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Adam Sheehan @neumaverick The Bay Area, con hotels

Director of Events at @Crunchyroll. Over-analyzer of geek culture & anime. Lives w/wife and 4 cats, a daughter in college. Some of these are rescues.

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G7G @UnburntWitch Fucking legend!
Having worked on the post-Challenger studies (as an editor), I am GLAD that @NASA is taking care and listening to i…
Retweeted by Adam SheehanWell now I am @stopthistrain28 @worldofcrap Holy crap @worldofcrap I didn’t learn about this until I watched Watchemen on HBO and had the same feeling of, “how have I ne…'s now on HBO Max, so you can tell your normal friends to watch it too!
Retweeted by Adam SheehanTook a walk to @newbeverly and pretended like I was first in line.
Retweeted by Adam Sheehandemanding the state be reopened amidst a pandemic vs demanding justice for #GeorgeFloyd
Retweeted by Adam SheehanWell nerds, I fuckin' did it. Took me a global pandemic and a damn quarantine, but I did it. I figured out the pr…
Retweeted by Adam Sheehan @AgentM Same :( @profvinnycho It was more a play off the ‘freshmen 15’. The 15lbs you gain your first year of college after having… @profvinnycho Gotta watch out for gaining that COVID 15 lbs @profvinnycho Sadly I do not know :(
This is going to make some good cheddar for Hot Topic! Twitter just slapped a warning label on Trump’s tweets for the first time.
Retweeted by Adam SheehanIf working in anime ever goes south I guess I could take on a government service agent or two. A cross country ligh… triumph
Retweeted by Adam SheehanMy dad (in white) recently shared with me these photos of him when he was in the Air Force and stationed over in En…, forgot to tag @rubetime on this threadBob Rubin is like if the movie The Lighthouse became sentient and decided to go into stand up comedy. Thank you… @pattonoswalt’s new Netflix special. And it’s great, as always. Love all of Paton’s work. With his special…
@joshrpool 🤔These eBay e-mails seem to get better at targeting me by the day"During this global crisis, we need global solidarity." Word. Stay home. And if/when you can't, mask up and stay 6…
Retweeted by Adam Sheehan @littleramyun @reelchrishayes 2 legit to quit drilling holes in the wall @JustRojas Yes
And I only played it because I thought it was a rip off of a game idea I mailed Nintendo when I was a kid. Yea, I’v… @storrieville @ChloeCondon It was a glorious time. Like eating in the staff kitchen on the Enterprise from Star Trek TNG. @SenorMcSketch You shut up! Shut up now!Watch on repeat. Thank me later. please send this to me back in Jr. High during the early 90’s @larynx_lynx @RedSox @Oh_Thunderclese Here you go! @russ_lowery And where can I find this software? @EJRivera @marisabalkus @RedSox @Oh_Thunderclese Right?? I couldn’t resist!Fun fact, the base Thunderclese is sitting on in this photo I bought at the Fenway Park official shop during… @RedSox offer you to put a message up on the big screen at Fenway Park and the money goes to charity. We couldn…
Retweeted by Adam SheehanUnless I’m sitting under some oil I’m screwed kinda feel like this some days here in this universe as well @Striker283 Happy birthday! @stopthistrain28 They should go on a national tour. Including SF. @chadbonin Cool, will try and check it out @chadbonin What’s it playing on?Oh man this was it back in the day. Back when I would scramble downstairs in the mornings as a kid to watch ESPN al…
Retweeted by Adam SheehanWill someone please make this? I would watch this all day. @reelchrishayes I get that. For me, keep 1-2 elements of the story grounded and you can make any wild choices you w… @JustRojas This is the way @reelchrishayes 100% agree now, couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I’m unemployable outside of the entertainment industry. ;)I turned on PlutoTV and flipped the channels the wrong way I was planning. It ended up landing on a channel showing… @The_REAL_Greg_G Fuck dude, that would have been epicOh yea, I bought concert tickets back in February for tonight.
@ljmontello And that’s just awesome ^_^Another fantastic photo of Taco Bell in the 1990s, before the disease of modernism
Retweeted by Adam Sheehan20 years ago next month I took over a little anime website with a friend. I thought it would take up a few hours of…
Retweeted by Adam Sheehan @_sakusakus @Rae_1st Pretty sure we’ve talked about this at some point at some con back in the day tooMy whole career. I got out of college thinking I was going into sports marketing. I thought working in anime was a… am at a loss for word. I’ve stared at this for the past few moments, looking over as many names as I can. It sta… looks like my daughter has some marketing/promotional skills in her genes. #ProudDad’ve been spending the morning eating cake, drinking champagne, and talking about anime cons from the late 90’s/ea… @tristencitrine @ANN_Ed False! I said I would give up grilled cheese very quickly. giving up them bothToday being our wedding anniversary I thought I would share a photo of the first time I ever saw Char, long before… when putting it off after your friends have told you for years it’s worth the time. You have to commit to it t…👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Retweeted by Adam SheehanZac was blown away when this happened. (Thank you for reminding me @MichaelToole )
Retweeted by Adam SheehaniTunes gets it right sometimes @BlissWallpaper Yep, it’s from the doc. More tears shed in the doc than the film if that helps. @BlissWallpaper We all cried during the documentary. The music was part of that and why I had to own the vinyl. @tristencitrine got this in the mail today. It is a well needed day of sunshine. @tristencitrine @worldofcrap Yes, will do this for sure! Just let us know when you need it by.
@UnburntWitch I can hear it ringing in my ears!! @shipsnavigator Gotta represent @_sakusakus So turn on ESPN on mute and have a tall beer? @GHouser Did I stutter? ;P @worldofcrap Don’t make me start crying again Justin god damn it! (and by that I mean thank you) @OkazuYuri I’ve dreamt about an edit button so fully understand @VamptVo It was his super power, and a greatly useful one at that @ANN_Ed And I would taken it off right then and given it to him. He would then give me an awkward smile and reply, “...nice Zelda tattoo”. @weebservations It’s one of my favorites, shared it with him a while back :) @Kyle_Cardine Thank you for thinking about me and others today and reading this @ANN_Lynzee It’s one of my favorites @ANN_Ed 100% true. Sac was always good at telling people what he thought about, well, everything. He wouldn’t be a… @joshrpool But you did know Asuka hated MondaysThink I found the best shirt for today for 2 reasons: - it’s Hideaki Anno’s 60th birthday - Zac would have have app… @TeeDotally Great thread. @nonamehoff is great, you’re great, and you are even better together. Also, miss you both! @GHouser That seems like a you problem ;) @JJRonald71 He loved Eizouken, and him being able to write about it each week gave him great joy. @jackie_smith Because knowing Zac you know it’s true case you need it.
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@worldofcrap @tristencitrine Oh, we know, because we love you right back just as much @worldofcrap I’m getting into a car right now to give you a hug. The best part here, is you don’t know if I’m kidding or not.Everyone should be a little extra easy breezy with others today. Just a suggestion. Most impressive. Happy 40th anniversary, #TheEmpireStrikesBack! We’re celebrating with this incredible…
Retweeted by Adam SheehanWait, did Pac-Man and The Empire Strikes Back come out on the same day?? 0_0 #ESB40