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Niall Horan @NiallOfficial Mullingar,Westmeath,Ireland

My new album Heartbreak Weather is out now !

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@MashUpStanleyT @ashemusic @MorningMashUp @SiriusXMHits1 Love ya stan @ashemusic @stiIlhoran MySpace ? @1Dforever_2020 Go and listen to great artists like this @icaruspatience No probably not 👍👍👍 @njhsanfran Shite , so I stopped 😂 @stiIlhoran No she won’t play me anything. . RUDE I know @helloxpetal Watching the players blossom. Also getting in a room with some major brand and brokering deals @PrfectlyFlicker Just picked the guitar up naturally that way for some reason @stvillnialler Cross your mind @helloxpetal No I’m taking a day off . I’m tireddd!! Tomorrow I’ll be back. Just persisted until it became a part of my daily routine @fireproofamber ‘I don’t trust myself’ and yeah ‘ continuum my @Putalittlelove_ PALLOM is Completely inspired by EltonHeartbreak Weather by @NiallOfficial is the biggest Homegrown album released in 2020 - more:
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@MTVUK Yeh good thanks you? @BeefGolf 😂😂😂😂 @BeefGolf Nah I gave up on that mate 😂😂😂. Too itchy. Don’t know how ya do itThis photo is from one of the last shows I played before the world went into lockdown. I miss it like crazy. We mus… year the UK’s live music industry added £4.5bn to the economy and supported 200k jobs across the country. Unti… gigs and festivals can’t happen without incredible hardworking teams behind the scenes, but without gigs all o… @flickersnjall I think 22-25 degrees, small breeze @RUBIUSXNIALL Yes it’s not easy because everything gets wet. Your hands are wet, grips on the clubs are wet, the co… drive boss. @NiallOfficial 🔥
Retweeted by Niall Horan @SoniaDelfin3 Compliment accepted, thank you @goldeniaIIer GreatestDelighted to take part in the @RocketMortgage Shot For Heroes ! Look forward to seeing your attempt ! Please tag in… @tommomybean US @NHFLOOF1 Try and mix it into the weight session but I also cycle long distance @larrygoldenn Working out in 3 mins and then I got a few bits to do around town . @NHFLOOF1 The new one is pretty cool @NHFLOOF1 One from years ago @_jlovesharry_ Play golf, cook, read, write, @1Dforever_2020 12 @iv4n41 Right mid @horansorete 1 hour @jonasxhoran love the job Wayne Rooney is doing for us right now. Dictating the pace. @Denlovesniall1 Sing and watch derby county
@ashemusic @MorningMashUp You 😂😂 of the story lyric video is out now . enjoy ! @ashemusic🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ reveals the Rams' new away kit... Do you like it? #dcfc #dcfcfans
Retweeted by Niall Horanreceived this beauty from my beloved @dcfcofficial this morning ! The 2020/21 away shirt by @umbroUK. Can’t wait…
@LPLTHSZMNH @bellaFouad1d As of * @LPLTHSZMNH @bellaFouad1d I’m not educated enough on this topic to speak as if yet, which I’m sure you can appreciate . @bellaFouad1d What am I speaking up about ?? @FlickerXStill Yes it’s where I’m a member @curiouslyhoran It does look good @SiriusXMHits1 @ashemusic OnlyPoor @NiallOfficial got more than he bargained for when he joined our Zoom chat this morning! 😂😂
Retweeted by Niall Horan @MorningMashUp 😂😂😂😂 my people !! Love you all
@da_p1mp_1s_ere Songwriting award @ashemusic What Did I do now? @dailynialIpics It hurt aswell. That’s how I hurt my kneeThe @modestgolf boys are back this week at the @RocketClassic ! Play well @TyrrellHatton & @BezChristiaan ! @PGATOUR @RocketMortgage
next weekend on @MostRequestLive @ashemusic and I will answer the @iHeartRadio @AskAnythingChat questions you're se…
@SamFischer It’s been said @SamFischer Ok ..
my pal @ashemusic and i are doing an @iHeartRadio @AskAnythingChat for @onwithmario on july 10th ! send in your que… @Ave_angelic Intense read but good @vane_ccx Went for a coffee. Going to workout now
@willahmed Love your work sir. @NiallsLittleLie Flicker, PALLOM, black and white, slow hands, the town @loveonniall Ajax @killmykiwi91 All of it @ruthfarrelll Yeh probably .... I like it though @curiouslyhoran Oh for sure @Carahayesxx No . Still to this day can’t do a wheelie 😂😂What @NiallOfficial said 👇😎👕 #RTEComicRelief
Retweeted by Niall Horan @laughinginside @whoop Have it on always. I heard that all the boys were getting sorted this week. It’s a great idea @budweiserusa @simpforlouist Oh hello you!! Treat me to as many freezing bottles as you want my love. @louiswtvol6 Too muchThis t-shirt designed by the brilliant @OliverJeffers is available now as part of #RTEComicRelief. It’s a thing of… @niallerisart Much better than running . Also promotes muscle growth which I need to support my knees @horancuteboy The masterrssssssss @hrtbrkwthrnjh Cycled a bit . Gona workout at 6 when it gets a smidge Cooler @sincewerealone @talksport @coriniall Was thinking about it but I think I’ll get a second one in the same ear @weissamantha_ Correct Hahahahah @likeablehes Kev de bruyne @niallerhq_ Oh holy moly @natnewangel It’s brilliant . . Hard work but starting to see the rewards now @flickerevans No . Needed time off from it, brain was fried . Also this weather 😂 @niaIIhsun Every opportunity, tops off . In the great words of Maren Morris “ always, constantly, shirtless” hahaha @_bendtherules I’m not cutting it all off. Just gotta trim some edges. I look crazy sometimes @niallvinyIs @theirishkingnjh Yeh and it’s been fun to be fair . But when you work in the house, eat , drink, sleep… @shesnewangel My knees are not able for it. My right knee has tendinitis and it’s very sore after running for a few… @pallomoned I like the heat .. @frmthstars 505 @niallsdimples Hopefully Chelsea. Want Liverpool to just win the league already @helloxpetal I do both daily. Cycling is a good burn and loosens off the muscles. Do enjoy the weights these days though @theirishkingnjh The minute the border opens in America, I’ll have to go back and get in the studio. It’s getting t… @theirishkingnjh Yeh wrote a good one the other day. First decent tune since lockdown started Hahahah @HetteLovesNiall I like the length I think. @larrykinghair is back open next week i think, so I’ll just get a mini trim @heysunflowerx It’s 31 today I think @simpforlouist Might have a beer this evening, hard not to with that weather @simpforlouist No I gotta record a performance for something and then workout @flickerwish About 13 miles or so . It’s ok actually . I’m used to it with it being that hot in LA most of the year @onedprojectt Streaminggggggg
⛳️🤝 Northern Ireland’s world class golf courses will still be here to warmly welcome visitors when the time is righ…
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@niaIIsoul 14 @derbyteesniall Augusta