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The Westwoods have long been home to the Shinnecock Nation, centuries before New York State or the Town of Southamp… “The Undoing,” Nicole Kidman plays icy privilege cracking under pressure like nobody else, and her expensive-loo…“The task of this administration is not only to address the abuses that happened during the Trump administration, b…
Trans writers and trans organizers alike have been censored in the ways Abigail Shrier believes she herself is bein… coming weeks may see the re-emergence in backrooms and boardrooms of the tensions that loomed over the 2020 Dem… wild story of a small New Hampshire town, a libertarian insurgency, and a lot of bears: on the frighteningly clean conscience of Ben Smith:“Obama’s spiritual rendering of our cultural decline goes some way towards explaining why, beyond sheer egotism, he… the past three seasons of “The Crown,” we have been waiting for Diana. But we have also been waiting for the im… year’s Thanksgiving harvest took place under particularly precarious conditions, a warming atmosphere containi… undocumented immigrants can be excluded from the census, then future presidents have a strong incentive to wield… happens when someone discovers that acting on the simple desire to put up holiday decorations renders them com… fall of WeWork had no significant consequences for any of the people who rolled the dice, only for the employee…’s true damage to democracy will likely be meted out between election cycles, as Republicans harness their bas… big companies, wantonly stuffing workers into crowded meat-processing plants and distribution warehouses withou…“This historic and extraordinary effort to overturn the results of an American presidential election probably shoul… relationship between Trump and the outrage industry that sustains him has finally and devastatingly slipped out… New York Times star reporter Ben Smith, “not everyone dupes their subjects into trusting them, but absolutel… might be the perfect home for disaffected Fox News viewers and, perhaps, the president himself. the contemporary movement to resist the perpetuation of inequality through food, “Gather” follows fiv… helped create the problems plaguing American agriculture; slowly, policy can unwind them.
When livestock sectors engineer the system to process billions of near-identical genetic specimens in perpetuity—99… is still work to be done to bring about true gender equality in chess. By providing a new role model and earn…“I would say that Ben Smith has made his peace with the morally indefensible, but I don’t get the sense that there… on why the Supreme Court must rule against the president’s efforts to exclude undocumented immigran… Pan on Charles Koch’s suspicious transformation from a notorious bankroller of conservative causes to a more g… the years since Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel, and particularly in the last decade or so, chess has been wholly tran… many, Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without the turkey. But meat farming and processing is one of the nation’…“I would say that Ben Smith has made his peace with the morally indefensible, but I don’t get the sense that there…"For the industry, there will be no lessons learned: Just as pharmaceutical companies have limited interest in deve…
Retweeted by The New RepublicShould the president succeed in his efforts to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census count, he will alter… TNR for a look back at the books, movies, and TV that gripped us during the pandemic with @alex_shephard,… chess community in “The Queen’s Gambit” is far more benign than the hostile, madness-inducing, chess-as-battlef… Smith is most certainly a bad person. But at the end of the day, aren’t all journalists bad people? reaching indictment of US ag policy & mega meat corporations. “global land clearing to cultivate crops for ani…
Retweeted by The New RepublicAs the effects of unsustainable farming practices and global warming accumulate, harvests are growing more uncertai… killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, likely by Israeli intelligence, could further increase tensions between the U.S.…"When we look in the mirror, the person staring back at us is a grinning Ben Smith." don’t write headlines. But I’m proud of this one:
Retweeted by The New RepublicWe may be at the beginning of a new and disturbing period in which the media and influential figures help sanitize… about a guy I've been reading for a real long time:
Retweeted by The New RepublicBehind the excesses of America's annual harvest feast, agriculture is in crisis. New York Times reporter Ben Smith has shown an extraordinary ability to do a dirty job with a clean conscience. the economy, the pandemic has caused employers to embrace new surveillance techniques, from wearable devices… her new book, Isabel Wilkerson enumerates eight pillars of caste from across the globe and links them to the way… Americans are susceptible to the delusion of our government’s perfect structure, but only one of our two domin…"Ben Smith is the best media columnist The New York Times has ever had." @RyuSpaeth on the frighteningly clean con… Tevis’s novel “The Queen’s Gambit” portrayed an alternative to the Cold War game that Bobby Fischer dominate…“Gather” is a very romantic film, writes @jo_livingstone. But the romance of its production style feels firmly root… long as the Trump coalition remains the central force in American politics, reconciling the country to a Biden p… the abolition of slavery put an end to treating slaves as three-fifths of a person, our representational demo… “The Queen’s Gambit” has charmed and surprised audiences, it has perhaps inadvertently shone a light on a game,… the Roberts Court rules on Trump v. New York could substantially tilt the balance of power in the legislature,…“Gather” begins by outlining how European colonization has deprived indigenous people of access to traditional farm… a Biden administration doesn't block the sale of Simon & Schuster by Penguin Random House, the publishing indust…“Zappa” feels like director Alex Winter’s attempt to redeem his hero’s image; to memorialize Frank Zappa not merely…
Despite our system’s obvious shortcomings, we inculcate a civic religion in America that claims our form of governm… prize twentysomethings more highly than grandma and grandpa, and online news sites prize the Gen Z demo…“Gather” is about the meaning and importance of food sovereignty—the idea that people should be in control of the w… G. Summers has pursued the question of sex’s relation to language and food in her nonfiction writing, and n…“To acknowledge the true history of Thanksgiving would only be the first step, a slippery slope to a nation daring… Shinnecock Nation monument is a 61-foot tall reminder standing at the gateway to the McMansion-filled Hamptons,… Biden’s picks for top national security appointments are about what you’d expect: Longtime allies to the presid… “Gather,” physical pathologies are framed in new ways, not as inherent flaws but as the inevitable outcome of vi… absence of Native perspectives in American history books and classrooms has been remarked on for over 50 years.… Vance, the bestselling author of "Hillbilly Elegy," has emerged as the liberal media's favorite white trash–sp… parallel between the insidious Thanksgiving myth and broader forms of social injustice emerges clearly in the d…“Zappa” is so preoccupied with elevating its hero that in the end, both the man and music are rendered inaccessible… town of Southampton and the state of New York have taken issue with the Shinnecock Nation’s latest attempt to g… all appearances to the contrary, Frank Zappa was no avatar of the official counterculture, writes… the pandemic, a recent documentary about Native American food culture asks audiences to re-examine the origins… is a brutal time of year to be Native. Halloween brings “Sexy Indian Princess” costumes. Native American Herit… Winter’s new documentary about Frank Zappa fails to capture his deeply conventional streak. this election, the elderly’s proportion of votes cast was higher than ever before. is expanding its own worker surveillance business, marrying sophisticated data collection with ratings of… pandemic is showing why it may make sense to rethink the ways company leaders profit from pharmaceutical invest… alerts about the recent progress of preliminary Covid vaccine tests have caused financial markets to soar. The… has promised to unravel some of the most horrific components of Trump’s immigration policies, but has yet to…’s nothing Democrats can do—or avoid doing—to bridge the partisan divide, writes @OsitaNwanevu. have fostered the mutation of “checks and balances” from the idea of an ambitious legislature checking… hope of caste analysis is in making visible the structures of oppression; the anxiety is that those structures,…’s biggest, most powerful book publisher is about to get even bigger and more powerful, writes… is watching you.
The Democratic Party will end its term out of the White House without having done much to engender sustained opposi… didn’t win by as large a margin as Democrats hoped, and ballooning turnout didn’t win Democrats back the Sena… shrinking number of publishers is bad for employees, authors, and diversity of thought.’ve been taught to worship a demonstrably bonkers system as, essentially, divinely ordained. Trump just pardoned Michael Flynn, even though he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during the Russia in… Soon There’ll Be Just One Big Book Publisher Left
Retweeted by The New Republic“[Accountability] could take the form of criminal or civil sanctions or convictions... it’s difficult not to feel s…
Retweeted by The New Republic.@SilvermanJacob on why Microsoft’s foray into remote employee surveillance software poses an existential threat to… wrote about Productivity Score, a new feature Microsoft has incorporated into its 365 product that managers can u…
Retweeted by The New RepublicBy acquiring arguably the best blockbuster publisher of the last few years and adding it to a company increasingly…"The publishing industry’s emphasis on blockbusters will only grow. The number of publishing jobs, already scant, w…
Retweeted by The New RepublicStop fetishizing divided government.’t ignore that Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation! Microsoft 365 now rates worker productivity. the weeks that Trump refused to accept the election results, Democrats should have been going to the press and… wrote about the Penguin Random House-Simon & Schuster merger, which is bad for just about everyone
Retweeted by The New RepublicThe acquisition of Simon & Schuster by Penguin Random House shows that the industry is headed toward a monopolistic… must destroy "checks and balances"
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