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It's a challenge facing thousands of Americans.“That wartime, we can see the enemy, we can see the bullets and weapons,” says Lê, “But now you don’t see the enemy…
Retweeted by Next AvenueRead this thoughtful and practical piece by @cfarrellecon A Pandemic Lockdown Just for Older People? No! @MIAging
Retweeted by Next AvenueThank you for bringing light to this, loved reading the article. 👌🏽
Retweeted by Next AvenueA pandemic lockdown just for older people? Why @cfarrellecon and others say it's unwise via @nextavenue
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#RIPHughDowns, the multifaceted TV host who was included in the book we recently excerpted, "Old Man Country." we hear much less about the psychological toll. @richeis315 @NextAvenue Thank you for posting this article. We rarely stop to realize what mental or psychological…
Retweeted by Next AvenueIs it time to rethink the 4th of July? My latest at @NextAvenue #July4th #FourthofJuly
Retweeted by Next AvenueHow history shapes the money stories for women of color: a @NextAvenue interview with @_EugenieGeorge
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Meticulous planning and outsized luggage aside, you can still relax, enjoy, and (safely) see the world — just remem… about the late great #CarlReiner written by @YKYPodcast member @TheMicheleWojo. So glad you got the chance…
Retweeted by Next AvenueHow to Find Hope During a Career Crisis via @NextAvenue with insightful wisdom shared by @DrDawnGraham
Retweeted by Next Avenue"[One study] found that the coronavirus can stay alive for up to 16 hours in the air. ... There is evidence that si…
Retweeted by Next AvenueWhat other ask-an-expert questions do you have about the pandemic?
A question worth exploring. of my favorite clients, @NextAvenue reshared a story I wrote about @carlreiner on their front page today. I'm s…
Retweeted by Next AvenueIt starts with treating family caregivers as essential health workers."...I believe the need to address elder justice has become even more urgent recently. Congress appears to think so,…
Retweeted by Next Avenue“Don’t take things for granted. You’re smarter than you think." #RIPCarlReiner
The medical community is leveraging this “food as medicine” concept one step farther."Art, to Rebecca, is the oxygen that keeps her alive and vibrant, even in a 96-year-old frame that often frustrates… July 15, @longerlives with @LongevityCenter will discuss this prevalent issue of ageism at our webinar with…
Retweeted by Next AvenueHow Congress is addressing elder justice in America via @nextavenue
Retweeted by Next AvenueThe times may be changing, but Bob Dylan still has a strong message in his 39th studio album. (From @NextAvenue)
Retweeted by Next AvenueI spoke with @NextAvenue about the challenges –– and rewards –– of working on the "Those We've Lost" series chroni…
Retweeted by Next AvenueLooking for a respite from COVID-19 worries? Try simple creative projects. #VitalityArts you meet Tisha Kenny — vibrant and enthusiastic — you’d never believe she’s a three-time cancer survivor.…
Why it happens and what you can do about it. has always been center stage for Emilio and Deborah Moscoso #VitalityArts the arts are radically inclusive, great things happen. #VitalityArts experts from the Friends Talk Money podcast have advice on how and where to invest right now. is a vibrational activity, and doing it will make a person feel better. #VitalityArts Shelton Green, the first African American poet laureate of North Carolina, talks about #Juneteenth, her new al… of us has a story. How would the first sentence of your biography read? #VitalityArts we process grief and loss is highly personal. Some retreat from the world, some throw themselves into work. Sti…
Lining up a work-from-home side gig may be a good course of action. this doctor thinks primary care practices should stay open during the pandemic.
New from @KerryHannon, how family businesses can utilize their unique advantages to adapt to COVID-19. @CaregiverAction Thank you for sharing, @CaregiverAction!The times may be changing, but Bob Dylan still has a strong message in his 39th studio album. What does return to work during post-COVID look like for family #caregivers? The experts tell us…
Retweeted by Next Avenue4 Forecasts for Family Caregivers in a Post-Pandemic World via @nextavenue
Retweeted by Next AvenueWhat Is Elder Justice And Why Do We Need It? via @nextavenue
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I Didn't Know Her, But I Mourn Her via @NextAvenue
Retweeted by Next AvenueIf your children are adopting, here's how you can prepare for your grandparent duties. to consider before going back to the gym.“You just cry. It happened to me with 9/11 stories, too. During the interview, you both start crying and there’s no…
Retweeted by Next Avenue @dianeharris @MarketWatch We're so happy you enjoyed the story, Diane. @heymarci Thank you for nominating and sharing, Marci!Got a few peeps I'll be nominating for @NextAvenue #InfluenceAging. How about you? Deadline is July 1!!
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“Abusers are using the threat of the virus and the isolation to provide misinformation to people" (by: @grace__ , v… if your kids don't want your stuff, someone will.'You cry. You just cry,' says one of its reporters. @nytimes @EncoreOrg Thank you for sharing, @EncoreOrg!The @nextavenue Influencers in Aging list celebrates people whose work is positively impacting how we all grow olde…
Retweeted by Next AvenueIf you’re looking for the best ways to keep yourself healthy during #retirement without breaking the bank, the foll…
Retweeted by Next AvenueBefore Moving a Parent Into Assisted Living, Consider This. via @nextavenue
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What you should know (and how you can protect yourself). for employers from @lyndagratton and @ProfAndrewScott, the authors of 'The New Long Life'.
"My grandmother is my guide, so I give her the one thing she wanted: to be in the ground beside my grandfather, wit… peace in the uncertainty of now. this grief is different.
“Dads don’t need to be tall and broad-shouldered and clever. Love makes them so.”
Older adults now account for more than half of all @Habitat_org remodels.’s get clear on what you want to get out of your business. #EIX"Don't try to keep up with the Joneses: They don't know what they're doing."
Because, as @cfarrellecon notes, there's one thing many small businesses don’t have with the COVID-19 recession: ti…’s 66 million (pre-COVID-19) family caregivers — people caring for loved ones with complex, chronic, and ong…
Retweeted by Next AvenueJaki Shelton Green reflects on #Juneteenth (also her birthday), her new album (out today) and being named poet laur… had so much fun learning about these 5 amazing people. I hope you do, too! via…
Retweeted by Next AvenueWe ❤️ to see the creative ways mentors are staying connected in these times! via @nextavenue #MentorIRL
Retweeted by Next AvenueGetting to know the “old dolls”, as they call themselves, a group of nurses with @NorthwesternMed (@NM_Nursing) who…
Struggling to find #intergenerational connection during the pandemic? Here are 5 older people finding purpose by sh…
Retweeted by Next AvenueNot every elder abuse organization is seeing high volumes of calls, but that’s not perceived as a positive sign. forward to this session with @richeis315 @LouiseAronson and @longer_lives. #COVID19 is not our only…
Retweeted by Next AvenueRetiring After 65? How to Avoid Costly Medical Bills via @nextavenue
Retweeted by Next Avenue#Intergenerational connection is possible, even during the pandemic. Here are 5 older people finding purpose by sha…
Retweeted by Next AvenueThe repercussions of #COVID19 are still largely unknown. But @richeis315 @NextAvenue, @Paul_Irving1
Retweeted by Next Avenue5 people finding purpose by sharing their wisdom with youth virtually via @nextavenue
Retweeted by Next AvenueOur next virtual panel discussion on July 15 will be titled, “A New Ageism? Fallout From the Pandemic” and will fea…
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An all-boys summer camp Zoom reunion: catching up after about 45 years leads to some surprises via @nextavenue
Retweeted by Next AvenueMourning the loss of a grandparent to COVID-19 is hard in ways we'd not imagined. What to do? Be direct and honest…
Retweeted by Next AvenueThis survivor learns the value of donating plasma."Caregiving is the modern-day mystique.” @LindsJR @WeAreWellthy Essential reading for the moment we’re living in.…
Retweeted by Next AvenueWhether you had to cancel a vacation due to the coronavirus pandemic or are itching to plan one, you’re probably bu…
Retweeted by Next AvenueMost family caregivers feel alone, like they're the only ones on earth. Why?
With states opening up, the decision now lies with patients. (From @NextAvenue)
Retweeted by Next AvenueFor older workers and older job applicants, there’s a lot to unpack in this opinion. annual Influencers in Aging list celebrates people whose work is positively impacting how we all grow older. Kn… out this piece by Dr. Christine Nguyen that highlights the importance of planning ahead, especially in the ti…
Retweeted by Next Avenue“If you’re particularly positive about aging, it takes you to successful aging.” (From @NextAvenue)
Retweeted by Next AvenueBefore moving a parent into assisted living during the pandemic, consider this. via @nextavenue
Retweeted by Next AvenueIt was such an honor to be named an Influencer in 2017. Deadline is July 1 to nominate someone who makes a differen…
Retweeted by Next AvenueLooking forward to sharing this on-demand session on June 24th featuring successful #entrepreneurs discussing the t…
Retweeted by Next AvenueMyth No. 2: If an older person is being abused physically, it will be obvious. #WEAAD
Emilio and Deborah Moscoso, featured in this piece, celebrate 50 years of marriage TODAY! #VitalityArts women join together to share ideas, encourage impactful conversations, and explore new perspectives. This list…
Retweeted by Next AvenueStress about COVID-19 might actually make a person more prone to illness. One way to manage: Taking control of your…
Retweeted by Next AvenueElder abuse comes in many forms, from visible bruises and broken bones, to less observable cues such as neglect, ps…