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Stranger Pugs 3
Retweeted by Netflix USSo @rhythmflow is maybe the best show on TV right now. If you’re not watching it, you’re missing something amazing.
Retweeted by Netflix USThinking of how inspiring some of these rappers are... it’s refreshing to see lyrically talented people get the rec…
Retweeted by Netflix USNot everybody got this kinda hunger. Can't WAIT to hear what y'all thought about this one... they both came widdit!…
Retweeted by Netflix USIs it normal to be crying during great British baking show? Is it normal I still have no idea how to bake??
Retweeted by Netflix US @HayleyKiyoko Yes and yes
@Isiah_Avila he does not🚨Paul Rudd Dancing 🚨 understands my love for Paul Rudd like Netflix does
Retweeted by Netflix USI was gonna watch one episode of the new Paul Rudd Netflix show. Just one episode. The season finale is about to st…
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Tuesday 🎼
Retweeted by Netflix US @BenSPLATT @the_Politician Music to/for my ears!Meryl Streep has done it again!! One of my Favorite actresses!!! The #laundromat is a MUST SEE and it’s Netflix soooo good ❤️
Retweeted by Netflix USsomeone: we just watched The Laundromat my brain: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it…
Retweeted by Netflix USAaron Paul takes us shot by shot through the desert scene with Todd in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.
Retweeted by Netflix USNEW ON NETFLIX: Two Paul Rudds in Living With Yourself Two brothers with a terrible secret in Tell Me Who I Am… me im paul rudd
Retweeted by Netflix USgod I wish two paul rudd’s existed in real life
Retweeted by Netflix USTired: Paul Rudd Wired: Two Paul Rudds
Retweeted by Netflix USAward-winning actress @brielarson is in a new, absolutely award-winning bonus episode of Between Two Ferns.
Retweeted by Netflix US @KhanStan99 DONT GO IN THERE PAULThis clip from Eli will seriously freak you out!
Retweeted by Netflix US @GeorgeMalachiA1 THAT IS CORRECT! @isle_queen @reedhastings please can we?Two Paul Rudds — no more waiting! is what @aaronpaul_8 said during a Reddit AMA *three years ago* when asked where he thought Jesse Pinkman ende…
Retweeted by Netflix USWhen your parents let you stay up late and watch #ElCamino @netflix 😳😳 @KCernech #breakingbad
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#Esperanza is the best friend I need Also deserves a spin off. #RaisingDion
Retweeted by Netflix USBinged most of Raising Dion on the plane and I love Esperanza. lil mama is so sweet and funny! She’s such a good friend 😭
Retweeted by Netflix USRaising Dion. Esperanza is too cute, I can’t!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by Netflix US#RaisingDion was a joy to watch. Esperanza was a joy to watch. I want more shows like this please.
Retweeted by Netflix UShands down Esperanza is my favorite character on Raising Dion
Retweeted by Netflix USWhat if we put this picture of Paul Rudd standing in front of a poster of Paul Rudd on the $10 bill
Retweeted by Netflix US @rachmeetsworld 10/10RUSSIAN DOLL (2019) anticipation for "American Son" is SO. REAL. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 The film adaptation of the Broadway sensation starring…
Retweeted by Netflix USSometimes the end is when the story begins. MARRIAGE STORY hits theaters 11/6 and Netflix 12/6.
Retweeted by Netflix USThe journey to success is Atypical. Sam and the Gardner family return November 1.
Retweeted by Netflix USRise and shiiine
Yeah, science bitch! @AaronPaul_8 is here to give us the bitchin’ science behind the evolution of his favorite word…
Retweeted by Netflix USFor a lot of us Jeff Smith's BONE was the first comic that got us into comics, which is why we can’t wait to tell y…
Retweeted by Netflix US @thetzechun let me help! I recommend the awesome Gotham & the brilliantly inventive Once Upon A TimeThe critically-acclaimed limited series Unbelievable has been watched by 32 million member households in its first… Season 3 was the most watched season to date, with 64 million member households watching in its fir…
Retweeted by Netflix US @NetflixFilm question: Who is Hardin Scott? to the man.
Retweeted by Netflix US @rachmeetsworld the accuracy...Watching @chancetherapper expertly naming the Chicago artists behind these lyrics makes me so happy lol! He did tha…
Retweeted by Netflix US @CurryKingWurst @NetflixLifee SUPERB. @helloyorick yes. he's doing absolutely amazing @WhovianaWholock 100% correct yes.doing some research for our new show Living With Yourself and discovered that one of the top google searches relate… battle continues. Time for the cyphers, battles and music videos. All new episodes of Rhythm + Flow, up now.…
Retweeted by Netflix US @BrettSVergara deal.
saying "I love you" - boring - predictable - unoriginal saying "you are my hero and shit" - very cool - eloquent -…
Retweeted by Netflix US @saddiespry we had it. tried to tell you. 1-3 still there tho @RandomMusinz you on candid camera now. @apenas1fake1 hogwarts? @JustSomeDude899 YESThe word "iconic" gets thrown around a lot but Jada Pinkett Smith's performance in Scream 2 is just that: ICONIC. @TIFF_NET @RealChalamet YESThe legendary @arseniohall is BACK! Smart and Classy premieres October 29th.
Retweeted by Netflix USTaking #AmericanSon from the Broadway stage to a cinematic experience for everyone across the globe to see is no ea…
Retweeted by Netflix US @GillianA @NcutiGatwa happy birthday you actual angel <3A new era begins. Olivia Colman, Tobias Menzies, and Josh O'Connor star in The Crown Season 3. 17th November.
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Pulp Fiction came out 25 years ago today and this scene remains as iconic now as it was then. having @iamcardib ghost write my IG captions is the DREAMMM!! 🤣 s/o to @theyariblanco, @trevellanderson,…
Retweeted by Netflix USTag your Connie @emirtea Sex Education!Just found a new show on Netflix. Raising Dion! It’s so good! And completely unexpected. Head into it with no infor…
Retweeted by Netflix USWe all need an Esperanza in our life ❤️#RaisingDion
Retweeted by Netflix USWhen a gate to the 𝕌𝕡𝕤𝕚𝕕𝕖 𝔻𝕠𝕨𝕟 appears in Studio 8H… 😳 #SNL
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This El Camino shot is the real deal. 🙌 #ElCamino #ElCaminoBreakingBad
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@ryanlukas17 💖🌈💖
This moment is reason #2847492 why #NationalComingOutDay matters Reeves gives the acting performance of his life trying to enjoy this Between Two Ferns interview
Retweeted by Netflix US @strangerwriters 2 of @insatiable_ is so much more emotional, i literally cried so many times and i'm just at episode 5, I ca…
Retweeted by Netflix USThe moment has come. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is finally streaming! We also have the first batch of Rhythm… Camino spoilers without context #ElCamino
Retweeted by Netflix USIt’s #ElCamino day. Enough said. #BreakingBadMovie
Retweeted by Netflix US6 years later and El Camino is finally on Netflix.
Retweeted by Netflix USMe after staying up to watch #ElCamino -- twice -- and trying to be a fully functioning human today
Retweeted by Netflix USLily Rabe and Sam Worthington star in Fractured, an unsettling new movie where one parent confronts their worst fear’m seeing so many good feedback bout #Rhythmandflow .Im going to bed with a huge smile...Whst makes the show great…
Retweeted by Netflix USAnd now, The Ballad of Jesse Pinkman minutes and the wait is over. Enjoy the ride. Love you Vince! You are a damn legend. 🎥🚶🏻‍♂️💎⚗️💣🍿…
Retweeted by Netflix US @itsamberstweet1 LISTEN IM SORRY I LOVE YOU @NajwaTanra @With1DNews if by hack you mean running then yes
@strangerwriters I JUST GOT THIS OUT OF MY HEAD @kingreec midnight Pacific time — so 3:01am on the east coastFeeling a little nostalgic so here's a clip from One Direction's 2013 documentary, This Is Us recommendation: #RaisingDion
Retweeted by Netflix USWhy is nobody hyping up Raising Dion on Netflix? that shit was good asf
Retweeted by Netflix USIf you not watching raising Dion, you missing out fr.
Retweeted by Netflix US*best @maryjblige voice* 🎵 come on everybody get on up! raising dion is now streaming on @netflix.
Retweeted by Netflix US @NXOnNetflix PODDDDDDDDDRhythm and flow by far the best thing on Netflix rn
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