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Adam Sheehan @neumaverick The Bay Area, con hotels

Director of Events at @Crunchyroll & @WatchVRV. Overanalyzer of geek culture & anime. Lives w/wife and 4 cats, a daughter in college. Some of these are rescues.

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@JustRojas That was always a not fun partCongrats Astros and thank you for beating the Yankees game’n @ActionZacku I try to give back when I canWe started watching Succession today. Digging it so far but I was disappointed by the internet to find out there is…
@idrawrainbows 100%Current status a package comes in from eBay and you don’t remember what you bought until you open the box because more than l… @sailorbee Five Star Stories mentioned on the front of a Newtype. Even it being 2019 somethings never change.“This new Third Eye Blind album is pretty sweet.” - the most 40+ year old thing I’ve said in a while @finalsights Exactly, representation matters @coffeetan one also is great is also my new favorite response image comments on this are priceless. Zoe Kravits is going be a great Catwoman. @calebandrew Sorry dude, was looking forward to it @tsunderica I can see it as if it was yesterdayIt was a simpler time @sailorbee plushie has seen some dark stuff too tired and stressed to drink these past 10 days. About to fix that.
@satinephoenix @allanamato @GildingLight Your bravery and amazing person for sharing this.this video of paul rudd demonstrating how he takes pictures of celebrities and makes his hand look like a butt is h…
Retweeted by Adam Sheehannah, I’m good @profvinnycho Feeling especially old now seeing how the lead singer looks more like Neal Young these days.Did anyone else in SF just get this alert? @PikaHikariKT @Oh_Thunderclese @tristencitrine He is part blanketIn the end though they decided to both just play with some robotic fish swimming around in a bowl he’s doing that @TaigaNyo and I are off for adventure @Oh_Thunderclese thinks he’s a weighted blanket for @tristencitrine
you ever just give into your primal urges and draw a pizza hut
Retweeted by Adam Sheehantanjiro's part time job
Retweeted by Adam SheehanIt looks like a 300 year old lesson in economics is happening again @joshrpool @jazqui Cracklin' Oat Bran - “It looks healthy but we cover everything in sugar so it tastes great and you don’t fe… @jazqui No Cracklin' Oat Bran? I can’t get behind this chart.I have to say going into week 7 of #FantasyFootball my teams overall are not doing too bad so far this season was wild y’all laughed waaaaay to hard at some of these
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Retweeted by Adam Sheehan🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 did it
Retweeted by Adam Sheehan @erikaishii Great Golgo 13 cosplayUntitled Goose MMO
Retweeted by Adam Sheehanbecause of course there are baby raves @calebandrew At least he’s not Scott Adams. @calebandrew Really? Well that’s sad to hear.oh, well that’s a surprise @Andrew_M_Yates such is my life @Andrew_M_Yates I don’t know about 60% of the time. The other is split between sitting in the tub, cleaning themsel… spend too much time each day asking our cats, “why are you wet?” @vdeviance @BillZoeker Well that’s creepy
@AgentM in on this before the Kickstarter ends!'m Inktobering! My theme: Arthouse Muppets. Day #2: Animal in Akira Kurosawa's THRONE OF BLOOD. Pen, brush, ink &…
Retweeted by Adam Sheehan @melanie_411 4.2, no damage @melanie_411 We’re ok, just a bit dizzy @stopthistrain28 Unsubscribe!Ok, let’s cut it out with the earthquakes right when we’re going to bed please! @profvinnycho @TaigaNyo Never forget!
. @TaigaNyo and I over here thinking about a discontinued soda line @ChloeCondon 1971? Looking really good for your age it seems. @ruffinellial They did notLocalization
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Retweeted by Adam SheehanAlec Guinness interview on the set of Star Wars
Retweeted by Adam Sheehan本気でおもちゃの写真を撮る人🤩
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@WanderinDreamr @ButteryTortie She does :) @calebandrew far an easier day. Been watching football in bed with @ButteryTortie the last hour. @TinaACallaghan @ChuckWendig And it’s just great in audio form tooDon’t support the new #LisaFrankHotel #popup ! I cannot believe the twisted background to the development of that c…
Retweeted by Adam SheehanGo boom #SpoilAMovieIn2Words dad #SpoilAMovieIn2Words @calebandrew 80s cartoon budget breakdown: 20% animation 10% story 70% intro productionYou ever think about the intro to M.A.S.K. and, you know, just smile? @melanie_411 @tristencitrine So far so good @tristencitrine @hoover_dam last few days for @tristencitrine and myself have been on hard mode. Been going non stop and when having a shor…
Work smarter, not harder still watch The Black Hole a couple of times each year. Robert Forster is one of the reasons why. #RIP 4 Horsemen of 90’s soundtracks IMO: - Singles - Batman Forever - Can’t Hardly Wait - The Saint @AgentM @badcoverversion That’s so awesome!!!! Welcome to parenting, it’s a wild time! :) 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Nurse @Oh_Thunderclese has not left @tristencitrine’s side all day @calebandrew Blade is amazing, both art and storyWait a minute
Retweeted by Adam Sheehan @LaurMoor It’s fucking October! TX weather needs to cut that shit out by now. @Chrisayresva There are so many symptoms out there that feel like a heart attack or stroke. It’s always good to pay… @WowSuchKrystal @Chrisayresva I can’t imagine how scary that must have been @MarisaBalkus I now can’t get this thought out of my mind @WowSuchKrystal @Chrisayresva glad it wasn’t a heart attack. That sounds very scary.Been there twice this year. 1 time I had 5 different symptoms (some anxiety related) that together looked real bad.… @melanie_411 I’m all for air shows, just did not expect one over our home today :) @calebandrew If there were no spooky stuff in a book by Stephen King I would call the cops @hoover_dam @JQAdams_MHS Smart! @calebandrew I love how it’s drips all the info that you would get from a business book but tells it through a stor… @hoover_dam @StephenKing @SPressfield That must be some amazing Ouiji board technology there @hoover_dam