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Niall Horan @NiallOfficial Mullingar,Westmeath,Ireland

Nice To Meet Ya, What’s Your Name? 🎧 🎥

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@niallsoftness Hahahahahah this is the best I’ve seen . @RobertDowneyJr let’s go for a pint#NiceToMeetYa #NiceToMeetYa #NiceToMeetYa #NiceToMeetYa #NiceToMeetYa #NiceToMeetYa #NiceToMeetYa #NiceToMeetYa
Retweeted by Niall HoranRT if you haven't stopped listening to "Nice To Meet Ya." ♥️ Hear @NiallOfficial's latest single now:…
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I’ve got a new video for Nice To Meet Ya coming out on @Spotify soon and you can see previews of it when you listen…'s the video we all wanted, thanks to all the people who participated in this project, it was really important…
Retweeted by Niall Horan @NiallOfficial @_CTierney
Retweeted by Niall HoranI'm gonna take you somewhere warm, you know j'adore la mer #nicetomeetya @NiallOfficial
Retweeted by Niall HoranThe delightful @NiallOfficial will be dropping into chat with @Jordan_Lee from 7pm! 😍 🔊🔊
Retweeted by Niall HoranRight let’s get moving on billboard this week. . Let’s go team 🤘 @ItsDaniAlexis @lovelyxxHoranxx Hunk leans on slatted wood fixture outside LA radio station. @lovelyxxHoranxx I call this ‘Hunk looks out upon radiant city skyline’ .Loved this. You’re one of the great ones, Booker.
SO many calls coming in for this one! Love it! Gonna play @NiallOfficial #NiceToMeetYa in under 20 mins. for you. ~…
Retweeted by Niall HoranYes Erin I'd really like to hear #NiceToMeetYa by @NiallOfficial, if you can play it?
Retweeted by Niall HoranLet's make it #1 top charts #NiceToMeetYa
Retweeted by Niall HoranWatch @NiallOfficial perform an intimate set that included his new single #NiceToMeetYa
Retweeted by Niall HoranLet’s get Niall climbing up the charts! Stream, download, purchase or request #NiceToMeetYa, absolute tune🤘🏻🔥
Retweeted by Niall Horan @youfockingloser Never leftStream #NiceToMeetYa Stream #NiceToMeetYa Stream #NiceToMeetYa Stream #NiceToMeetYa Stream #NiceToMeetYa Stream…
Retweeted by Niall Horan @NiallOfficial let’s get #NiceToMeetYa to the TOP!!!!! stream stream stream 🤩🥰
Retweeted by Niall HoranStream now! #NiceToMeetYa Let’s go! @NiallOfficial
Retweeted by Niall HoranHere we go! @NiallOfficial joins @hi_jimmy on the show tonight 🎸🔥 Tune in to hear from the #NiceToMeetYa star:…
Retweeted by Niall HoranIt's tea time and as usual me and my brothers are playing #NiceToMeetYa , let's get this man up the charts📣🎸🎤…
Retweeted by Niall Horanstart this week hearing and streaming #NiceToMeetYa by Niall Horan, maybe if you do, you will get an amazing week!…
Retweeted by Niall HoranLook who I've met this morning @NiallOfficial 🥺 #NiceToMeetYa Keep streaming people x
Retweeted by Niall HoranJust been sent the @YouTubeSpaceNY clips and the energy in the room is off the charts when we play #NiceToMeetYa 🤘🤘Nice To Meet Ya by @NiallOfficial is now playing on #SmallzysSurgery 🎶 Australia is absolutely LOVING this song!…
Retweeted by Niall HoranGUESS WHAT I HEARD ON THE RADIO 🥰🥰 @NiallOfficial #NiceToMeetYa
Retweeted by Niall Horan @TheEricaAmerica @Z100NewYork Yes Erica, play the shit out of itLet’s get streaming people...... let’s get mooovvvvvviinn up them charts. #NiceToMeetYa @louvacados The fact you guys think that was me out of the 8,000 people in the room, is fucking hilarious 😂😂😂
Fan mood when #NiceToMeetYa  comes!! Stream it, buy it and stay happy!! @NiallOfficial
Retweeted by Niall Horan @romcomhes I think it deserves it all @POPSUGARUK Talk about me for as long as ya want . Only nice things though“Nice To Meet Ya” really is that bop, huh? @NiallOfficial ushered in his sophomore era with a certified smash:…
Retweeted by Niall Horan.@NiallOfficial’s 3x Platinum #SlowHands shot straight to No.1 in 44 countries and 'gained 1.5 billion streams worl…
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@Z100NewYork @TheEricaAmerica I reckon you should play it 15 times between now and the end of your show. cheersYASSS #NiceToMeetYa on @Z100NewYork right now!!! @NiallOfficial
Retweeted by Niall HoranStream @NiallOfficial #NiceToMeetYa
Retweeted by Niall Horanme every time #NiceToMeetYa comes on shuffle @NiallOfficial
Retweeted by Niall HoranStreaming #NiceToMeetYa and realizing I cannot wait to listen to this song live and in concert.
Retweeted by Niall Horan @niaIIftansel True that . See you all down there soon for telehit @NiallOfficial LOOK WHATS ON THE RADIO #NiceToMeetYa 💗🔥
Retweeted by Niall HoranSecond week of me and my friends promoting #NiceToMeetYa in Rome! We love the song so much and can’t wait to see yo…
Retweeted by Niall Horanif you come into the shop I work in today I have nice to meet ya on repeat to get the general public hearing it…
Retweeted by Niall Horan @icarusfallsot5 @LincsFM They are now !#NiceToMeetYa I’m going to tweet about @NiallOfficial ‘s new song to spread to word because of how amazing it is
Retweeted by Niall Horan @artomhoran Karlie darling, I couldn’t agree with you more. @NiallOfficial me streaming #NiceToMeetYa
Retweeted by Niall Horan @hxranftpizza What do ya want to know?#NiceToMeetYa is a mood The song rocks Love ya ❤ @NiallOfficial
Retweeted by Niall Horan @nhoranshope 😂😂 Tell them I said they’re welcome @NiallOfficial you’ve created a MASTERPIECE can’t stop singing!!!!! ❤️#NiceToMeetYa
Retweeted by Niall Horan @zzntmy @jameelajamil Rude @NiallOfficial It’s all over London and wow do we love it ! #nicetomeetya
Retweeted by Niall Horan @Horan516913 That’s it!! 🥰
Retweeted by Niall Horan @Horan516913 That’s it!! 🥰#NiceToMeetYa is driving me crazy 🔥 @NiallOfficial sooo proud !!!
Retweeted by Niall Horan @jameelajamil Every single day 😂I have a song out and it’s called ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ and I would love if you would stream it, buy it, call your loca…
Our iHeartRadio Artist of the Week goes to... @NiallOfficial! He dropped his new song #NiceToMeetYa which was the…
Retweeted by Niall Horan @iHeartRadio Love you . Thanks guys ❤️.@NiallOfficial performed a mini concert on the @MorningMashUp!!! Relive it and listen as many times as you want! 😍…
Retweeted by Niall HoranWe're SO happy to have @NiallOfficial back! 💞 He performed the broadcast debut of #NiceToMeetYa during a Celebrity…
Retweeted by Niall Horan@NiallOfficial ✨ Tickets for our 2019 #iHeartJingleBall are on-sale now! Buy yours:
Retweeted by Niall Horan😍 @NiallOfficial is BACK! We’ve made #NiceToMeetYa our MTV Most Wanted music video of the week! Go give it a watch…
Retweeted by Niall Horandont stop streaming !! #NiceToMeetYa @NiallOfficial
Retweeted by Niall Horan.@NiallOfficial #NiceToMeetYa is off to an early lead over @DanAndShay @justinbieber #10000Hours in…
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Thanks for stopping by @NiallOfficial! We’ve missed you ❤️
Retweeted by Niall HoranNiall Horan joins The Morning Show tomorrow at 7:05am!! Ahhh we can’t wait #niallhoran 🙌♥️🤩 @NiallOfficial
Retweeted by Niall Horan @New1027 ❤️#Niallers were put to the test with @NiallOfficial’s #NiceToMeetYaChallenge and the results did NOT disappoint! Che…
Retweeted by Niall HoranEnjoyed the time with my friends at @SiriusXMHits1, even performed #NiceToMeetYa for a session with @MorningMashUp , we got a Nice To Meet Ya filter on insta !’s an amazing feeling to be added to today’s top hits by my friends at @Spotify , means a lot. Thank you… up with my old pal @arjanwrites on @Beats1 for #AlistPop. Listen in at 8pm PT
See you all soon @rach8123 You have only heard the acoustic version, wait for the real thing 🤘🤘🤘🤘#NiceToMeetYa sounds good on the radio. ❤️ @irishbabenjh Would absolutely love to @nialldivinely If anyone talks to me this weekend, I’ll freak 😄 @ntmylive Can’t wait . You’ve no ideaNew York it‘s been amazing these last few days. Love this city and I’ll hopefully be back soon. Relax for a few days coz i am tiredddddddd !Had a Great time at the @youtubemusic event . Thanks for coming out! 📸 @_CTierney @beebephoto week long @NiallOfficial will be taking over Radio Disney! Listen at!
Retweeted by Niall Horan @leahquinlannn Maybe @DanielleMonaro @ElvisDuranShow Always a pleasure, never a chore .. @niallhoran came by to hang with @elvisduranshow this morning and crushed a live version of #NiceToMeetYa #niall
Retweeted by Niall HoranLIVE with @NiallOfficial 🎙💯👌 Listen NOW #Niallers ♥️ #NiallHoranOnElvis
Retweeted by Niall Horan.@NiallOfficial performing #NiceToMeetYou LIVE for the first time! 🎶🎉 Listen now:
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Hola Mexico! I’m delighted to be performing at this year’s Premios @tvtelehit on November 13th at Foro Sol. So exci… Up @onwithmario@NiallOfficial joins us to talk new music, first concerts, #OneDirection reunion rumors, &…
Retweeted by Niall HoranGOOD MORNING GOOD AFTERNOON GOOD NIGHT TO @NiallOfficial ONLY!!!!!!! ❤️❤️ Listen to his performance on the…
Retweeted by Niall HoranAfter nearly two years since @NiallOfficial last single... he is back with #NiceToMeetYa
Retweeted by Niall HoranLast night I played my first little set in over a year. Was amazing to play #NiceToMeetYa for the first time aswell…“I really wanted to show a different side of my musical influences.” Listen to "Nice to Meet Ya" from…
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#NiceToMeetYa by @NiallOfficial is our Song of the Day!! Stream now on @AppleMusic ---> 🎉🙌🎉🙌
Retweeted by Niall HoranIt's nice to meet ya, @NiallOfficial 😍 The star has returned with his new pop-rock single. Spin "Nice To Meet Ya" n…
Retweeted by Niall Horan @fireproofaway I just left 😂