absolutely insane #WorkIt
Retweeted by Netflixi will be thinking about this scene forever thank you #WorkIt
Retweeted by Netflix @ava <3
Shakira learning that someone presented evidence against her in court
Retweeted by Netflixthinking about these four queens #GetEven
Retweeted by Netflix @Chrishell7 dont do this to me...Ellen Page explains why Vanya and Sissy's relationship in Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy is so important is this image 2020
Retweeted by Netflixtruly can't stop thinking about Sabrina Carpenter making this face in Work It. vs monday. every time.
Retweeted by Netflix @theblerdgurl @AustinCrute @UmbrellaAcad on the case! @_mounatraore @IMDb @UmbrellaAcad ON IT!ALL TOGETHER NOW, a powerful drama based on Matthew Quick's novel "Sorta Like a Rock Star," starring @auliicravalho
Retweeted by NetflixHilary Swank and Josh Charles star in Away, an epic story of love and sacrifice from the visionary who brought you… booking a viewing for the $75 million dollar listing on the Oppenheim website just to waste Davina’s time…
Retweeted by Netflixin that moment, we were all this waitress (📺: Selling Sunset) @SabrinaAnnLynn and @LizaKoshy breakdown the big dance finale of WORK IT while reenacting their moves is p…
Retweeted by Netflixnimue and arthur appreciation tweet
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Inspired by @heyshrazzle, my #SellingSunset Alignment Chart. I will not be taking questions at this time.
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me during the whole movie WORK IT ON NETFLIX
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It's a dance battle. (🎥: Work It)
Ellie Sattler and the Jurassic Park fence. A truly phenomenal scene. will be fun, they said. justice for ben, they said.
Retweeted by Netflix @BarstoolRia all good things come to those who wait ... 9 more hours @jdhovland i didnt say fuck! Christine said fuck. @alexandergold and the best dressed one to boot! @skyler_wakil and we love her/the show for it!Selling Sunset Season 3 premieres tomorrow — and if you haven't started watching yet, this is the kind of character… SEASON! TOMORROW! #SellingSunset
Retweeted by NetflixSpoiler alert: There are 43 sparrows hidden throughout Season 2 of @UmbrellaAcad. Bet you can't tell us where they…
Retweeted by Netflixok but the sunflower field date between Lotus and Chloe on Love on the Spectrum is just so pure
Retweeted by Netflix @BillyIdol @carlapunkgirl right on, @BillyIdolFor years, fans of THE MATRIX have discussed the film through a trans lens. If you’ve heard the theory before or ju…
Retweeted by Netflix @lesliestaysup it's insane! Watch the whole epA woman asked Tinder to see all the data they had been keeping about her dating life — they sent back 800 pages! (… @oldguardmovie @Skydance MY BOYS! MY HEART!Y’all ready? @WorkItMovie @netflix
Retweeted by Netflix @jordanfisher @WorkItMovie i can tell you: THEY ARE NOT READY! @justinhmin spoilers but… Can you hug me as I go? 😭 😭 😭RAIN. ON. ME. The final season is now on Netflix trailer for Charlie Kaufman's i'm thinking of ending things feels like you misplaced your head because it isn't…
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@kp_candice absolutely from Indian Matchmaking talks about that terrible, awful, no good, very bad date and reveals if she regrets l… @NXOnNetflix @UmbrellaAcad swish swish fish.In conclusion, we Stan Nadia #IndianMatchmaking
Retweeted by NetflixI am Nadia from Indian Matchmaking in that I am perfect and have a lot going for me but I still let Indian boys who…
Retweeted by NetflixNadia on Indian Matchmaking deserves the world
Retweeted by Netflix❤️🧡💛💚💙 is gonna be one crazy ride! We’re coming to @Netflix on Aug. 19th, and we can’t wait for you guys to see what…
Retweeted by Netflixsigh. live re-enactment of every Twitter debate.
Retweeted by NetflixAtypical stars Brigette Lundy-Paine, Kier Gilchrist, Nik Dodani and creator Robia Rashid have partnered with The Co… who would do that? Put their name on a peach?
Retweeted by NetflixOver the course of three years, two filmmakers documented the lives of Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents, ac… The beautiful Peruvian film RETABLO, which was the country’s Oscar entry last year, is now on Netflix. It foll…
Retweeted by Netflix"THE MATRIX was all about the desire for transformation, but it was all coming from a closeted point of view." Lil…
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Lila & Diego... I wolf you. @goingtomcd this is my favorite tweet. we can close down twitter now.The umbrellas on their way to the academy idk i never watched the show
Retweeted by NetflixI can't stop thinking about this Marine’s description of taking MDMA for his PTSD (📺: The Business of Drugs)"Sometimes people be gay and don't know it." @samjaycomic's new special is streaming NOW
Retweeted by NetflixIf you're going to watch one stand up special this week, make it the brilliant Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning. If you'r… this. @SamJayComic killed this. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Retweeted by NetflixNow YOU KNOW you're supposed to lock the 🐱 every time you leave the house LMAO 🤣🤣 this is absolute GOLD…
Retweeted by Netflix @nico_appleby @JonJonBriones yes you did! @lunaaa_xx @MsSarahPaulson i see only facts in this tweet @Most @RatchedNetflix but, like, in a good way right? @alextc_96 i think we can all agreeNurse Ratched will see you on September 18. You know the legend, but do you know how it all began? 💊💉…
Retweeted by NetflixALL HAIL THE ONE TRUE SUPREME! 🙌 #Ratched #SarahPaulson
Retweeted by NetflixSarah Paulson's new series Ratched premieres September 18. We appreciate your patients. paleta de cores da minha série Boca a Boca é mais bonita que muita gente.
Retweeted by NetflixBoca a Boca is a Brazilian series about a group of teens trying to find the source of an infectious disease that’s… @Queen96M <3 @Queen96M @UmbrellaAcad!Play by play as my family and friends watched the fight in episode 2
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@CEOOFGRRBOWENT @strongblacklead @UmbrellaAcad @emmyraver because when Luther & Allison finally hug, it's like the… at Allison, just out here being my main muse 😍😍 @emmyraver #UmbrellaAcademy
Retweeted by NetflixLove on the Spectrum — Where Are They Now? We caught up with all the participants to find out what their romantic…'m with you on that. #LoveOnTheSpectrum
Retweeted by NetflixShe's the best. 😄 #LoveOnTheSpectrum
Retweeted by NetflixLast Chance U: Laney examines the socioeconomic issues confronting this year's players — in particular, gentrificat…’s take a trip down memory lane 🖤 #lucifer
Retweeted by NetflixSissy really made a lot of points.’m spiraling into @UmbrellaAcad right now... they don’t know me and I don’t know them but this is a super fun seri…
Retweeted by NetflixI absolutely lost my mind I was already over the moon for this show and then he started singing ‘in case you don’t…
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