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smart and fine.

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That’s law anyways
Retweeted by nia simoneYes babygirl, just come eat
Retweeted by nia simone @Nellmoneyy u aint neva lie shawtyniggas fuck w broke bitches that’s whyyy the be panicking
Retweeted by nia simonei never encourage girls who just turned 18 to please try smtn else first that shit is not all sprinkles n gumdropsMy wax lady ran her finger down my ass crack to make sure she got everything.. I almost turned around and kissed her in the mouth
Retweeted by nia simoneUptown Girls is phenomenal. I will be watching this movie until I die.LMFAAAOOOOOOOOO JAY SO FUCKIN EFFORTLESSLY FUNNY plastic surgeons annoy me.....why is your patient awake during liposuctionQueen
Retweeted by nia simone @Noturdad99 exactly lmao it’s so simpleExactly like I’m asking you to join me, I was gone eat and pay for myself regardless
Retweeted by nia simone @nyasiaa_x0 ooouuuu ur mad pretty im gonna follow u okliterally the way it should be
Retweeted by nia simone @YoooPeaches facts like idk what typa brokies u be chilling w but EYEEE got money thank u very much🤣I feel like people don’t expect woman to pay like i got money 😂😂
Retweeted by nia simone @gagmytweetz u so fuckin smart thats why i like uif im asking you out to eat im offering to pay......duhI gotta stop following just anyone
Retweeted by nia simonekfc chicken dipped in they gravy goes STUPID right out the fridgei walked out my room to hear my brother on the mic talmbout “white women smell like rabbits” LMAOOOO @ZayGriffin23 first of all isaiah it’s not that serious and if u hanging around somebody that literally hates u tha… @ZayGriffin23 no bc my overall demeanor is not white LMAOO yours is @ZayGriffin23 i didnt say i didnt i was just highlighting how u effortlessly keep proving my point @ZayGriffin23 see what i mean @maytizzzzle says you😘ima change my twitter name to Hija de Lucifer
@Kevinnv121 fire!!! congratulations @sgbella_ right. anyone who says jarred sauce sucks doesnt know what to do w it— but scratch is certainly better. take pics😢 @sgbella_ everybody saying dont use jarred but it’s fire in a pinch lmfao just sautee minced garlic til aromatic an… u stick w me thru whateverrrrr @gmoney__x ur pregnancy is going by so fast @backend_french that’s one of my jams too😭the only person i don’t say no to is meguys would probably be much happier if they danced around their rooms to disney soundtracks the way girls do @WillisWorIdWide LMFAAOOOO ❤️❤️ thank u niggas “breed” any 2 pitbulls they can find and start charging 1k. yall have no idea what ur doingwhere my money at Biddeeeennnnnnn I know I sound like a sireeeennn joseph doesn’t issue out that money immediately im mentally checking out for the next 4yrsi love this pic lmao i look mad edible.
Retweeted by nia simoneFriends from college was a funny ass show . I’m mad they canceled it .
Retweeted by nia simoneThis is the one right here
Retweeted by nia simonecus i gotta medium waist, pretty face, w a lil bank!!!!i hope there’s stray cats on my new block to feed cus then if not what’s the pointmy mouth. i think it’s pretty. @yangita_ miru tu dmnvm 4 months i forgot im getting a puppyi hate when i ask someone for a pad and they hand me a panty liner. THAT IS A PANTY LINERRose ring box now available 🥀 Add a oh la la to your ring order for $5 Shipping is $4 & pickup is available in Ne…
Retweeted by nia simonei aint say i hate his mouth. the mood to be off the dusse and deep throat my boo-ssejust ordered shitty sushi, im vexed. @ZayBody662 i literally did not even know u could talk for this long. my screen always goes blacki was going to split my moving out budget half rent/half furniture but i think ima just pay my rent for like 5 mont… I’m super hating rn
Retweeted by nia simonemy life is going so well and i could just cry because it’s a direct result of my hard work.
@jaeleen___ u already knowi was today years old when i learned i can put my coochie in my mom got me and my little sisters a gift every year growing up. it's a day of love, you don't love your kids?
Retweeted by nia simone“FAMILY COURT” Dropping Friday! 1.22.21 @ 3:33 PM EST Starring Malachi and Azel #3GMusic #TheUndeniable #Yonkers
Retweeted by nia simoneit’s 4pm and still daylight af outside, i love it here.Please Read ... I’m so infuriated, trump is pure evil and if you support him or have ever pls do us all a favor & g…
Retweeted by nia simoneOmg my IUD fell out
Retweeted by nia simonei want 1. if u ever see me w 2 that baby was an oopsie. art at 16 vs my art at 24
Retweeted by nia simonenothing gets me tight more than when i sip from a water bottle and it still tastes like weed from the night beforedamaris is unreal. like she really gets to walk around looking like that.i cant feel my uhhhhhhhhh @tiriguillo22 i shoulda just sat there and ate my food. thank you mamas❤️ when i said i would rather chew a tit off than move to bayonne?? well im a hyprocrite because i have 2 apa… @sgbella_ me too i watched it more than onceSACALO, SACALO, POW!! is why i never tweet about personal shit cus niggas already hml bout buying them a xbox like first of all ion… @TSUNAMI_PHARAOH took so long i assumed i aint qualify lmfaooo i opened up my app like ummm who’s money is thisfinally got my stimulus jfc.gonna be doing my orders w 1 eye open today you haven’t even unlocked the last level of throat and you can already feel his toes dancin in his socks @Pamahlaa yktfv thank u for finishingit’s hard to keep my cool when other women try to get with my dude!!!!!! FUCK ME TOO dreamed that i married you then woke up happy that it never came true.i want a Best Thing cover by @SinsOfAlizeidk who needed to hear this but Lidl is pronounced Lee-dullasian cuisine is really it.i cant wait to play Independent Women when i get my keys lmfaoBaby don’t play with me ✨
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Retweeted by nia simone @Japfiend ur face looks nice herei tell u what tho i ain’t nobody’s mama🤪🤪🤪 @JulianaM__ no prob bebe @JulianaM__ i wash my hair once or twice a week using OGX coconut milk shampoo and condish. every time i wet my hai… hate my period cus it’s the only week out the month that i wear underwearmy skeleton weighs about 33lbs so whenever i weigh myself i subtract that and feel much bettercan’t wait to eat ur pupusa break more like BIG BANK❤️ 2020 we learned that Kyrie 1. Paid $1.5M of WNBA players salary’s who opted out 2. Donated $323K to meals fo…
Retweeted by nia simone