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☂️ The Umbrella Academy S2 is now streaming ☂️ CS: @Netflixhelps

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@laureyworey this is a yes @Fannymcslap Yepk SHEEHAN NEWS: If S2 of The Umbrella Academy didn’t scratch your itch, *all five* seasons of Misfits will be… the case that made him. Young Wallander comes to Netflix on 3 September. to interrupt, but Owen Coyle has the same desk as the ones in Netflix absurdity Selling Sunset
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"The show is delightfully non-prejudicial in that sense; it’s just about connection and love. That’s all it should…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandIt’s true! I’m getting a Netflix special! And I couldn’t have done it without all your support, THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandPSA The Peanut Butter Falcon is on @NetflixUK now, it's an absolute joy of a film, just beautiful and heartwarming,…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Irelandin case you were wondering...Carmichael was sadly not a real fish 🐟
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandHere’s a tense clip of @GillianA and Jamie Dornan to remind you that The Fall S1-3 is now streaming, and also that… @blaneslattery Hmm, interesting. Have asked our content team to look into this – there's a good chance it's an over…
Two and a half minutes of @XtineQuinn from Selling Sunset being peak @XtineQuinn from Selling Sunset, because we ca… Ryan isn't a regular mum, she's a cool/sweary/badass mum with an excellent wardrobe. The Duchess – a new… you guys really like bee movie, huh?Still to come this August: 12/8: Greenleaf S5 14/8: Project Power (2020) 14/8: Dirty John S2 14/8: Teenage Bounty… @umbrellabrina it's too hot for spellingWhat's the collective noun for a group of Hargreaveses? Here they are with tales from the set of The Umbrella Aca…
Hilary Swank and Josh Charles star in Away, an epic story of love and sacrifice from the visionary who brought you…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandYou would think her billionaire husband could afford a kettle 💔 (Selling Sunset S3 is now streaming ☕️)me: Christine isn't the villain she pretends to be Christine: @OhGentlemanJack @NetflixFR Yes, but plan rhymes with pan... @NetflixFR Not correcting anyone – including your wife – about how to pronounce your name is possibly the most Romain move. @ThomasDillensch @NetflixFR Exactly. Romain au chocolat.Question for @NetflixFR after a weekend of watching Selling Sunset S3: Should Romain rhyme with "plane" or "plan"? 🤔Me booking a viewing for the $75 million dollar listing on the Oppenheim website just to waste Davina’s time…
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Inspired by @heyshrazzle, my #SellingSunset Alignment Chart. I will not be taking questions at this time.
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandMy video for Netflix is up! 🤓 Guess how many times I had to record the audio? Guess how…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandIf you are not sunning yaself ....and wanna watch something cute as hell ... highly recommend @WorkItMovie
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandDeep Impact is on @NetflixUK! Highly underrated film and far better than Armageddon. I will die on this hill.
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Here's your first look at Armie Hammer, Lily James, and Kristin Scott Thomas in REBECCA, from director Ben Wheatley…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland(Also: Klaus was not wrong)seeing your friends in real life for the first time since March*cancels everything in diary* *realises there’s nothing in diary* *prepares meals for next two days* *leaves phone…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @elliot_gonzalez Genuine spoiler: there is an Endgame level crossover event towards the end of the season 👀Spoiler: someone says something about a person in confidence, and yet somehow it makes it back to said person 😱Heatwave schmeatwave. Selling Sunset S3 is now streaming! 🏡
the trailer for Charlie Kaufman's i'm thinking of ending things feels like you misplaced your head because it isn't…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @chlogriffithss August 14th @brandonwifeyy1 It's been there since 1st August
@punkworldorder You could almost argue that if they sign Anelka instead of Diouf there's no Klopp/title win. Or,… Misunderstood is now streaming.“That episode was tragic for me because, honestly, it’s a club where I think I could have done a lot of things. Gre… @oilysailor Putting that one in the maybe pile. But thanks.The umbrellas on their way to the academy idk i never watched the show
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @JoeCWard As do Zlatan and Beckham @CraigJShields Almost suggests managers didn't know the difference so signed both just to make sure they got the one they wanted. @ShaolinMunkeh Watch the film.Upon watching this you realise Nico and Daniel Sturridge have *five* teams in common (Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Bol… @KapoorBrogen Mais, oui.Anelka: Misunderstood is now streaming. Come for the fascinating insight into one of the Premier League's most co…
Sarah Paulson's new series Ratched premieres September 18. We appreciate your patients.
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland welcome reminder from Love on the Spectrum that nice things exist. ❤️ @nalaalifezoexx 14thPresident Morgan Freeman is here to remind you that Deep Impact is now on @NetflixUK (and also that the world might…
Here's your first look at THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME, a midwestern gothic tale from Antonio Campos starring Tom Holland…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @BananaaSalty you're stronger than most 👊This week... TODAY: – Immigration Nation WEDNESDAY: – Anelka: Misunderstood THURSDAY: – The Rain S3 – The Seven… actually hate each other and can’t stand working together. #UmbrellaAcademy2
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Now streaming ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Sheehan I am free every day at every time if you would like to hang out I am free all the time to hang out t…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandThought you’d seen the last of her? @umbrellaacad
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New today: The Fall S1-3 Friday Night Dinner S5 The Twilight Saga The Mask (1994) Out of Sight (1998) Deep Impact… behalf of every crew member, actor, scribe, producer and executive involved in WHEN THEY SEE US, I thank @BAFTA
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Congratulations @ava and the team. A truly incredible and important show. ❤️ duVernay’s When They See Us wins the International BAFTA 🌍📺 #VirginMediaBAFTAs #BAFTAs
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @netflix Bella ciao.THE HEIST COMES TO AN END PART 5.
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandDidn’t know if it would survive lockdown & my dodgy internet but the Netflix IX interview is back! I spoke to…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandAnd without spoiling anything, I think we can all agree that Robert SheehanThe Umbrella Academy S2 is now streaming.
@MatthewW191 8AM🎻👻👶🔮🤫🔪🦍 8am tomorrow. ☔️
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandVanya and Five recap Season 1 in 35 seconds. Any questions? ☕️
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@strongblacklead @netflix To those of you in UK/IE: Unfortunately these titles aren't currently available here, but… 26 August. 29 July 1948 – the day of the opening ceremony of the 1948 Olympic Games – Dr Ludwig Guttmann organised the firs… Paulson is the iconic Nurse Ratched. From the creator of American Horror Story, get your first look at…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @SpencerSegelov 8amYou'll have to wait until Friday for the rest. Sorry.Here's ☂️ the ☂️ opening ☂️ scene ☂️ from ☂️ The Umbrella Academy ☂️ S2 @ReireiEire Please tell me there's a competitive Tiddlywinks community 🤞 @DomZappala Not even sorry. @BelfastBronco YouTube! There are endless videos, and in an afternoon (if you concentrate) you can learn to complet… @ReireiEire Agreed. "Documentaries About Sports That I Didn't Know Were Sports Until 2 Minutes Ago" is my favourite genre."An average person takes 3 hours to complete their first Rubik's Cube." So what you're saying is...34 years is *below* average?The Speed Cubers – a wholesome and empowering documentary about friendship and rivalry and super genius teens who c… Bobby Brown will star in & produce THE GIRLS I'VE BEEN. A new Netflix film adapted from Tess Sharpe's novel,…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @iamJermaineP Fact check: we went to the moon. @JimHearson Jim.*51 years* after the moon landing Aldrin and Collins have been nominated for a cinematography Emmy for the footage…
All hail. Congratulations to @TheCrownNetflix for 13 #Emmy nominations including Outstanding Drama Series!
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandCongratulations to our 160 @netflix nominees at the 2020 #Emmy Awards!
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandThe 🔝🔟 on @NetflixUK: 1️⃣ The Kissing Booth 2 (2020) 2️⃣ Fear City: New York vs The Mafia 3️⃣ Cursed 4️⃣ Good Girl… final 🏈 season of Last Chance U is now streaming! Next stop: 🏀
@dperry83 Oui.1200 years before Geralt of Rivia, the worlds of monsters, men and elves merged into one, and the first Witcher cam…
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