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Peaking in high school is cringe.

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The Redeem Team Forever. love stories you never see coming. Buckle up for Love is Blind Season 3, premiering October 19!
Retweeted by NetflixJason Momoa invites you into a world where anything is possible. ❤️ this tweet for a reminder to meet Jason Momoa… should probably always listen to Kirby Howell-Baptiste. especially when it concerns ghosts.
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Joe’s bio update is like a knife to the heart…. EMPIRE SEASON 3 🔥 OUT NOW
Retweeted by Netflixmore fashion, more bubbles, MORE BLING! Bling Empire Season 3 is now streaming, only on Netflix
Retweeted by Netflix☕ Gilmore Girls premiered 22 years ago today ☕🤌🏾 ENTERGALACTIC
Retweeted by NetflixEntergalactic with a poetic reminder that real love takes effort — and that's what makes it feel so damn amazing my 9th rewatch of #Entergalactic 🫢
Retweeted by NetflixStars from Cobra Kai and The Umbrella Academy join @nicolebyer & Jacques Torres at the judges table for a new Hallo… Stadium + 50,000 Fluffy Fans = A Historic Netflix Event. Gabriel Iglesias’ new standup special STADIUM FLU…
Retweeted by NetflixLuckiest Girl Alive premieres in 2 days. Until then, let Mila Kunis read you one of the book's most memorable parts."I can’t believe I got to make a movie with one of my idols…the one and only Stephen King!" 👑 #MrHarrigansPhone on…
Retweeted by NetflixJaeden Martell gets a message from beyond the grave in Mr. Harrigan's Phone. Now on Netflix.
such a beautiful scene. phenomenal job cudi 💜💙 #entergalactic
Retweeted by NetflixAnimation & color schemes in #Entergalactic truly ate down I’m so mf inspired!
Retweeted by NetflixThe beautiful #Entergalactic cast @KiDCuDi @VanessaHudgens @LauraHarrier and Jessica Williams,#entergalacticnetflix
Retweeted by NetflixGrey's Anatomy Season 18 is now on Netflix — which means, there are 400 episodes (!!!!) currently waiting for you watched The King's Jester by @hasanminhaj on Netflix today, and I can't recommend it enough. Also tagged him sinc…
Retweeted by NetflixWatching @hasanminhaj #TheKingsJester on @netflix and this man can’t miss. Sincerity and satire. Once in a generati…
Retweeted by NetflixThe chokehold this dress had on me in 2003... to lose a guy in 10 days is back on netflix !!!!! if you don’t hear from me it’s because i’m watching it over & over & over fr
Retweeted by Netflixi love how to lose a guy in 10 days so much like i watch it every night and im still smitten over it kgshdksnsskkabs
Retweeted by Netflixthey put how to lose a guy in 10 days on netflix everyone this is NOT a drill
Retweeted by NetflixYou are invited to attend the grand opening of Waffles + Mochi's Restaurant! ✨ I can’t wait for you to join Waffle…
Retweeted by Netflix @kristinmj2 i know. you all will. I'm just trying to help if I can, Kristin.Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 premieres on October 18. And before everyone starts tweeting it again... the nine case… a few more days to go!
Retweeted by NetflixFlorence Pugh stars as a nurse called to examine a young girl who is said to have miraculously survived without foo… I had an absolutely awesome afternoon
Retweeted by NetflixEssa energia aqui❤️ 🍿: Entergalactic
Retweeted by Netflix🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ @KiDCuDi #Entergalactic
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@SofiaWylie @NetflixFilm KILLIN ITmy brain 30 seconds after finishing every meal Lane Girls are back! We can’t wait to share the second and final season with you all on December 2nd. Part…
Retweeted by Netflix @Starbucks me when discussing how much iced coffee i will consume in a single dayJust your average boy meets girl love story... except the boy is the Emperor of Austria and the girl is about to di… do I EXPLAIN my love for THE EMPRESS on Netflix like HOLY SHIT you guys better stream that show because i need…
Retweeted by NetflixI did not expect to be as in love as I am with #TheEmpress. While they have quite taken a few liberties historicall…
Retweeted by NetflixNetflix’s THE EMPRESS is for the period drama girlies who live for the (romantic, doomed) aesthetic and it’s so PRE…
Retweeted by NetflixNobody likes a Mister Sniffles... but who doesn't love How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days! Kate Hudson and Matthew McCon… @nbcsnl AHEM!!!!'s a clip from THE MIDNIGHT CLUB, which launches this Friday. Keep an eye out - a new clip lands every day unti…
Retweeted by NetflixBig Mouth is back! Adam Levine, Amber Ruffin, Brian Tyree Henry, Ed Helms, Jeff Goldblum, Peter Capaldi, and Tyler…'s October 3rd — but here's an early holiday gift: Lindsay Lohan's Falling For Christmas premieres November 10 Corrin and Jack O’Connell star in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, in select theaters November 23 and on Netflix Decem… is one of the the best TV specials of 2022
Retweeted by NetflixEntergalatic's Art is a vibe man plus Cudi's music will always be a vibe
Retweeted by NetflixJust finish @KiDCuDi Entergalatic on Netflix 10/10 watching the show makes the album even better the music with…
Retweeted by NetflixEntergalatic is fantastic. Thank you @KiDCuDi and all others involved! #Entergalactic
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His wife mysteriously vanished and he's the prime suspect. Gerard Butler and Jaimie Alexander star in Last Seen A… iconic duo is back. RUSH HOUR 1, 2 AND 3 are now streaming on @netflix!
Retweeted by NetflixBut this photo is so perfect, it deserved a stand-alone spotlight! miss my Bridgertons… de Armas as Marilyn Monroe Blonde, 2022
Retweeted by NetflixDaphne is nobody's damsel in distress. Scooby-Doo and Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed are now on Netflix. (Netflix): Terrific action/suspense movie. Allison Janney and Jurnee Smollett are great together. And how cool…
Retweeted by NetflixSo true @netflix so true 😌
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Entergalactic with the perfect visualization of what love at first sight feels like experience this gorgeous, mellow and passionate creation.
Retweeted by NetflixEntergalactic is filled with some of our favorite stars, did you catch Teyana Taylor’s cameo?
Retweeted by NetflixThey're pros at cons. George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts star in Ocean's Eleve… BIRTHDAY BRELLIES! Here’s our gift: The Umbrella Academy as Birthday cakes, a thread.
Retweeted by Netflix#Entergalatic is a masterpiece! The cast The animation The soundtrack EVERYTHING IS FIRE!! 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Netflix#Entergalatic 100/10 (show & album) @KiDCuDi
Retweeted by NetflixI haven’t even finished Entergalatic and I can already say we need more stuff like it.
Retweeted by NetflixJust finished watching Entergalatic by Kid Cudi and God DAMN THAT WAS A FUCKING GOOD MOVIE the animation the vibe a…
Retweeted by NetflixWelcome to the Flanaverse: a collection of your favorite stories from @flanaganfilm, all on Netflix 👉…
A new Poster-
Retweeted by NetflixWhen someone says it's too early to put up Halloween decorations. for Noah Baumbach’s WHITE NOISE, LCD Soundsystem has released “new body rhumba,” its first new song in five…
Retweeted by NetflixTV's hottest competition show is back! New episodes of Floor is Lava now are now on Netflix’s a happy, horny family affair. Season 6 arrives October 28th, new trailer out on Monday!
Retweeted by NetflixWatch Lana Condor and Noah Centineo’s never-before-seen chemistry audition for To All the Boys I Loved Before
Retweeted by Netflixok but this Do Revenge line HITS in any language week until THE MIDNIGHT CLUB
Retweeted by NetflixEntergalactic is finally on Netflix so let me save you the trouble googling who voices each character! is a whole vibe, man!!!! #feelthelove @KiDCuDi
Retweeted by Netflix @KiDCuDi thank you for entergalactic. definitely a beautiful representation of love 🖤 now let’s blast this album shall we 😊
Retweeted by NetflixWow entergalactic came out so crazy! 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 @KiDCuDi
Retweeted by Netflix#Entergalactic from @KiDCuDi its a beautiful vibe- a mellow, heartfelt hang in a world made magical by sound and im…
Retweeted by NetflixTime lapse of Ana de Armas transforming into Marilyn Monroe for Blonde. flame has been ignited
Retweeted by NetflixYoung Royals returns November 1 — but you can watch the first 4 minutes of Season 2 now! @OmarRudberg @RydingEdvin fiiiiiiinally!!! I missed you two v much1 November. #YoungRoyals
Retweeted by NetflixGuillermo del Toro presents the horror event of 2022. 8 chilling stories over 4 consecutive nights from some of t… absolutely ate and you can’t change my mind @netflix more of this i BEG 🙏🙏
Retweeted by Netflixlet's go lesbians, let's go
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Do we ever! Spongebob: Get Cooking, Heads Up! Netflix, OXENFREE, Knittens, Into the Dead 2: Unleashed, and Asphal… wants a piece of the Bridgertons. Now you can have one, by winning a cast portrait or signed Season 3 prem…
Retweeted by NetflixMy “plan” was to watch just the opening of #ThaiCaveRescue on @Netflix before bedtime. But 2 episodes and several K…
Retweeted by NetflixFate: The Winx Saga's Transformation Scene — Before & After Special Effects Professor Dovey 🪄✨ #TheSchoolForGoodAndEvil
Retweeted by NetflixPay attention in Beautyfication class. We hear Professor Anemone is quick to fail those whose minds wander. ✨
Retweeted by NetflixMexico’s official submission for Best International Feature at the 95th Academy Awards® is BARDO. 🙏
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