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These @Seahawks guys are leaders in their locker room. Congrats to our Rep–@TDLockett12 & Alternates– @Ottomatic82,…👀 #ItTakesAllofUs can be a game changer by supporting #CommunityMVP @Rodney_McLeod4 & his @pledgeit campaign, which will help imp…
#VoteReady 💯💯💯 ⬇️ the reps from the @RamsNFL: Rep– @jakemcquaide, Alternates– @JHekker, @kiser_rollin & @SJD_51. This is the f… @marlon_humphrey That #AthleteAnd mentality 😂 @Rodney_McLeod4 @4MyCiTy2 @whyy @iHeartRadio @ChickiesnPetes Crushing it 👏👏👏I am proud to be selected the @NFLPA Community MVP for week 2. From Social Justice, voter registration and food ins…
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Kicking off our Player Rep introductions are the @49ers with Rep–@RSherman_25 and Alternates–@BenGarland63,… the next few weeks, we'll be introducing you to our newly elected Player Representatives. 𝘚𝘰 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘥𝘰𝘦𝘴 𝘢 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺𝘦… 1 #CommunityMVP and @steelers DT @CamHeyward sends a word of congrats to @Rodney_McLeod4 for his work. 💪 Week 2 #CommunityMVP winner is making sure that everybody eats AND votes. @Rodney_McLeod4 had 40,000 pounds (!!…
"If they say run faster, you run faster. If they say do 10, you do 12." –@RGIII 🎥: @NFLPA partner @SilencethShame still has a few spots available for "QPR Training" tmrw. Ask a question, Save a Life…
Retweeted by NFLPAA good reminder from @DTranquill ⬇️
41 days. #VoteReady in Peace, Gale. 🙏 & @julieertz provided grants their City of Love Fund to Safe-Hub, an after-school safe space; HopeCam, wh… to our Week 1 #CommunityMVP runner-ups, starting with Patrick Peterson @P2. The @AZCardinals DB held the f… Takes All Of Us! Go vote. Let’s be the change we want to see and push the people around us to do the same! @NFL
Retweeted by NFLPA @haydenrhurst @PlayersTribune @dak You love to see it. 👊As someone who serves our country in the military, @bengarland63 knows the privilege and power that comes with voti… team. #breakthestigma
From the football field to city council–@DonCarey knows firsthand the importance of exercising your right to vote:… wanna help change our country?? Register to vote TODAY!!!!!!! Let’s go make some real change ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏻✊❤️‼️ #vote
Retweeted by NFLPAIn case you haven't been on social media yet today... It's #NationalVoterRegistrationDay! Make sure you're…"This is what it means to be a part of a brotherhood. You have your brother’s back when they’re in pain. You listen… didn't see the point in voting during the last major election. This time around, he's #VoteReady.… Honey Badger is celebrating National Voter Registration Day with a special registration event at Union Station…
Retweeted by NFLPAICYMI: @CamHeyward is our Week 1 #CommunityMVP! Honoring his grandfather "Pup Pup," who was a teacher & leader of… asked about having The Talk, @bcope51 thinks about what it will be like having that conversation with his son.…
Brotherhood 🤝 #ItTakesAllofUs and make a difference.
Retweeted by NFLPARound 2 of #SubwaySurfers Versus is out! Adam and Alex will be running as Dak Prescott and Lamar Jackson, in hopes…
Retweeted by NFLPASending our heartfelt thoughts + prayers to @SweetFeet_White. We’re all with you during this time 🙏
#EndRacism recalls having The Talk when he was a kid and touches on what it's like having the same conversati… players, coaches, officials and personnel cleared for kickoff tonight because of testing, tracing and wearing m…
Retweeted by NFLPAWe made it to Week 2. Special shoutout to the players + team staffs for remaining vigilant on protocols to stay s…👀 #AthleteAnd
"It's crazy that I have to teach my kids something different in my household than other people have to teach their… @element_sports @CamHeyward 👏👏👏 @CamHeyward @steelers From one MVP to the next–@KB31_Era sends his congrats to @CamHeyward for being this week's… to @camheyward on being named Week 1 #CommunityMVP for installing his first Little Free Library. The book-…
Coming up in 20 minutes... Fireside chat with @NFLPA Executive Director @DeSmithNFLPA and author @hbryant42. Regi…
Retweeted by NFLPA.@TheSamAcho shares some simple but effective advice during "Accelerating Change: Athletes Impact on Social Justice…
Retweeted by NFLPA#AthleteAnd @JosephThuney 🎓 message is clear 🗣 #EndRacism
.@minkfitz_21 and Run With the Pro teamed up for a two-month virtual charity run. All proceeds go to his charity Un… and his Armstead Academic Project foundation donated $50K toward laptops and Wi-Fi access to Sacrame… started the @97HeywardHouse Bucket Challenge, an ongoing service project to support @bgcwpa during the… signing a new contract with the @Chiefs, the first thing @tkelce did was buy the future home of the “Ignition… launched a clothing brand via his non-profit @localhuman2020, which collaborates w/ brands to crea… @TheHumble_21 @BGCGW @WashingtonNFL .@CamJordan94 launched a GoFundMe to benefit the hurricane relief work of… and his Humble Path Foundation delivered a virtual message and donated more than 200 backpacks stuff…, with the help of volunteers from his free summer football camp, sponsored a back-to-school drive that pro… out the best of the rest from Week 0's #CommunityMVP noms, starting with @thekidmcmanus who's foundation dona… @TheJimmyGraham @CAA_Football @DeSmithNFLPA Thanks for sharing and we'll pass this along to the right team–please l… @TheJimmyGraham We're sorry to hear the meeting wasn't a positive experience and we'd love to get your feedback–sen… year's #CommunityMVP comics are based on movie posters, highlighting our winner as the star of the show. Ducks… We announced our first #CommunityMVP of the 2020 season–@KB31_Era! Each week, our panel votes for a winner f… your voice! Go vote!!! #YourVoiceYourVote Let’s get it!!!!
Retweeted by NFLPATOMORROW — join us for our next installment of 'Let's Talk', featuring @JoeBriggsEsq, @DonCarey & @AaronRouseVaBch
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@TheWNBPA @Layshiac @S10Bird @Nnemkadi30 @E_Williams_1 @NatAchon @MultiplyingGood Congratulations! #BetOnWomenJust a reminder to GO VOTE! Change start now #YourVoiceYourVote
Retweeted by NFLPAMake sure you’re registered to vote #YourVoiceYourVote.
Retweeted by NFLPALike a game day in preparation! Make a plan! Execute the plan to vote! ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
Retweeted by NFLPA @tdots25 The one and only @alexmack51 😎 @Broncos 🔥🔥🔥ICYMI: Shirts worn by players around the league this week were spearheaded by Executive Committee member… takes all of us.🔥🔥🔥 #EndRacism Players — Join us Wednesday for our next installment of 'Let's Talk', featuring @JoeBriggsEsq, @DonCarey &…
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Complete the Miami Missions with #PatrickMahomes! Unlock the individual Surfers or get the 6-in-1 Mega Bundle!…
Retweeted by NFLPAPlayers supporting players 👊 in advance of tonight’s @dallascowboys game. Remember NFL players continue to lead the way when it comes to…
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🔥🔥🔥🔥 @Cody_Ford74 President @JCTretter said: "There were moments during the summer where I wasn't confident that we would have a s… #ItTakesAllofUs rook knows ⬇️ #ItTakesAllofUs kicked off our 2020 #CommunityMVP campaign by announcing the first winner of the season, @KB31_Era. You can join… #ItTakesAllofUs Team 👊 warm. #NYJvsBUF | #BillsMafia
Retweeted by NFLPAInjustice against one of us is injustice against all of us.
Retweeted by NFLPA @BenjaminSWatson @NFL ✊✊✊✊Blessed and thankful for another gameday! Praise God for all that we have. Pray for those facing injustice, listen…
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Retweeted by NFLPAYou heard the man 🗣 @ceeflashpee84 racism. #ItTakesAllOfUs @Edelman11 | @NFLPA
Retweeted by NFLPAOur #GameDay message 🗣 @NFL | #ItTakesAllofUs Alex Smith on a football field: 🙌 Seeing Alex Smith on a football field with a message: 🙌🙌 than football. #PackersUnited
Retweeted by NFLPAIt's more than football this time. @21DM_ERA #ItTakesAllofUs
For @Isaacrochell90, kneeling is backed by action. He's doing his part through the philanthropic apparel company he… the start of the NFL season underway, no better person to hear from than DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director o…
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