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We had 13 crypto-artists reimagine the 13 stolen masterpieces featured in This Is A Robbery. Discover more at… Banks premiered one year ago today! you’re gone. How do you want to be remembered? Part 2 of Selena: The Series premieres May 4. Only on Netflix.
NIGHT IN PARADISE… ... is a melancholic mob epic from the writer of I SAW THE DEVIL ... stars Uhm Tae-goo and VINC…
Retweeted by NetflixMelissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman's dance routine from Thunder Force demands to be seen Circle is back — and Chloe is about to show you why flirting in a game full of people lying about who they are… your first look at Never Have I Ever Season 2 — oh, and did we mention that Common has joined the cast?!? on his real life relationship with his daughter Corinne, Jamie Foxx - actor, comedian, dad - knows how to do… on The Irregulars is exactly the kind of friend, hero, and all-around badass the world could use more of
For individuals being released from prison, choosing new clothing is a powerful and important step in reclaiming th… might be surprised to learn the origin of the term Cowboy (🎥 Concrete Cowboy) Love is a poignant series that documents a year in the lives of six elderly couples from around the world — Braz… Boseman’s collaborators invite us into a conversation about his extraordinary artistic process. Chadwick… isolated Las Vegas, a hungry horde of the undead, and the last chance to get $200 mil. From director Zack Snyd… readers, this author brings a most exciting announcement...
Retweeted by NetflixHe's coming. Godzilla Singular Point. June 2021.
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@KillerKatey we actually do have that in the Netflix app -- just hit the share button and you can post to IG stories! @utdreb didnt spoil anything. dont worry.This gentleman wearing cargo shorts is widely considered to be one of the greatest art thieves (📺 This is a Robber… am seven minutes into This is A Robbery and an interviewee just said, in the most boston accent possible, “This i…
Retweeted by NetflixThis Is A Robbery on @Netflix is The Departed for art history majors and wowowow I am loving it.
Retweeted by NetflixTaking a moment to admire these BTS photos of Concrete Cowboy stars @calebmclaughlin @idriselba @methodman you a grandmother as supportive as Grandma Norma. She’s a riot. 😂 #Thunderforce
Retweeted by Netflixbig year for underrated actors playing hot villains in suits
Retweeted by Netflix @dionnewarwick 👀The brilliance of Melissa McCarthy is that she needs nothing more than a carton of milk to create a truly hilarious… was so hilarious and such a fun watch. Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy are such an iconic duo!
Retweeted by NetflixOmg #ThunderForce was the most I’ve laughed during a movie this morning year! So silly and ridiculous and I absolut…
Retweeted by NetflixWild Wild Country was released three years ago, turning Ma Anand Sheela into an incredibly polarizing figure — now,… my look ready for the summer
Retweeted by NetflixThe ~BAFTA WINNING~ documentary, My Octopus Teacher, is one of the greatest documentaries ever made about an octopu…
Retweeted by Netflix*screams in Lucille* and you shall receive: @trixiemattel and @katya_zamo are watching SELLING SUNSET.
Retweeted by NetflixGet ready to meet the new class. Elite Season 4 premieres June 18
#ThunderForce was fun, but Jason Bateman as the Crab Man made the movie. 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by NetflixWatched #ThunderForce . It was the perfect bit of joy to end my work week and kick off the weekend! Worth the watch.
Retweeted by NetflixShe's serving your honor #ThunderForce
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thinking about this iconic, hardworking sibling trio today on national siblings day:
Retweeted by NetflixIt's a #FamilyReunion on the new season of FAMILY REUNION. #SiblingsDay
Retweeted by NetflixFinally. @TwoDistantFilm is officially available on @netflix! Click play. #TwoDistantStrangers
Retweeted by Netflix"It's a movie about the resilience of what it means to be Black in America." Oscar® nominated filmmakers @Travon &…
Pom Klementieff as Laser in THUNDER FORCE
Retweeted by NetflixThunder Force, is the perfect “alone with my chardonnay on a Friday night” @netflix movie. @melissamccarthy,…
Retweeted by NetflixChoose your fighter... (📺Arrested Development /🎥 Thunder Force) SO HAPPY THIS IS FINALLY OUT 😍😍 #ThunderForce
Retweeted by NetflixIf you need to laugh at utter joyful ridiculousness, watch @octaviaspencer @melissamccarthy & @batemanjason in…
Retweeted by Netflix @sigsoriano3 she SAID, "dont make me drink alone."Thunder Force is here! Come for the amazing chemistry between real-life best friends Melissa McCarthy and Octavia S… to all the #GLAADawards winners 🏆🏆🏆
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She sensed that her mom's new boyfriend was hiding a secret ... she had no idea how right she was! Brace yourself… @melissamccarthy couldn't agree more 💖If you had to pick an agent from Call My Agent, who would you pick? ☎️
Retweeted by NetflixThis Is A Robbery on @netflix is SO GOOD. Such a berluddy CAPER.
Retweeted by Netflix @realityvixen @KenyaMoore @BrandiGlanville @candeegal EMMY INCOMING! it started How it's going
Retweeted by NetflixWho Killed Sara has ensured I will never go parasailing. Killed Sara.......BITCH A SHOW!!!
Retweeted by Netflixi don't know who needs to hear this but Rodolfo from ¿Quién Mató a Sara? is the himbo of our dreams 😻
Retweeted by NetflixWho Killed Sara was the most riveting and suspense show I’ve watched in such a loooooong time!! Can’t wait for season 2 @netflix @NetflixES
Retweeted by Netflix @Most @KenyaMoore @BrandiGlanville @candeegal tea.The Real Housewives are ready for the reunion! Watch as Atlanta’s @KenyaMoore, Beverly Hills’ @BrandiGlanville, an… in 2022, Netflix will be the first US streaming home for Sony Pictures films following their theatrical re…
Retweeted by NetflixAmy Adams. The Woman in the Window. May 14. ready to dance to “Dark City Beneath the Beat!” A musical documentary that reimagines the narrative of the city…
Retweeted by NetflixThis is the funniest introduction I've ever seen in a documentary (📺 This is a Robbery) frequently thinking about this Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù scene from His House 😬
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That’s a wrap on Outer Banks Season ✌️ McCarthy and Octavia Spencer demonstrate their most impressive superpower: A complete mastery of gentle soo…
Retweeted by Netflix @nicholasdyer 💙💙💙💙💙 @nicolebyer omg you're working with King @marko__monroe?!? Legends uniting!There is still a 10 million dollar reward available to anyone who can solve the crime at the center of our newest d…'S ON! #ThisIsARobbery @netflix Everybody get your tea and treats and get back under the covers!
Retweeted by Netflix @JohnnySibilly ❤️ @Most’s Creek aired its final episode one year ago today — and what better way to celebrate the show’s legacy than… friend @thejamielee has a new @netflix show #TheWeddingCoach and it’s out TODAY!! She’s amazing and hilarious AN…
Retweeted by NetflixWatch Miley Cyrus and Shawn Mendes perform Islands in the Stream for the just-released special, Dolly Parton: A Mus… don’t mess with ghosts 👻 But I Fuck with GO OFF!! @JessMarieGarcia @La_Julissa @contodonetflix Stranger T…
Retweeted by Netflixif Latina moms lived in Hawkins 💀
Retweeted by NetflixWhen David Berkowitz was arrested in 1977, New York City breathed easy now that the monster behind the Son of Sam k… SUPER, almost HEROES ⚡️😊
Retweeted by NetflixAfter her daughter was murdered, one mother created a fake MySpace profile to hunt down the killer. The gripping… to this, but @trialofchicago7 was fantastic. Highly recommend.
Retweeted by NetflixIf you haven’t seen @trialofchicago7, don’t walk to see it, RUN. One of the greatest films I’ve seen in a while.
Retweeted by NetflixNo legend lives forever. Jupiter's Legacy premieres May 7 added legally blonde to netflix and that just means i’m gonna play it every day while i go to bed just like i used to in my youth
Retweeted by NetflixDon’t mind me watching Legally Blonde for the second night in a row now that it’s back on @netflix.
Retweeted by Netflix @Kedz can't blame ya!
@TiaKofi just you wait, queen! Starting April 14 there's a new season coming to Netflix and while nobody catfishes…“Your name is Mateo Vidal. You didn’t want to kill him.” You decide what story you want to tell: the one you made… me tell you all the reasons I loved BAD TRIP: -It’s the rare comedy that made my stomach hurt from laughing so…
Retweeted by NetflixFrom Julie and the Phantoms to Bridgerton, @realcaunsia is back to demonstrate how to say these Netflix shows in ASL TOMORROW. #JupitersLegacy is coming to @netflix May 7th.
Retweeted by NetflixTacos or burritos? First celebrity crush? #CONCRETECOWBOY star @calebmclaughlin **spills the beans** in this round…
Retweeted by NetflixCaleb McLaughlin & Jharrel Jerome take you behind the scenes of #ConcreteCowboy to show you what it was like making…
Retweeted by Netflix @lodivadevine ❤❤Paul Rudd turns 52 years old today and, once again, I’d just like to say: HOW DOES THIS MAN NOT AGE?!? am beyond excited to share the official trailer for MONSTER, coming to @netflix May 7! It’s such a powerful film…
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