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PSA: If you've finished Tiger King and want more, there's a @louistheroux doc from 2011 on Netflix (ep 14 of the Lo…
@GeorgiaRaspini We absolutely did not? @DieselMavis Thanks, I'll pass that on.⬇️⬇️⬇️ to the internet, today – April 4th 2020 – is Emma Geller-Green's 18th birthday. So I guess she'll finally…
Some dates for your diary: 7/4: Dinnerladies 7/4: The Vicar of Dibley 10/4: Love Wedding Repeat (2020) 10/4: The B… WATCH: “Unorthodox” - really great 4 part series on Netflix. I finished and now they put out a behind the scenes…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @Oli_LUFC_ Each season of this show is called a Part – so really it's season 4 that's out today. Four *complete* se… @tobyherman27 RIGHT?– There are *four whole seasons* waiting for you. – The soundtrack bangs. – And finally, it turns out the Professor…– And a reminder for those of you understandably choosing English subtitles, if you go into your settings you can s…– You can choose between watching it with the original Spanish audio and English subtitles, *or* with English dubbi…– Neymar is such a big fan he appeared in season 3– If you like twisty, fast-paced drama w/ multiple timelines (Lost/Prison Break) this is for you – The Professor is… HEIST PT 4 IS NOW STREAMING. Here’s a brief history: – It’s about a bank heist (or two) in Madrid – Its Span… 4 of Money Heist is now streaming. Get on it.
Binge-watching 2nd series of #SunderlandTillIDie. Halfway through. Can’t “skip intro” as @TheLakePoets music so hau…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland'It's pure rock’n’roll': how Money Heist became Netflix's biggest global hit
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @SellersTonys It's my job to tell you it's good, but it *really* is. You'll burn through all 4 seasons in no time. Trust me. @iBFSZN all at onceWhether you call it Money Heist or La Casa de Papel, it's back at 8am tomorrow morning with part 4...Unexpected Title Crossover of the Week goes to... isn't a single bit of this Sunderland 'Til I Die s2 clip that isn't *chef's kiss*
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Honourable mentions for the supporting cast... isn't a single bit of this Sunderland 'Til I Die s2 clip that isn't *chef's kiss* two of I Like To Watch UK, starring @ChipShopBird and @THEVIVIENNEUK, is now streaming on YouTube you've ever wondered what @kimwoodburn would sound like on Love Is Blind then this one is for you, sunshine, sedatives, and a cast that includes @oliviamunn, @samclaflin, @WeeMissBea, Tim Key and Freida P… @_ken91 The 7th, and I couldn't agree more. @asabfb Neighbour Totoro (1988) Castle in the Sky (1986) Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989) Only Yesterday (1991) Porco Ross… Away (2001) Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984) Princess Mononoke (1997) My Neighbors the Yamadas (1… final batch of Studio Ghibli films are now streaming. Here's the full list: Howl's Moving Castle (2004) Pom Po… @connor56497743 @gaachris now @connor56497743 april 22NEW TODAY: Community s1-6 Sunderland 'Til I Die s2 Friday Night Dinner s4 Howl's Moving Castle (2004) + 6 more Stu…
@RichardCooke @TheLakePoets @wearealchemytv Them too! ❤️(all credit goes to @TheLakePoets)Sunderland 'Til I Die returns at 8am tomorrow, so here's a timely reminder that a football documentary has zero rig… group of best friends lives life on the edge and now they're ready to risk everything to find $400 million in…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @coach_huw if only you'd waited 5 minutes: episodes will be released two at a time over five consecutive Mondays. 🏀The story of how Michael Jordan and the '90s Bulls came to dominate and define basketball, told across 10 episodes,… today: – Madagascar (2005) – Shark Tale (2004) – Rise of the Guardians (2012) – How to Train Your Dragon (2010…, Tonya has been added to @NetflixUK - highly recommend
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more keys, more demons, more aloha 🖕Locke & Key is officially returning for season two!!
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandHope you’re all ready to press play on Part 1, Episode 1, in 5 mins! There might be some surprises from the cast 😏…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland.@chrishemsworth is Tyler Rake. EXTRACTION, directed by ATOMIC BLONDE stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave and produced…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandJust binged all of Top Boy. It’s brilliant, but I’m very pleased I’m social distancing so no one will be around me…
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandCall the police.
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @megatrawn_ April 22 @Benmnicklin if you so desire, yesNew this week... Today: I, Tonya (2017) Tomorrow: Friday Night Dinner s4 Wednesday: Community s1-6 Sunderland 'T…, Netflix: I, Tonya is now streaming.Join us as we watch the first ever episode of La Casa de Papel together and remember where it all started. Monday…
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@Jasonbrahhhh Sorry – but just 3 days to go. And let me tell is worth it.If you're looking for a film that just makes you feel better, Long Shot (2019) is now on Netflix and besides being…
You can watch this on Netflix, fyi. Bangarang! @Tasaraus <3Me, now: @_charlotteb91 It's what I live for. @jjamescole I honestly do not know the answer, sorry. But seeing as we got s5 a year ago, and s6 today...🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 being asked about it every day for the last year, it feels good to say... Brooklyn Nine Nine s6 is now streaming!!We're LIVE with the cast of Big Mouth!!
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@AshzMuir Yep! April 22If you loved Breaking Bad/BCS and have never tried Ozark, a) you *really* should, and b) now is the perfect time – …, but make it Ozark Season 3 🤗 It’s a good day @NetflixUK 👍🏻
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandIf the world feels like it has something of a blue/grey filter this morning, that's because Ozark s3 is now streaming.
.@GaryLineker: never not bullying @alanshearer for not winning the FA Cup. PS. watch The English Game that's 16, 10, and 18 episodes respectively) @thinkerjay YESNew this weekend… Today: Black Lightning s3 Tomorrow: Ozark s3 Saturday: Brooklyn Nine Nine s6
RuPaul's Drag Race UK stars The Vivienne and Baga Chipz have a new Netflix show! 🎉 🎉
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandThings I need: the @LauraDern plate in the background of this video with @THEVIVIENNEUK and @ChipShopBird
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandTiger King Netflix
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandWhen things get crazy, this is the team i'm turning to
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandFull episode Episode one of I Like To Watch UK, in which @ChipShopBird and @THEVIVIENNEUK get pissed and watch telly, is n…
When you find out Love is Blind has been renewed for a THIRD season you find out Love is Blind has been renewed for a second season the love isn't like this I don't want it. #TigerKingNetflix
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandAnd 51 days until s6 of Schitt's Creek...Also just 8 days until all six seasons of Community come to Netflix, *and* the final batch of 7 Studio Ghibli films… until new episodes of: Ozark s3 = 3 days Brooklyn Nine Nine s6 = 4 days Sunderland ’Til I Die s2 = 8 days Mon… @KevinFMcDermott Afraid that's not possible – it's made by AMC and aired every Monday in the US. We bring each epis… king on Netflix is wild.
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Started watching Tiger King and I think it may be the best documentary... ever?
Retweeted by Netflix UK & IrelandOkay everyone needs to go watch Tiger King on Netflix RIGHT now! 5 episodes deep and it’s fucking crazy #TigerKing @NetflixUK
Retweeted by Netflix UK & Ireland @MissJoHartley @rickygervais You can find the full episode here: Life 2 arrives on April 24. If you were hoping it would be less devastating than season one, you may be disap… @rickygervais as a cat, if that sounds like something you might like @WrightRachaelC speak to @Netflixhelps @harrietrosex contact @Netflixhelps @Deaks_uk contact @Netflixhelps @archermonkeys contact @NetflixhelpsIn case you missed it: – Julian Fellowes' The English Game is now streaming – The FFP debate has been going on *mu…