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The TP problems of 2020 have bottomed out and are improving"A scary new reality in this country," welcome to the ring of 'woke' CEOs. - some Perspective from @SchmittNYC.… 3️⃣ : Grant Stinchfield blasts the nuttiest conversations between 'reporters' and 'protesters.'@Stinchfield1776… sues over Biden scrapping Trump's 'stay in Mexico' rule: The PRO Act is 'anti-worker,' writes Hannah Cox'S DIVISION: America's enemies are 'circling back' around as chaos engulfs our streets, says @SchmittNYC.… states claim human traffickers and smugglers are taking advantage of the “lapse” in border enforceme… tells Biden GOP won't back tax hike Rashida Tlaib blasts 'inherently racist' policing'Woke' Congressional Dems instigate rioting - pushing their anti-cop rhetoric, @Stinchfield1776 says 'this is a rec… Rick Scott just awarded Donald Trump the @NRSC Freedom Award this past weekend. The Senator joins… calls for 'trimmed-back' infrastructure bill world without police: Greg says these lawmakers aren't just clout-chasing, they're advocating for anarchy.… Israel not afraid of Iran, will protect itself backlog causes major issues for military families
"President Trump is doing well," says @JasonMillerinDC."I certainly don't recognize my home country from somewhere like Somalia." - @ChristianWalk1r goes off on the 'race… Salcedo details the human rights violations of CCP - 'how can they get away with this?'… DeSantis raises $6 million for reelection since March 2nd says Americans "want someone who is willing to 'fight' for them each and every day...President Trump… says New York tax law doesn't apply because he is not President on the "The #NewsmaxDaily with @RobCarson" podcast: 60 minutes issues 'awful non-apology' for their handling… says @RashidaTlaib "ought to retract" her statements on police. 'When I was attacked - two of the thre… LENGTH: Dr. Michio Kaku on the 'God particle' says thank your police officers: "the vast majority of men and women in uniform get up everyday and pr… 🚨: With unrest in America's streets - @RandPaul blasts the Liberal Left - 6:00PM ET via 'Spicer & Co.' Watc… Clark says "we trust Nikki Haley, we trust that she's a RINO." @yoalexrapz @BobSellersTV @AlisonMaloni ALERT 🚨: • 6:00PM ET: @RandPaul • 6:20: @MarkMeadows • 7:15: @SenTomCotton • 8:20: @kimKBaltimore WAT… Tax gap widening, expect to hit $1 trillion yearly - due in part to wealthy Americans 'underpaying' Haley for President in 2024: not if Trump runs officer that shot Daunte Wright in Minnesota has resigned. @Logan_Ratick reports.'Policing is intentionally racist - can not be reformed,' says Rep. Rashida Tlaib 68% want special counsel for Hunter Biden's nominee to head up Customs and Border Protection is a staunch defender of 'sanctuary city policies.'… Biden's electric cars will have to run on Chinese batteries, writes Dick Morris hits Trump, promotes book to inflationary economic policies, @trish_regan says Biden and Jerome Powell "think money grows on trees." [wit…'s CDC and FDA call for J&J vaccine 'pause' after rare clotting reports asks VP Kamala Harris "how can you be silent on the issues at the border when you're supposed to… arrested in violent Minnesota protests's Governor gave a strict warning to protesters as tensions rise in the area. Newsmax TV's National Report… business owner Eli Aswan recounts the destructive violence he has seen in the aftermath of the Daunte Wri… tiny particle could actually change the laws of physics. Theoretical Physicist @michiokaku explains this Einst… Starr says "we've got to be prepared to stand up, to be courageous and to 'fight' for our religious liberty."… comments on Biden’s attempt to ‘pack the court.’ “The only principle they believe in is double sta… proposed nominee Christine Wormuth could become the first woman to ever lead the US Army Sebastian Gorka kicked off his Newsmax show with an honest look at the rise of Donald Trump and the 'MAGA' move… officer meant to fire a taser not a handgun, says police chief Gorka calls out 'swamp creature' John Boehner. STRIKE: Prison staff threatens to feed Navalny Whitmer’s top aide goes to Florida on Spring Break Carlson is in hot water, and this commentator doesn't exactly want to throw him a life raft:“We are preparing for the next stage of this fight.” Georgia GOP lawmaker plans court challenge to metal detector… Guy Reschenthaler said this piece by Newsmax TV's Chris Salcedo on Communist China should be viewed by all inc… Biden has 'turned over the border to the cartels' Minutes (sort of) apologized for this piece on Ron DeSantis - Greg Kelly Reports Welcome to the United States of 'wokeness.' Governor Walz warns protesters: 'Exploit this tragedy and be arrested' Trump lashed out at Senate Minority Leader McConnell once again activist Charlie Kirk joins NY's talk radio lineup legend Dwayne Johnson would be "honored" to be The People's President should "close things down," CDC Director says: police chief from Florida gave his thoughts on this shocking footage:'Drivers license' singer Olivia Rodrigo gets parking ticket The only things 'BLM' represent are chaos, and self-enrichment"Biden created this problem - he can fix it." Congressman @SteveScalise reacts to the growing tensions at the U.S.… Governor Walz warns protesters: 'Exploit this tragedy and be arrested' grave problem along border communities is being ignored - a Texas rancher speaks out to Newsmax Sebastian Gorka kicked off his Newsmax show with an honest look at the rise of Donald Trump and the 'MAGA' move… Schmitt examines the unrest in the streets of America and the crisis at our southern border. @SchmittNYC Haley for President in 2024? - not if Trump runs another routine traffic stop-turned national embarrassment, Greg shreds this self-proclaimed victim's narrative.… calls out 'swamp creature' John Boehner - 'good riddance to that snowflake.' @Stinchfield1776 Biden has 'turned over the border to the cartels' the facts were known, riots erupted in the streets - @Stinchfield1776 says 'BLM represents chaos and self-en… Vought on President Biden's proposed $1.5 trillion budget. @SeanSpicer @LyndsayMKeith Vegas pushes to become first to ban 'ornamental grass' "We need to build the infrastructure of today, not repair the one of yesterday." example that "the fake news just doesn't get it": 60 Minutes' 'nasty' piece on Ron DeSantis. -… Floyd's brother sheds tears on the stand
Chris Salcedo warns of the Chinese sympathizers deeply rooted in America. say Eric Greitens likely saved a man's life at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Harry remembers Grandpa Philip as 'mischievous, unpredictable character' 📍: BLM protests got tense due to the Minneapolis police shooting, and one Black man feels he's not even welcome… on the "The #NewsmaxDaily with @RobCarson" podcast: @AlanDersh on the Chauvin trial and the terrifying future… Jordan's Prince Hamzah makes first public appearance since arrest ALERT 🚨: • 5:35PM ET: @CongressmanHice • 6:45: @trish_regan • 7:35: @LynnePatton • 8:45: @SebGorka WA… Weinstein has been indicted in California, the latest with Craig Rothfeld. Johnson teases a run as the 'People's President' - "if it ever happens it'd be my honor to serve you, the p…'Americans are not morons' - Senator Kennedy on seeing through Biden's 'infrastructure' plan is suing the Biden administration over the 'environmental' effect of the border crisis:…'A dumb SOB, a stone-cold loser': Trump goes off-the-cuff on Mitch McConnell Biden is considering Cindy McCain for a UN program ambassadorship White House is targeting GOP leaders' home states in their infrastructure push: GOP continues to fight back against Biden’s plan arguing that it has nothing to do with infrastructure.… Biden is headed for 'extra training' after biting incidents lashed out at Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell, and discussed the party's plans for 2022 and '24:“President Biden is not a moderate Democrat. He’s a left wing radical Democrat,” @tomborelli tells Newsmax TV.… Kennedy: Americans are "not morons," see right through Biden's infrastructure plan tensions rise over another police shooting, National Guard troops have been deployed to the Minneapolis area:…