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Bling Empire said we're retiring the word fat. We are now PROSPEROUS. fight over high jewelry, a term I have never even heard before, is just what I need this fine evening
Retweeted by NetflixB L I N G E M P I R E !!!!!
Retweeted by NetflixPhoebe Dynevor and Jonathan Bailey answer some burning Bridgerton questions on a new episode of The Netflix Afterpa…
Hank Aaron aka the homerun KING (Feb 5, 1934 - Jan 22, 2021) Rest in power! "The great Hank Aaron was a legendary…
Retweeted by Netflix @nicolacoughlan 💖I am, once again, thinking about her @bridgerton - such a joy. I was waiting to start this when I really needed something totally fantastic. Today i…
Retweeted by Netflix#Bridgerton is the most aesthetically pleasing tv show i have ever seen
Retweeted by Netflixme after watching #Bridgerton
Retweeted by Netflix“How did you pee in this thing?” The cast of @Bridgerton answer important wardrobe questions on an all new Bridgert…
Retweeted by NetflixLove everything you do as much as Nao loves glass blowing! Blown Away Season 2 is now on Netflix excited!!!! Season 2 of @BlownAwaySeries is now streaming on @netflix with yours truly as a guest judge!…
Retweeted by NetflixQueue Cover Star @priyankachopra brings her extraordinary vision as an actor and executive producer to The White Ti…
Retweeted by NetflixNever let anyone convince you to settle for less than you deserve. The White Tiger is now on Netflix your kids look like this too, you deserve a break. New season of Camp Cretaceous on @Netflix today.
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@NetflixFilm Sabrina, Signed, Sabrina's Dave Chappelle photobombing a wedding to cleanse your feed 📷: Anna Szczekutowicz
Retweeted by Netflix @priyankachopra @_GouravAdarsh @RajkummarRao love these!What is it with moms who name their daughters Kim? (📺: Bling Empire) did not think "bling empire" sounded like the name of a show i would enjoy but i love it.
Retweeted by NetflixShe’s an icon, she’s a legend and she IS the moment. 👑 #BlingEmpire
Retweeted by NetflixKevin stating facts!! Like that's the bare minimum why are you so amaZEDDD??! like wtf😫🙅‍♀️ watch #BlingEmpire on N…
Retweeted by NetflixHappy International Sweatpants Day from these iconic comfies (📺: One on One)ʟᴏᴀᴅɪɴɢ... ⚡️THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES is logging onto Netflix!⚡️ Danny McBride, Abbi Jacobson, Maya Rudolph…
Retweeted by Netflix @Chrishell7 @MaryFitzgerald_ @HeatherRaeYoung but does he get to ring the bell? @mindykaling and then there's me, who accepts that I'm this guy @strongblacklead @ElsaAngel19 EH-VRE-THINGMeet Elsa Majimbo, a 15-time chess champion from Kenya who sees a lot of similarities between her and Beth from The… has been renewed for season 2! Join the cast for a Bridgerton episode of The Netflix Afterparty this S…
Retweeted by Netflixwhat a delightful morning @amanda_kleiin @bridgerton in good time, dear readerDearest Viewers, this author is proud to announce #Bridgerton Season Two, expect much scandal indeed!
Retweeted by Netflix @nicolacoughlan the drama of it all...Prepare for another social season! @Bridgerton shall be back for Season 2! when Peter Kavinsky first swoops into the scene, with a breezy charm. The girls (romcoms) just DO NOT do it like this these days
Retweeted by Netflixhere we go again rewatch to all the boys i’ve loved before
Retweeted by Netflixto all the boys always and forever is coming out on netflix in a month and i seriously think im gonna burst into tears when i watch it
Retweeted by Netflix @94TWOGH0STS
Robot moms are like: without a doubt
Retweeted by NetflixShe can’t trust anybody — including herself. @madelainepetsch introduces Sightless, her new psychological thrille… millions, that's insane!! 🎉 So proud that Lupin is the first French Netflix Original series to be so successful…
Retweeted by Netflix7 Reasons Why "Lupin" On Netflix Should Be Your Next Binge-Watch Thread... Lupin is a French show starring Omar S…
Retweeted by Netflix @OmarSy 👏👏👏👏Michael Douglas. Annette Bening. The American President. Now on Netflix @Disenchantment? at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely…
Retweeted by NetflixGreat to have Disenchantment back.
Retweeted by Netflix
@Crystal69Rivers @MagiciansSYFY hi - hope this helps explain: Gandalf Energy (📺: Disenchantment) Chronicles ✊🏾😄 #bridgertonnetflix
Retweeted by NetflixThere's a bit in Bridgerton where the female lead lustfully watches the male lead roll his shirt-sleeves up in slo-…
Retweeted by NetflixIndeed! An all-new episode of The Netflix Afterparty with the cast of @bridgerton is premiering Jan 23 on Netflix.
Retweeted by NetflixThis story of how this woman met The Night Stalker for the first time is straight out of a horror movie favourite part from the Night Stalker doc on Netflix. What an absolute icon Ester Perschar is
Retweeted by NetflixNight Stalker on @Netflix = first show in years to give me nightmares. Total Los Angeles darkness.
Retweeted by NetflixNobody: Not a soul in the world: Kevin on Bling Empire: will love lead LJ? #ToAllTheBoys @toalltheboys @NetflixFilm
Retweeted by NetflixWe asked world chess champion Magnus Carlsen to review The Queen's Gambit't call it a comeback. Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready Season 2 returns on February 2, only on Netflix.
Retweeted by NetflixHappy Birthday Dolly Parton — a true icon who has spent her life inspiring generations with her music and her actio… sneak peek at a few of the new films and shows coming to Netflix US in February
Retweeted by NetflixStaying alive for five more minutes. That's their plan. Sky Rojo — from the creators of La Casa de Papel / Money H…
💬 | “You saw his shell, you saw his toughness, you saw his Cobra Kai-ness, his teenage youth, testosterone with his…
Retweeted by NetflixFYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened was released two years ago today and Andy King has a message for you time someone says Bridgerton in Bridgerton.
Retweeted by Netflix @ashleyparklady ahhhhhh congrats! so well-deserved!Did someone ask for a period piece with a confession of love in the rain? (📺: Bridgerton) the Wire was really good! Give Anthony Mackie his flowers!!
Retweeted by NetflixCan't get over this shot of Anthony Mackie in Outside The Wire NIGHT STALKER on Netflix is the best Police procedural I’ve ever seen—a great and Terrifying series
Retweeted by NetflixI have always considered Richard Ramirez as one of the scariest/most horrifying serial killers, and after seeing th…
Retweeted by Netflix @daniellaulmer oh my godI was just telling my paranoid self how I need to slow tf down on all of the true crime podcasts, and then Netflix…
Retweeted by Netflix @RealLucyDavis 👀
One year ago today... and I'm still thinking about this moment really gets 2020. 😭 @disenchantment
Retweeted by Netflixyou don't understand.... i'm obsessed. #Disenchantment #DisenchantmentPart3
Retweeted by NetflixHe is McLovin and Superbad is now on Netflix the Wire is a RIDE. If you love sci-fi and action thrillers, you will NOT be disappointed.
Retweeted by Netflix
Just finished watching the movie “Outside the Wire” on Netflix and it was 🔥🔥🔥💯 #MustWatch
Retweeted by NetflixThere are two kinds of people in this world and Anna Shay is one-of-a-kind (📺: Bling Empire) watching episode 1 of bling empire i’ve decided Anna Shay is who i want to be when i grow up
Retweeted by Netflixshe cannot compete with what i was born into - anna, 2021 #blingempire
Retweeted by NetflixAnna is me when I have an uninvited guest #blingempire
Retweeted by NetflixAnd just like that: Anna Shay became reality TV gold. 🏅#BlingEmpire
Retweeted by NetflixCan we talk about @netflixqueue's photos of Lupin star @OmarSy for a moment please? love a heist drama with a non-linear storyline and a lil revenge narrative baked in, so Lupin is REALLY hittin for me
Retweeted by NetflixThis lupin show is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Netflix focused for 2021 with cobra kai, outside the wire and lupin
Retweeted by NetflixLUPIN another great @OmarSy project on @netflix!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💥
Retweeted by NetflixLupin is a very very serious series, well done Netflix
Retweeted by NetflixIn the new Netflix show, Lupin, the cinematography is very aesthetically pleasing. I recommend watching it.
Retweeted by NetflixDid someone ask for footage of Regé-Jean Page training to ride a horse for Bridgerton? tells us the secret as to how he got #ThatPart in #Bridgerton... "Just do the work, and then you'll do…
Retweeted by Netflix
You know that moment when you run into someone and they are so excited to see you but you have absolutely no clue w… Dreams Episode 2 (Trailer) “Cobra Kai WorldWide” airs tomorrow January 14th at 3pm pst/6pm est.…
Retweeted by Netflix @HenggelerCourt @CobraKaiSeries wowwwwwwCobra Kai is here to remind younger generations how important it is to educate their elders about the dangers of li…