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this is so fire
Retweeted by nezu! @windycockk wrong number @urmomgaayy teehee @beatrickscity @windycockk hehehe<3333 @beatrickscity @windycockk LETSGOOO @windycockk @urmomgaayy who r u @urmomgaayy u tell hm queenhwhat the fuckbro werent u just there @windycockk asked if manhattan is in new york @windycockk you @beatrickscity gfrreee wifeywhat if we kissed on the kurapika bus
Retweeted by nezu!customer: hi can i get- me trying to kill them with my mind:
Retweeted by nezu! @windycockk ?windy just asked me if i have wifi ..?ah the privilege of owning a cat... how do u guys feel going home and there is a cat waiting for you... with their…
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Retweeted by nezu!what the fuck is a "double text" and "triple text" please grow up and be an adult. i'll drop 6 texts if i feel like…
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Retweeted by nezu!I can’t risk you. I wish above all things that you could be happy with me, but I would still be content if you were just happy.
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@windycockk hmmmmmm @windycockk proud of you king! @beatrickscity licherally!me and @Nezuuumiii
Retweeted by nezu! @2adistic DUDEbrorobert pattinson is a triple taurus
@orgxsoul i'm so sorry :( i bet she loved you a whoole lot losing a pet is never easy @lNOSUKEBFF bro now how was i supposed to know . @lNOSUKEBFF HES HOTTTTTTTTare the old white people into mitski nowwhy are they playing your best american girl at hardrock @lNOSUKEBFF omg hi... @lNOSUKEBFF who is he im single ...... @luzslawyer
Retweeted by nezu! @luzslawyer im so sorry for making this, i had to do it
Retweeted by nezu!IM ABOUT TO THROW UP WTF IS THIS SHOW@;#^*×,#,@?
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Retweeted by nezu!white girls dye their hair black get blunt bangs and start calling themselves tomie... like yeah u look stupid TO MIE
Retweeted by nezu! @ppuwf hiiii imy
no i lied i like it :( i hate the prrson i associate it w :((hm ... i hate this somgthey playin friday im in loveAccidentally didn’t respond to any of the people I dearly love for 3 days
Retweeted by nezu! @mindmyfatty 𝖎 𝖜𝖎𝖑𝖑 𝖕𝖗𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖈𝖙 𝖞𝖔𝖚 @mindmyfatty hi sexy love of my life wydplease . im onn my break and bored . cmon.guys wake UP
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Retweeted by nezu! @windycockk holy shit ... *scratch scratch* @Nezuuumiii
Retweeted by nezu! @windycockk🪚🔩🎚️🩸
Retweeted by nezu!Pussy from a girl who is extremely weird and off putting
Retweeted by nezu!yeah <3
Retweeted by nezu! @ahhhh095 sugar mommy 😻
Retweeted by nezu!LMFAOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by nezu!this dog is sitting, standing and laying at the same time
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Retweeted by nezu!you will see the most beautiful woman of your entire life and then shes dating just some guy
Retweeted by nezu!bro don’t get in the car with me if u gon scream everytime i crash
Retweeted by nezu!i cant stop listening . @GrayCV212 HAHA ILYwhen he sings youre not the number one youre not the fabled son ooOOGHGGHHsexyass sonh in my thoughts
Retweeted by nezu! @windycockk @garbage_cunt u got some fire pussy windy 🙏amen @garbage_cunt @windycockk
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@erwinfkr you r so @erwinfkr i wanna get hm a cute bed but he hates cat beds @erwinfkr using my cat fir clout @erwinfkr u didnt even fucking tag me
Retweeted by nezu!You have not been writing me as often as I wish, and sometimes I think I left you just to see if I'd be missed.
Retweeted by nezu!the sex traffickers are really out in the philly/bensalem area rn. please be careful and always be aware of your surroundings
Retweeted by nezu! @okidenni ILYMORE @lNOSUKEBFF HAHAHAHAHA @erwinfkr im so inspired by this person i need more stickers for my car asap . @okidenni HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE MWAAHHHHH GO TREAT YOURSELF!! U DESERVE IT 💞💗💘💓💖💕twentyone
Retweeted by nezu!bro . at my friends car
Retweeted by nezu! @koenichiwa EXAAAACTLY PETIT POMME @koenichiwa bet. @koenichiwa DAWG DONT TEMPT ME . ILL BOOK A FLIGHT RN . IM FREEEEE @koenichiwa i put in my two weeks amen koba 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 @erwinfkr bro. @erwinfkr 😐😐😐