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Modern web development enjoys all sorts of features which lower deployment friction and raise the bar for our onlin… sites might never have been so popular if not for the work of the @jekyllrb team who created the first, wi…⚡️ Going live in 5 minutes! ⚡️ 📺 How can users submit details and register on a Jamstack site? Together,… security is too important to leave to chance. That's why every site on @Netlify automatically gets free, auto…📺 How can users submit details and register on a Jamstack site? Together (in this 100th episode of Learn With Jas…
🐓 Remember when @PopeyesChicken released the chicken sandwich and it broke the internet? Guess what *didn’t* break… an old WordPress site you’ve been meaning to update for longer than you’d care to think about? Today’s your luc…
If you’re an @angular dev and you want to build blazing fast web experiences, @Tzmanics has just the delicious brai…❓ You know what’s better than doing repetitive work? 🤖 Letting robots do the repetitive work for us! @shortdiv put…
When dealing with the JAMstack, it's important to know how to handle authentication in order to access the rich API… JAMstack is well positioned to become the default method for web development and delivery. Read on to see how t… JAMstack lends itself very well for automation, read all about how you too can automate your web workflows:… so many options, it can be hard to choose the right headless CMS solution for your JAMstack site. Fear not, be… Angular community recently joined the JAMstack movement with their new SSG, Scully. In the latest episode of…
Have to deal with Pull Requests? Wouldn't you like to make them: 👩🏻‍💻easier on reviewers ⚗️easier to test 🔁easier t…"...auth protocols and implementation intricacies add an additional challenge when integrating APIs into a Jamstack… we love shenanigans! This should be a treat 😃 Until then you can learn more about Netlify function here 👉… of our wonderful designers, @iKristy, made a lovely Netlify art scene in Animal Crossing ❤️ you can scan and ch…
📺 Learn how to migrate WordPress to the JAMstack. In this webinar, watch @jlengstorf walk you through creating a… of the most valuable skills one can possess as a developer is to learn how to scope down your work into managea…"In an API-driven world that is increasingly mobile, JAMstack is well-positioned to become a de facto method for ap… does it mean to "scope down a PR" and why is that so vital for a healthy engineering team? In this post,… configured DNS is important for getting the most resilient sites. Especially at times of heavy traffic. C…
Our friends at @Cypress_io created a @Netlify Build Plugin to empower your deploys with Cypress testing... and it's…“JAMstack has been a really good fit for the organizational dynamics that we see in the enterprise tech & marketing…✨You can join the beta now! ✨ See our docs to learn how to: ⬥ Opt in and start using plugins ⬥ Build your own to…'s time to power up your @Netlify builds! Build Plugins are now in *public* beta, so you can expand the capabili… how to migrate WordPress to the JAMstack in a webinar with @jlengstorf! 🗓 Apr 7 🕘 9am PDT 🌉 🕘 12pm EDT 🗽 🕔…
Netlify has always had a great remote culture, but @rafahari has really been bringing his A-game lately. 😂 you or someone you know is looking for work, we’re hiring for over a dozen positions. We're remote-first and pro… dealing with DNS make your brain hurt? 🤕 @_jenkagan wrote up a comprehensive guide to adding custom domains t… your todo list have something like this that’s been collecting dust for months? ◻️ update old WordPress site… faster deploys for large sites on Netlify! While every site and web app will see faster deploys, speed r… you taken the JAMstack survey yet? You have a few more weeks to sound off on your favorite technologies!
Recently, we chatted with @VBB_Beauty about how they're building a dream e-commerce experience with @contentful and… a static site dynamic isn't as difficult as you may think, this article dives into how you can do just that… you heard? Our friends @fauna started a new podcast, talking about the JAMstack, serverless and all things web… you're building a site to educate people about Covid-19, we'd like to support you, please reach out to us!
Thank you! to run a Netlify API method? Manage your Netlify functions? Create a new deploy? The Netlify CLI helps you do…🚀🚀🚀👏 to make your static site more dynamic? This great post from @ondrabus shows you how 👍're really thankful for everyone helping share information during this trying time. So we wanted to show our supp…
🎵Step by step, code by code 🎶A fresh site without changing many things 🎵Bring your WordPress 🎶Over to JAMstack 🎵Dev… to help in the ways we know how and supporting people who are too! 💙 to add a highly available pre-built section to your site which can handle very heavy loads? Do it with a sing… a WordPress site that you're ready to migrate to the JAMstack? We have the perfect post to walk you through ju…
Can you migrate parts of your site to the JAMstack with @Netlify? You can! With a single line of config! ◆ Serve… APIs with serverless functions is wonderful, but how do you keep them in step with your front-end?… about testing and publishing @angular Schematics in this detailed walkthrough from @Tzmanics. Full of info a… better performance out of your Sitecore sites? This free webinar will show you how to use the JAMstack to get… JAMstack to your platform with one line of config. ◆ Serve pre-built assets from the edge ◆ Serve everything e…
✍️What You Can Do with Netlify Build Plugins I've spent some time dabbling with @netlify
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Have you been keeping up with @Tzmanics Netlify schematics for Angular posts? They're pretty fire, here they are, i… Netlify, we're always keen on figuring out what challenges developers face and how we can help improve the overa… how to create lightning fast Sitecore websites using the JAMstack in this upcoming webinar. 🗓 March 24th 🕘9a…
Yes, Netlify runs Netlify on Netlify with Netlify as Netlify! or was it Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buf… to learn how to create and edit a user's @angular files using schematics? Follow along with how we used this t… a heads up about @jamstackconf 🙂 Hope everyone is staying happy and healthy! sending virtual hugs 🤗 of today, the U.S. COVID-19 outbreak is 10 days behind Italy. Spain is 7 days behind, Germany is 8. With the to…
Retweeted by NetlifyWe love data & we want to gather & share it with you so we can all learn about our lovely JAMstack ecosystem! 👐fill… you're interested in checking out @angular schematics may we suggest starting in on this series that walks you t…
As part of Eleventy’s project transparency and to keep a historical record, here’s our @netlify analytics for the l…
Retweeted by NetlifyIt's here! The state of JAMstack survey! Curious about how everyone is using JAMstack technologies and what choices…'re kicking off a State of the JAMstack survey! Tell us about your JAMstack technology choices and experiences. W…
Retweeted by Netlify🗒 New post: Creating Netlify's Schematics for Angular Part one in a three part technical deep dive into the work b…'re kicking off a State of the JAMstack survey! Tell us about your JAMstack technology choices and experiences. W… you know that you can trigger Serverless Functions on an event? Netlify offers a long list of events that can k… JAMstack with a free 3.5 hour video, chock a block full of demos and examples!
Wouldn’t it be cool if the “Top Pages” from Netlify Analytics could drive a “Most Popular” list of posts on my home… @Netlify Analytics to power a list of “Popular Posts” on my blog’s home page. While the API is not officially…
Retweeted by NetlifyWatch as @jlengstorf learns from @zgordon how to use WordPress with @gatsbyjs and @Netlify to build a headless CMS…😎 Happy to host: Learn about variable fonts with this amazing primer from @jpamental and f… and JAMstack are the best of friends. They complement each other wonderfully. And with @redwoodjs, a ne…
We have a new Twitter for Netlify Community! @NetlifyCmnty follow for the best of Tips & Tricks straight from our… to Deploy your Angular App on Netlify ☞ #angularjs #javascript
Retweeted by Netlify7 out of the top 8 fastest #BuiltWithEleventy sites are hosted on @Netlify 👀👀👀 (and I _think_ three of them are @philhawksworth’s)
Retweeted by Netlify @dtauvdiodr can you elaborate?We've had a lot of great feedback on the way we do feedback! (ba dum tss) What other good code review ideas have y…
ICYMI: There's a new fullstack #JAMstack framework on the block! "This feels like Rails for the JavaScript age" -…❓Question for #JAMstack folks: Should content live in Git? When do you use a Git-based CMS, and when do you use a…
👀 are you curious how reactivity works in @vuejs 3? @shortdiv wrote up a brilliant overview to introduce us to the…🎓 if you’re interested in learning the JAMstack, @philhawksworth has released a wonderful 3.5-hour video with… may have heard the phrase “Ruby on Rails, but for JavaScript” used before — if you’re not a Rails dev, that mig… the interest of public health and protecting the community, JAMstack Conf London is now an online-only event — l… @aloukissas @airtable @NotionHQ Thank you!You know certain products/companies that you can't stop from telling your peers about? For me, it's none of the hip…
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Congrats to the @getpostman team for shipping their first JAMstack app! It's looking mighty fresh! 🙌🙌🙌… functions are a breeze to make, all you need is a functions folder to get started. Here's a quick article t… @CeruTheDev Hi @CeruTheDev, we're so sorry, our support team accidentally miscommunicated- we didn't know this was… couple of days ago, @redwoodjs, a fullstack solution to the JAMstack was released, and our very own @swyx wrote a… to see how to use @WordPress on the Jamstack? @zgordon and @jlengstorf are teaming up on @LWJShow to build a… are many As in JAMstack, and @chrisoncode is running a webinar all about it today at 12pm CT: is a two sided plugin model that gives you both the tools and the "recipe" for building a JAMstack site,…
Have you checked out the @freeCodeCamp Introduction to the Jamstack video from the amazing @philhawksworth? You can… code is only as fast as the ship it sails fast as the boat it serves to...wait...our delivery n… awesome new post from our amazing @shortdiv on Reactivity "In Vue 3, we now have the ability to encapsulate and… is a new @freeCodeCamp video from our favorite Hawksworth, @philhawksworth. It's an introduction to the Jamst…
The Digital Experience Platform in a JAMstack world, a great article on the benefits of decoupling… reviews at Netlify now have a new feedback ladder: "..You’re living in a house that’s still being built. Each…