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When I give you some of my time, I give you some of my life. #Amanfo) #KNUST #PharmD. #Vision2020 #PharmediaGH #teamSarkodie

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Good morning and stay safe. 💚 shake-up could be coming in your life, and it might have to ... More for Capricorn @blackjuiceeeee Vibe#StayAtHome #SpreadCalmNotFear
Retweeted by FOKN 6 @AfiaHope Herrh get away issokay 🤣🤣 @AfiaHope As3 ay3 hu 😂😂😂 @AfiaHope You’re enjoying the rumbles. I’ll set you up soon. @Gyanksss18 🤭🤭 @Gyanksss18 I’m not even complainingMese ne ti s3 ice chess no na y3ntumi nka irl. @Gyanksss18 Oh this is your nice? wow @Gyanksss18 Just say goodnight..ah @Selooorm @Gyanksss18 Mate Efo @Gyanksss18 Good night.
@kuukuanikoi You go talk true @mistapillson As your head no reduce mey3 okay 🤣🤣🤣 @Selooorm @Gyanksss18 You want to start beef? Like you’re ready?? @kuukuanikoi I can setup one for you right away @Gyanksss18 You’re number 1. How you make my dms dry no edey be you?😂😂😂😂 @AfiaHope Mey3 very okay. @Afiasisterr Shutup and sleepCorona virus has killed millions of people 😫 but u n ur family are still alive,, thank God for de gift of life 🙏
Retweeted by FOKN 6 @AfiaHope It’s over @_fremzy You barrrrrrb @AfiaHope so you you’re now following me? I’m unfollowing you.The pharmacy twitter tl was for fun now you people use that opportunity to attack people you can’t talk to irl. Sh!… self respect need me pass
Retweeted by FOKN 6Contrary to some claims, studying pharmacology is not "like memorizing a dictionary". It's significantly harder than that.
Retweeted by FOKN 6Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.
Retweeted by FOKN 6 @Kunta_Nimo247 🙇🙇🙇 @Kunta_Nimo247 Your words are ye @Kunta_Nimo247 Nbs soapy @Kunta_Nimo247 Sane?? 🤣🤣🤣How people dey figa not fooling is maturity? Ah 😂😂😂 @Kunta_Nimo247 These are not ordinary times but nkwasiade naa na y3 wod3The way you speak to and treat others really show what you're made of. Don't forget that
Retweeted by FOKN 6💊✅Stay at Home. And Learn Pharmacology.
Retweeted by FOKN 6 @doc_fami @Google What if you’re lying too? @doc_fami @Google But you were receiving it. According to my boss @doc_fami @YeboahAsirifi How innocent? @doc_fami @Google Big girl like you @YeboahAsirifi @doc_fami I no bore @doc_fami @YeboahAsirifi So you’ve been receiving it all this while 🤭 @Afiasisterr Foh @doc_fami @ whoever told you. @YeboahAsirifi @doc_fami So she’s pretending @Afiasisterr Language please. @Afiasisterr Why little girl dey use the f word laidat without any warrant? @YeboahAsirifi @doc_fami Why she’s 16 or 17? @YeboahAsirifi @doc_fami Ah she doesn’t need TLC ei @YeboahAsirifi @doc_fami Ignore s3n? @doc_fami Oh you’re serious? I know you’re lying @doc_fami The very reason why there’s no love out there.. science! @doc_fami TLC @maludavirgin_7 All calls to you Nana. Osikani abrante3 @docmimi_ I’ll do anything for you baby @AlutaBobby Sh!t is real cuz @Fibic_love Yaaaaassssss we tired asfYou people should buy enough airtime and data bundles for this lock down thing. We’re all inside you can’t be askin… birthday to Ghana’s best President ever @NAkufoAddo . What a man! God bless you with strength and wisdom to k… @ms_miiimiii Alright thanks.. @ms_miiimiii Can you recommend some books?The way you feel about your daily life affects how you feel at... More for Capricorn @markin975 It’s a trap @markin975 3.y3 fa woa ashawo k)da @markin975 Gamer girls s3 s3n? Ei 🥺 @I_amPoki I’m rehearsing. I’m singing for you same time tomorrow. @markin975 Ah gee @I_amPoki The song is fire 🔥She say you p3 you don’t want to give up why? 😂😂😂😂Tables will turn😐
Retweeted by FOKN 6 @Selooorm You know what will kill you? @Selooorm So foh @Ghanaforgold 😆😆 @markin975 @Ghanaforgold I saw it @Ghanaforgold Well I’ve told you @LastcaroStews Alright, thank you.But you’re not even God. @Ghanaforgold I think the face tooI be talking to myself all night. I don’t even pray before I sleep lately.
EventuallyADDITIONALLY ON BOARD (1/2) 16 “Micropaq” patient monitors 1 “I-Stat” blood gas analyzer 2 flexible bronchoscopes…
Retweeted by FOKN 6THE PATIENT TRANSPORT UNIT CONSISTS OF Intensive care ventilator "Evita 4" transport ventilator "Oxylog 3000" mult…
Retweeted by FOKN 6World BEST medevac for COVID patient. Germany activates their flying ICU plane, an Airbus A310 MedEvac, to fly coro…
Retweeted by FOKN 6 @skwakes_c 😂😂😂😂 @rennibai How do you do them both? @_nhancie_ The streets aint safe. @snake_D_eyed @OwusuTitus Thanks @Mar_Peee CharlieDIGITAL IDENTIFICATION FOR PHARMACISTS Dear Colleagues, verify your login details on the Pharmacy Council portal.…
Retweeted by FOKN 6 @YeboahAsirifi Please please @yelarge_ Like i go dash dem the years @_nhancie_ Sweetheart don’t stay long on the tl. You’re dear to us.We bring you some amazing memories of the White Coat Ceremony. #flashbackfriday #Rx'20 @ them!! Powered by Pharme…
Retweeted by FOKN 6 @crystianshocker @gpsa_knust @GrilledTilapia @harrysylar @skwakes_c @blaqa123 @p_KayBiney @PaakwowMayor @_nhancie_ Relax i go show you @YeboahAsirifi Ah why you dey mention me? I no hold laddle b4 abeg. Not even push the saucepan to the end of the table. I’m too clean.God we deserve some chill.We we go uni 2014 go do 6 years programs like wanna year this. Now look at our lives. 😩😩😩