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NLers: Ken @Netherlanders Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Although internationally known as 'The Dutch', we just like to call ourselves Netherlanders. This week's Netherlander: @highfielder80 (Ken)

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@DahlinElizabeth Lol, we have enough of those already!Time to go home @silvestertt Does this count? love the old cinemas on ceintuurbaan @voetball13396 They all are @voetball13396 I really like Museumkwartier, Jordaan, Willemspark, Hoofdorppleinbuurt. But there are lovely places in many more! @voetball13396 That's tough, I love so many and how they're all different depending on the time and reasons they we… @hatsandbikes Cool isn't it, I love how they replaced bricks with glass ones, so the original style was preserved @gpb1979 German = romance?I love this building in de Pijp for its unusual wooden front. I wonder what it used to be @MENEERDEGREEF 😂😂😂 many dogs in the park today! @silvestertt @rijksmuseum I'll make a mental note for when I'm walking around ;)Now it's adorable naps course everyone knows the typical Amsterdam views like @rijksmuseum or the canals for fun! time! the Teckels means double the fun! @Netherlanders Wednesday is "lill-lördag" in swedish, meaning “small Saturday” :)
Retweeted by NLers: Ken @liffer Oh really? HahaThe architecht was Tjeerd Kuipers. Seven houses in seven styles: German (romantic), French (Loire chateau), Spanish…
Retweeted by NLers: KenLet's play a game : find all five pets @diverdutch So sorry for your loss @Dutchtica SHAZAM! @diverdutch Oh no! I'm glad she still likes it @JeroeP It is the Zevenlandenhuizen in Roemer Visscherstraat @JulianKaihatu Inderdaad! @diverdutch @Elmeraculous Interesting idea, also my boyfriend is a former curator too!The styles are English, Netherlands, Russia, America, Spain, and France of the many things I love about Amsterdam is the architecture. Near where we live is a street with several buil… actually met because of Twitter now four years later we live in this beautiful city, have our own business, two… in style! of today's bunch I spent my first Autumn/winter here learning gezellig and eating ALL THE APPELTAART Where's your favourite plac… didn't get sick of me and leave for another hemisphere, this was a planned trip with a sabbatical since before w… @MrsZnooz Wow quite the ride! Living the European dream there! Yeah Brexit sucks, I'm glad I'm nor there anymore @markyawalters Gefeliciteerd!So I moved in, then three weeks later he left to go backpacking in South America for 4 months 🙃The government here even make it super easy to do it. Some of the food took a bit of getting used to though, as did the tiny ovens.As culture shock goes, it was pretty minimal. There was no language barrier (the Dutch speak such good English, wel… met my boyfriend a year earlier and we were doing the long distance thing, because my job at the time was more ea… @Cookiiedivine I knew some basic words because I worked here from time to time, I was taking a class this year but… @DostumRamirez Oh I'm so glad to hear that! I went to Eindhoven two years ago, it seems a nice place and I was impressed by the Hovenring @Cookiiedivine Oh really? That's a cool fact, do you speak Dutch? Yeah the food and snacks here are not calorie friendly lol @Cookiiedivine *waves back* thanks, its an awesome and beautiful place to live! @MarleenvanBrink Thank you!Today I just realised (thanks to Facebook memories) that it is exactly 3 years ago that I properly moved here to Am… allemaal! How is everyone on this Wednesday? In Engeland we call it "hump day" because the week is half…
The shy one has made an appearance @haayman We always make a trial day for each new dog where we introduce them to the cats to see how they get on. Th… dynamics in all its glory. 🤓 #Science #Experiment #ScienceTwitter
Retweeted by NLers: Ken @tantePip Lekker! @ClaraJeffery @foxgrrl Did each of those things also only take 6 months?Daycare days always end with taking everyone home, and today a nice stroll with the setting sun with the old girl a…'s always plenty of cuddles to go around @aurorans Correct answer 😆It's all a lot of excitement for the littlest ones we all go out in a group for some walks during the day are older and just like to sit and watch of course's not just walks, we also have some days per week when we have daycare at home. Max loves to have a bunch of his… @WatcherWendy They can be a little stand offish, a lot of them aren't that into cuddles or attention, but I'm sure… @WatcherWendy We have a Shiba client, you'll see her later in the week! @_KevinBeers We have a Shiba client, you'll see her later in the week! @TheWorkFlowC 😍All the dogs we walk get a lot of attention on the street, but some get more than others. What's your favourite typ… @RealKenMoss It's an exclusive club! @McNabbington Bedankt!It's still really warm here so it's nice to find refreshments @Lavendel_Tulp @LgHague Yes I hope so too, I was enjoying it and found it fun!Sometimes we have to be chauffeur too my gosh look at Gordon 😍 @worteltje81 Aww thanks pet @LgHague Not very. I took a class this year but it was interrupted by coronaFirst meeting of the day @chgodwaldt Sounds like a good morning routine! I hope business is going well @Elmeraculous Gezellig weer!Two years ago we both quit our jobs and started our own business. You can see what we do @Tails_oftheCityAfter starting the day with a good coffee I always cycle to work, it's especially nice when the weather is good and… @Mr_A_McSquiffy That's the plan!Goedemorgen allemaal! How do you start your day? I'm looking forward to try this out ☕
@lichtbuis They are beautiful, thank you for rescuing them 😊 @ejohnson1850 Unfortunately I have no useful information @ChauSH10 Tonight it's ds9! @QueQat Good point @Shmuli It's a good way to be @Shmuli The Dutch are a lot more grounded, like the princesses playing tennis and Maxima cycling to open a museum.… @AnnieMarieBarry My favourite is @TheBlackSeal rum 🥃😋 @_xthirzax_ I'm sure you do but I have neither of those things @msteeman Nice jacket @_xthirzax_ Not according to the IND 😉So what are you all doing tonight? I am looking after this beautiful old girl (13) and her two cats (the other is s… @_xthirzax_ I'm not Dutch and Netherlander is the name of the account :) @TGMZ_ Dankjewel! @JedvanEuropa Lol no I knew almost none. Although I had worked in NL quite a lot over the years in my last job, and… @Jeroen__ Oh yes I do like Brand beers @TGMZ_ Yes two years ago we both quit our jobs to set up our own business, dog walking, sitting and daycare, and cat sitting 🐕🐈 @roxxy84 I will ty that too! And I do like a trip to Utrecht @cheescorner Oh that is a good tip! If they can be resisted for that long ;) @roxxy84 Nice! I haven't herd of it but I will try it!