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“We have begged for some type of proof that Omar is actually the terrorist they’re making him out to be,” a federal… 2016, N. K. Jemisin won a Hugo Award for Best Novel, a first for a black writer. Then she won again the followin… of the appeal of cold-water swimming is that it offers a close—and possibly risky—encounter with the natural w… mourns the loss of Fairway Market, “one of those odd original New York institutions.”"If the goal of the House managers was to sway any votes," @sbg1 writes, "then it is hard not to see their presenta…’s important to keep things in perspective. you were disappointed by the Oscar nominations, listen to the latest episode of our podcast, where the film crit… Ly’s first feature, “Les Misérables,” which is nominated for an Oscar for Best International Feature, is a pol… cartoon by Sofia Warren. her diary, Virginia Woolf, who was born on this day in 1882, left behind the most truthful record of what a writ…“Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.,” from 1992, evokes the myriad complexities of teen-age life.“ ‘This is an American tragedy,’ Shady Dave says. ‘I don’t want people to remember it tomorrow. Are there any quest… is something awkward and endearing, and also recognizable, in a resurfaced clip of Meghan Markle’s husband pi… big-risk-big-reward ethos of startups is fuelled by venture capitalists who know that they won’t be the ones to… would a world without prisons be like? In this week’s episode of our podcast, two prison abolitionists discuss… roundup of available men who meet the minimum criteria for consideration, including abs. defense’s argument in the Harvey Weinstein trial seems to hinge on the idea that Weinstein’s accusers were maki…"When Bernie Sanders talks about Medicare for All . . . he's not just making a policy argument. He's making an argu… cartoon by Michael Maslin. this episode of @NewYorkerRadio, our film critic Richard Brody makes his own picks for the best actor, actress,…"The Senate of the United States in 2020 is not a place where meaningful talking across the aisle is possible,"… E. Jean Carroll's book, she goes on the road to ask people the title question: What do we need men for? “Yard wo… recent volleying of accusations and denials of misconduct feel emblematic of a deeper, more systemic flaw withi… what to do this weekend? Hear music with a cause at Protestival, eat mini sausages at the rebooted Aquavi…“The Gentlemen,” Guy Ritchie's new film starring Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant, is a nasty piece of work toppe… and John Frémont’s pursuit, in the 1840s, of the Oregon Trail was the very first real American adventure that… recording provided to federal prosecutors and reviewed by ABC News features President Trump using mob-boss langua…
In a particularly fraught run-up to this year's Grammy Awards, the suspended chief of the Recording Academy claims…“Confrontation is her fantasy: knocking on the rapist’s door and, when he opens it, bluntly informing him, ‘Hi, you… more than a toe: @Rebeccamead_NYC has lots of fun with Britain's new obsession with wild swimming @NewYorker
Retweeted by The New Yorker“Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.” presents an outward view of the inner life of a young black woman—of a person who… writes inventive, unconventional, best-selling sci-fi novels, which can be read as environmental parabl…“Under the Trump Administration, the challenge for cultural workers who agree to participate in official events is…“What Do We Need Men For?” has come to be defined by E. Jean Carroll's accusation of sexual assault against Donald…“I tried to focus not on my pounding heart or my tingling extremities but on the new green growth on the trees that… Blitt's guide to shadow puppetry in 2020. new Elmhurst outpost of HK Food Court features stalls serving regional Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and…"Little focusses the mind so well as being in water so cold that, unless you are careful, your breath will literall…
Retweeted by The New YorkerA cartoon by Danny Shanahan. today’s Senate impeachment trial live, during which arguments are expected to focus on the second article of… Ritchie’s new film “The Gentlemen” seems to be baiting viewers, praying that they will take offense, and challe…"You might be wondering how two millennials plucked up the courage to jump off that corporate hamster wheel, cash i… Popkey’s début novel, “Topics of Conversation,” explores the nature of power—who has it and why, how it ani… Borowitz Report: If attorneys do manage to find a law that Donald Trump did not break, that information will be… narrative self-assurance and linguistic deftness of the novelist Edith Wharton, who was born on this day in 186… was supposed to go back to Germany tomorrow but I’m not going. I wrote about why.
Retweeted by The New YorkerPhysically, cheerleading requires a surreal mix of rigidity and flexibility, control and heedlessness. Mentally, it…"DAD: According to sources close to the back yard, there’s a new bird at the feeder." our Weekend Crossword, 47-Down: “___, to sleep / To sleep: perchance to dream”: Shakespeare. the impeachment trial benefit the two leading candidates who aren’t in the Senate? days before the 2016 Presidential election, one of Facebook’s early investors sent an e-mail to Mark Zuckerberg… the Democratic nominating contest reaches its critical phase, the contrast between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders… time the Democratic House managers mention Joe Biden, Republicans will use the occasion to demand his testimo… the latest installment of our advice column, Pepper suggests how to keep perspective in a remote relationship.“Something needs to be done now, for our future generation, or there won’t be a future,” the firefighter who called… the venture-capital industry the ultimate frothy startup—a solution that we didn’t really need to a problem that… a million people in England—where there are about 40,000 lakes and no one is ever more than 70 miles from a st… weekend in New York, see the new Richard Maxwell play, hear music with a cause at Protestival, and more. Putin’s proposed constitutional reforms are widely seen as an attempt to extend his hold on power. But, be… cartoon by Navied Mahdavian. the third day of the impeachment trial, the most devastating witnesses against the President were not… American habit of legend and history unfurling simultaneously can be traced back to Jessie and John Frémont. even *is* milk (other than one of two official beverages of the impeachment trial)? attractions of cold-water swimming can be hard to imagine if your vision of aquatic recreation revolves around…“The woman doesn’t ‘follow’ the rapist on social media, but she does follow the rapist in real life.” Fiction by…
We say that we “decide” to get married, to have children, to live in particular cities or embark on particular care… Moscow-based political analyst reflects on how Vladimir Putin’s proposed constitutional reforms may reshape the R… cartoon by Jessica Olien."The #MeToo movement has demonstrated the principled urgency of a persuasive story of victimhood," @jiatolentino wr… Cobb discusses the history of partisanship in American politics and how party loyalties are affecting the im… few moderate Republicans have elicited concessions from Mitch McConnell on how President Trump’s impeachment tria… asks the important questions about the impeachment trial—for instance, do Senators have the option… at least the time of Greek philosophers, many writers have discovered a deep, intuitive connection between wa… Hahnenkamm, in Kitzbühel, Austria, is skiing’s most dangerous race. It makes reputations, breaks bodies, and dr… Mr. Peanut got around to reading @Rebeccamead_NYC's DELIGHTFUL piece on cold water swimming and I heartily recommend it
Retweeted by The New YorkerWatch Day 3 of the Senate impeachment trial unfold live, as the House managers lay out their case for the removal o… Byford, who has resigned from his position as the president of the New York City Transit Authority, was determ… about a session of couples therapy? decades, Annabella Sciorra was silent about her alleged rape by Harvey Weinstein. In 2017, she spoke to… documentary “Making Montgomery Clift” is fascinating on its own peculiar terms, especially for anyone who loves… existential dread ruins your get-together. inhumanly prolific, the composer Cole Porter produced a new kind of American lyric—and language.“There is certainly no evidence that boys have less capacity for empathy at birth than girls do, so that is learned… writer Peter Schjeldahl, who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, reflects on the nature of death., I’m a little distracted because something else horrifying just happened. photo book “Attention Servicemember” feels like an explicit rebuke of the military, and also an act of personal… sharing photos, stories, and private details of their children on the Internet often do so without fully un… Day 2 of the Senate impeachment trial, Donald Trump sent out a stream of more than 130 tweets and retweets—t…“I grew up watching foreigners film Tokyo,” @moekofujii writes. “Some would hold cameras on their foreheads, follow… years, the directors Josh and Benny Safdie were do-it-yourself visionaries, finding ingenious ways to make litt… a new short story by Camille Bordas, a woman becomes convinced her brother’s girlfriend is faking color blindnes… Omar Ameen had ever wanted was to leave Iraq with his family. Now he may be extradited to the country he fled—f… Day 2 of the Senate impeachment trial, the House presented its case—and a senator had a cold glass of milk. and fear make evolutionary sense. But, in low-danger situations, do they still serve a purpose? you have to solve the problem from inside the system. farmer in Iowa advocates for climate-conscious practices that could drastically reduce the carbon emissions produ… dreamy nonconformist in the style of hyper-rational eccentrics such as Lewis Carroll and Bertrand Russell, Alan T…
Chief Justice Roberts reminded both Democrats and Republicans that the Senate is a place to “avoid speaking in a ma… Ladj Ly’s “Les Misérables,” the actions and attitudes of one abusive and contemptuous cop poison the actions of…