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🥬💩🤢🤮🙅🏻‍♀️ @zachbraff Please stop talking. @ABC The kingdom of Saudi Arabia just trolled the hell out of Trump and he’s thanking them for it.What in the world is happening? @frankpallotta Oreo pie have this thing with doors. @idleprinter Just numb, unfortunately.My reaction to the hearing the news of more gun violence is...TIL about wombats’ poop cubes
PAWNEE NATIONAL PARK CHARITY PRINT by @markenglert is on sale now!
Retweeted by PeriLove! @MikeIsaac was googling “did we invent lemons” and I have to say, I’m happy this is in the company of other brilliant philos… @NEFTALYNAVAS @BBW_BFF 😔 I love that song. He just went by Thicke then. Seriously.If you’re not watching @LastWeekTonight with @iamjohnoliver, you’re wrong. Also, trump definitely almost said “I… joy.
Hi 😻
@joonlee @chrislhayes
@Ocasio2018 @eScarry For the record, I own a beautiful Chanel blazer, that I purchased from Housing Works. @thisisinsider @vincentdonofrio The app is called cameo. It’s all the real housewives, reality stars, athletes, and some others. T…❄️🚲snowvember nyc, I didn’t even know that private firefighters were a thing. But since they are, why not send them, all of them,…
@garyvee HBDGV!! @BOYB27 @PadmaLakshmi Let them in you Monsters!!
My husband and I called my sweet, 85-year-old grandma to tell her I got a new job. She congratulated us, talked fo…
Retweeted by PeriI don’t want to hear anyone complain about kneeling ever again. Your boy is demanding that they tally votes before…
Retweeted by Peri @NBCNews Oh. Hilarious. 😖 @seungminkim Hearing this dude try to say “ill will” just flip flopped my bellyThis headline and photo are ridiculous. This woman had nothing to do with this. How about: Company knew about fault… @nypost This headline and photo are ridiculous. This woman had nothing to do with this. How about; Company knew abo…
Stan Lee 🥺 Thanks for making the world more fun. @petershankman I audibly gasped. 🥺Must see @WhitneyCummings Instagram stories and multiple posts at Malibu Wine Safaris showing a company who lied ab… @Nicole_Cliffe I’ll be forever angry about this for her, the mom of a person on Twitter that I’ve never met. @realDonaldTrump
Whenever I come across some awesome music from a band I haven’t heard of before, I scroll to the bottom of their ar… @JoyAnnReid @nbcsnl Cecile Strong and Kate McKinnon need a buddy movie. @Dictionarycom know it’s comedy. But it’s really not. I legit could’ve been the model depicted in each of these images from…, this is exciting news! 🕵🏻‍♂️ Veterans Day to all who protect us, then and now. Thank you. 🇺🇸 @JensenClan88 Run one of these bad boys on will ferrell and/or Vince Vaughn @JensenClan88 My Blue Heaven is one of my all time faves.😆
@AaronKaro @AaronKaro Are you getting all these Chinese voicemails, too? @ed_solomon Drumpf, for sure.I read that the California fires are consuming at a speed of 80 football fields per minute. 😳 Seriously, terrifying. @TheSciBabe Jfc this is an epic @iamjohnoliver -quality takedown piece!
🚨attn: all NYC graffiti artists! Instead of fixing the subway system, the MTA is coating all the tiled walls in br… the leaves are brown and the sky is gray 🍁🛹 @glazerboohoohoo Are hugs an option?Holy scandal @amjoyshow that is part of a Facebook post by Ian David Long. He doesn’t sound insane. He sounds fed up and angry.…"I hope people call me insane... (laughing emojis).. wouldn't that just be a big ball of irony? Yeah.. I'm insane,… speech, with a side of power mom. @IsaacFitzgerald So late to this tweet but have to join in. Because, look at them! another reminder that fact-based opposition isn't going to win the day. You can't persuade these people with f…
Retweeted by Peri @Mikel_Jollett Well, no. They don’t actually think that. They’re just making those claims. It’s like we’re all just… @MaxTemkin @AmandaMarcotte Just read and followed off your RT. Too good. 🙏 @AmandaMarcotte Thank you for so eloquently putting into words all the thoughts that have been the shattered glass… 🤝 @JarettSays Wowowowowowowow
@TalibKweli I really hope there wasn’t a pet in that carrier. That’s all. @idleprinter No one said it was going to be easy and no one said one law was going to magically fix anything. We need major changes.There’s nothing more to say. No thoughts and prayers. No hypotheticals. We know what needs to be done but the lawma…, amazing. @TheBeatWithAri @RepRyanCostello @TheGetoBoys Incredible @PressSec Your response is laughable and completely absurd. Every news organization should boycott until this admin… didn’t happen.
☕️brutal in NYC @holly @Logitech But is that bag on your floor for a cat to play in? @danjlevy @SchittsCreek"The president feels threatened and he was responding by threatening people," says @jaketapper on @cnn.
Retweeted by Peri @NBCNews reporter in that room should unify and continue to press on the same questions. Every reporter in that room s… @NBCNews @PeterAlexander Every reporter in that room should unify and continue to press on the same questions. Ever… @ElieNYC Southern white women. 🤦🏻‍♀️ @realDonaldTrump Can’t you even pretend to be a grown up?Name one major Democratic figure in the last 30 years that could've come that close to flipping TEXAS blue. Beto O…
Retweeted by PeriSome glimmers of hope from tonight
Retweeted by PeriI swear Florida could be voting between ice cream and a kick to the head and the results would be 50.5%-49.5%.
Retweeted by PeriLots of good stuff. FL voted to give 1.4m ppl back their voting rights. Over 100 women voted into congress so far… @ZmusicNY 👀Over 100 women have been elected to the House for the first time ever. It’s about time.
Retweeted by PeriWait what?! 👊 from the subway to the stars. #Beto2020 trending yet? @DeeBeeC00per @nytimes (View in incognito tab)Drink every time they say “incumbent”. Stress-eating and vodka sodas with friends while watching election night coverage. Soooo 2018.Same girl, same 😭 @thehill THEM OUT, GEORGIA. Hang tight and don’t let Kemp win. is fkn disgusting. Everyone knows what you’re doing @BrianKempGA
Just walked past the new @tacobell cantina by my apt and there’s a dj bumping and people dancing 🕺🏻🌮🕺🏻🌮