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I think I just had a very small orgasm.

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@_mimiisabella 🙄 you need to know about Better Call Saul: – s5 returns on Feb 24 (!) – it will see the return of BB favourit… is so smartly written and brilliantly acted that sometimes we forget to mention how beautifully shot…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @GunnCharlene good news keeps on coming. Season 14 of Always Sunny in Philadelphia is now streaming. @theJdog k @psmith it's all for you, Pat x @Super_Shaq look at us* @TheMachoPie the full library will be available from April 1 👍And April 1: Pom Poko (1994) Whisper of the Heart (1995) Howl's Moving Castle (2004) Ponyo (2008) From Up on Poppy… 1: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984) Princess Mononoke (1997) My Neighbors the Yamadas (1999) Spirit… films will arrive on the service in three batches. Feb 1: Castle in the Sky (1986) My Neighbor Totoro (1988) K… films. February 1st.
sex education season 2 had such good LGBTQ+ representation AND maeve wiley so like wins all around
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland& just like that @sexeducation has been watched. There is no sophomore slump here, they’ve built on the fragile cha…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandI dont know if i shared this on here but i wanted to spread a little joy! This is the moment I found out I was goin…
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IT'S BEEN TWO AND A HALF HOURS @asabfb 💦🚗Sex Education s2: omg i just came
The trailer for @harlancoben’s new series, The Stranger (30 Jan), has everything you need from a thriller: ✅ Fake p… hail Sabrina Spellman. Raising hell on 24 January. more day until this post shag glow. @sexeducation 📸 @themakeupdept
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @trafotoz petition deniedYour Sex Ed questions, answered: – 8 episodes – tomorrow – 8amSchool is back in session. Sex Education S2 is back for a new term tomorrow. @SmileGena @Cassiesmyth It's because Gena is pure and even the internet will protect her
It’s almost time for the final furlong (sorry) of BoJack Horseman. The remaining episodes of s6 come to Netflix 31… prayers were answered and I got to chat to the incredible @NcutiGatwa from @sexeducation for his Netflix IX inte…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Irelandanyway here's wonderwall
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandThey've helped launch some of the biggest fashion labels in the world, but you've never heard of them... until now!…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @JimHearson get out(you can tell it's mysterious because of all the mist)From the writer of Safe (👋 @HarlanCoben), and starring Hannah John-Kamen, Richard Armitage, Siobhan Finneran and Je…'s potty time. Grace and Frankie S6 is now streaming.
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@asjmcguire @GraemeAHill umm... it *was* her name @JarettSays no need to shoutMe: Guess which show has been renewed for a third season?? You: … Me: You You: Me?Breaking: You will return for a third season. As in, the show. Called You. Not *you*. You know? @LeeCrout that's back already – weekly, on Fridays🔙🔜 DAYS UNTIL NEW... Grace & Frankie = 1 Sex Education = 3 Always Sunny… = 5 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina = 10 B…
@netflix @TheAcademy @NetflixFilm @LauraDern @MarriageStory @TheIrishmanFilm @AnthonyHopkins BEST ACTRESS Scarlett…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @netflix @TheAcademy @NetflixFilm @LauraDern @MarriageStory @TheIrishmanFilm @AnthonyHopkins BEST ACTOR Adam Driver…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @netflix @TheAcademy @NetflixFilm @LauraDern @MarriageStory @TheIrishmanFilm @AnthonyHopkins BEST ACTOR Jonathan Pr…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @_TiaPickering_ 8amSex Education s2 drops 17 JanuaryThe cast of Sex Education seeing their billboard for the first time last year is extremely wholesome content @netflix @TheAcademy @NetflixFilm BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS @LauraDern in @MarriageStory! #OscarNoms
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @netflix @TheAcademy @NetflixFilm @LauraDern @MarriageStory @TheIrishmanFilm BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR @AnthonyHopkins
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @netflix @TheAcademy @NetflixFilm @LauraDern @MarriageStory @TheIrishmanFilm @AnthonyHopkins BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @netflix @TheAcademy @NetflixFilm @LauraDern @MarriageStory @TheIrishmanFilm @AnthonyHopkins BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @netflix @TheAcademy @NetflixFilm @LauraDern @MarriageStory @TheIrishmanFilm @AnthonyHopkins BEST DIRECTOR Martin S…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @netflix @TheAcademy @NetflixFilm @LauraDern @MarriageStory @TheIrishmanFilm @AnthonyHopkins BEST PICTURE…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @netflix @TheAcademy @NetflixFilm @LauraDern @MarriageStory @TheIrishmanFilm @AnthonyHopkins BEST PICTURE…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Irelandtimely reminder that: a) Sex Education s2 arrives in FOUR DAYS b) @GillianA has the best bio on this entire website
ok the Sex Education season 2 premiere went off *grabs violin*
*looking straight at joe/will with a hat on* there's no one there? @pyro_sory @ajandthequeen @RuPaul it is – trying logging out and in again @LHissrich remember, we drive our forklifts on the other side of the road#Elite Season 3 premieres March 2020
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland🎵 TOSS A COIN TO YOUR W- streaming: – Titans s2 – AJ and the Queen (starring RuPaul) – a new ep of The Good Place – Cheer (doc series,…
It's official: the best way to tease a new season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is with an all-singing, all-dan… is still so weird without Joe's voiceover in Season 2...
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@GillianA @NcutiGatwa @asabfb @ConnorSwindells And finally...👑 @GillianA @NcutiGatwa @asabfb @ConnorSwindells Here are the new kids in school, again just a total serve @GillianA @NcutiGatwa @asabfb @ConnorSwindells Some more for you because these outfits should be seen served at the Sex Education S2 premiere tonight: ~looks ~more looks ~ham sandwiches season 3 is coming on 27 March. That's in *does maths* 79 days. will you unlock? Keyhouse opens February 7 🗝
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@maeveswiley this is everything 17 January, Sex Education is coming back with a bang. Here’s a trailer to get you in the mood 💦 special mention to this talented bunch nominated for the EE Rising Star Award: @KaitlynDever, Michael Ward (… Special Visual Effects: The Irishman Good luck to everyone nominated! (4/5)~ Supporting Actor: @AnthonyHopkins (The Two Popes), Al Pacino (The Irishman), & Joe Pesci (The Irishman) ~ Castin… Original Screenplay: Marriage Story ~ Adapted Screenplay: The Irishman & The Two Popes ~ Leading Actress: Scarlet… you to @BAFTA for the 23 nominations including 10 (!) for @TheIrishmanFilm 🙏 ~ Best Picture: The Irishman ~…
Your You character name is the last thing you ate/drank, and your occupation is selling the last thing you bought o… Paltrow welcomes you to The Goop Lab on January 24
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandMicheal Ward (@onlymikes_) recently starred in Top Boy on Netflix and the much talked about Blue Story, gaining wid…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandIntroducing our 5 @EE Rising Star nominations for 2020: Awkwafina Kaitlyn Dever Kelvin Harrison Jr Jack Lowden Mic…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland"I already got a little bit boozy, because I thought this wasn't gonna happen." A surprised Olivia Colman, star of…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandLaura Dern just won Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for Marriage Story! #GoldenGlobes
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandTold you Olivia Colman was a queen
Rising up and making a splash. Grace and Frankie returns January 15, only on Netflix.
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland🚨 Days until new: Anne with an E = 1 Titans = 8 Grace and Frankie = 13 Sex Education = 15 Always Sunny… = 17 Chill… @Jesskennedy07 we never have been
@DavidJEtheridge Time very well spent @rosesromances CreepyFind something to believe in.
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandSo what's everybody watched over the break?
if you play this at exactly 11:58:27 on NYE (tonight!!) you'll ring in 2020 with Dustin & Suzie singing Neverending… @DrKnockers05 you raised a VERY important point @CaseyMooBear don't forget to toss a coin*with a dogFinish 2019 the right way: watching Keanu Reeves wearing a suit in the rain. John Wick 3 is now streaming.
toss a coin to your witcher🤍 @witchernetflix #TheWitcher
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@andyetc Had to check and yes can confirm. Thank you for your work.Public service announcement: series 5 episode 8 of French and Saunders on Netflix is actually the Titanic Christmas…
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