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Seeking rigorous, thought-provoking journalism? Subscribe to New Humanist for £35 per year do we live in a Universe with essentially no antimatter? @Jonathon_Shafi Hi Jonathon, did you receive my last email? Let me know if everything is okay, thanks."The same stigma that surrounds revealing a pregnancy “too early” also stops a lot of people who are going through…
@MathewJLyons I'm so sorry Mathew, corrected now Foroudi takes us through the streets of Algiers, as uprisings reignite the spark of revolution"A hyperawareness of death is often a symptom of disease outbreaks.""To the birds, we are just another natural phenomenon." @MathewJLyons reviews a nature book with a brilliantly orig…
Do you know how to spot Holocaust kitsch? most print publications, New Humanist has suffered from shops closing during the lockdown. Please consider sub… to New Humanist today. You'll get beautiful, thought-provoking magazines delivered to your door, from jus… brilliantly original book looks at human history from the point of view of birds. to see people re-sharing @jdpoulter's excellent piece on the online culture wars"In Hurston’s prose, humour, idiom and lyricism are the 'crooked stick' used to explore the complexity of black Ame…
Finally, the challenges of infertility are being accurately portrayed on screen #IVF #infertility #TTC"As ever with Craig Brown’s writing in any field, One Two Three Four is also very funny."
Who are the spitterati? search of intelligent reading material in these turbulent times? Subscriptions to New Humanist start at just £10… 22-year-old man named Isaac Newton is isolating at his family farm...
"The physical presence of statues can bring about particularly intense, but not always conciliatory, reckonings wit… is a time to protect rationality, logic and independent thinking. Subscribe or donate to the Rationalist Assoc… article: ‘Oh Death, thou comest when I had thee least in mind”. Death Cafés want to relegate that surprise to…
Retweeted by New Humanist"Perhaps it would be enough to simply drape a garland of miniature skulls around her neck..." Vron Ware on London's…
Audrey Simmons, a key member of the Association of Black Humanists, calls for more grassroots organising within the… illuminating reflection on accepting death and the global rise of the @DeathCafe by J.R. Patterson"It is rare to see a foreign newspaper refer to the Hirak as a revolution, though the Algerians participating descr… Scotland's new bill abolishes blasphemy, could it chill free speech about religion? The @NatSecSoc podcast di… realities of infertility are finally being portrayed on screen and @c_crampton is celebrating
Amartya Sen's concept of "social choice" is newly useful during the pandemic @AmartyaSen_EconContemporary identity politics is a “neutralisation of movements against racial oppression” says Asad Haider as Debbie Harry celebrates her 75th birthday, what better moment to reflect on the punk born Elder Stateswomen…
Retweeted by New HumanistCan the Stoic approach aid us in these challenging times?"A critical examination of harmful beliefs and practices is an intellectual duty to Africa and the world."
Mass street protests have rocked Algiers since early 2019"Old myths deeply undermine the way we perceive reproductive technology." techniques do we choose which women to commemorate? Vron Ware on London's suffragist statue raises important questions…'s the LAST DAY for our introductory offer. Try New Humanist for only £1, a ridiculous bargain
Is it possible to create living 'concrete' made from bacteria? INTRODUCTORY OFFER runs out on Wednesday. Get the Summer and Autumn issues for £1 only now! ✨✨ Foroudi reports on the mass protests in Algeria and their harking back to the war for independence @laylimayInteresting stuff. Profit from selling your genetic data tomorrow as well as selling test kits to you today? Who ow…
Retweeted by New HumanistAngela Saini's new book shows how the far-right are attempting to repackage racism today"Whatever the economics of gene therapies, the goal of eliminating these horrific diseases must override finance."
The last five years have seen rapid progress in gene therapy new book makes the case that women are genetically superior
We exist because of an imbalance between particles and anti-particles it possible to inherit trauma? thought-provoking reading? Try the Summer and Autumn New Humanist issues for only £1 in our LOCKDOWN DEAL
The curious rise and fall of 23andMe, by Giovanni Tiso✨ ✨ Try New Humanist for only £1. Only 5 days left! ✨✨'s my review of Craig Brown's new Beatles book for @NewHumanist.
Retweeted by New HumanistAs @andrew_mueller discovers, the Beatles story still has the power to astonish per cent of adults have chronic insomnia, a huge number
Yes, we need another book about the Beatles – as long as it's by the brilliant critic and satirist Craig Brown do we confront the overrepresentation of black people in the psychiatric system? m Simmons of the Association of Black Humanists on the challenges of leaving the black church and addressing t…"I should warn you that I may be unrecognisable." Laurie Taylor on his lockdown transformations
Sarah Jilani takes a long look at the sensitive business of commemoration a week left to sign up for this deal!
Retweeted by New HumanistOn the great DNA data grab, by @gtiso intelligent reading for turbulent times? You can try New Humanist for only £1 with our introductory offer r… 22-year-old man named Isaac Newton is isolating at his family farm...
Quick! Our £1 introductory offer runs out at the end of the month. Get the Summer and Autumn issue now interview with Audrey Simmons of @abhumanists, reflecting on the joys of being a humanist celebrant; wh…
Retweeted by New HumanistAn organiser with the Association of Black Humanists speaks out on the particular challenges of being a black apos… can watch the Humanist National Memorial Ceremony on YouTube if you missed the broadcast today. It's a beautifu… new book explores the big question: what happens to our brains at night? the "alternative education network" Tvind, still active today, a radical experiment or a cult?
How did mindfulness become the 21st century spirituality? this summer the time to try Cal Newport's "digital minimalism" approach? was described by Toni Morrison as “one of the greatest writers of our time”."The pandemic also presents an opening to correct misinformation, especially relating to occult, magical or witchcr…
A new generation in Malaysia is demanding change MAKES US WHO WE ARE? In the Summer 2020 Issue: designer babies, the DNA data grab, the controversial theory of…
The great Michael Rosen contemplates the loaded word "leader" are black people overrepresented in the psychiatric system?"The unsophisticated Holocaust melodrama has become a subgenre unto itself"
A new collection of stories by Zora Neale Hurston is "profoundly full of poetry, comedy and struggle" says…"Many Western NGOs, trying to avoid being labelled racist or neo-colonialist, have resolved not to designate witch… MAKES US WHO WE ARE? In the Summer 2020 Issue: designer babies, the DNA data grab, the controversial theory of… the earliest modern birds walk alongside dinosaurs?
As India debates whether to let the Hindu festival Rath Yatra go ahead, Muslim communities are still being scapegoa…! Our £1 introductory offer runs out at the end of the month. Get the Summer and Autumn issue now leader Mubarak Bala has been charged over claims he 'insulted religion', according to the Nigerian authori…"Du Bois hoped data visualisation could swim against strong currents of racist thinking, which had been empowered b… took too long to recognise Zora Neale Hurston as a literary icon
Looking for intelligent reading in these turbulent times? Try New Humanist with our £1 introductory offer a world dominated by religious dogma, Newton had the courage to bring the Heavens down to Earth“If we are frightened, what is it we are afraid of?” – Cal Flyn on advances in gene-editing technology"Atheists now outnumber theists in the UK and atheist individuals and cultures are as diverse as religious ones, wh…
What goes on when someone changes their mind? @TheRealEGS investigates! Our £1 introductory offer runs out at the end of the month"How something is remembered depends on the conditions and power relations in a given place.""Srećko Horvat presents himself as a preacher of the New Left."
Here's how an African-American sociologist used data to fight back against fin de siècle racism new book explores humanity's relationship with travel miraculous story of Isaac Newton's 'lockdown' discovery you, Jon! Robins' scathing attack on Jojo Rabbit places it in the genre of "Holocaust kitsch"
How do we commemorate historical injustices?