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Handling large voltages he/him Employee owned or unionize it Just a regular guy *insert pretentious Latin motto here*

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@RaginGayjun I'm so sorry. I love your dogs. @lauraboerman @AOC Which Republicans? The ones from the Lincoln Project? @TheBoredShow This is great!Describe yourself with two muppets @Velvet_Anvil Bloodshed for fighting capitalism only @benigma2017 @JoeBiden Mitt will have binders full of underwear. @Velvet_Anvil That kicks ass
@dipiombo I heard the same @WGNNews Holy spirit: "Hmmm life or death. Tough choice. Lemme get back to you on this one." @Ironman_E @Lowkey0nline We all drown in our own irony daily it seems. @dipiombo There's iron workers in that tiny basket hanging from the other crane. 3, I think. Every time you take an… @TheGigconomist @benigma2017 @Twitter I had those @theemrhammer @dipiombo Not sure. I know it was city or municipality steam lines. They're showing this when you take an OSHA class. @dipiombo Ever see this one? You can hear what has to be at least 3/4 inch flange bolts popping before the explosio… @DarthKevin81 @RepThomasMassie @CLForstner Did you see all those degrees in his bio? And he can't put 2 and 2 together.
My daughter is taking care of dementia patients in a nursing home where 2 of her patients have tested positive for… @dipiombo The thing about a convoy is, there's many of these. @ECMcLaughlin Do you realize this was just a dry run? Do you realize that these anti fascists stopped then from ris… @as_a_worker Do you ever feel like Eric Bogosian in Talk Radio? I don't know how you stand it. @OzKaterji Sanders = engagement = grift We know the formula Aren't you embarrassed for yourself?Imagine a scissors cutting a piece of paper (a plane) such that the force on the scissors and the turning of the pa… ready. Yang / Musk 2024 @as_a_worker Fortunately for us, the ruins of our barbarism are forming right before our eyes. So this is better. 🙄How will historians account for the society that was so well advanced and so highly educated yet so profoundly igno… @AnEnormousBoy @as_a_worker People seriously believe this ffs @tony_magoni It's ok friend. Many overindulged last night as well. @FaintPaddy Before you go into any store, you're gonna do a little research. Same thing. But I agree, easier said than done. @dipiombo I would buy the bookNever heard of this guy. But he's on to something good. are stories i can only tell on my deathbed. And out of concern for the safety of my family I'm taking those s… @rat_liker Yikes. Peak at 250hp. Impotence. @ThePaleApe Damn. There's potential here is just not delivering. Thinking about giving up on this.Does Bly Manor get better? @as_a_worker We need to change "market compulsions" into market anarchy. @politicalcomic @benigma2017 When i have fears @OpinionatedLab Better with Zero 7 then solo. @jvgraz Against Republicans. I'm not holding my breath in this instance tho. @jvgraz I hope it's for gathering ammunition. @hellobballie @tacticaldipshit You all are having a. Moment.The broken window fallacy except the whole fucking house has been destroyed and the government should just give people some goddamned money.The situation wolf with room blitzer
@benigma2017 John Keats has a very nice poem on this very idea.Aaand now i gotta go saying hello Jello @hellobballie @tacticaldipshit Lol. Every word of it. Nice job. @LuchG2 @peterdaou Good sound quality. Thanks.This guy alert AF now. But with a chance of cloudiness.Anal destruction? This is about eating Carolina Reaper right?I'm starting to like Jeff because I think he's just indulging us now. @Chris_4205 @itsJeffTiedrich @realDonaldTrump Imagine being upset at the guy that says "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA you… @JohnFetterman @giselefetterman Our ex governor, Bruce Rauner used to wear carhartt and it really pissed me off, an… @Sia @HelenAngel @EmilyPember @supportingsia @Kris10Parisi @autisticbruce @Variety @dominickevans I hope… @KarenDLyons1 👍 @peterdaou "I'd love to change the world, but i don't know what to do" Ten Years After is now FORTY years.Lacie is 10 years old today. She'd have probably been retired from herding at this point if she'd not come to us. S… don't know if it's happening to you all. But i see instant karma in my personal life almost constantly. Happening…'m not saying you're bougie. I just can't focus enough to see anything other than pizza and hot dogs. @realDonaldTrump This time I'm glad you're lyingYou post pics of fancy meals. All i see is pizza and hot dogs. We are not the same. @tony_magoni Can i just pee on it tho? @whimsical_turd @jkass99 Yes they are the most american of any of us. The rest of us are foreigners.Many of you aren't awake right now and it shows.Last Saturday ot for a while. Need the money but need a break too. @jkass99 I love Canadian pasties. @rulesdisobeyer @theemrhammer Imagine staging all that pipe. Supply house drops it off. Then spent days just loadin…
@theemrhammer @rulesdisobeyer In the city. Many suburbs. The farther away you get the more likely you can do pvc with rigid stub upsMan, John Kasich has the world by the balls right now.Have any of you considered the other? @tony_magoni Nice @rulesdisobeyer It's good for ya lad! @rulesdisobeyer I've had days in the ditch, after digging it, spinning rigid. All fucking day long. Lol and day aft… @tony_magoni Four colors to choose from. @rulesdisobeyer Did you know that up here we do all rigid? Or sometimes pvc with rigid stub ups? Because i had no i… @ivebeenfarting1 But fighting the police naked is what we all hope for when we take them. @ivebeenfarting1 How?Yes the billionaires get the wall, but the first people to get the wall should be the grifers who wrote books and w… @ChrisTweetsLLC You gotta represent @dipiombo I've seen plenty of kids with the golden ticket mess it all up. They don't know what they've screwed up. Chance of a lifetime. @dipiombo Some kids need to see it, go back into the real world with low pay and benes, and then come back once the… @dipiombo I hate this. I can work with almost any kid and get him going in the right direction. The last thing you… @ivebeenfarting1 Love that movie @as_a_worker Pick your poison: British empire or Catholic?Rudy Giuliani: Alien facial @tony_magoni I hate vomitations @SirPlusValue @jayala_18 @PoliceOttawa @plethoramania @djtomhanks @FeedTheRats @slimeposting @gleegz @JaredComrade @NuggThuggLife Glad to hear @LolOverruled The 8th month is now known as Zuckember.For a fleeting moment.... Ah Nevermind @bror92663 @ABC Put your shirt on you tomato @NuggThuggLife How is Pop? @Connor_is_lovly Does this dipshit know Biden takes over jan 21?Wow. The Pope is normal. is what they had in mind for international men's day. @rulesdisobeyer This is the kind of international men's day i can get into @somegizmo Taking a picture with my kodak @rulesdisobeyer I'm smoking with an opera length cigarette holder, I'm an absurd international man!This should be the same day as international men's day