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3 Weeks. 3 Movies. One terrifying new horror trilogy. Welcome to Fear Street

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Karen Gillan needs little more than her fists — and a bowling ball — to strike down a trio of assailants in the act… think we can all agree that lena headey in gunpowder milkshake
Retweeted by Netflixthe word 'iconic' gets thrown around a lot, but Michelle Yeoh in GUNPOWDER MILKSHAKE truly fits the bill
Retweeted by NetflixI have had it with these motherfucking stakes on this motherfucking plane! Blood Red Sky — a new sci-fi action mov… FEAR STREET cast and director Leigh Janiak have answers to the spoilery questions you're dying to know about 🪓
Retweeted by NetflixIt's Leo SZN. Consider yourselves warned. @HamillHimself @ThatKevinSmith It’s wrong to root for Skeletor, right?TODAY- #ThePowerReturns as Part 1 of the epic saga #MastersOfTheUniverse_Revelation premieres only on @Netflix-I'm…
Retweeted by Netflix @Most dont ask me why but I read this in this voice He-Man vs. Skeletor action figure dance-off is the perfect way to remind you that Masters of the Universe: Rev… power has returned ⚔️ Masters of the Universe: Revelation is now streaming on Netflix!
Retweeted by NetflixOuter Banks Season 2 premieres in one week! So let's refresh your memory about everything that happened last summ… how the tables have turned. Season 2 of #SkyRojo is now streaming!
Retweeted by NetflixWendy, Coral, and Gina are back — and the hunters are now the hunted! Sky Rojo Season 2 is now on Netflix
@Twilight many ways SNOWPIERCER is the story of Chris Evans’ perfect side profile
Retweeted by Netflix @hichasestokes pogue4lifenow “my tree” is fun and all but lets make sure we remember that names have power. pronounce peoples names the way…
Retweeted by Netflix @ramakrishnannn learn it. live it. love it. @nicolacoughlan Sense8 like: and clyde WISH
Retweeted by Netflix @nicolacoughlan CASUAL 💁‍♀️Attention Outer Banks fans, JJ has something to say @itsgabrielleu @strongblacklead cant waaaaait to watch!Man, @neverhaveiever is such a dope show. Growing up all those coming of age teenage drama shows were always full o…
Retweeted by NetflixI fucking love @neverhaveiever ! That’s the only show on Netflix that has me fired tf up! 😂 Devi love triangle with…
Retweeted by Netflix @neverhaveiever FACTS ARE FACTSNever Have I Ever related to something more..."This what queer looks like. This is me." Lee Rodriguez unpacks some of Fabiola's most iconic looks from NEVER HAV…
Retweeted by Netflixthe women of never have I ever >>
Retweeted by Netflix @maloretsevsbff so trueWhat?
Retweeted by Netflix @TheCrownNetflix what? @robdelaney much #help, much #heal @NetflixFilm dad* *Kirk... but also meNaomi Osaka used to take her platform for granted. Now she uses that platform for a greater purpose, like when she… @horror__witch @Netflix_CA @NetflixGeeked amazing!🔬🧪 Meet Ada Twist 🧪🔬 From Creator + Executive Producer @chrisdocnee, ADA TWIST, SCIENTIST follows the adventures o…
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Retweeted by Netflix @NetflixGeeked @shadowandbone_ @archierenaux every troll the light touches is yours, darling @ilyashryver @angie_seattle an excellent point @sembikengoku_ A SYMPHONYTell me you love The Twilight Saga without telling me you love The Twilight Saga @NetflixGeeked @shadowandbone_ @archierenaux wow looks like rise of the titans arent the only trollhunters working todayThe ultimate M. Night Shyamalan twist is that he wrote STUART LITTLE
Retweeted by NetflixReese Witherspoon should have gotten her first Oscar nomination for 1999's Election. @Most this is how well I did:
Retweeted by NetflixWatching Netflix dating show #SexyBeasts and it's going as well as you would expect
Retweeted by NetflixSexy Beasts perfectly described in a single sentence. Now on Netflix heatwave-induced fever dream or an unmissable new dating show? Who can say. Sexy Beasts is ~now streaming~
Retweeted by NetflixShe's tearing up the syllabus. Sandra Oh is The Chair. Only on Netflix August 20th., the titans are rising Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans -- the final installment in @RealGDT's Tales of Arcad…
Retweeted by NetflixThey were called The Kings of Cocaine and allegedly built a $2 billion empire over two decades in Miami. Cocaine…'s a sneak peek at just a few of the titles coming to Netflix (in The US) this August!
Retweeted by NetflixWhen you’re a monster hunter, every deal has a price. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf premieres August 23 only o…
Retweeted by NetflixVivo and Gabi sing their way through the Florida Everglades—without a map or a plan—to deliver a song that will cha…
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Please enjoy one full minute of Edward and Bella silently but intensely staring at one another whilst laying in a f… all the twilight memes on my timeline like it’s 2009 again, the world is healing.
Retweeted by NetflixStill my favorite Twilight meme.
Retweeted by Netflixanyone else binging the entire Twilight series on Netflix 🙋‍♀️
Retweeted by Netflix @1990QUlNN yes! the incredible — and newly Emmy nominateed — Jurnee Smollett joins FNL in Season 4 as Jess Merriweather @Nyssard420 wow so you're just going to lie openly on al gore's internet?Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose. All five seasons of Friday Night Lights return to Netflix (in The US) on Augu…“I didn’t burn a bridge: I just asked for what I deserved” is the advice I didn’t realize I needed from Never Have…
Retweeted by Netflix @NetflixFilm Hello again, friend of a friend @Most yes but does Sam know how to work a Unix System?The show may be called The Queen’s Gambit, but in honor of International Chess Day, let us explain why The Pawn is… we punish him. Brand New Cherry Flavor — a new limited series starring Rosa Salazar, Catherine Keener, Eric L…
Retweeted by Netflix @olivialiang_ and i am ready to listen.Is he actually the villain of this story? Adrian Grenier stars in Clickbait, a new limited series. Premieres Augu… is back, with more safes and less zombies. 💰🔐 Don't miss the Army of Thieves @Comic_Con panel this Sunday, J…
Retweeted by NetflixFate: The Winx Saga Season 2 is officially in production! The returning cast gathered to meet new cast members Bra… MEGAN THEE STALLION WATCHING MY FACE WTF THIS IS EPIC @theestallion 😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Netflix#YoungRoyals stars Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg for QX Magazine. 💙
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How often do you think about this moment from Young Royals? @Jasmin_rawr_ we've all been there @mwdnddm im watching the last 2 episodes of every season of never have I ever
Retweeted by Netflix @oneofthosefaces we did! They're filming it right now Deuxmoi doesn’t post for a day incredible Michelle Yeoh reflects on her prolific career, from her start in '80s Hong Kong action films to CROU…
Retweeted by Netflix @EatLiquidGold grabbing my snuggie @NetflixGeeked @Alexeknapp MEN BECOMING WOLVES“Listen up fives. A ten is speaking.” 30 Rock: The Complete Series is coming to Netflix US on August 1! love for #NeverHaveIEver is infinite. Season two got the tears dropping again. Cultural specificity does not ali…
Retweeted by NetflixThe Camp Nightwing Massacre was 43 years ago today @wildsflwr So truenetflix struck gold with this cast <3 #FearStreet #FearStreet1994 #FearStreet1978
Retweeted by Netflixpov: it’s 1666 and the hottest nightclub is a bonfire in the woods with hallucinogenic berries
Retweeted by NetflixInvest in a brighter future today! Moordale reopens — and Sex Education Season 3 premieres — on September 17 super sweet about Never Have I Ever: how Devi's family grows and evolves and takes new shape 🥺❤
Retweeted by NetflixThe way my entire family, including my dad, is obsessively powering through Never Have I Ever right now.
Retweeted by NetflixA filmmaker heads to Hollywood in the early ‘90s to make her movie but tumbles down a hallucinatory rabbit hole of… this a trap?
Retweeted by NetflixFour imaginative bakers battle it out every episode to create the most fantastical creation for someone’s special d…
today is an extremely important day in our society, the twilight saga is now available on netflix in the US!
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