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Public Librarian, foodie, itinerant web surfer, book lover, would be techie, lover of all things paper, info junkie, gentlewoman farmer wannabe,genealogy buff.

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@HardcoverTurtle Sorry I missed this.☹️ @rdhdbibliophile No. Not in a long time.This is the cutest thing I've seen in a while and I've seen some CUTE things!
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @refugeingrief I honestly can’t think of anything because I can only think of what I miss and I miss it all.😢😥💔
There's a cognitive dissonance when people start referring to your person in the past tense. It's a really difficul…
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @katlikespie Agreed❤️
@katlikespie It is good to be smitten.🙂 @DannyDeraney Yes. Yes I did.Because you want to see a hamster, in a blanket, eating a carrot.
Retweeted by Carol GaffordFriday night baby doats for your tl and that's about all I got left today 🐐 ♥️
Retweeted by Carol GaffordWe've got this idea that there are only two options in grief: you're either broken and unable to function or you're…
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @refugeingrief I do.💔😥💔
@tocskshop 😮 @roseperson @andclev 😞 😢😔The fallow fawns are really growing. @BBCSpringwatch #Wildlife #wildlifephotography #nature #naturelovers
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @TechAmazing 😮How long will you grieve? How long will they be dead?
Retweeted by Carol GaffordOtter album cover shot.
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @farahrosesmith Because our culture is all about taking care of yourself and we simply do not want to acknowledge t… @kellywellread It would be nice to have a normal nights 😴 @rachelcaine Oh dear. What you are enduring makes my heart hurt. Maybe an intercom system of some kind in the hou… @farahrosesmith Gosh do I know what this feels like. Sending much love and a Sam hug.😓😔😞Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. - Carl Sagan
Retweeted by Carol Gafford✨Right #now Chandra is gazing into the heart of the #Orion Nebula at a cluster of stars called the Trapezium. This…
Retweeted by Carol GaffordA few years ago, I did the Superman Annual, and this was a very crazy project with Swampthing! I loved working on i…
Retweeted by Carol GaffordI did a bunch of old and new characters for DC Future State: A Glimpse Into The Future of the DC Universe!
Retweeted by Carol GaffordHow has this idea that grief should be over and done after a period of weeks or months shown up in your life? Do yo…
Retweeted by Carol GaffordShshhhh, Steve is counting his duckies.
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @rachelcaine Thinking of you as I go through the day. 😔🙂😞“I just want to go back to before.”💔😥💔
@farahrosesmith For sure. @sithiaditu Oh my yes.Just walked in on Steve taking a bath.
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @refugeingrief Someone who says this really has no clue into grief. ☹️😞😥
@farahrosesmith @MichaelTCisco Happy Birthday Michael, from one Libra to another. @farahrosesmith Thinking of you😢💔😢 @In_Otter_News2 I love otters.We need more content like this.
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Retweeted by Carol GaffordThe last few days I spent time with some of my husbands friends. And for just a few moments it feels like he is he… @1LostWithoutHer Find friends that will not mind when you burst into tears at the drop of a hat and will let you ta…
Water Sausage Squeaks.
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Retweeted by Carol Gafford
@refugeingrief Another stab to my already shattered heart💔💔💔"Eventually you have to get back to life, right? You have to eventually get over it.” Get back to life. Have you he…
Retweeted by Carol GaffordIt's a tough job but someone's gotta do it.
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @refugeingrief Thank you.💔Wherever you are in your #grief, no matter what ANYONE else says, you do not have to "move on." Your grief, and the…
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@ConnectionsHope First year, now second year, which I am finding is worse and I don't expect much next year either.… @kellywellread Some days are just so much harder than others.😰😰😰 @refugeingrief Feeling how much I was loved😰😰😰
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Have you had a hard time asking for help since bereaved? I know that I have. #ThursdayThoughts
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @refugeingrief This is truth.The first page of "It's OK that You're Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture that Doesn't Understand," by…
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Retweeted by Carol Gafford
@hahalibrary YikesHammock stories with the kids.
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @refugeingrief What is time? I have lost all sense of time.☹️😒😞Steve refuses to hand over a vital bit of piping on a plumbing job. Why are you like this, Steve?
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @refugeingrief I am just so tired.😥😞😔 @kellywellread Yes...yes...yes @kellywellread OMG!!!
@kellywellread Love goats.Not a baby goat, but a happy goat 🐐 Hope you have a good weekend ❤️
Retweeted by Carol GaffordSteve I can't understand you when you have the blanket in your mouth. We've discussed this.
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @refugeingrief Yes.
Thanks be to God! Iraqi authorities found a stash of stolen Syriac manuscripts stolen by ISIS from various Syriac c…
Retweeted by Carol GaffordBeautiful timelapse of Earth setting below the Moon's horizon captured by the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kag…
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @MightyMouse118 @rachelcaine This librarian is thinking of her.Library: because not everything on the internet is true. 📚
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @kellywellread Everybody needs baby goats.Steve claims not to have thrown a snowball in Brad's "Annoying little face" The evidence suggests otherwise.
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@refugeingrief I cannot survive the rest of my life without him. He was my safety net, my sanity, my happy place. 😥😥😥I will always be in love with my husband. I was in love with him in life and I am in love with him in death. His… @farahrosesmith Is this the book Sam published? @farahrosesmith Happy Birthday dear friend. It sounds like a lovely day. ❤️❤️❤️
@ZenBookworm Yes. Just yes. @kellywellread No worries....and I agree about google.
@kellywellread “This used to be a gentleman’s game”. @katlikespie Music is the quickest way to make me cry. But sometimes I have to listen to our songs and his songs b… @katlikespie You talk about her. And don’t ever stop talking about her. 😥 @JillRhudy Don’t . Just don’t.😥 @ConnectionsHope Every day.💔😥💔 @ConnectionsHope No fear what so ever. Counting the days when I can be back with my husband for eternity. He shou… attempts the infamous 2160° zoomie and pulls it off flawlessly. 14/10.
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @chelldswillis @ConnectionsHope Everything you say is truth. Not just covid although that has made things worse.…
People think I am fine because I function. I go to work. I talk. I smile. I laugh. And they genuinely want me…
Why aren't people obsessed with the medieval Lithuanians in the way they're obsessed with other extremely successfu…
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @katlikespie This is pretty. @refugeingrief Nothing is fine. My whole world has shifted. I don’t fit anymore.😥💔😥 @s_gknight Oh my yes. @HardcoverTurtle The Shallows by Nicholas Carr. Love non-fiction. @sithiaditu I am getting weary.😔☹️😞
@jreimr This is beautiful. Truly beautiful.😊 @womanworried I am so so sorry.😥💔😥 @kellywellread I want to save all the books. It is that simple.Baby Sea Otter squeals
Retweeted by Carol Gafford @ConnectionsHope My husbands head would be spinning and he would be questioning reality at this point. He would not be happy. @AnastasiaBeav @ConnectionsHope I lived for his hugs. I am broken without him.😥💔😥