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@SammaRob Good analogy 🤝 @ControlThArtist @CdtvLil Yessir Vouch @C_K8819 Good picks brother 🤝Did you know that J. Cole graduated college with a 3.2 GPA?? S/O @nfr_podcast ⚡️
Retweeted by NFR PodcastSkepta and Rocky would slap. No contest imo .Paak is the Ultimate CHEAT CODE for Features🤯 Dang! from Divine Feminine Blank Face from Blank Face LP…
@KidsSeeGavin @JayCeeRapTakes @TheRapAgenda @joey_hiphop Aw lol that was from our episode haha. Goated @JayCeeRapTakes @KidsSeeGavin @TheRapAgenda @joey_hiphop That’s love 🤝. But what was posted I can’t seeChoose the album with the most replay value @thoughtfulbae 🙏 @TheRapAgenda @raptalkSK Yessir bro amazing video 🙏🙏XXXTentacion was one of the most versatile artists of his generation. Love or hate him you have to acknowledge his… @HipHopAllDayy Love to see one of the best accounts on here thrivingCapital Steez on Survival Tactics will go down as one of the best guest verses of all time👑 @SHREKRAP 12 hrs for Travis at a festivalName an artist who you’ve heard great things about but never was able to get into.Happy Birthday to legendary producer Statik Selektah 🎉 What’s his best instrumental? @cam_9503 Time & Gidget are heavy in my rotation! Love this albumGoing into the weekend with some KDOT vibes🤝 What are y’all listening to this morning? @YourFavMusician Big W! Whats your fav Push song? @AnanPrince1 Nice answer Dorian😂 favorite Push album? @Roastroullete W whats Gibbs’ best album? @IAmKeashy Hes been tearing shi* up since the early 2000s🔥 favorite Push song? @notpathughes Great choice! Fav Push album? @bonquievious 🙏 @Mxttywrld R.I.P. Jah @bubbagalindo 17 @TheRapAgenda ✨🕊 @Ares_DontGiveAF Idk about best but favourite are these Orlando Infinity 888 Vice City @CoededMarshall @NameIsMavi W @CryptoH82640204 ✨🕊 @FxckOrange 😔 @rap_language9 No one deserves that @LiLCornDogRap Thanks my guy 🙏 @love_scars14 Appreciate you man 🙏 RIP X @rap_language9 Everyday! @minajlcvr Stream Jah @raptalkSK Amazing thread man ❤️ @blacksoulpastor Appreciate that man 🙏 @XXL Enjoy the read X’s impact on the music scene will simply never be forgotten. We are yet to see the true ramifications of h… Jah On June 18th of 2018, Jahseh Onfroy was tragically gunned down in his vehicle after a robbery had take… With Fans X and his fans had a tight bond because he was genuine. No matter what was going on, he showe… on ‘?’ X showed his versatility with heartbreak songs like ‘SAD!’, rock songs like 'NUMB' & rapping cu… 17 The 22 minute concept album was an entry into XXX’s mind, but also a relatable piece of art that spea… At Me! After releasing the track in 2015, it took some time for it to build some steam, but X was on the ride… Era X’s cult following began when he joined the collective Members Only. This pushed his solo work and… Beginnings X did not have an easy childhood. He was constantly moving in and out of his home, developed a… is XXXTentacion? Jahseh Onfroy a.k.a XXXTentacion would have been 23 years old today. This thread is going to… Birthday XXXTentacion If any of you guys would enjoy watching a video about how X’s music left such a big im… XXXTentacion Saved A Generation Happy Birthday X 👑 @Morforce_ @JaydenPLive @LinesofLogic My thoughts exactly @thelifeofwraith @rockykindafresh @NOOOOODONTDOIT @KanyePodcast @AintNoJigga Iconic my guy 🤝 @ArthurM303 @cam_9503 W 🤝What’s the best solo album from a Wu-Tang member?
@HipHopAllDayy All solid albums but I’ll give it to BrysonSource: Miller performing ‘What’s The Use’ at Hotel Cafe in 2018 His energy was so pure❤️ I would have emptied my bank… @CeniorSanchez @Erioquinox @XXL Fraud, Alchemist and Madlib👀 generational work @OHMYGEEEEEEZ22 Man id be so hyped @yeeeeesirski Thank you family @Wndre_3005 Id be super happy to see Chance make a comebackThe Otis beat took Kanye West 15 minutes to make The Power beat and overall work on the song took 5000 hours to cr… @OnTheRegHipHop Appreciate it family @Erioquinox @XXL Throw in Harry Fraud and you have a master piece @DJPickleJ @SHREKRAP @MacMillerMemoir 👀👀👀👀Love from Freddie Gibbs and XXL in the same day❤️ Freddie Gibbs X Pusha T can be one of the most dangerous collab… @XXL Imagine if Madlib produced it @CLIENTELLE123 Wesleys theory Babs Sirens Jeopardy @lifeinncolor YESSIR @Taiga563Akashi Been way too long😭Has to be Kendrick for me, I need to know what’s been going on with him on a creative level @K4our301 Good but don’t feel like it was on par with those drops. On the other hand, its always subjective @ShadyMania3 I love all of those discographies in all honestyAmount of days it’s been since these artists dropped their last album Kendrick Lamar (1379 days) Frank Ocean (161… is excusable because of these projectsDon’t even try and tell me that Logic has a weak discography... Rank these 4 great projects👀’s the best Hip Hop album that has 15+ tracks? @FreddieGibbs Waiting for @PUSHA_T to hit us with the... @wowthatshiphop @FreddieGibbs Birthday Logic! What are the vibes today?🤔 @RaithGfx @CLIENTELLE123 True but I just don’t think Benny has earned that crown just yet @CLIENTELLE123 We just gonna ignore Fetti, Alfredo, Pinata, Bandana etc... and for Push his legendary work with Cli… a versus. I would make this album tho 🤷🏿‍♂️
Retweeted by NFR PodcastHave you guys been working on something👀 @LiLCornDogRap @theRapTalk @Logic301 @BobbyBoyRecords @LogicsFanpage W @swaggybamz Especially Swimming and Circles @Steven_ramyou @JColeNC That’s a great pick Mr.Mosby! Is it your fav J.Cole song?🤔 @Sircamalott SZA always gets me in my feels😭 fav song from her? @gyamfi_ad Yes sir! Honestly almost any Frank song works here😂 @jamelia_teape Amazing song! @therealkatori Great song! Is it your fav Cole track? @Juliolovestacos Radiohead aren’t spoken about enough on this app🙏 fav song from them? @DizzyHendrixx Big W @Angel_Bermudez9 I was waiting for someone to say Castle and Arose! Some of Em’s most personal and emotional tracks🙏 @machhommyvibe 😂😂😂😂 @_hiphophaven Amazing song! @jxnluc Hits so much harder now😭 @Anikka__ Great choice! People sleep on joji @Lungee_Lu Swimming is a work of art❤️