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It’s Friday! If you’re looking for something fun to do with the last few minutes of your work week, we humbly sugge… you’re building a Next app and want to protect content so only logged-in users can see it, @cassidoo wrote a tut… a look at our road to one million developers! ...and find out where you joined us. have PJ pants in our spankin’ new swag store so you can rock the remote mullet: business up top, maximum comfort… at this great synthwave-inspired site from @type__error — it auto-detects your light or dark mode preference,…
Hard to believe that it has been 4 years since we invented deploy previews to give developers time machines as part… you signed up for the Headless Commerce Summit yet? Join this FREE event to learn from top digital agencies, p… @DavidDarnes IT'S PHYSICS, DAVE! @martinbean Doh! Sorry Martin. The demand has been beyond our wildest dreams! (which sucks if you just wanted somet…👚 The Netlify swag store is here! 👕 Come for the socks. Stick around for the PJs. All our clothing is guaranteed* t…💰🔐 Learn how to protect your @contentful content behind a @stripe-powered paywall! @stefanjudis is live on @LWJShow @graphqlsummit is back on today! Join the free event and learn what’s new in the world of GraphQL. you know you can set up a whole dang @contentful-powered knowledge base and deploy it to Netlify with no code r…🎶 Do you ever feel Like a plastic bag 🎶 🎶 Deleting all your code Recloning the repo 🎶
🎶Netlify can help you JUMP JUMP 🎶Skip the queue, your build can JUMP JUMP Learn more about build queue management… love seeing everyone's unique spot! Keep sharing 🥰 the Netlilove! (& learn all about out 1million devs story her…📣 The Headless Commerce Summit ◆ Keynote ◆ User Stories ◆ Architecture Lightning Talks ◆ Speaker Panel Discussion…"Five years ago, Netlify launched and changed the way developers build for the web. Today we are thrilled to celebr… great, John! Nice work 😍 @sarah_edo @ReinH @jlengstorf @cassidoo @Tzmanics 👁️👄👁️
Jamstack Conf Virtual is coming back! We had thousands of awesome attendees this past round and we're ready again.… love you. You're one a million! love Josh's post on how you can build really dynamic sites statically!🚚 Here's a really great post from @daviddarnes on his experience and steps when migrating to Netlify DNS!'ve really been struggling with this one string, but once I put two and two together, I got 22
We pioneered some big things on the road to our first million developers ◆ smart, edge-based redirects in 2015 ◆ d… time is it? It's swag time! Behold! The new Netlify swag store! T-shirts, and hoodies, and jim-jams, oh my!…⚡️ Achievement unlocked ⚡️ One million developers on Netlify are building sites and apps that an estimated 12% of… a million! favorite part is we work into making it accessible. You can also turn the animations off with a toggle if you ha…
Retweeted by NetlifyI wrote up a "making of" post on @css that dives into how it was made with @greensock's new ScrollTrigger in case y…
Retweeted by Netlify🎉 We've been working for a while on a site that celebrates Netlify reaching a million devs! I'm super excited to s…
Retweeted by Netlify✨✨✨ Announcing: The Headless Commerce Summit! ✨✨✨ A half-day, virtual event for web development leaders. 🗓 Sept…
@Netlify, y’all. Super important work here and very proud of this message.
Retweeted by NetlifyRecently graduated from uni, wanted to deploy my portfolio website. I was introducted to @Netlify and honestly I wi…
Retweeted by Netlify @bharathsrr @heroku Go for it!
This looks really rather good! Discussions and presentations and experts and insights and panels and all for free…
If you'd like to add authentication to your Next.js app, this article has you covered!✨Announcing build prioritisation ✨ The feature queue-jumpers have been climbing over each other for these free online conferences are so awesome, today there's GraphQL Summit! They even have a Jamstack track- we…'s never been a better time to be a Jamstack developer, the API economy is flourishing. Our own @philhawksworth w…, form an orderly... um... look at this!
Ready to migrate from WordPress to the Jamstack? Here's some inspiration and knowledge from the team at @LiveChat o… for ways to tailor your build process to fit your team's or your user's needs? Check out our build plugins… is the most confusing part of the Jamstack?It’s July 28, 2020 approximately 11:15 PM PT. I, April Speight, have deployed my first website with Netlify 🙌🏾 Wh…
Retweeted by Netlify“After time spent banging our heads against a wall trying to find a consistent & repeatable deployment method, whic… user login & sign up with just a few buttons click, really! Read this: Watch this:
Not sure how to get started with Netlify Functions? @ekafyi has you covered! use Netlify publish modern web projects right from your repos much as we love @seldo's big hair, we gotta admit: his webinars are dang cool, too. love CSS art, this is so cool! have a joke about CSS but it's not !important
✨ So many tools with yummy APIs to use! ✨ Here, @philhawksworth explains how to use @trello as a simple CMS. BYO S… for self-hosted @GitHub and @GitLab repos! "Publishing from GitHub or GitLab repos deployed on the user’s own… to the @nuxt_js team for a smashing and useful release!! 🎉 know you're excited @Tzmanics, but keep your hair on! ✨ We're doing it all again. ✨ @jamstackconf - October 6t… love it when a (new pricing) plan comes together.🎵 Another day another dollah 🎶 🎶 Another week another installah 🎵 Did you know we have a cool CLI that you can ins…
We're so hyped about our new self-hosted @gitlab integrations! 😍🎯Jamstack Conf Virtual is coming back on October 6-7, 2020! Submit a talk, register, or join as a sponsor now! willingness to collaborate, debate, and learn is part of what makes @Netlify great. The company’s leadership know…
Retweeted by NetlifyPhillip wrote up a great tutorial on what hosting is, and how to do it with Netlify! @JonNicholson94 Yes, not telling you to use Next.js specifically! Just showing an example of how you can use lambda… @JonNicholson94 Netlify Functions is the solution you'll want to check out! Here's an example of how it can work wi… @ThisIsMissEm Hey! We're aware that this is a limitation and that we are looking into making this experience a bit easier, sorry about that! @orlovedev 냍리파이 @the_bluescreen Yes!🎉 Self-hosted GitLab and GitHub Enterprise are now on Netlify! Ha ha! Business! 🍰 ha ha ha cake joke are these still cool
Love Next.js? Love Netlify? This post is really compelling: 2 Ways to Create Server-Rendered Routes Using Next.js… First: Pre-Generated JAMstack Sites with Serverless Rendering as a Fallback This post by @philhawksworth on…“With Netlify’s announcement, orgs on @GitHub Enterprise Server now have the opp to build & ship high-performance w… To Create A Headless WordPress Site On The JAMstack, on @smashingmag love @debs_obrien's super helpful blog for setting up @Cypress_io with a build plugin to make the process super…
"We are excited that Netlify now offers GitLab SaaS and self-managed integrations for users looking to use the…🚀 In case you missed it, yesterday we released a new pricing plan across the board! We hope you'll think it's out o… @neverendingqs @TheRealMaxion 👁️👄👁️ ~ l o v e t h e f u n c t i o n s ~ ~ n o s e v e r i n g ~We LOVE this digital garden template by @vaillancourtmax! 🌷 @TheRealMaxion Thanks for catching that! On it.It's not too late to sign up for our own @jlengstorf's Serverless Functions workshop today!💥 Here's a first: The workflows you love are now possible with your Enterprise git repositories. Introducing suppo…
@CoachDK_CC @CliffordAmena This post might be helpful? you see the news? We've got brand spankin' new pricing for Netlify Pro, and a new Business plan! @bclawson780 It's 100 entries per site per month! To get unlimited, switch over to the Business plan. :)Netlify... now available with self-hosted @GitLab! ◆ Branch deploys ◆ Preview builds ◆ Integrated CI/CD ◆ Instant r… now available with @GitHub for Enterprise! ◆ Branch deploys ◆ Preview builds ◆ Integrated CI/CD ◆ Instan…🎉 Self-hosted GitLab and GitHub Enterprise are now on Netlify! @HenriHelvetica Yes! A recording will be sent out to all registrants 😊 @lastmjs @seldo New pricing automatically kicks in at your November billing cycle. Or, you can go in now and move t… big news from @netlify today: much more affordable Pro pricing!
Retweeted by NetlifyWas $45/month for all our delicious Pro features too much for you? Now get it all for just $19!
Retweeted by NetlifyYou asked, we listened. Netlify Pro, now only $19 a month! @teh_builder @cassidoo Now there's a lower point of entry, instead of having 3 team members upfront in the $45 plan…💥 That's not all! The workflows you love are now possible with your Enterprise git repositories. Introducing supp…'s a first: ✨ Now, you can get all of our Pro features for just $19 a month!! ✨ Business plan? Our brand new… @johnlindquist We kind of do have that: (should have been named petlify, suuuuper missed opportunity) @tlakomy yes, you got us @Steuph @cassidoo sooooo close to saying it's done rn