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@nfmusic I think multimillionaire is underselling it slightly when he is a billionaire!
Retweeted by Neil Fisher @sgtoyne @BobWorkman_ I'm very pleased to hear it. @BobWorkman_ well, he owns an opera house. It's not quite the same thingWe’ve been overwhelmed by interest in our homecoming performance on 25 July and have now SOLD OUT all 200 tickets d…
Retweeted by Neil FisherThe new chairman of the Royal Opera House is...David Ross. To ask the Mrs Merton question, I wonder what first attr… adds of the experience of lockdown in Wales, which is satirised in the new opera: "Some of the restrictions have… clasical music in Scotland starts again, but the BBC could have upped their game.
Retweeted by Neil FisherWhy is GPO taking the risk of live opera with an audience? Basically, they've had enough. David Pountney, librettis… @LevParikian She’d have jacked the whole thing if she’d had Deliveroo @queens_hall @Cloagfarm @RichmoMusic @GCHalls @BBCRadio3 @edintfest Hello @edintfest , I think you know each other. @operamagazine At least Go Compare will not be an option @queens_hall @Cloagfarm @RichmoMusic @GCHalls @BBCRadio3 @edintfest why not hire some artists and do it PPV?Boris Johnson needs to solve his woman problem, writes @aliceTTimes
Retweeted by Neil FisherThe team behind the first opera to be performed in a theatre in the UK since lockdown tell @nfmusic why they are de…
Retweeted by Neil Fisher @CityGlasgowChor @BBCSSO @BBCRadio3 @CHGlasgow @stevenosborne @tomwalkertenor @colincurrieperc @GCHalls Yep, the BB… @GrantTucker @afneil Fixer-upper @larkingrumple @DavidButtPhilip @grangeparkopera @susanbu1 that sounds like a small handfulNews!📢 In 2 months ⁦@grangeparkopera⁩ will perform an opera in their theatre to a live audience. What’s more, they’… of insects. Excerpt from "Cockroach" Soviet animation film, 1988
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The entire series of Live from the Drive In concerts announced by @LiveNationUK has been cancelled. Desperately sad… @jimwaterson Didn’t like the I May Destroy You finale @andrewcopson Aaargh!Anyone got the drop on any funky masks that work well with glasses? STEMpunk now operating on a 3-week wait :-( @london_counsel But the defamation case continues? @london_counsel I need a TL;DR please @stuart_macrae Just dipping into this, but it seems if you can physically distance at work - which a SQ would be -… @joshbythesea @yngvlgrn well look at you two, the kings of your high street @yngvlgrn @joshbythesea in fact I suspect M&S have just inherited it from Ocado, since now Ocado/M&S are a partnership @yngvlgrn @joshbythesea it's been on Ocado for months @stuart_macrae Nicola's heavies would descend on the empty GCH if there was, say, a string quartet? @MarkValencia to be fair that is also the premise of nearly every Lied that isn't about someone's horticultural failures"Lockdown Live" starts in Glasgow - a great vocal performance from Michael Mofidian, but this series (including its…
Retweeted by Neil Fisher @ChrisBennion_ Chris I was asleep until you tweetedAnother birthday legend today and another of my favourite #classicallookalike Happy birthday, Harrison Birtwistle…
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Think I preferred the original Craig David lyrics to be honest
Retweeted by Neil Fisher @hendopolis Splash @davidbyers26 ! 💥 @MohammedAbbas79 I actually looked (I am SUCH a younger brother) @nickmulroy aargh!Not really on topic, but was Bari Weiss named after Barry White? @whippletom and to think that could have been me in the middle of a Kevin Spacey Circle @whippletom so that's where my tickets ended up! Why I oughta...."The BBC still seems to be stuck in an ultra-cautious mode at a time when quite large ensembles have been rehearsin…"Lockdown Live" starts in Glasgow - a great vocal performance from Michael Mofidian, but this series (including its… @ChrisBennion_ maybe Bari could fill that Walford void. @ChrisBennion_ This is worse than Barry leaving Eastenders"Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times. But Twitter has become its ultimate editor." This is quite a…
Retweeted by Neil Fisher @ChrisBennion_ Rofl @MrPhoebus @MusicalMuseum That is excellent. More of this in Gramo please. @anitathetweeter Yes, the Biageo type characters who exist everywhere. Coel elaborates on those attitudes and plays… @wigmore_hall @GCHalls since the slightly erroneous BBC tweet I was quoting has now been deleted - baby duly dumped… @anitathetweeter I didn't read it that way, it seemed like the conversation was mirroring the contours of Michaela'… @larkingrumple @TimAshAsh but perhaps the last two don't fit your criteria @KateMolleson @wigmore_hall @GCHalls "And now Colin is picking up the FURRY sticks..." @larkingrumple @TimAshAsh The interlude from Hansel and Gretel always gets me. And the final moments of Jenufa and Cunning Little Vixen.Great to have live music back in Scotland today for this short series, although regrettable that unlike… @culturestate @joshspero @NAR @houghhoughPress releases in my inbox are getting weirder: “THE AVERAGE BRIT HAS NOT EATEN BROCCOLI FOR OVER A MONTH.”
Retweeted by Neil FisherI mean, not to brag, but we've been saying it a lot longer than that
Retweeted by Neil Fisher @JohnHBowker Think it was recognised wordsmiths at the BBC
Birmingham arts venues announce major job losses
Retweeted by Neil Fisher @MerielSarah JUST finished it. Had hopes of the flat mate bringing IT but alas not to be @nfmusic 'Everybody yurts' to boost the UK tourist industry?
Retweeted by Neil Fisher @ArianeTodes Whispers *that’s why I watch with subtitles*Hoping all future initiatives backed by the Duchess will be terrible puns on REM songs @ArianeTodes !!!Elizabeth Maconchy you absolute LEDGE long ago I would never have considered finishing a tweet with a faux-philosophical chin-stroking statement, as…
Retweeted by Neil FisherWhat’s the choral piece used at the end of ep 11 of #IMayDestroyYou please? @BBCArtsPR there's absolutely no web page for the Glasgow City Halls concerts. Shame that this concert series will… we really did take a detour on our trip to Umbria last week to see the flowering of the lentil fields on the alt…
Retweeted by Neil FisherActual live theatre... My review of the Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain drive-in show. Beep-beep! ★★★☆☆
Retweeted by Neil FisherAs the 2020 #bbcProms begin, a new series from @RichmoMusic: your guide to the archive highlights over the coming w… @MohammedAbbas79 He taught us loads but all I recall is this reality: the BBC has won awards for its reporting of the Uighurs.
Retweeted by Neil FisherThis was the jolt of hilarity - rabbi points 1000 - in a desperately moving piece about grief and acceptance“When I asked where Marcel was going, the rabbi shrugged. ‘How should I know? He’s dead; he’s not talking.’ “ @JakubKrupa
This could be decided by a tiny no. of votes. So let's not forget: - Many Poles abroad (most of whom favour RT) did…
Retweeted by Neil FisherExit poll, #PolandVotes: Andrzej Duda 50.4% Rafał Trzaskowski 49.6% Turnout 68.9% TOO CLOSE TO CALL. Long night ahead.
Retweeted by Neil Fisher @CosThisIsAfrica Salvador is fab but intense - which is why I have the perfect island getaway in Bahia for youI asked my daughter if she wanted to have her dinner outside or inside. “ANTS!” she hollered, pelting indoors as if pursued by the Furies. @CosThisIsAfrica We have a good recommendation for you in 🇧🇷FLYING ANTS DAY THIS IS NOT A DRILL @gabiswallow Lorraine? No, she brought sandwiches. EtcI am an apex editing predator, evolved to hunt and destroy “amongst” and “whilst” @HackBlackburn @j_amesmarriott
reply with a picture of your pet and I will tell you the last book they read
Retweeted by Neil FisherThings have got much more serious at the St Mary’s Tower concerts since my last visit: camping chairs, wine in chil… is a fantastic interview with ⁦@PaapaEssiedu⁩ by ⁦@andrewbillen⁩ #IMayDestroyYou in 1995, Bosnian Serb forces entered the town of Srebrenica and began their campaign of extermination, t…
Retweeted by Neil Fisher'I am shocked and heartbroken to hear of the death of Miriam Murphy. We have lost a singer with a unique talent, a…
Retweeted by Neil FisherNorthern Ireland Opera is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Irish soprano Miriam Murphy and offer their sinc…
Retweeted by Neil FisherAt last! The first orchestral performance since lockdown - audience: me and Bamber Gascoigne - is available to watc… @AlexofBrown @joshspero That has the obligatory missing cat (😒) but also a deep thread of national angst and traumatic history @AlexofBrown @joshspero The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles is his Magic Mountain. You can skip the rest, and I say this as a fan!Herzliche Glückwünsche zum 93.! Wenn das so weitergeht, wird Herbert #Blomstedt noch das Münchner #Konzerthaus eröf…
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(!!) past the Pantheon tonight and found police band playing Morricone hits then the national anthem. Applause…
Retweeted by Neil FisherSurprised and deeply moved to see this tweet remembering my sister Eva's birthday and her murder together with my…
Retweeted by Neil FisherNot long after John Peter became a theatre critic at The Sunday Times he wrote a series of satirical sketches about…
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