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i just want Laura Dern to be proud of me

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eventually all of adam driver's roles come full circle back to kylo ren
Retweeted by Netflix USNow that it’s on Netflix, I’d like to make the claim that MARRIAGE STORY is the best film I’ve seen in the past five years.
Retweeted by Netflix USmarriage story is the only film of the year. masterpiece. iconic. i sobbed. i'm sobbing. i will never recover. yes.
Retweeted by Netflix USOne does not simply move from New York to Los Angeles without having a full-blown existential crisis.
Retweeted by Netflix USknock knock knock on the gates of hell. see you Jan 24, witches.
Retweeted by Netflix USI just watched the first episode of #vwars and honestly this show is sensational. I loved it!
Retweeted by Netflix US @Lexi_Durham 🤫🤫🤫When there’s a plague turning men into blood-sucking monsters, there’s only one man to call. V Wars is now streamin…
Retweeted by Netflix USjust started watching #vwars gosh, i missed that face
Retweeted by Netflix USHenry Lee Lucas was known as America’s most prolific serial killer, admitting to hundreds of murders. But as DNA re…
the shade is out of this world on Astronomy Club @NetflixFilm I noticed this while watching The Irishman & now I can’t unsee it 😂
Retweeted by Netflix USThe only thing juicier than all that good vampire blood is the fan fiction about @iansomerhalder, so naturally, we…
Retweeted by Netflix USNEW SHOWS ON NETFLIX: V Wars Astronomy Club The Confession Killer Virgin River NEW SEASONS OF: Team Kaylie Magi… you're not in constant awe of @JharrelJerome then you're living life wrong. (📷: @micaiah_carter for…
Retweeted by Netflix USMARRIAGE STORY is about a couple that divorces and decides between NYC or LA. Tell us which city is better (or if b…
Retweeted by Netflix US @kravenslastbunt + and princess switch! @Service_King thank you for your service @BrittonPeele noted! :)With a Princess Switch sequel called Switched Again & Operation Christmas Drop coming in 2020, Netflix’s Holiday Mo…“We planned to branch out from just having our characters watch each other on TV,” Atkins said of creating one worl…, In The Knight Before Christmas, Emmanuelle Chriqui’s character mentions their family once visited Aldovia wh… films seized on the chance to create something more significant than an easter egg. That’s how The Knight Bef…“That one seed of an idea soon turned into fun opportunity to tie the various worlds together with small easter egg… not only produced 2017’s Christmas Inheritance & 2018’s The Holiday Calendar, but also all three Christmas Pri… all started when producers needed to show a movie within 2018’s The Holiday Calendar. “It felt like a natural… to Netflix’s Holiday Movie Universe, an interconnected world of eight films (and counting) where anyone cou… Queens Trixie Mattel and Katya React to Dolly Parton's Heartstrings... via @YouTube
Retweeted by Netflix US @katya_zamo @YouTube finally!!!A celebration of love. #MarriageStory is now on @Netflix.
Retweeted by Netflix USWatching MARRIAGE STORY for a second time and I had already forgotten how funny it is. In parts. I just love this movie.
Retweeted by Netflix USFind out why everyone is talking about Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson in Marriage Story by watching Adam Driver…
Retweeted by Netflix US @nbcthegoodplace fork yes. @instagram post notifications: TURNED ON @TEDTalks I loved it, Ted. @Charmin bear-y important. @NYTimesWordplay the pen is mightier. @kettlebrand kettle's got the mettle @SNICKERS @Klondikebar what i would do for that... @E_L_James knot that there's anything wrong with that. @Flodung ANTHONY @FamilyGuyonFOX quagmire let himself in again... @Wendys all 4 u'Tis the season. ❤️ #LoveAndBasketball
Retweeted by Netflix USJust saw #Atlantics. What a gorgeous love story. 📽🌊 @NetflixQueue #MatiDiop This Senegalese mysterious poem of a f…
Retweeted by Netflix US @Tazo and that's the tea. @GWillowWilson hi. that's not actually the character's name. @anna_villard @frankoceanhafiz not pressed just want everyone to have the correct info @rabiasquared That’s not actually the character’s name... @frankoceanhafiz that's not actually the character's name @TheSims *walks into bedroom* @notorious_exg yes. @scottbix you're on a roll. riding so high. achieving your goals! @RickyProphete sorry to this man
Dan Aykroyd co-wrote Ghostbusters because his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all paranormal invest… @DoorDash who gave you my address... @masterpiecepbs ur a master PIECE @afterbuzztv life, uh, finds a way @LogoTV She bring it to you every ball. Why you gaggin so? @DIRECTV dishy @AXE where have i heard that before? @Casper i got ghosted. @Cosmopolitan just the (cosmo sex) tip @wingstop bone apple tea @ABSOLUTvodka_US absolut-ly @benandjerrys chunky monkey. @lsb @IMDb more of a Baby Yoda lover myself @strongblacklead almost noon(er)Oh my god marriage story is out on netflix tomorrow?! I totally forgot about that
Retweeted by Netflix US @Lionsgate i SAW what u did there @penguinrandom *lowers glasses*For THE IRISHMAN, Sandy Powell and Christopher Peterson designed 215 costumes for De Niro, Pacino, and Pesci combin…
Retweeted by Netflix US @abenderr35 hello it me @budlight cool to the touch. @CNET [redacted] @Groupon 2 for 1? @Rolling_Rock why is it green? @Yelp didnt match the photos.... @DOOM playing with yourself again? @Ethan__Gerard HAHAHAH too close to home @naturallight and they're SPECTACULAR @AviationGin "goes down smooth" @AerLingus lolol even if LINGUS is right there @jimmyjohns Licketdy split @kirkacevedo ur hired @paramountnet guys, MOUNT was right there... @Video_Two is that a critique or a response? @m_saeed95 all hands on deck! @ewTROLL she is so good at social @MaJaPe must get rid of toxic in community @willmckinley @Arbys Ma'am, this is a Netflix @dannynett big Jenna Maroney energy @Aerocles and subscribe! @SrhHdlw PERIODT @priyankasehgal7 is this a critique or a reply to the question? @StorySlug BWAHAHAHAHA @Drizly *sips*