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You can still contact your GP, 111 online or call 111 for help. If you are told to go to hospital, you must go. We’…
Help us protect #OurNHSPeople and the most vulnerable people by staying at home. The only reasons to go out are to:…
Retweeted by @NHSOver 17 million personal protective equipment (PPE) items were delivered to 179 trusts and organisations yesterday…
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You can help #OurNHSPeople support the most vulnerable by doing simple tasks like: 💊 delivering medicines from phar… next week, a new hospital will open to provide support for thousands more patients with #coronavirus. Based at…
Retweeted by @NHSHelp us protect #OurNHSPeople and the most vulnerable people by staying at home. The only reasons to go out are to:…
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To the #NHS staff on the frontline treating #coronavirus, the carers who continue to show up and protect our vunera…
Retweeted by @NHS📣 If you used to work in nursing or midwifery, #YourNHSNeedsYou.
There’s a lot of misinformation doing the rounds about #coronavirus, so it’s important you get your information fro…'s it for me! Hope you enjoyed the content I've shared this week! 💖 Be sure to follow me on @Seren_AHJ and the…'m excited for lots of exciting @NHSYouthForum webinars tomorrow! 💪 you work with young people, encourage them to engage in local health services, no matter their background. Fro… part of the @NHSYouthForum I'm working on improving my local Primary Care Network for young people through engag…‼️Healthcare professionals‼️ Do you actively change your communication approaches when speaking to young people?‼️Healthcare students ‼️ Would you benefit from workshops on the signs & symptoms of cancer in young people? @MedicineGov Hello! 👋Young people have regularly-changing lives, such as moving across the country for work experience, or university.… you are 15-30 years old, or close to someone who is, do you/they know how to check themselves for signs of cancer?If you are 15-30 years old, or are close to someone who is, are you/they signed up to a local GP surgery?If you are 15-30 years old, or are close to someone who is, do you/they know the common signs & symptoms of cancer? 🤔Do you think there should be more mental health support for people/young people who COULD have cancer, before they…'s a few quick 🔥questions before I go... If you have any time to answer, you'd really help my work going forwa… more here:'ve got some exciting projects coming up like our work with @SalfordCCG! We'll be working with young people acros… team at @WeAreCATTs have been working on this for a long time. It was about time for a refresh! 🎉 But our miss…'s an interview I had with the fantastic Rachel from @TargetOvarian. We discuss fertility and the impact on lif… for sharing Luke. I’m sorry you had to go through such a hard time. Mental health problems after physical tr… @AJonKnight @stjohnambulance Thank you Jon 💚Thank you Rob! Keep up your excellent work 🙌 it does get better 💖Dealing with long-term mental health problems is a big reality for most young cancer patients (and cancer patients… this is still my daily reality. I’ve found what works for me to ensure I’m as mentally well as I can be! 💖 mental health after cancer has not been an easy ride. I naively thought the end of my treatment was it, but it w… @coxc41 Hi Chris! It was on BBC, but you can catch up on iPlayer, I’d highly recommend, it’s been a great series! 💙
Cosied up on the sofa watching #Hospital, and thinking of all the amazing NHS staff, always working around the cloc… explored with an Occupational Therapist the idea of it being related to my experience in Intensive Care, which I… started to panic being in enclosed spaces, and smelling certain smells (hand sanitizer or anything similar was a…, I never realised it was because of my cancer diagnosis. I kept on shrugging it off and putting it under the ca… went back to university 3 weeks after my last chemotherapy session. Everything was great until a few months later… health is such a big issue for young cancer patients. From my experience, the following are quite common: 👉… Hattie, that's so lovely of you. It's @Seren_AHJ 📲 @Racheld80944268 My family and I couldn’t have done it all without you Rachel! 🙌💖I’m going to talk all things #mentalhealth and #fertility today in relation to my cancer diagnosis. I can’t speak f… a beautiful morning in Manchester! It was an early start for me today. Hope you have a good day whatever you a…
@NWAmb_Kieran @NWAmbulance Thank you Kieran!I currently volunteer as a First Aider for @stjohnambulance 💚 Being part of the SJA family has given me amazing e… #Paramedic followers got any tips for someone wanting to start the job? I’ll hopefully be beginning as an EMT… future aspiration to be a #Paramedic has been funded by @CLIC_Sargent’s Thrive Not Just Survive Grant. With tha… couldn’t do this takeover without mentioning @CLIC_Sargent, who helped get me where I am today! 💖 If you don’t k… think it's a two-way thing. Improving confidence with young people accessing Primary Care and speaking to more GP… for your question, Jess! 💖 As most of the time it's nothing, it is a hard one to navigate. But I know a lot… this is something that interests you and you are at university, or teach students, be sure to contact us… what do we actively do with this @TheCATScampaign then ⁉ We run communication workshops with students in healt… included information on examples of good/poor communication that young people with cancer had experienced, as we… really important thing to us is improving communication between young people and healthcare professionals.… have3️⃣main goals. 👉Awareness of signs & symptoms of cancer 👉Empowering body confidence and self-checking 👉Ge… else do we educate? 🤷‍♀️ Animations are a bit of a firm favourite of ours...❤️ #DavidCattenborough coasters have been a staple of our merchandise since the beginning. It's a simple and effective way to make ser… was started several years ago as a @OfficialUoM society. Students, including our founder…'ve been busy doing emails this morning, and I probably looked like this...🤯 But I really want to talk to you a b… is usually what my start to the day looks like, and what it did this morning! ☕️🍓🍋 I try and journal daily as…
That’s it from me tonight! I’m excited to share more about my day-to-day tomorrow 🐻💤 @bebodybrave @eveappeal @BaggyTrousersUK @CoppaFeelPeople @BrainTumourOrg @bloodwise_uk If I’ve missed anyon… awareness is still so important. It’s something young people can carry through their whole lives, and tha… @helenturier Thanks Helen!I’m so sorry for your loss Lauren. I hope those letters are a comfort to you when you need it most ❤️. my work, I want to ensure that where needed, an early diagnosis is possible (but more on that tomorrow) 💖I say common, but statistically, cancer in young people thankfully isn’t that common. To me though, and for the wo… the same research, the most common cancers in this age group are... 🧠 Brain 🎾 Testicular ℹ️ Hodgkin Lymphoma… to @CR_UK, around 13 people between the ages of 15-29 are diagnosed with cancer everyday in the UK. Tha… evening, I'd like to take some time to highlight the importance of cancer awareness in young people. What do… for your question Beth. Most of my friends I know through having cancer & myself included have a lot of late… @TheCatsCampaign we regularly collaborate with students @UniCreativeArts to create animations on cancer. It incr… @Vixbrix Thank you for your kind words x @BewickCarol Thanks Carol x @MagentaKoru I hope my Tweets this week and help to inform you 😊Hey Beth (and @NHSYouthForum alumni)! 👋 Thanks for your kind words. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum, any age i… @littleboris Thanks Emma xWhat's important to say is understanding how these signs & symptoms are also... ⁉️Persistent (they don't go away)… some of these can be common too 👇 5️⃣Changes to bowel habits 6️⃣Persistent and extreme fatigue 7️⃣Unexplained weight lossFirstly, here are the common symptoms: 1️⃣ Persistent bloating 2️⃣ Feeling full quickly and/or loss of appetite… all 🌞 Interesting to see the results of the below poll yesterday, with most people not knowing the signs &…
Do you know some of the common signs & symptoms of ovarian cancer? ℹ #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonthHey Ella! 👋 I hadn't heard of ovarian cancer before. It never even crossed my mind that it could ever happen to me… was a confusing place I was in, as a young woman diagnosed with a cancer most common in older women, and being c…, yes! I'm forever thankful to the kindness and dedication of NHS staff, particularly those working in the t…'m sorry to hear this Samantha. It is such a gruelling thing for your body to go through, I'm still going through…'re really looking forward to keeping up with @NHS this week as Seren takes over the account! We've known Seren f…
Retweeted by @NHSChemotherapy made me very sick, suppressed my immune system and caused me to bruise like a peach 🍑. But it was a sm… @Bluesmachine100 @TeenageCancer Hey! Thanks for your comment 🤩. I'm more than happy to talk about my PTSD. Thankful… had 6 cycles of Carboplatin chemotherapy over the Summer of 2015. While all my friends were at university, I wa… 2nd April 2015, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My parents were heartbroken, and I tried to throw myself… woke up in intensive care, cue a glamorous photo below 📸💋 After a few days in ICU (which left me with PTSD, but… @SalfordRoyalNHS staff gave me the best care my family could have asked for, before I was transferred to… I got to A&E, they thought it could have been my appendix or that I was pregnant. Then, the CT scan showed tha… didn't know what that meant, and didn't really have time to think about it either! ⏳ If you want to know more ab… was in a lecture on a miserable March morning (much like today, thanks Manchester! ☁️) when an unknown number cal… was next? 🤷‍♀️ In early March, I decided to go to my GP while home for the weekend in North Wales. He was c… the next month, it got progressively worse, until I had all of these symptoms: 👉 Bloated stomach 👉 Feeling f… was January 2015, and I was in my second semester of my first year @SalfordUni. I had independence, friends and…