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IF YOU GUYS DONT SHUT THE FUCK UPSVDJRJFJDN real he looks like an 80 year old man in that second one. i love you grandpa ❤️ point of a instagram story is to make a guy named Chris u went to high school withbe like what da hell
Retweeted by STARGIRL @angrytwink google spotify wrapped 2020 hit first link!!! :)MAYBE COLDPLAY JPEGMAFIA AND JAMES BLAKE SHOULD STOP MAKING THE GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME. JUST A THOUGHT 🤬all my spotify wrapped reminds me of every single year is the fact that although I parade around like a sophisticat… less than years past. humiliating @arrystyle genuinely my top artists list every fucking year is: @monicaleninsky STOPFNFHFJJGthis is so severe. 37 million monthly listeners and the devotion got me into the top 0.005% of their listeners GDHJ… is so fucking funny my top 3 songs have been the same years running. i’m PREDICTABLE! god no not the oncoming threat of the spotify wrapped
@2slowd4ncerz ITS CALLED: MASSAGING MY MOMGNFJFJGMKF @DeclanMcKenna BITCH!!!!!!THIS BITCH SAID COMMUNITY COLLERGE. COLLERGE HDJFHGNF fucking joking when i say this just came on shuffle as i was going 90 down the highway and i screamed so fuckin…"we HATE to party." - evil vengaboys
Retweeted by STARGIRL @selinasfrost Modern take on Lewis Carroll’s classic set at a music festival called Wonderland i absolutely WILL MA… MUSIC FESTIVAL CALLED WONDERLANNDHFJFNFMR
@stilIdancing I KNOW. DUM DUM @m3giscool i am so tired of men saying words. i fucking hate them @KimberlyAnneAR if he said that to me i also would’ve been annoyed but i would’ve been INCREMENTALLY LESS ANNOYED @lifeonnickels LIKE.... ARTSY VIBES??? I LAY IT ALL OUT THERE FOR YOUthe best part about the pokémon RPGs is that you can one-hit kill a small child’s only pet without mercy and in ret… no shit jeremiah my profile looks like this. i know part about watching cable at my parents’ house is watching the ridiculous amount of targeted commercials t… @2slowd4ncerz i cannot fucking make this up
@selinasfrost THERE WE GO @selinasfrost she literally looks like osmosis jonesreaching my intended audience
@katydolan4 i went to the doctor already! just a sprain got a brace these pics r from last night @harpersavv i did 😞 got an ankle brace 😞 @queensIouis i wish 😞 @weIIingtonkiss I HATE YOUDHGJGKRI @tiredoptimistic BIG BOOBS.. @wallskimmy GDHDH IT SPREAD OUT OVERNIGHT now it’s a big cankle <3 went to urgent care and got a brace lolsprained my ankle falling down the stairs drunk last night check old man really wants to help with the dishes listened to my mom saying “naked titties” at the dinner table happy thanksgiving!
@loveanyonelse I SAID THE WRONG ONE I MEAN SAUERKRAUT TOO DEATH TO SAUERKRAUT @fisheszoo is this real. @loveanyonelse i would rather die than eat a single scrap of coleslaw ever in my life. @loveanyonelse disgustingFrench people named Philip are like “alo, I am Fleep”
Retweeted by STARGIRL @thatsnotcole cole this is a fucking great tweet“bloody guy scream”
@feIItoearth STOP NOT THE APPS PICTUREArabesque alone qualifies EL for a grammy it’s so fucking GOOOOOODok i’m just as surprised that coldplay got nom’d for AOTY and it cracks me up but like....... have y’all even heard Arabesque @ryleeemd :’) this feeling makes me so happy. i’m so excited to do it tomorrowit is so funny to me how i live in montana. what am i even doing herethey make me feel safe @poopseal I LOVE YOU FOREVER YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER AND ILL SEE YOU THURSDAY :’-) @stinkgoblin :’) i love u so muchi cannot believe i fucking survived this semester!!!! almost lost myself multiple times. glad i didn’t. i’m gonna g… @loveruleusall YUP I WANNA HUG ON HIM SO BAD LITERALLY WHAT AN ANGEL 🥺 @loveruleusall literally my dream manwhere’s’s lifetime achievement award for these @selinasfrost Wear a mask next time Braydehnjust was extremely mean to a tween at work in a spongebob shirt and a bucket hat because he was mouth breathing on… @NiallOfficial it’s ok bae it was because of the cover of your album ❤️ i love uoh my fucking god not me submitting this as part of my final design sprint project and I FORGOT TO REMOVE THE MOCK-…
my forever unfulfilled fever dream of Declan McKenna being nominated for a grammy for his sophomore album Zeros @christregan GHSHDJFJ if u want a rec list of the best tracks on the year-old album lemme know ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by STARGIRL @AAALEXlS you’re correct. 😡as a graphic design student i am embarrassingly bad at receiving critique LMAO someone told me to edit the kerning… my last final of my second to last semester of college @loveanyonelse I CANT STAND YOUDHHDJF @wildsunflowerxo STOOFJRHFJGJKGKG @faexae for real 🥺 i adore her this makes me so so so so happyHUGE!!!!! THIS ALBUM IS PERFECT AND BLOODMONEY DESERVES dua deserves for future nostalgia that album is one of the best pop albums i’ve heard in a LOOOONG TIME! minus… man grew up and sang “if our friends all pass away it’s ok” and now has three noms. his brain is so big and juicy and sexynot to be disgusting but looking at this makes me want to sob i can’t believe he’s a THREE TIME GRAMMY NOMINEE!!!!!… @love_crimes STOPFNFJFJGJ @love_crimes although.... why did he call it vol. 6. where are the other five sunflowers @love_crimes i’ll defend sunflower vol. 6 to the death emily ... @Nadineyj @RecordingAcad i’m literally so fucking baffled it didn’t get a SINGLEEEEE NOD??????? @2slowd4ncerz every time i look at it i cackle like a witch for thirty minutes minimum what the FUCK was he doing @nicoleeryanne NOT #LETNIALLSING @2slowd4ncerz YES IT FUCKING IS I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT @xtvra TO THIS DAY I DONT KNOW WHAT HE WAS FUCKING THINKING WITH THISclose to t-posing on an old dining room table chair in the middle of a parking lot of like. a radiation plant compl… weather received no noms because the recording academy looked at the cover once and moved on GGSHFJGJF @arrystyle GSHDHDHJF NO GENUINELY like i’m biased obviously but on the other hand . there were like five solid song… @saIadinthewind i literally do not understand how it wasn’t in the categoryWAAAAAIT...... WHERE IS FETCH THE FUCKING BOLTCUTTERS 😑 up Everyday Life being nominated for album of the year is making my heart want to explode. love my forever boys 🥺 @xtvra FOR FUCKING REAL?????? 🥺 @petaIpoppin i just woke up and i’m listening to this song on repeat just absolutely fucking cackling.... i was con… the Grammy Nominated album Fine Line, by Harry Styles dude i’m so proud of harry. but. has the recording academy listened to Treat People With Kindnesswatermelon sugar SECOND WORST SONG ON FINE LINE THE ALBUM nominated for best pop performance IT SHOULDVE BEEN ADORE YOU @xtvra STRAIGHT! UP!if fiona apple doesn’t sweep the grammys on january 31st i’m rioting @celebtathar AWE I LOVE
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