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he/him - Junior Gameplay Engineer/Technical Designer looking for work

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@astrocaug Thxthx @TrickNick02 I just wanna dip my toes a lil and I read Mint is the best for first timers. I also figured it would b… to start with Cinnamon Mint)Day ? of quarantine: decided to give Linux a tryThis is a great explainer. @Trevornoah talks to Dr. Fauci. #coronavirus
Retweeted by Nathaniel Ferguson @OliviaLittle Ask him to come back (If he's not able to come back don't tell me I haven't watched yet) @OliviaLittle How does it feel to be a part of history
@maryknews We'll see how you feel about that once the DLC comes out 👀 @maryknews (actual lol) Ahhh I missed that one! I chose early on to repurpose the Beverly Hills celebrity tour bus… @maryknews Honestly I didn't have an issue with that because I negated it with the item from the "ban Jack" quest.… @maryknews Oh shoot I've heard that was actually intentional from the devs, but we only find out why in Act 3. I'm… @maryknews Let's goooooo. Don't forget to bring extra Clorox! You can find a full stack in a trash can near the man… @maryknews That's the best way to unlock the hammer/sickle tattoo, yeah. But some of the cooler bandits will make f… @maryknews You have to EARN those dystopia tattoos through risk of some infection in an underground bunker🧵Gonna slowly maintain this thread of emergent folk games people are playing in Animal Crossing New Horizons 👇 (Pl…
Retweeted by Nathaniel Ferguson
Do I know any Junior Producer who is looking for work? Great team, great company! Work from anywhere. RTs appreci…
Retweeted by Nathaniel Ferguson @roun_sa_ville I believe you can also plant up to 50k and there's a 50% chance the money tree will give 3 payments…
@atnotricardo @ldrinkh20 KOTOR port is pretty good
The @nytimes reports that Americans who are eligible for the coronavirus relief cash payments but who *don't alread…
Retweeted by Nathaniel Ferguson @charleyeliza_ But if I'm awake at 9am I'll hop on lol @charleyeliza_ Considering it's 5am now (took an accidental nap earlier) there is 0% chance I'll be awake at 9 (Ik… nice example of how we infer object position from what we presume to be a cast shadow
Retweeted by Nathaniel Ferguson @charleyeliza_ 6 behind EST haha @charleyeliza_ Except for me bc I'm not gonna start drinking at 9am lmao I'm not even awake by then @RockLeeSmile In a shipped product or during production? During production would be a grey cube FOR SURE.oh no @NickWernert Shawshank is one of the few movies I'm fine with rewatching, so good @srmfergie (ironic cool)
.@BernieSanders on the coronavirus response: “Our job is to act in an unprecedented way, both in terms of healthca…
Retweeted by Nathaniel Ferguson @OliviaLittle Switch
@the7sids @the7sids They just hold it @the7sids They never shit @PDuffyy We're gonna lose so bad @NorthernlionLP @katelovelymomo Congrats!!! @e_clare05 If you can comfortably afford it....... Do it @e_clare05 I'm gonna eat cookies and play animal crossing all day and nobody can stop meI'll also say, this was a quick way of farming bells but like it sucks lol(I made like 180k bells off of this btw, for ~30-60 mins of work). A good too I saw is that to catch tarantulas, wh…'s why I think this works. I of course didn't design or program this, this is all speculation, but it's what I… 👀👀 @roun_sa_ville Ben and jerrys
@studioanisa @Voxels Munch a fruit then use an axe to break rocks 😊 @BaerTaffy Look the buyer clearly knew they came in with a low-ball and we're embarrassed when they were called out… @faulk_it Get them out of there dudeI suppose he wins. You can return to your Animal Crossing fun.
Retweeted by Nathaniel Ferguson @NickWernert I typed this after I woke up from a nap ignore the typo @NickWernert Your are a pawn
@catcarousel @Alex_Slvr2th You can! @TylerGlaiel Aw fuck how am I supposed to eat my soup nowhey i know ur bored but i have a bunch of animal crossing switch codes 👀💚 respond to this tweet if you don’t have…
Retweeted by Nathaniel Ferguson @NickWernert @4ri4na I'm being charged 348,000 bells for another room and I DON'T EVEN HAVE A BATHROOM @4ri4na You absolutely can @NickWernert @4ri4na Yeah u should see what it's costing me to upgrade from a studio to a 1 bedroom smh @NickWernert @4ri4na Nook taught me @4ri4na Just hit him with your net and push him around til he gets mad and leaves lmaoYou know this game is good because as soon as I turned on my switch two people texted me to visit my island @eggowaffle97 Oh cool, yeah I just time travelled since I'm sick of the big pile of like 20 things I'm waiting to d… @eggowaffle97 Only 15 a day? Or just before he upgrades? @the7sids It is my son, who takes up 2x3 spaces lol @NickWernert I'm waiting to donate it! I can't decide if I'm gonna time travel or notUhh @mooodymedia I think I will, with the time difference I've got, most people I know are asleep by like 8pm my time s… donation queue I time travel 2 days so I can get a full museum, nook shop, bigger house, and two villagers?I like this deserted island @roun_sa_ville @brybot20 He gets there the next day after tom nook invites. New days start at 5am @Gaohmee I'm glad you've ended up enjoying the game after not being so sure!! @Just_MattM 👎
Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks), the 3D tower builder, is launching on April 1st on Steam and Stadia! 🙏RTs appreciated…
Retweeted by Nathaniel Ferguson @IndianBueno @_ImAlwaysWright @louzelia_a You can have up to 8 people visit an island at once 👀 @_ImAlwaysWright @louzelia_a I just got oranges in the mail but I'm gonna plant all those but I'll have them to share when they make fruit! @_ImAlwaysWright @louzelia_a 👍👍 we should visit islands later (I want them peaches). It's 6:30am here so I'll proba… @_ImAlwaysWright @louzelia_a Gimme ur friend codes @louzelia_a Idk what the glowing spot is! I think when you get the museum you get the shovel recipe (among other things) @louzelia_a Save some, but it's worth more on another island (like your friends') where it's not the native fruit.… @louzelia_a I DISCOVERED BY ACCIDENT BUT ITS SO GOOD @carsovfefe So good! @NickWernert Eat the rich, even nook @NickWernert Sorry I forgot how to read @NickWernert No excuse for his net worth. There should be no billionaires, even if they are cute raccoons 😤 @NickWernert Ugh, not even gonna mention how Nook owns a whole island are you, typical 🙄 @NickWernert Good, I don't need the likes of you looking at my treasures then 😤😤😤 @itsmissroach :((( but it'll be so worth it! @guccigraceb I played for like 7 hours lol. I'm so far behind east cost I run out of friends to talk to so I got really focused lol @charleyeliza_ Join us @charleyeliza_ U know the answer @charleyeliza_ Plus there's a ton of games on there I'm sure I could help u find more that you'd like @charleyeliza_ I played for 7 hours today and can't wait to wake up and play more it's worth it @charleyeliza_ You need a switch (But then we can play together) @carsovfefe Do it and play animal crossing with me 👀Day 1: I have so much to give to the museum. I also have 100k bells in the bank so I can get a second house upgrade… is gonna be a thread of all my Animal Crossing stuff so mute this if you hate wholesome fun (or don't want spoilers) @jwaaaap GitKraken has been really good in my experience. A lot more features, so the UI is a little more daunting… @PointerBabe Somehow they all look like every single person I wrote up(I am still looking for a job)I've decided that all I need for the rest of my life is Animal Crossing. No longer looking for jobs, no longer worr… @NorthernlionLP Applegang @Gaohmee Sampson (small mouse into fitness) wanted buffsville!!