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It's no wonder "It" was such a massive success. We are a whole nation of dangerous clowns. piece of shit.Laurie Strode: Holy smokes, he's a TOON!I love that they locked him in a burning house and he came out with just soot on his mask like when daffy duck take… in the 90s was funny cuz people were all like oh, it's all just rebellion for rebellion's sake, it's so shallo…
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimythis is important
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimythe CDC has recommended that john mulaney slow down a little bit
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@betting_im_not mulaney got out of rehab, divorced his wife, and started dating olivia munn lmao this dude said white boy summer with his whole chest
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyThe CDC recommends aiming for the lycans' legs first so they can't pull their sidestepping bullshit.It's time
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimyme: hi, I have no power at my house power company: ok, when did it happen me: probably when we had kids, but it was a gradual shift
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimy @depechejoe That a second season is being made at all is welcome news.Can't wait to get dirty looks for voluntarily wearing masks in my open-carry state.I want to see an Ocean's 11-style movie about a crew of LGBT+ members heisting a rainbow from God. what you want, CDC, I still remember this image and haven't had a cold in over a year. I'll be holding onto the… CDC said you can take your mask off once you're vaccinated, but the mandate against making small talk with me r…
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyUPDATE: If you are fully vaccinated against #COVID19, you can resume activities without wearing a mask or staying 6…
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimy @HitlerPuncher Look, there's basic evidence to back this up: no
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimy @THE_Stefano_DLC They were probably designed by a person, not an algorithm.Different medium, but yeah, people like seeing characters happy.Schitt's Creek won 9 Emmy's last year. first thought I had reading this was "Tarantino would get his ass beat by every other one of them." game is certainly not without flaws - I personally got pretty tired of shooting those cyborgs - but variety in… you want to play an "endless darkened hallways with little to no combat" game, there are plenty of them. But RE… managed to frame the variance in gameplay and environmental styles as a negative, and implied that House Benev… an article this morning that complained that RE8 felt less like a horror game and more like a horror-themed am… @krunchiebutts "Fuck are you clowns doing over here?"
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Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimyteehee ethan winters (•́‿‿•̀) っ #ResidentEvilVillage
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyI SAW THIS SHOW
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyI miss how 90's Commercials were like "This gum is so EXTREME it'll KILL your FUCKING parents!"
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Absolutely the fuck not. came to me in a vision
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyIt IS pretty weird that everyone has American accents in RE8, but that's probably better what would've likely been… perhaps a few too many EOW promises today. I hope Friday Jeremy isn't too mad about it.I'm dead. a tick write this tweet
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyI said I'd never marry again
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimy @jason1749 Pick a font, god damn you. @krunchiebutts Can-Can Horse Man.This is the best short story I've seen in a while. day, another crypto-brained artist unfollowed. @OJPATTERSON WW Concierge: I see you requested your room be equipped with <squints> a "shitload of dimes"?Okay, I should've finished the game before posting this. The final "dungeon" has way too much cannon fodder.if you got a pet during the pandemic and are giving it up now that you're vaccinated dm me asap so we can arrange f…
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimy"We are short staffed because no one wants to work" is the employment version of "girls don't like nice guys"
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyIn the cover album of classic monsters that is RE:8, they landed on "What if Hardware-era Richard Stanley made a bi…, someone at Capcom is a Mean Machine Angel fan.Stop TikTok-ing. The peak has been reached.
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Let's look at lochs
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimy @depechejoe GTA Cover Art Energy. @nicknewt Yeah, but this is gaming; it's been lousy with over-sexualized female characters forever. Who knows which… We'll keep the marketing mysterious. Center it all around the first boss. What could go wrong? Oh. Oh shit, oh no.FUCKING LMAOOOOOO
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimy @jason1749 @nicknewt Also the dead-behind-the-eyes look. I don't know how actors do that one.My dude is one dangly cross earring away from getting his ass beat by '89 Batman. @BarbiturateCat True to RE form, I've been conserving the hell out of my ammo and now (3/4 of the way in) I have to… thing about Columbo is he gets in, solves the crime, and gets out. His personal life isn't falling apart, he's…
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyYeah, this is way more on-point than the Leo one everybody was dunking on. @THE_Stefano_DLC I think the devs were blindsided by her popularity and then marketing leaned on her too heavily. I…, this rules. it because he's next to a woman over 30?
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimy @THE_Stefano_DLC Goddamn I wish it was playing closer than an hour away from me. SMH.A full 37% of baseball cards from the 80s featured portraits of guys making “tell you what asshole, I don’t think a…
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyThat's the hill I die on with Arthurian adaptations, cast whomever your heart calls you to but there'd better be ac…
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyWhen The Moment happened, I had to call my wife into the room and show her. She's not into games, but I know she appreciates good horror.Seeing a fair number of complaints that RE8 is too action focused - which makes me wonder what game they're playing… @jason1749 If it doesn't play an audio clip of "This is the way" when you get an extra ball, and "I have spoken" wh… Damon growing a beard and studying with a dialect coach to play a guy who open carries into a Ralphs.Looks like a movie about a dude refusing to wear a mask in a Walmart
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimydev patel's fiancé, hot groot
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimy @chance_second Yeah, this is a wild one. @edsbs
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyGood luck with those 13 bullets against the final boss. @edsbs When a fast food worker gets a livable wage
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyGreat video of this lad pointing his camera every which way at nothing
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyIs This Guy Bothering You? Because Now It’s My Turn
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...fuck.’all are out here trying to get crushed by a 9 foot lady’s ass and I’m out here trying to find out how to pronounce Dimitrescu.
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimy#ResidentEvilVillage is survival horror Majora's Mask. I will not be elaborating at this time.This MF just turned 2, the only distinct accent he's gonna have is Gibberish. strong, but quickly went to "Oh this guy will die alone" status. @jason1749 trying to make a cool and BADASS antihero Venom movie only to accidentally make a beloved gay monster movie an…
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyWhat, and I can't stress this enough, the FUCK is a chicken ring? who think teachers only work during the hours kids spend in attendance don't deserve the air they waste.If this is how you think being a teacher works and think it's a good thing, then why aren't you a fucking teacher? damn boss fight in that castle. #RE8 gone to @heymermaid, the only available source for cancel-proof horseflesh.'s not fair to call Yang an "empty vessel" because ship hulls have magnetism
Retweeted by Jeremy Bearimy @RhiannonOlivaw Them: It reminds me of the dance scene in Spider-Man 3. Me: commenters seems mad about the Venom 2 trailer, which only serves to affirm my delight. @BrianWCollins That's a low bar. Most Katherine Heigl vehicles are a better Freddie movie than Elm Street 2010.They Cancel Horses, Don’t They?
Retweeted by Jeremy BearimyI understand that Revenge of the Sith needed to keep the character stuff front and center, but the whole "aaaand no… the Bad Batch explores the logistical transition from the Republic to the Empire and I hate how much that intrigues me.