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Reminder: Brianna on Grace & Frankie is a flawless character

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@IamLuksh @gabedelahaye OFFICIALLY SENDING THIS UP THE LADDERHave you caught the Cheer fever yet? Find out why everyone is talking about this inspiring, emotional, and empowe… voted. #TheCircle listened! 🤑 The Circle Fan Favorite and winner of $10,000 is ...
Retweeted by Netflix USIt's been exactly one year since we met the man, the myth, the legend: Andy King is so smartly written and brilliantly acted that sometimes we forget to mention how beautifully shot…
Retweeted by Netflix US @enews Monica can do what Abby Lee does but Abby Lee can't do what Monica does. PERIODT.
Retweeted by Netflix USPlease don’t tell folks or post the plot twists! #AFallFromGrace @netflix
Retweeted by Netflix USTwo of our most beloved comedies are back — here's what you can expect from the new seasons of Grace & Frankie and… @Xibee @Netflixhelps can you help my friend out?me as an introvert #SexEducation @NetflixUK @Netflix
Retweeted by Netflix USTruly obsessed with these graphic posters created for The Irishman by Tony Stella and Ian Keltie. @GagaMediaDotNet i will never get over "Sarah Paulson. Send!" @ashiepeggs @zoesaldana EVA RODRIGUEZ IS TRULY ICONIC#SexEducation Oo yeah 😛 I am so happy you come back 🕺 @netflix
Retweeted by Netflix USthis is where my whole day is gonna be spent
Retweeted by Netflix USI’m telling y’all, this is one hell of a RIDE. 😅 @TylerPerry’s “A Fall From Grace” is on @Netflix now!!
Retweeted by Netflix US @thecloaca @Brittany_broski "Bird Box 2: Have You Seen The Movie Ratatouille, Sandra Bullock?" let's talk... @godiisbrendon always have. always will. @danascllv Season 2 has been out for less than 7 hours lolCome and get it. Sex Education Season 2 is now streaming. @NetflixANZ @sexeducation i feel like that just leaves puppy GIFs which ... come to think of it, is actually a great twitter experienceGet your vote in before it's too late. Who will win #TheCircle Fan Favorite? Voting ends Jan. 17 at 12 am PST. 👉…
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the final episode of Cheer is amazing because in 56 minutes you experience every single emotion all the while crying tears of joy
Retweeted by Netflix US @Gingerhazing @NXOnNetflix F-bomb yeah!She came, she saw, and Jody Sawyer truly conquered. The flawless Center Stage is now streaming @PennBadgley hi helloFluffy make over? Only @tanfrance could make it happen. Find out what happens on a new episode of “Dressing Funny”…
Retweeted by Netflix US16 days into your New Year's resolution @JaxAndJake @NXOnNetflix can you help a friend out?"I've been dismissed and ignored, but one thing I won't be is silenced." Amy Ryan leads @lizgarbus' LOST GIRLS. On…
Retweeted by Netflix USaight imma head out
Retweeted by Netflix USSo thrilled to share with you the trailer for #TheStranger, coming to Netflix worldwide on January 30.
Retweeted by Netflix USMIDSOMMAR (2019), hell's under new management now.
Retweeted by Netflix USThe Circle Alignment Chart
When Shooby says "in The Circle, there's all this betrayal and fakeness, so to have Rebecca, someone who's been 100…
Retweeted by Netflix US#TheCircle Shubham: I hate it when people lie and manipulate. Seaburn:
Retweeted by Netflix USShuhbam aggressively: “I dont like when people lie or manipulate! I don’t care about what you look like or where yo…
Retweeted by Netflix USNo one in particular: Me: ... Ok fine I’ll watch #TheCircle
Retweeted by Netflix US @eleanorbate CINEMA!Miss Americana 🎬 January 31 on @NetflixFilm
Retweeted by Netflix US @khryaziee yes and yes!!!!we all want what they have on all the information we’ve been given, the question remains: is al-Masih really the Messiah?
Retweeted by Netflix USWagner Moura and Ana de Armas star in Greg Barker’s SERGIO, about the life of “the world’s Mr. Fix-It,” UN diplomat…
Retweeted by Netflix USdon't know who needs to hear this, but... Lexi is back at Navarro!!!!’d rather boogie than try to fit in. #ajandthequeen #janekrakowski NOW STREAMING @netflix
Retweeted by Netflix USYeah this Aaron Hernandez shit is significantly more wild than I expected. Curveballs
Retweeted by Netflix USThis Aaron Hernandez doc got me like 😦
Retweeted by Netflix USNobody talk to me lol, the Aaron Hernandez series just dropped on Netflix .😳
Retweeted by Netflix USShe wanted to prove that skinny women are treated kinder online so Sean hid her true self — until now. Watch what… u ready for my last ride
Retweeted by Netflix USThey've helped launch some of the biggest fashion labels in the world, but you've never heard of them... until now!…
Retweeted by Netflix USI will not watch the last 4 episodes of The Circle right when they go live at midnight. I will not watch the last 4…
Retweeted by Netflix US @JohnnySibilly @ira the taste jumped out! @ira @talter
Who doesn’t love a fake movie-within-a-movie? In MARRIAGE STORY, Scarlett Johansson’s role in the made-up comedy AL…
Retweeted by Netflix USMe seeing the Me 20 minutes in promo for The to episode 1 Circle #Netflix #TheCircle
Retweeted by Netflix USMe realizing I stayed up until 6 am watching the circle on Netflix... it started off as a joke and now I’m sucked i…
Retweeted by Netflix US @55margaritas SNUBBED!“The Circle” on Netflix is actually really fucking good
Retweeted by Netflix USMe: Why is everyone talking about #TheCircle on Netflix? It looks so dumb. Me, 6 hours later:
Retweeted by Netflix USanybody else start watching the circle on netflix as a joke and wind up getting sucked in??
Retweeted by Netflix US @princess_tayl 🙋‍♀️Is that Adele ...or Sarah Paulson? Why can't anyone on The Circle easily name these really famous celebrities?
Retweeted by Netflix US @MaxwellJenkins8 @lostinspacetv ROBUTT!!! you comin for my job, sir?Check out a clip from my new special!! “Time Machine” is coming out tomorrow!! So excited!! @NetflixIsAJoke
Retweeted by Netflix US @gabebergado @lanacondor @TeenVogue WE STAN @Maria_Giesela he's a coooooool rider @lostinspacetv 🎶 I'll be your robot for all seasons, all the year through 🎶 saw your tweets and respect your right to thirst. So...feast your eyes on 2020's Hot Robot Calendar @SFXmagazine @lostinspacetv i'll be your (robot) for all seasons, all the year through... @cevangelista413 can you blame us? @chrisharnick @lostinspacetv @seewhatsnext indeed we did @ScottWamplerBMD user discretion advisedDrag Queens Trixie Mattel & Katya React to Spinning Out | I Like to Watc... via @YouTube
Retweeted by Netflix USI can’t believe none of y’all told me Center Stage was on Netflix
Retweeted by Netflix US @fentybeauty you fully laid the foundation for this newsIf you ain't watching AJ and the Queen on Netflix right now, what are you doing with your life? #AJAndTheQueen
Retweeted by Netflix USCoco Butter is the real star of AJ and The Queen! 😂🤎 “I told you last time I’m a diabetic and I do not have the wi…
Retweeted by Netflix USAJ and the Queen on @netflix deserves your time. it’s gonna be a forever favorite.
Retweeted by Netflix USTruly a @netflix masterpiece @Rupaul AJ and the Queen! Well worth the wait ! Im obsessed with this!
Retweeted by Netflix US @serathegamble @warnerbros (forty) love this newsNew Year, New (season of) You (is officially in the works!) @fuckspearrz welp. Betty White documentary — The First Lady of Television — is now streaming!
Retweeted by Netflix USI am! Yea buddy
Retweeted by Netflix USme meeting someone for the fourth time
@kp_candice @strongblacklead he deserves the world @strongblacklead NINETY-EIGHT POUNDS!!!!#jerry for President
Retweeted by Netflix US @SamHeughan you tell 'em, Sam! 15 mins of this #CheerNetflix : “Eh this isn’t for me” Me 5 hours into binge: “IF JERRY DOESNT GET ON THE FUC…
Retweeted by Netflix USNot to be dramatic but I would die for Jerry from Cheer on Netflix
Retweeted by Netflix USMe before watching Cheer on Netflix: Meh sure I’ll give it a shot Me after: Jerry better be on mat or I’m driving down to fucking Texas
Retweeted by Netflix USfrom here on out, we only accept friends as supportive as Jerry from Cheer @BuzzFeed no lies detected @BeeBabs 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜