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ok I might have spoken too soonwhen the storms come and we can finally get some sleep is a new Netflix documentary series chronicling three of the biggest heists in modern American history, as ex… huns, I’ve watched all the episode! AND MY DEARS, we must all watch it together and discuss. You lot set the t…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandWarning: dry spells ahead ⚠️ TOO HOT TO HANDLE Season 2 starts Wednesday 23 June with final episodes 30 June. remember: you can choose between English subtitles and English dubbing for non-English titles. Choose what work… Lupin 🇫🇷 to Money Heist 🇪🇸, Unorthodox 🇩🇪 to Kingdom 🇰🇷, great stories can come from ~anywhere~. Follow this… to everyone with a brand to maintain despite the heat. it is!! See you in a month with the full film!!
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🗣️Too Hot To Handle Season 2 arrives Wednesday 23 June with final episodes landing 30 June 🚫🍆Peter, 21, is a personal trainer from New York, but when he’s not pumping iron, he’s performing as a TikTok influen…, 26, is originally from the UK but moved to Texas for work. That work? Magic Mike style stripping. A strippe…, 28, from Brooklyn is one of 16 siblings, but that doesn’t stop her from standing out in a crowd. Melinda l… Parisian model and influencer with a masters in finance, who’s played basketball at the highest level in France a… lawyer Larissa, 28, is a force to be reckoned with – when she’s not immersed in the legal world she’… Florida girl Kayla, 26, is happiest when hanging at the beach, tanning and surfing – and eyeing up the tal… Emily, 27, has no interest in commitment, and she always gets what she wants. This multi-lingual model…, 24, from Arizona is tall, dark and handsome… he also happens to be a professional football player. He’s got…, 24, is, in her own words, a man-eater. This Canadian model is an insatiable, fun-loving party girl, who hate… Cam, he's 24 and born and raised in South Wales. Cam is a self-confessed sexy nerd. He loves Lord of the Rings… you ask that, cast announcement coming in HOT 🔥 these exquisite photos of Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis, and Henry Golding tide you over until PERSUASION – a mo…
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Let these exquisite photos of Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis, and Henry Golding tide you over until PERSUASION – a mo… most wholesome of shows is almost back! 🐧🌈 Atypical’s fourth and final season arrives 9 July. star @XtineQuinn gives sneak peek at new #TooHotToHandle villa
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland"Hello. My name is Mr Snrub, and I come from, er...some place far away. Yes, that will do." David Attenborough discusses how anyone with the freedom to choose what food they eat can help the planet. Bre…
Just binged the first three episodes of @netflix part 2 of Lupin, it's such a thriller and sooooo addictive!!! Hone…
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Welcome back into the world of The Witcher! @witchernetflix and @witchergame are teaming up to host #WitcherCon on… awaits the Lion Cub of Cintra in Season 2... ⚔️ #GeekedWeek
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandGood news: There are 5 brand new episodes of Lupin Part 2 waiting for you. Better news: It's already been renewed for Part 3! Très bon. @omgdarcy proud of youTHE WATER MAN is a family adventure about a young boy on a quest to save his ill mother by tracking down a mythical… Year Two 🐝
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandQue la magie commence ! ✨🎩 La partie 2 de Lupin est disponible sur Netflix! Let the magic begin ✨🎩 Part 2 of Lupi…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @XtineQuinn we ❤️ you back! and we forgive you for microwaving your teaLupin Part 2 review – a thrilling encore for TV’s suavest scammer
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandAttenborough’s documentary puts everything into perspective, not just the way we impact our planet, but specificall…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandPlease watch and share #BreakingBoundaries from David Attenborough. I also interviewed @JRockstrom for…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandNow that the embargo's lifted I can say that #Lupin Part 2 on @netflix is every bit as much fun as Part 1. It's a r…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @gutterpunkbean Well, yes.Which is to say... a) Lupin Part 2 is now on Netflix!! b) Football may or may not be coming home, but seeing as th… pt 2 The Euros 🤝 European drama…
Inside (The Songs) is now available as an album. hope you enjoy.
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandNever Have I Ever S2 arrives on 15 July, when you can expect to see more gems like this… Miranda directs and Andrew Garfield stars in TICK, TICK... BOOM!, a new film based on RENT creator Jonat… Burnham: Inside (2021)
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People looking for something new to watch: #SweetTooth on @NetflixUK is charming.
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland🚨new cast members incoming🚨 roll call 🗣 [thread]
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandFear Street Part 1: 1994 - July 2 Fear Street Part 2: 1978 - July 9 Fear Street Part 3: 1666 - July 16Channeling ~horror girl summer~ with THE FEAR STREET TRILOGY!! Three movies all connected through a killer story dr… Banks Season 2 premieres July 30 Let’s go for gold, Pogues 💰💰
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandThe concept is simple: following a ~mysterious~ event, no one can fall asleep anymore... Awake – starring Gina Rod… watching #sweettooth on @netflixuk last night. Absolutely love it! WATCH IT!
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandCould I interest you in every song, all of the time?
Go behind the scenes with @Neilhimself for a sneek peek at the production of The Sandman. #GeekedWeek
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandOne woman. Two men. A million possibilities. How much are you willing to risk for your deepest desires? Sex/Life…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @asabfb tbh you should see our mentions – I think they probably areAction, suspense *and* emotion? Oui! The cast and creators of the series talk us through what we can expect from th… lovely!
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandWhite Woman's Instagram is 1) funny 2) accurate 3) a banger 4) unexpectedly a tear jerker. Bo Burnham’s INSIDE is n…"There's no sign of wildlife at all." The moment a scientist breaks down after seeing the ecological destruction th…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandJust watched Breaking Boundaries on Netflix.. a fantastic summary of the threat we continue to pose to our own exis…
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I’ve started watching @SweetTooth on @NetflixUK and it might be my new favourite show! 🦌
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandGrab your goats!! Shadow & Bone has been successfully ✨summoned✨ for a second season! @TheMusicalMumma oooh exciting – is it like Paddington?!Haven't seen this before, guys, so no spoilers. But the weather looks great and I love Florence Pugh and aren't tho… Midsommar arrives on Netflix UK/IE on 5 July"What we do between 2020 and 2030… will be the decisive decade for humanity’s future on Earth." Sir David Attenbor…
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Did you see how happy Emma was for her?! 🥺 @omgdarcy @BAFTA As ever you are correct, Darcy.AIMEE!!!!! Huge congrats to Aimee Lou Wood for winning the @BAFTA for Female Performance in a Comedy.
"Simple things like choosing renewable energy, eating healthy food, planting trees, saying no to waste… together, t…
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Added to Netflix today. It is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. 👏 In a creative and concise way, this documentary explains the…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandThis man doesnt need to keep making these documentaries but he just fucking loves this planet so much. AND SO SHOUL…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandThe new Netflix/Attenborough doco Breaking Boundaries is heartbreaking. No more bitesize bits about microplastics i…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandA new David Attenborough documentary? YES 🤩
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandWe are in a planetary crisis and time is running out. Sir David Attenborough’s shocking new documentary, Breaking…🆕🆕🆕 SWEET TOOTH – He’s a boy *and* a deer! FEEL GOOD – @TheMaeMartin's critically acclaimed series is back, and i…
@MancityReynolds yesme: *tries not to replay every moment of my life over and over again in my mind* also me: Part 2 premieres in 8 days! As a refresher, here's a recap of Part 1
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandTime for your first look at Part 5 of Money Heist/La Casa de Papel!! Vol 1 = 3 Sep, Vol 2 = 3 Dec is 40 today! 🎈🎈🎈 not thinking about about this shot from Bo Burnham: Inside
Never Have I Ever’s Maitreyi Ramakrishnan will star in The Netherfield Girls, a fresh and funny contemporary adapta…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @netflixnswill @whatonnetflix 🙏And if your favourite show isn't in this list yet it's either because I don't know (very likely) *or* I'll lose my… until you can enjoy new episodes of… Feel Good = 2 Lupin = 9 Black Summer = 15 Elite = 16 Too Hot to Handle =… ~burn~ for youSolidarity to all nursing a sunburn after this long weekend. the universe for @boburnham i was destroyed in all ways by this special i would recommend u watch
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Irelandbo burnham’s inside is the best thing i’ve ever seen on netflix.
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandThis is what happens when you isolate talented people! A musical mashup, hilarious and moving, existential AF. Watc…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandJust watched INSIDE by @boburnham I feel in awe, unsettled, understood, alienated, compassionate and thrilled by w…
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(Had to check multiple times before posting but I can confirm that today is, in fact, a Tuesday.)This week on @NetflixUK... TODAY: The Blair Witch Project (1999) The Untouchables (1987) TOMORROW: Kim’s Conveni… Burnham: Inside review – this is a claustrophobic masterpiece
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Well, well, look who's here.
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland72 million households are betting on dead. ARMY OF THE DEAD has been the #1 film around the world and is projected…
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