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@girlsreallyrule @girlsreallyrule Of course not. Sorry. I was just fantasizing about my millions. @dog_rates @Dumbo This is Flash. She was the goodest girl, was regal in the most approachable way, and loved celebr… @girlsreallyrule In his defense, if anyone gave me 22M, same. @LATbermudez @latimes Hang on... “Others scoop it into their coffee or their tea.” @raejohnston Upside down spinning kick across the street and shot fireballs from my handsTWO. They do not have two. @washingtonpost Every headline is leaving out the most insane detail. They don’t have TWO. @panzer Why Goldman Sachs?????
@ed_solomon Hilariously understated. Understated hilarity.
@glazerboohoohoo That kid is baked @atorresh86 @petecow @iSmashFizzle @PeteButtigieg That’s closer to a dumpling or an empanada than a sandwich. @howlieT @holly This visual is fkn hilarious. @holly Yea it’s tough. Practice is a good idea but makes me sad to give them trauma when they don’t understand. I h… @holly No but I think about this often. Like I’d just grab her and wrap a blanket or towel around her. She loves to… @DiscreetLatino @kwprime Wait hahaha before I even saw your name my response to this was literally going to be @ReyLDN_ @sarahcpr @SarahLerner I kinda love this @Nicole_Cliffe It’s like a petticoat @holly Thanks for being my grammar friend. @Dictionarycom @holly Omg thank you, Dictionary. If you have a sec, please confirm on “a NYC” vs “an NYC” @holly @holly I’ve seen “an NYC tradition” or any other example vs “a NYC tradition” - I’m well aware it has to be read al… @holly This might be worse than the “an NYC something” problem @holly They’re confused. It’s impossible @holly What? No one says are tee. Even abbreviated, you still read it as retweet. @akuma_river @drweiss929 @petecow @EightiesBigHair @iSmashFizzle @PeteButtigieg Crossed with Captain America @DrJenGunter Here’s one @dogfather across this awesome street art by Paul Richard. Check out more of his drip style @MichaelRWear This is storytelling. 🎯 @MelissaMWear @ArianaGrande This is a very special man. And your cinematography is wonderful. @TheJoeLynch Happy Birthday, Amy’s cousin. @ThatEricAlper This is how I continually stumble upon a great band that has been out for some time and ask myself w… Epic. Epic. @RoisinRadio This makes me feel better about my mental state. @bananafitz The Break-Up. Practically the entire theater was couples who started fighting with each other half way… @dogfather @Twitter I need HugoJust so damn good. @Fueledbyjelaa @oh_pollo !!!!! @oh_pollo Holy shit @mschaeffer27
@DaveMcKinnon__ @petecow @iSmashFizzle @PeteButtigieg It’s not a thing that anyone thinks it’s the best. I’m aware the movie exists. @DaveMcKinnon__ @petecow @iSmashFizzle @PeteButtigieg @joannarothkopf BIG MOODStop what you’re doing and watch this video. All the democratic candidates represented in these clips from The Offi…
Retweeted by Peri @nerdist is noteworthy @HashtagGriswold @sarahcpr Absolutely incredible @HashtagGriswold @EightiesBigHair @petecow @iSmashFizzle @PeteButtigieg Wait- this is incredible 🙌🤣 @Kates254 @PAYOLETTER So flufffffy @billyeichner @PeteButtigieg Every single thing I hear about him is more amazing than the last. I need him to hate… @iSmashFizzle @PeteButtigieg Every single thing I hear about him is more amazing than the last. I need him to hate… @PAYOLETTER Oh god, I have no idea what Frankie’s favorite shows are. Now I’m wondering if she even watches tv. How… @mattwhitlockPM @marcrebillet Saw him in Brooklyn this past December and it was awesome. I highly recommend. If you… @mattwhitlockPM @marcrebillet We’ve been talking about it. But you’ve really got to go see him live. It’s a full sensory experience. @AaronKaro @natemcdermott Awful. Just awful.How could you not love this guy? I wish everyone who claims to be religious and righteous was actually as sane as M… Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, speaks Norwegian, Spanish,…
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@AaronKaro thinking of @AaronKaro, the most vocal bangs hater.I guess I’m cutting my bangs again. They’ve been gone for a couple years now. The thought is percolating. Worse than an earworm. @nicole📷: @AOC
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@kylegriffin1 @BuzzFeedNews @dog_rates @darth everyone says their cool cat is like a dog, I know up 🔊 Anyone else have a cat who likes to sleep under the covers? Frankie likes to unmake my bed when I go… @StretchArmy @soledadobrien My mom did that to my bro and I when I was like 5. She said she wanted us to get it and get out of t… @LouisPeitzman Today I learned... @dylanmatt This is probably why I love everything Vox puts out. Good people behind it. @florida_left @rev_avocado @dylanmatt I am, too. You can build the tolerance up. You just have to really want it. @dylanmatt @darth My girl has a fluffy head Did you see the article I sent you? Me: No- which email did you use? Dad: @dog_rates @alerom08379892 😭😭😭When a president (who faked a disability in order to avoid serving) attacks a departed war hero, it’s for attention…
Retweeted by Peri @laurenthehough worm equinox moon last supermoon of the year
NYC Spring vibes courtesy of the artist, Cern. @jameelajamil @skinnymetea Completely effing batshit crazy nerve. @MarkRuffalo from home today..... @holly Buzzing @ArtDecider @sisario Ariana loves Broadway. Why try to negotiate? Her song lovingly embraces My Favorite Things. She doesn’t ne… @dog_rates When something brings you so much joy, it also brings tears @ElizabethEThorp THANK YOU @buttonsandfluff @amazikat @MavenOfMayhem @Brandon_Bahret Yea ok, I figured it still wouldn’t be logical and it’s not. @MavenOfMayhem I watched the show. What’s the troll point? If you can’t physically give birth, you’re not a real wo…
@jpbrammer Also, did I miss any of your tweets where you told us all their names? Because now we need all their names. @jpbrammer Didn’t you notice he was rubbing his face on everything the first time he got into your place? That mean… @DanaSchwartzzz I’m willing to bet Beto still looks for pickup ultimate frisbee matches @blacknomad3 I don’t know enough about their headwear to comment on it, but these 2 are adorable and look pretty ha… @DanaSchwartzzz I’d love to see the full collection of roles offered to Britt Marling because there is not one “reg…’ll see your dinosaur honks and raise you squeaks and barks. 🦖🦖🦖 “...O'Connor believes they made an array of "s… @DanaSchwartzzz What is that effing picture? @DanaSchwartzzz I didn’t know crocodiles growled. But geese have always been terrifying. @jayohwhy @darth