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Nate E-K @NEwertKrocker Cleveland, OH

Host of @gobackandplay podcast (every third Monday!) | Game music aficionado | Former freelancer, bylines @ReadySetZam | @PasteGames | @KillScreen etc. He/him.

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@lmichet Are you sure he's not a normal little baby to whom you are ascribing mature mannerisms and intent as a way… admit, these co-op missions in Assassin's Creed Unity seem like they'd be pretty cool if there were anyone who could play with me
If there's a rational explanation for this besides election interference, I'd love to hear it laid out. @aNuChallenger The past year or so for me has been a revelation of just how vibrant and creative Sega was just befo… frustrated with this pandemic tbhWondered if they might change the wording on this for the email that went out to the whole school community, but no… did a podcast on THPS last year -- you should have a listen and hear us attempt to name a single skate trick!…
Retweeted by Nate E-KDreamcast. this is depressingly plausible @kfowl531 @mdg8888 😑😑😑😑😑At least THIS voting is going the right way reeling over this tbh
I've been a parent for a little more than five years now, and I'm about done with bedtimes. Anybody tried just lett… *guess* I'll put on a shirt. I GUESS. @brockwilbur Bome bome bome bome I want you in my tomenew era, new slogan
Retweeted by Nate E-K @SenatorMeow I'm looking at their website and see they sell spatulas... is that all?Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed…
Retweeted by Nate E-Kmother the corporations are fighting. mother come quick. they've gone to war over the v-bucks. no we still can't go…
Retweeted by Nate E-Korder a pizza and see why everyone's talking about Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Retweeted by Nate E-Koh my God he admit it, etc old are you? I'm "I just stayed up until 11:30 playing videogames, I'd better preemptively take a couple ibupro… @lmichet As a long-time Final Fantasy person I wanna try it, but I know with my gaming schedule I absolutely will n…
@WateredWithGin ❤️❤️❤️ @WateredWithGin I think I'm going to be well provided for. We are probably the optimal scenario for any school goin… @philhornshaw I'm not much of a Star Wars Guy™️, but I'll say that Ewan MacGregor as young Obi-Wan was the most fun… @brockwilbur ME: "I got good money on No Rain of Frogs this week." TUESDAY: @brockwilbur I like how they had to put up a disclaimer that was like "all our predictions assume a normal election… this bot comes up with some truly awful tweets
Twitter rumor-mongers spinning theories that Biden was gonna announce Buttigieg as his VP was a psyop to make me re… @iv_javy I got Castlevania: Circle of the Moon at the GBA launch and fell pretty hard for it. (I hadn't yet played Symphony of the Night.) @AsaTJ This is of course a ludicrous tendency in advertising, but I confess I am susceptible to cryptid-themed prod… @ethangach It has always already been Thursday now, forever @TrueAxiom same @legobutts 😭😭 it's beautiful @LeifJohnson They were pumping them out so quickly for a while there that I even got sick of the good ones! (I bail… into that Assassin's Creed Unity, seeing as I have it lying around, and... even the "bad" Assassin's Creeds are pretty good? @MCgetting So JT is short for Jessica Telephone right
why is this storm approaching chicago an r-type boss though @brockwilbur I definitely played this intensely for a very short time. It's almost certainly shit, but I bet it's a… *doing flower-matching work* "What's this one?" ME: "Oh! That's a bird of paradise." 2YO: "You have a game abo…
Retweeted by Nate E-K @BillCoberly I played Syndicate! I skipped over Unity and Rogue, and haven't done Origins or Odyssey either. I have… wouldn't. I'm not that reckless. If it was still on sale for $10, though...1. I wanna play a game, but I should try not to spend money. 2. Hey, I have Assassin's Creed Unity because they gav… @laevantine in the sense that you'd basically be wandering into the labyrinth of minos in videogame form, yes @laevantine don't do it it's a trapI know I built this desktop seven years ago but does that really mean it HAS to take ten minutes to boot uphey not that I'm thinking of getting into it or anything, but is FFXIV on PS4 as easy/fun to play as it is on PC? D… podcast episode today, in which I stubbornly stick to an awkward metaphor throughout an entire hour-long discus… @TannhauserGated I predict a 50/50 split between greater care and Masklessness as Revenge(Those lines were all he knew, apparently, so he was just repeating those)ME: *notices that the 5YO is singing to himself quietly, but can't make out the lyrics, so creeps closer nonchalant… *doing flower-matching work* "What's this one?" ME: "Oh! That's a bird of paradise." 2YO: "You have a game abo… agreed to lead the summer reading seminar on CAT'S CRADLE again this year, and... I'm not sure I have the emotion… episode of @gobackandplay this morning -- we discuss KINGDOM HEARTS! @em_being I completely understand the allure of a Terrible ProjectDo you think if I called up my doctor's office and told them I was a schoolteacher and had to go back to teaching i…
A new CDC analysis of children hospitalized for the coronavirus finds: • 1 in 3 was admitted to the ICU • Black k…
Retweeted by Nate E-K5YO: *coming home from a walk in the park with an armload of tree bark* "Dad! I found a sycamore tree!" ME: "Wow, c… an episode of Captain Planet in preparation for this debate, and am floored at how the hilariously over-the… @laevantine Oh I'm 100% behind it. I'm gonna teach all my classes this year as Reptile. (Sub-Zero for winter semester.)FaceBook ads serving up that "Mortal Kombat chic" @WateredWithGin Hard to rule out at this point5YO: *bouncing on the trampoline, excitedly* "It's time to recall something SAD!"
Retweeted by Nate E-K @winnersusedrugs I've been eyeing this since it came out and promising my poor wallet that I'd wait until it droppe… owned one of these and thought it was genuinely useful @TannhauserGated That's the energy I'm trying to bring to August tbhI got hype for an upcoming game's soundtrack by downloading a 30-second track preview in RealPlayer format @KrisLigman Honestly: goalsAlso if anybody earnestly argues for Rick and Morty over Home Movies, I shall be very disappointed.How do you get some folks who are not into anime to quickly and graciously admit the superiority of Revolutionary Girl Utena?The competitors in this week's cartoon debate bracket. I have the suspicion there are going to be some hurt feeling… @lmichet The Firefighters brought shame to the city of ChicagoI just watched an episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena, and: show still whips @transgamerthink I'd buy two Skies of Arcadia ...Skieses of Arcadia @transgamerthink I'm imagining SkyGunner with a stable framerate and salivatingSeems not great
I used to be somewhat gregarious in person. Wearing a mask all the time makes me want to shut up and keep to myself… @AndrewElmore Yeah, that's my fear too. :| @johnnemann This is extremely neat.I've been working on a little side project: The Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking. It's a playable collection of loc…
Retweeted by Nate E-K @upstreamism 😬😬😬😬😬😬How long do we think it will be until we can have a clear data set that we can show to administrators and parents t… beat KOTOR! It's fun! Sorta sits neatly between Mass Effect and Dragon Age Origins in terms of systems, aesthetic… if the stars align and I'm somehow mercifully rescued from in-person teaching, my mental health isn't going to… months into this pandemic and quarantine, I feel like I'm barely keeping it together at home -- I cannot imagi…
ME: *rounding the corner to see that the 5YO has strung some frenetically-blinking christmas lights and plugged in… @tiakall Both are sort of under consideration.However, SpongeBob vs DuckTales is neck-and-neck, which I find deeply troubling.Very surprised at the way voting for this is shaping up; Yuri is running away with it. confess to being really excited that Lovecraft Country's biggest weakness as a novel (it's a story about Black ch… @transgamerthink I'm very proud of this joke, and you are one of approximately two people who will get it.The anime character we wanted to be when we were kids vs. the character we actually turned into.… else finding themselves indulging in a very tiny laziness or moment of sloth (Barq's root beer in the morni… @TannhauserGated Yeah, this is where I am about it
@katiethebadger Wait, is this our mutual cousin? 😅seems not great @heWIZARD Yep! No idea whether he's developing unusual resilience or deep, deep trauma.