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“Do you think you’ll have a disruptive effect at Stuyvesant [High School]?” a student reporter asked Alice de River… Anthony Fauci sounds like he has pretty much given up on Donald Trump. blockbuster “Sapiens” predicted the possible end of humankind. Now what? an onslaught of confirmed COVID-19 cases in mid-March, Iceland never imposed a lockdown. And yet, by mid-Ma… few additional careers that could benefit from a hard out., the metric system, coins called "loonies" and "toonies," and other reasons to praise our neighbor to the n…
“How was it possible that Mari and Imogen, who between them had never kissed a single boy, or held hands with a boy… the weeks since protests erupted around the nation, President Trump has returned to the “law and order” bluster… again, the present has caught up to Paul Verhoeven’s acid vision of the future. a right of passage, menopause is often described only in terms of loss—of fertility, of sexuality, of beauty. Bu… her fiction, Sarah Shun-lien Bynum explores “how small, quotidian, unremarkable moments can end up accumulating…, socially distant ways to celebrate the summer. this week’s cryptic crossword, 9-Across: Paternal pilot has change of heart (8).“The objects of your numerous unrequited crushes are probably listening . . . and having their original appraisals…“I was born into a racist world. I was born into a classist world,” Michaela Coel told @dstfelix. “There was never… Nixon seemed to understand that a President could not use his pardon power to erase charges against someone wh… the planning of a project to intercept and inspect an interstellar object, a mission unlike any attempted by… was King David? Was he the all-powerful king described in the Bible? Or was he, as some archeologists believe,… reading from @NewYorker archive: this week, we're highlighting a selection of pieces about summer vacations…
Retweeted by The New YorkerSarah Shun-lien Bynum’s new novella explores the fraught and intimate friendship between three girls as they become… the heat with a selection of pieces about summer vacations from the #NewYorkerArchive. bad as President Trump’s invective is on Twitter and elsewhere, the actions of the Justice Department under Will…“At Occupy City Hall, organizers have set up talks and teach-ins in a safe and responsible manner,” @mashagessen wr… designer Willi Smith brought a democratic flair to his creations, selling his patterns so that anyone could bri… lynching of a man named Robert Edwards, in 1912, inaugurated a decades-long reign of terror in Forsyth County,… ultimate conclusion of the Commission on the Freedom of the Press, which first met in 1943, remains a bracing a… elaborate nail stylings made popular by black women have been both derided and appropriated. In a new documenta… half a century, the particulars of Flannery O’Connor’s bigotry have been held close by executors, smoothed over… HAIM’s new album, “Women in Music Pt. III,” the band’s members talk about social isolation in the age of the Int…'s estimated that the U.S. has lost one in four of its newspapers in the last 15 years. @charlesbethea writes abo… new documentary short by @alxmallis follows two parents who use gender-neutral pronouns and outfits in order to s… open up your closet tonight? a new story by Etgar Keret—the first installment of our summer 2020 Flash Fiction series—a director sets out to… @JeffreyToobin's 2008 Profile of Roger Stone. ice cream typically involves not only a machine but more than a day of preparation; the plastic-bag method s…"The statues are being toppled, but the story that built them remains," the historian David W. Blight writes. "If t…
President Trump has already exercised his clemency powers to reward political allies. But he had not, until now, us… 2018, Dollar General’s C.E.O. received more than $10 million in total compensation, nearly 800 times the median… Mueller declined to issue a grand-jury subpoena for Donald Trump’s testimony, and he excluded from his repor… Hill, who was referred to as “the Russia bitch” by some of President Trump’s top advisers, reflects on the dy… in the media is at a nadir, and falsehoods and propaganda have polluted the news ecosystem. What can we… if students were asked to take the lead in conceiving and organizing their education during the coronavirus pa…“I go round and round in circles, feeling comfort and then feeling like I’m in a state of shock that I’m sharing th… is anger and exasperation all over HAIM’s new record, as if the women have grown tired of the contortions req… Willi Smith Digital Community Archive honors the achievements of black queer artists like Smith, and joyfully b… “Blood at the Root,” the poet Patrick Phillips offers a painful survey of his home town’s history, showing how F… British actor on his new role in “Sometimes Always Never,” his abiding love for Mary J. Blige, and his personal… Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence is an act of corruption on top of cronyism, @JeffreyToobin grim walls of the void mock Cube’s dreams of a better life. Someday, Cube will break through. Moorcock once wrote, “I think of myself as a bad writer with big ideas, but I’d rather be that than a big w…“The main thing is do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” the saxophonist Sonny Rollins says. “Sure, e… wrote a long piece revisiting the Commission on the Freedom of the Press, an extraordinary panel that convened in…
Retweeted by The New YorkerAn ode to Marcella Hazan's classic tomato sauce, which is made of just three ingredients: tomatoes, butter, and an…“Getting old is the second-biggest surprise of my life,” Roger Angell writes, “but the first, by a mile, is our unc… the 20th century, the press came to understand that its highest obligation was to the public it served. Of a… Barr’s ham-handed firing of a U.S. Attorney captures the confusing combination of corruption and incompeten… should you put in charge of pulling the lever that will stop the runaway trolley from hitting a crowd of peopl… storefronts in SoHo bear the names of black men and women who were killed by police officers, flyers callin…"Instead of a priest, there’s a phone with which they can call their only black friend to apologize." on voice acting, "blaccents," and racial signification in American animation. cartoon by Trevor Spaulding. his first film, “The Killing Floor,” Bill Duke harnesses a directorial imagination that endows the very act of h… Murray was an architect of two of the most important social-justice movements of the twentieth century. Why i… Stritch is magnetic in D. A. Pennebaker’s documentary about the recording of the original cast album for Ste… the first wave of the virus in the Texas Panhandle was a story of rumor, stalled information, and essential work… French artist Camille Henrot’s video-art masterpiece, “Grosse Fatigue" is a Wunderkammer of and for the Interne… Borowitz Report: “Unless your eyesight is really good, if you’re six feet away or whatever you’re not going to… Trump has commuted Roger Stone’s sentence. Read @jeffreytoobin on Stone’s downfall and his decades of tum… the Black Lives Matter protests in late May, Joe Biden’s team did “make substantial moves,” a state represent…"We have books all over our house, and I read in bed. I read at the beach. I read in the kitchen." A conversation w…
Michaela Coel discusses absurdity, how she began acting, and the experience of having full creative control. the latest installment of Barry Blitt’s Kvetchbook, St. Peter takes necessary precautions. C. Mosher’s 1926 Profile of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald: “All was quiet on the Riviera, and then the Fitzger… on the startups operating "virtual" restaurants—with real food and branding, but no physical locations. in Baalbek, Lebanon, discovered a three-million-pound foundation stone. On whose orders was it cut,… startup Goldbelly sends meal kits and menu items from beloved restaurants nationwide, from Raoul’s decadent bur… dispatch from Dayton, Tennessee, takes a small town’s temperature as it enters the national spotlight on the eve…, I’ll still be doing a small family FaceTime, immediately followed by a larger Zoom with my college frien… in the footsteps of “Groundhog Day,” Max Barbakow’s spirited film "Palm Springs" turns a wedding into Pur… Dance on Camera festival, now in its 48th year, will stream films including Susan Misner’s “Bend” and Khadifa W… Prince-Bythewood’s new drama, “The Old Guard,” starring Charlize Theron and KiKi Layne, displays interest in i… you can draw a person, can’t you draw a smaller person with equal ease? As anyone who has gazed upon Renaissance… today’s daily cartoon for the @NewYorker.
Retweeted by The New Yorker“I think that, if Donald Trump is a permanent fact of American politics, it will become very difficult for American… my daughters, the pandemic was a relief from race-related stress at school, @emilyebernard writes. Then George… poem by Rita Dove. studies suggest that police unions' bargaining power has enabled them to win lax disciplinary systems that h… Neiman, a philosopher who studies Germany’s confrontation with its Nazi past, discusses how the U.S. can reck… Proust, who was born on this day in 1871, is part of the American reader’s experience in a way that his cont… author N. K. Jemisin, whose inventive sci-fi novels defy convention and sell millions of copies, is interested… H. W. Bush and Donald Trump share one key attribute, @JohnCassidy writes. As they prepared for their reëlect…"When this is all over, I will never complain about having to go to work. Every day, I will get down on my knees an… new documentary reveals the personal pain behind the coronavirus death toll, following a New York City nurse who… K-drama “Reply 1988” was wildly popular in its homeland; luckily, the show’s nostalgia, goofiness, and internat… at the images in Luis Alberto Rodriguez's new book, “People of the Mud,” it is no surprise to learn that he…és Manuel López Obrador appeared to be fervently opposed to everything that Donald Trump stood for. And yet, at… and defenders alike tend to accept Henry Kissinger’s self-mythology, but his record shows a more mundane fig…
Donald Trump has made a career of turning bad news into good, but the virus has already defeated him, @sbg1 writes. a pair of 7–2 decisions, the Court ruled that the President’s financial records can be reviewed by prosecutors,… wishing it were so, Mexico’s President thanked Trump for being “increasingly respectful” toward Mexicans li…