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A dog wearing glasses? Improbable!

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I listened to these records today @sctttnnnt The ambient record I've listened to the most this year is Irisarri's Solastalgia (from 2019), that one's… @sctttnnnt In addition to Deep Space Duo, I'll rep Noveller's Arrow, Rafael Anton Irisarri's Perepeteia, Julianna B…
@rjgianfortune My gut said it was a balancing act between those two factors. @rjgianfortune My main curiosity about the feelings of people in other countries w/r/t our Big Wet Idiot is whether… @rjgianfortune Ha I can't imagine there would be a substantive change in US/Israel policy with a Biden administration. @_space_plans Nope, will check them out @_space_plans I never saw them but I did talk with Barnhart outside of a Mint Mile show in Chicago and expressed my… @_space_plans Such a satisfying record.I listened to these records today @rjgianfortune Kevin Garnett 2024 @rjgianfortune Seems like he’d run as a libertarian
@rjgianfortune President Thurston Moore @rjgianfortune 6% seems high for him, how have people not learned by now? @rjgianfortune I set that one up for you @rjgianfortune Part of me is surprised by the lack of Republicans (Kasich, Romney) and celebrities @CarmanTse Crossover between This Means War and Dirty GrandpaThe mail for the previous owner of my house is asking the -real- question @sawtoothwave @grmartin I think you’re talking about the band, who were great, not the movie @david_j_roth Here's some brain poison: "My neck, my back, my p-word, and [@drewmagary voice] we're back" @david_j_roth 55 Minutes in the Hell Dimension (1997) @david_j_roth Imagine if they’d gotten The Prodigy to rap about the plot of Event HorizonI listened to these records today @_space_plans I didn't know that existed. My dire prediction was that all of the Fantasy Gurus would lean heavily i… @_space_plans The US didn’t get blown out, they led the whole game and won. It’s like golf scoring, the fewer peopl… @_space_plans It's like those other countries want to stop the pandemic or something @falsebinary We posting post-rock?
@MisterGoblin1 Here's the playlist. I tried representing his various styles / impulses (minus the early stuff). In… @rjgianfortune Yeah there’s at least a dad joke in that one @rjgianfortune Yeah the Harris comment just reminds me of "Happy birthday to this future President" blech @MisterGoblin1 So I hadn't listened to any of his stuff prior to Crow, read about that record and ended up catching… @rjgianfortune Are they going to lower sunglasses onto her face during the debates? @MisterGoblin1 I’ve listened to Now Only a lot, still can’t do Crow. Seeing him live on that tour was more than enough. @normcharlatan And to think that dumbass William Shakespeare wasted so much time writing sonnets and plays to achie… @tonybonesarelli I find him exhausting, so I just can't watch it that much. I watched Broken Arrow again earlier th… @tonybonesarelli I don't think Face/Off is the worst film of them but it's the one I'd be least likely to randomly… @portneilhope I do not envy ice rink owners. I have to assume a lot of them will shut down. @portneilhope I've been thinking about that lately, too. Have to imagine it'll be a year at the minimum.I listened to these records today Thee Speaking Canaries
@falsebinary No @CarmanTse How many copies of the Record Store Day picture disc 5" of Hans Zimmer's Netflix intro can I put you down for? @animperfectdude It’s the gift (coal in the stocking) that keeps on givingThe most exciting part of getting in my car a couple times is catching up with the spider that lives in my side mir… @_space_plans The Making of Star Wars book has like 200 pages of that stuff, it's just that back then he usually re… @bigwestern All hands on deck! @bigwestern Tweedy dad-rocking up "WAP" would be a real shots-fired response to Taylor Swift working with the guy f… song? Khia's "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)"’m reading JW Rinzler’s The Making of The Empire Strikes Back and this section made me cackle @frimairist I would've assumed it was way longer, 138 is like Furious Seven length nowadays (holy shit I was one minute off). @ceylonsailor "ROD" is my favorite song on it so I'm a little bummed that it's buried in the back end, but the over… @normcharlatan I was terrified by the thought of the readily available Sour Patch Kid ice cream, but Chips Ahoy is somehow grosser. @david_j_roth @Mobute There’s a deli by Boston College called The Eagle’s Nest that has this food challenge if the… @david_j_roth Madison Cawthorn has the name and face of a male lead in a Hallmark movie, meet-cute at the Eagle's Nest? cc: @MobuteCheck your local for the long overdue reissue of Guided by Voices' Vampire on Titus, an unofficial Record Store Day… listened to these records today @CarmanTse The instrument separation *chef's kiss* @CarmanTse The funniest thing I've ever seen in a record store was an audiophile pressing of Billy Squier's big record @jonsolomon I must’ve missed the scene where they all went to see Atombombpocketknife
@normcharlatan From the follow-up: "Brown points out that, with football, his players are getting [...] safer space… Jared Leto's in Tron 3, there's a strong possibility he's uploading his consciousness to the digital realm ri… @CarmanTse I don't think Walter Payton's verse is good but "Running the ball is like making romance" is something alright. @CarmanTse As I was listening to that I wanted to rank the verses (William Perry's is underrated).I listened to these records today
@mitokon5 Wow, cookies deemed you a Wine Idiot, ethered @normcharlatan Gateway pants to assless chaps @david_j_roth @LeboMyEggo Can’t wait for the warped chronologies of Terminator: Erasmo Time @YzermanSZN I wonder how much voters will 1. dock him (and Datysuk!) for not reaching the arbitrary 1000-point plat… @jonsolomon Uh oh The Bad Boy of Lawrence Township Recycling is slipping a three-ring binder into this week's load, won't anyone stop him?I listened to these records today @The_Gotobeds That’s just getting your money’s worth!
@wireframebb [Chumbawumba voice] “I have a salsa shirt, I have a salsa shirt” @thebookhooker I bet it's a great manuscript though, big Single White Female vibes. @mmcnma I understand why C-Clamp is a deep-cut favorite for music nerds of that era and why AF resonated for genera… @bummertimebc When did you see them? This album's my favorite of theirs, would've loved to see them tour it. @tonybonesarelli Definitely order from The Bleakest Subway right now, make sure you get a cookie with exactly one chocolate chip in itI listened to these records today @normcharlatan My daughter pukes if she watches anything in the car but now I’m wondering if she’d puke twice as fast.
@normcharlatan Were his kids watching Peppa Pig at 2X in the back? @fredthomasmusic @The_Gotobeds @tyvek_official Post-pandemic live musical accompaniment for National TreasureI didn't know that a hazy, drone-rock/shoegaze cover of Minor Threat's "Minor Threat" was something I needed in my… you can order copies of Demonstration on vinyl from @pilemusic now what a deal @rjgianfortune I know, I figure I should check the others out too. @rjgianfortune A lot of these less in my wheelhouse than yours, but I'll gladly pay for an mp3 of that "Running Up…'s a new-old Edsel EP on Bandcamp and it hits that sweet spot of reminding me of what I loved / sounding conte…'m genuinely confused how they played another song after "Don't Make Plans This Friday" but I'm not complaining I… @comedyminusone @Bandcamp @theemptybottle Whoa whoa whoa nineteen-ninety FIVE?I listened to these records today
@MisterGoblin1 A Boy Named Gooblin @thebookhooker I sure do! It's one of my more insane habits, but I want maximum stimuli for the bike / treadmill, s… I miss obsessively turning the balance from side to side, standing in front of the speakers and at various poi… new power amp arrived (the old one was the culprit, not the preamps as previously surmised) and I put on Eno's A… @thebookhooker I thought about rewatching Alias during my workouts, but mute+CC would take away from the impact of…'s the link to the actual song new Microphones song/LP is debuting on YouTube right now with a live chat and sadly this question went unanswer… @_space_plans Have you read the SW ones? I got the book on A New Hope out of the library and it was mind-blowing ho… @_space_plans The shrill harpy that melted Steven Spielberg's heart @_space_plans I should get the Rinzler making of book for the Indiana Jones movies, the one for Star Wars is incred… Vern Rumsey @_space_plans I don't know what movie your original tweet was pertaining to, but I rewatched Temple of Doom this we…