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Nate E-K @NEwertKrocker Cleveland, OH

Host of @gobackandplay podcast (every third Monday!) | Game music aficionado | Former freelancer, bylines @ReadySetZam | @PasteGames | @KillScreen etc. He/him.

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I'll have two slices of 4 and then work my way through the bottom row left to right does it say about me that everyone else looked at the Space Force logo and thought "Star Trek!" and I saw it a… framing device in Final Fantasy X is so god damn good. When you finally get back here after thirty-odd hours, i…'m a paleontologist! I am way too soft for all the field work that will probably be expected of me! @Chef_Lu_Bu I unsubscribed from Apple Arcade when I realized the only phone game I play is TwitterLove too experience "good" "Freedom" "Choice" American "Healthcare" "System"
Two hours now! Extremely cool!She turns two tomorrow and she has some kind of sinus infection or something 😞😞😞😞A cool thing to do on a Friday night is wait in a doctor's office for more than an hour while your sick 2YO sleeps on your shoulder 😞😞😞 @bobservo Huh! Weird! @mikeBithell My wife and I did this ten years ago, when the newest film was Wreck-It Ralph. It was a fascinating experience! @bobservo This happened to me too. Did you put on the accessory that stops random battles like I did?I haven’t even watched the dang show yetOkay, I'm well past the ear-worm of "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher," but God help me if anyone mentions the words "ea… @AndrewElmore @EricVBailey I mean, Tactics. It's the best of the best! @KrisLigman Oh gosh. I hope you like it! I have such fond memories.tfw you're trying to parse whether FFX still slaps or whether you have a blind spot causing you to be immune to the… @AsaTJ So you're saying Ocarina of Time is basically The Oldest House 64 @EricVBailey I'll have the number 5, please @Papapishu Last year I replayed FFVII, FF Tactics, and Chrono Cross. Each time I did the main story and most, but n…
@heWIZARD Yeah, the Sphere Grid is a clever way to split the difference between completely linear character progres… @heWIZARD The combat system is simple but very effective! It's extremely satisfying. I'm a big fan of any battle sy… to my Twitter for such hot takes as “Final Fantasy is good”But man if it ain’t still a fun and emotionally affecting journey with a great cast and some beautiful art direction(There are lots of reasons why FFX is mega awkward in 2020, from the fact that it’s a first stab at a “cinematic RP… forward to watch sections of the 12-hour “FFX: The Movie” every night way more than just about any other TV I’ve seen recently.We're gonna record a podcast on FFX soon, and since my most recent playthrough was relatively recent (2 yrs?), I’m… @Le_ted Yo I saw this film for the first time last year and was instantly in loveIn the year I was born, the Doomsday Clock was at 3 minutes to midnight. When I was four, it moved back to 6 minute…
@BeamSplashX "i'm not owned," I repeat as I slowly shrink and transform into the Director @BeamSplashX back of the box quote: "I'm not owned!"Twitter., “Oh no! 😱 Don’t make me listen to the Nausicaa medley AGAIN!” 😏😏😏My 4YO's newest musical obsession is an album of orchestral medleys of Studio Ghibli scores. He falls asleep to it.… @jon_stout It has plenty of issues, but it's visually stunning and the soundtrack is wonderful.
Sold me on the game, honestlyJust had a distinct memory of downloading a 30-second sample of this track in RealPlayer™️ format before the game's…“Who watches the Witchman?” @BeamSplashX “I am the one who knocks” becomes “I am the one who cranks the crest with the Eagle Key”[Locke] had a moment of blind panic over where I put the apostrophe in "Assassin's Creed," but phew, I was right the first time)Devil May Cry is to other "character action" games what the first Assassin's Creed is to all other Assassin's Creed games.Devil May Cry is weird because on the one hand, so many games took after it that I'm like "wow, this feels really m…'s 2020 and I'm playing Devil May Cry for the first time (or the first time in earnest, at least). I think... I'm having fun?
Back on Twitter! It was nice being away for the weekend. Don’t think I wanna leave the site for good or anything (I… @MCgetting heliocentrism < helioliberalism < helioleftism
Briefly breaking my Twitter hiatus to say that over the course of the last four years, I’ve played almost 90 games…
Y’all see me on this hell website before Tuesday, tell me to get the heck out of here and go play a dang videogameI think I’m gonna take a Twitter break this weekend. Social media ain’t helpin’ my depression much this week. I’ve…
@littlebadgerco I presume there’s so much P in your life at the moment that one little extra one doesn’t register @sfxartistry @gobackandplay This is totally awesome and I’m tickled to learn about it. Thank you!stop reading the news and play some 80 Days
Retweeted by Nate E-KYo I just put 50 hours into this game but if local co-op is a thing that actually works I’ll put in 50 more of the gifts we got our kids for Christmas was a pair of walkie-talkies. I overheard this exchange last night:… @SebastianOPhoto Let’s see... Nier: Automata, Final Fantasy IX, BioShock, Uncharted 2, Control. I think that’s it.…
Subtweeting instead of quote-tweeting: the polite thing to dohaha he madwake up before the kids and record an ASMR video with a theme based on Phantasy Star IV
Retweeted by Nate E-K @AsaTJ anybody complaining about Byleth isn't in support of Byleth and is therefore canceled(I know the solution for getting away from that kind of negativity is to Log Off. Maybe I need to do that for a while.)Not stuff that I love, mind you -- not stuff I hold dearly close to my personal identity or anything -- just stuff… week I have been beset from all sides -- podcasts I listen to, my Twitter feed, etc. -- by folks just absolute… so Nate jokingly suggested in our Smash Bros N64 episode that Byleth should be put into Smash. So Nintendo, i…
Retweeted by Nate E-KTrying to get back to doing regular cardio so I’m not exhausted all the time, and trying desperately not to think “… @tiakall No!If you’re borrowing a game from your friend, and you beat it so that you can return it, have you “beaten a game from your backlog”?
Man everyone sure does love talking about all the horrible teachers that failed them miserably you a weekend, though.
Retweeted by Nate E-KThere isn’t. Sorry.
Retweeted by Nate E-K @Chef_Lu_Bu it's a shame because that opening is dope as hellYou Are Jeff Bezos
Retweeted by Nate E-KWait, what @MCgetting Dammit I can’t tell if autocorrect ruined this joke or made it better @MCgetting I hear all the cells in a star’s body get completely replaced every seven years; some real Ship of Thesis shit @Also_Wolfman There’s a PlayStation wrap up thing, year in review type business. However, some of these numbers mak…
Does this “gameplay” count streaming video?Wait, that implies that I played for an average of 8 hours every day that I played, which is just patently unfeasible*me, realizing this is ~17 hours/week of gaming on PlayStation devices ALONE* 😬😬😬😬, I somewhat doubt the reliability of these stats, as my game clock for Ys VIII definitely read 50 hours by the end.Proof that parenthood doesn’t completely prevent you from playing games, but this is also way, way lower than most… 1YO is now articulate enough to shout “Daddy, come and play with me!”, which is a sure sign she’ll be turning 2 soon 😭😭😭*body crumbling into brittle gray ash as it’s consumed by an indescribable colour from beyond the stars* having a normal one 👍 @EricVBailey seems like something a fuddy duddy would say imooh my god I care about eSports now @HitEmQwik @littlebadgerco Our little one now says "I not a baby anymore, Daddy" anytime I slip up and call her "Baby." So. 😭😭 @littlebadgerco Yeah, we got lucky in this regard. Very little spittage. (I'm also being too hard on our kids; they… @DHShimomura you'll love it, it's so mildControl (2019) night I decided to slip into bed and go to sleep at 10:00pm and it legitimately seemed like the optimal scenar… am so super excited to add another 52 free games to a collection whose storefront I will never, ever use I could slot TMS#FE into March...Also, I was kinda hoping to finish off the FFVII Remake before Persona 5 Royal comes out. I have delusions of a thi…'m actually disappointed at this one, as I was hoping to put time into this during my spring break. Now it's gonna… @littlebadgerco 😭😭😭 Our kids have never ever slept ten straight hourscuddle up on the couch with a friend and learn how to speedrun Deus Ex
Retweeted by Nate E-KI crept downstairs after we put the kids to bed and I rode for half an hour on my exercise bike instead of collapsi…
@katiethebadger @AsaTJ I'm not a hardcore Witcher stan, just an appreciator, so no gloating from me. I'm just pleas… Indonesia is wild for Harvest Moon? love them some farmin', I guessWait, that's now our most downloaded episode of all time? Beating out Chrono Trigger, Metal Gear Solid, and Final F…