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@OutragePoet @TreyStoneAuthor In the summer both @NotEdelweiss No Dutch. Flemish is a sort of Medieval farmer's dialect if you ask me @DoYouEvenLif So let's enjoy the months in between with a vengeance @MarcusCVance @runalongwomble Legacy of ash, by Matthew Ward @thetowerofstars , very entertaining @TochiTrueStory @StinaLeicht Is this about the looting, hurting shopkeepers, burning down buildings and people's pr… @laurcunn Here's on from me. They are so cute when they do that @Blink_Drive I subtract this year from my age? I didn't use it or anything.
Retweeted by Nettie is editing#Pentecost #cycling Lovely cycle ride with my husband. Perfect weather and beautiful Belgian Kempenland. @JosephSprenger7 One of your bland tweets just made me buy two of your books @MArmstadt I never ever check. Only I make sure to follow back as Twitter often unfollows in my name @joshualeeronin The worst are the vultures with the cameras @RealSardonicus Don't know why but somehow this is a no for me @angelgirl1077 How come you're still alive? I'll be 96 @writingiswar As I know how hard it is, well done to persevere. When do you hope to publish? @thecodybannon I know I shouldn't but🤣🤣🤣#SpaceX The flight was the the fulfillment of a risky bet by NASA under the Obama administration to entrust the pri… @citizrob Reigers invoeren @LexVerzijl Nederland is ook mooi. @citizenkawala Give it time @SoCal_Chemistry I suggest Cetrazine, anti allergy drug for rashes and bites. Can make you a bit sleepy though. Other compound than Benadril @LexVerzijl Goedemorgen. We verwachten leuke reis foto's.🤣🤣🤣 @stephenRB4 And in Belgium
@garethlpowell @GillianRedfearn Here hardly anybody seems to bother anymore. Often I'm the only one. @AzadWrites @inferno4dante I keep seeing yours. Must have like too many @dedbutdrmng That's why in real life we use numbers to day when the new meeting will be. @jburnmurdoch Friday is the answer. @d_ast777 The shoes just about makes it miss the barefoot, pregnant ,in the kitchen thing that men apparently like so much @TreyStoneAuthor @garethlpowell Velociraptor and Leopard?#amazon #tbr pile Just saw I have already bought 37 books in 2020. Saving on travel, restaurants and clothes sure h… @AmyMarsden12 Number and title for now, so I know what they're about @NoraEdington Clean fresh cool water. @MagicalOverload Beam me somewhere @dennisvdbergu Graag gedaan hoor @stephenRB4 No one was. Reason why Westerners feel the heat so much. They just don't adapt their speed level . @PietaSpoelstra Is het Bravecto? Dat is duur, maar wel effectief. 45 euro, blijft 3 maanden werken. Als ze een teek krijgen valt die eraf. @schrijftijgerin Perssinaasappels zijn goedkoper want ze hoeven er niet mooi uit te zien @AuthorBryan I know all about 'that' @ExLife_Coach @henchbeaver 7 billion people, you're welcome @NapVeg @henchbeaver In the year 4004? @Wetdarkandwild I nearly bought that one. I had Grandfather's shed. I sound like a really boring person. @wildethingy The 8th : 1 meter distance @TheImprovisor @byloveelissa I'm so sorry for your loss. A dog takes such a big space in your heart. Keep those lov… @LexVerzijl Goedemorgen. Vanaf vandaag mogen we naar Nederland. Maandag klein familie reünie met mijn twee zoons. Ik ben heel blij. @SoCal_Chemistry Not remotely as bad as cigarettes and diesel fumes @citizrob Wedstrijd in gezond ontbijten. @TreyStoneAuthor I am living my dream, retired finally @Brendan3nglish @unionlib Those kids got what they were asking for. @writingiswar And not your hottest month yet. Wonder how hot and dry it has to become for people starting to take C… @TreyStoneAuthor Maybe first a quiet word with the person in question? @TheWritingDruid I started with it. @Miep51082958 Okay. Mijn moeder woonde er en ik soms tussen reizen door. Was toen erg gezellig.#Covid_19 #Borderlands #happy As of today we are allowed cross border family visits!!!! I can see my sons again,…
@Miep51082958 Schaepmanlaan @Miep51082958 Daar heb ik ook nog gewoond. @jimjamieson Brexit was a waste of time. No one in the EU had any freedom of movement now @sarahjbrowne Keep doing what you're doing. It's going to work out fine @Miep51082958 Waar zit die kapper? Dat wil ik ook. @stephenRB4 No need at all @citizrob @WittyMystic It is usually you who closes that door and has the capacity to open another @WorldsKilgore That is a long time. Same just happened to one of my brothers. Very sad. But luckily not acrimonious. Just grew apart. @NotEdelweiss Or just licking them all for that very special cat taste @TheImprovisor Often they have eaten something that doesn't agree with them. Sometimes we believe they get the flu as well. @SoCal_Chemistry I started reading from the adult library at 12 years old. I hope everyone from that age upwards can enjoy what I write. @TeamKlunsWendy Dan Ben je in de zomer nog nooit in een kas geweest @citizenkawala @reputathebeauta Are you talking about my husband? He's British. Those school uniforms are bad for d… @EWindt Gelukkig zitten we op 4g na jaren problemen met connectie. @dfpwriter @garethlpowell I prefer blues and greens. Red and yellow can be very aggresive @garethlpowell A bit daemony, like you write these books about hell. @FosterFamTravel My heart is working normally again @garethlpowell @tomshotphoto Black and white always show character. The one in the first set reminded me a bit of O… @citizenkawala We call it wiet#DIY mama has got herself a nice new power tool. Son borrowed the old one, never to be seen again @NozizweDube Every ex colonial country has racism in its core. It just takes some longer to root it out than others… morning. There is a kind of marvellous here.
Retweeted by Nettie is editingHoe gaan we dit veranderen ?
Retweeted by Nettie is editing @java_assassin @DaanSoeperman @Ingeborgvraagt Dus met eerlijk spelen @egdeaile_writer @Katie_Masters29 The new Twitter#Twitter first 24/7surveillance of citizens, then house arrest for everyone except rulers, a mask so you can't spe… norm het beetje bij zijn naam. Fraude bij orders mondmaskers en niet enkel bij het leger. #mondmaskers #leger
@MikeyMurphy What does this say of the people who elected him and the ones who keep him in place? @KatelynRaeBooks I'm a very mature person, but still love to browse some of the books for small children. They are… more wonderful writers @MaryVorontsov Quite right. I grew up and worked in all male environment. I ended up feeling quite sorry for them.… @KatelynRaeBooks What in heaven's name are age range books! @Bob_Janke @Knorg How come I still see them? @SVFilice Well done! @artbydaan Proost, ik ook @ashley_bochman @garethlpowell @stephenRB4 @LordGrimdark @tadethompson @johnbethel @claremackint0sh to name a tiny few @LordGrimdark @PatrickAttawayy Again? @CMatthewsAuthor @lilylawson22 Already following her. You usually have nice people in your lists @MaryVorontsov Now, now language young lady. You can express yourself much better.