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self forgiveness is key to a happier life / 444 ☯️

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me when my depression stops acting up
Retweeted by nia chandub but imma rewatch it subbed Clapton is racist and his music is not very memorable in the first place. Here's what he said:
Retweeted by nia chan @decimoXIV Nobody: Eren!!!:
Retweeted by nia chanTrump wants to honor Christopher Columbus as an "American Hero" so I'd thought I'd bring this back on your TL
Retweeted by nia chanHappy birthday to Gaara, 5th Kazekage of Sunagakure! Going from villain to hero thanks to the words of Naruto, Gaar…
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Me Plants 🤝 Being attracted to the sun
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Welcoming back new episodes of @Jujutsu_Kaisen_ this week
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Retweeted by nia chanY’all will hate scorpios for no reason smhi don even flex like that on the regular ✨
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Retweeted by nia chanfuture almost 40 nigga it’s time for jazz
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Literally every sign. Like you can name any other sign that isn’t Pisces & I’ll say yes (except capricorn 🤮) mans better have this on at our wedding
Disenchanted new season let’s gooooo AINT TALKIN GUNS WHEN I ASK WHERE YA DCK AT 😡
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tonight 🤍 @dojacat @theestallion
Retweeted by nia chanI’m so pretty when I’m happy. I love that glow.
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Retweeted by nia chan @phucktay @TheNerdyEsq The nigga typing the subtitles like
Retweeted by nia chanThey’re so good DUN DUN my plate:
Retweeted by nia chan @jhenelede So does Megan, girl I LOVE jhene but Megan gets hated on because she so bold & straight forward & niggas…
Jhene doing the same thing just in a calmer soothing r&b way he fuck it then eat itAnxiety be so fake like bitch what are we even worried about right now? Calm down
Retweeted by nia changordon ramsey only be funny cause that nigga not talking to me
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@badestoutfit Link
Retweeted by nia chanThis is how I imagine all lesbians are & I want a part of it 20’s should be about whatever the hell YOU want it to be about.
Retweeted by nia chanLibras come step in my squareThat also enjoy chaosI love peaceful people
Retweeted by nia chanThis how it’s supposed to be 🙂
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Demons before they die: All I ever wanted was love Tanjiro:
Retweeted by nia chanWhen there is no sun.
Retweeted by nia chancall it what u want #NewProfilePic
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@lmaowth_ If you haven't been able to smile and giggle with someone during sex you fr missing out. Lots of insecure…
Retweeted by nia chani lost these earrings :/
Retweeted by nia chanOuran high school host club, saiki k
It’s okay if they do it tho huhLuv my boys awww tryna spit game at that party made me so uncomfortable 🥲🥲And right here Right now All the way in Battery City The little children Raise their open filthy palms Like tiny daggers up to heaven
Retweeted by nia chan21 savage clowning yk osiris Gucci jacket is funny af 😂😂😂
Retweeted by nia chanBeards are so hot you can’t tell me shitDON'T STOP SHARING THIS VIDEO. THEY WERE LET IN.
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If someone lies on me just believe them LMAO idc no more but if u fw me you’ll know the truth 🤝 got no reason to lie about shitI cry everytime zuko makes his uncle cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭So Kanye... I need to see a video. 💀😂
Retweeted by nia chanIma name my son Durag fuck it we living different
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Retweeted by nia chanI’m dramaticWhen a mf can kick it w a girl & not make her feel pressured as if she has to fuck you >>>> i fw y’all keep up the good workTaurus is a fixed sign, meaning it will endure. Remember that although persistence and resilience is the key for th…
Retweeted by nia chanTrump supporters are attacking the DC police at this moment. Who’s Antifa now?
Retweeted by nia chanBunny girl senpai, classroom of the elite, can’t remember third, & hyouka I’m pretty sure bc exactly is a genocide happening in Tigray (where I’m from) and so many of us don’t know how our loved ones are doing.…
Retweeted by nia chanhow to listen to the weeknd:
Retweeted by nia chanhow the tables have turned
Retweeted by nia chanBitch what you doin in Paris Texas ?
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Did I do it rightA relationship should be 50/50 he buys me pho & I phuoc him :p @KushhxOJ_ Okay well try again @KushhxOJ_ I only listen to Korean rap & hip hop 😔😔😔 @KushhxOJ_ Uglyass Im not obsessed with every Korean boy 😡I think if everyone in the world watched avatar then we could save the earth @KushhxOJ_ 😭😭😭😭 she crushed that niggas soul & didnt give a fuck hahahah @4MARI0N @enzoriverss Bro just be complaining about everything nigga like are you ever satisfied?
@challxxn Do it everyone on there sexi 🤝ok hear me out: doctor pimple popper, but only for ingrown hairs
Retweeted by nia chan @challxxn Bro said 0 sinceNeed this’m sleeping my way out of this one with anyone who will lie down I’ll be stuck fixated on one star, when the world is crashing down
Retweeted by nia chanstop hating an anime you don't even watch
Retweeted by nia chan @enzoriverss All this nigga does all day is say controversial shithe really played the shit outta his character because i hate this man
Retweeted by nia chanMars will enter TAURUS on January 6th!!! here's what you need to know
Retweeted by nia chanStop expecting ugly people not to cheat cuz they gon cheat the mostThis shit make me feel weird why u smelling me dawg 😭😭😭 year imma mind my business kinda😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 should NOT be this funny!! 😭😭
Retweeted by nia chanI cant believe I used to look like this wtf happened bitch lose a bad bitch and be like “I still fucked her tho 😩” my nigga you are in immense pain
Retweeted by nia chanColoured Ichigo and Renji as my first colouring of 2021. #Bleach
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Retweeted by nia chan @jaydedeonna I never said u said it was her fault but most of the comments on this thread of her are so mean when s… @jaydedeonna But the contest it’s self is the problem not hers for winning @jaydedeonna She’s not ugly lol @jaydedeonna I just don’t like the idea of shaming her for winning a contest lol @jaydedeonna /: