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@ZhugeEX "You sound nuts lmao, how is that even supposed to work" - 2019 Nibel @Umbra_Witcher Yep, December 3 @Shawn_on_Games Nope, just a timeframeSince some people are asking: there is no indication that this is the Ultimate Edition of Control (which is slated… @tyrantraveomega I finished DQXI, both the main game and the endgame stuff Put some respecc on my nameControl and many others coming to Game Pass’re stoked to announce our new DLC “Fatal Falls” will be dropping in early Q1 2021! Bringing another two new leve…
Retweeted by NibelA scalper group claimed to secure 1000 Xbox Series X orders - then the retailer cancelled them
Retweeted by NibelDOOM Eternal coming to Game Pass for PC on December 3 @OracleDream1 Possible I suppose!"Where is Waller? Tell her I do not belong here."
Retweeted by Nibel @Swery65 NOOOWith the new system update on #NintendoSwitch, you are now able to wirelessly transfer photos and videos from your…
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Retweeted by Nibel @JonComms I do not understand at all how that shit works lmao; feels random to me rn @lukegranders @HorrebHS @MattWatchGundam Nah, rushed is an accurate description @reecetaylor529 Nope; depends on each dev/publisher @MattWatchGundam I like the design of the PS5 OS but yeah.. feels unfinished (and crashed on me once as well)Xbox Console November 2020 update revealed - new dynamic backgrounds - Auto HDR indicator - 'Optimized for Series… Wonder-Size Cadet Demo for #TW101 is out now, featuring hidden team member Wonder-Bayonetta! Enjoy a Wonder-Siz…
Retweeted by NibelGreat to see friends helping friends this Holiday Season! 😉 @Naughty_Dog @PlayStation
Retweeted by NibelWant to know why Sony made "activities," which let players warp directly to quests, such a big part of the PS5 pitc…
Retweeted by Nibel @Seyed_Sonic Yep @dennisK_90 It's himImmortals Fenyx Rising early review scores Game Informer 9 Windows Central 4.5/5 Easy Allies 8 The Gamer 4/5 VG247… @JonComms Happy for your movement bud @silverparry Great system with great gamesNew trailer for Hidetaka Swery's The Good Life, launching Summer 2021 for PC, XBO, PS4 and Switch… The Ancient Gods: Part One DLC will arrive at a later date)DOOM Eternal will launch on Switch on December 8 @johnnydork And we will kick your ass for it, don't worry @bnwkr Agreed @AndyPlaytonic (Also, good job on the story) @AndyPlaytonic I like yours as well tho lolPlayStation 5 had the biggest console launch ever in the UK according to VGC sources Disc-drive version accounted… @nightygale @dennisK_90 @Sawyer_DAA @AbyssOmrek Hell yeah; this would 100% get me excited for that franchise again @dennisK_90 @Sawyer_DAA @AbyssOmrek I want a new Uncharted with new characters tbh @dennisK_90 @AbyssOmrek Thor is gonna kick Kratos' butt in the State Of Play February 2021 trailer @dennisK_90 Should have followed my own advice @YellowDhub Bro??? @Ricardofpd It launches on the same day as TGA @OnQore Relax @Arekkz They haven't shown that one off in quite some timeSeems like the good man was talking about Cyberpunk 2077, pack it up folks, etc (..BUT MAYBE) @Com_Raven @Pewology Insider Marcel FINALLY dropping the deets, gonna quote tweet this asap @cleveru16605923 To you it's clown makeup To us it's our real face @AllantTheThird Developed in Japan by FROM, published worldwide by Bamco (afaik, not sure if they have other publishers somewhere) @Pewology That makes the most sense I suppose ..BUT what IF @Zenox1987 I've seen multiple requests for a new Klonoa game Respect to y'all for holding it down(Do I spend too much time on the Elden Ring subreddit? Yes but @cleveru16605923 A decision so strange that I believe it was a last minute changeBandai Namco UK marketing director describing #TheGameAwards as 'big day' 👀’s official! The very first #SuperNintendoWorld is set to open on Feb. 4th in Osaka, Japan! I got a first-hand l…
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We've got something else in store... ✨ Introducing the #FFXIV Announcement Showcase! ✨ We'll be announcing cool t…
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Let's just take a minute to appreciate Takehiko INOUE's art.
Retweeted by NibelLong time no see #ffix #finalfantasy Wallpaper and poster links >
Retweeted by NibelMicrosoft Flight Simulator is simultaneously one of the most technically impressive and emotionally rousing games I…
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Retweeted by Nibel @Aussie_Legend It had a "2020" release date but nothing beyond that afaik(Big shocker)Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course delayed to next year's Avengers Has Yet to Make Back Its Development Costs
Retweeted by NibelPS+ lineup for December according to @PlayStationSA. Not sure if this will be the same for America - Just Cause 4…
Retweeted by Nibel @coystick That sounds rad4A Games is also exploring whether a multiplayer experience in the Metro universe is possible; they've teamed up wi… Exodus next-gen version detailed - coming in 2021 (free upgrade for PS4/XBO owners) - faster framerate - inc… @Jack_Septic_Eye Need haptic feedback for the front part of the VR headset to feel whenever my character facepalms @Kyoufu2011 This ain't it Koofoo @Aussie_Legend I sure hope soIf they make a PSVR2.. I just want less cables man @ax_zer0 Yep @RatioedLol Should be the case; I'd be shocked if they left that content behindFolks at @GIBiz confirm what I said above. The PS5 being the biggest console launch ever part. Not the scalpers p…
Retweeted by NibelRumor: a new patent uncovered by LetsGoDigital indicates that a new PSVR headset for PlayStation 5 is in developmen… PS5 is Sony's "biggest console launch ever" @doof_ebooks We need the PS5 edit @robosteve89 Wait that is happening?A new PS5 system update has been released (20.02-2.26) and according to early reports.. it improves stability (One… Enix will allow its staff to permanently work from home, starting December 1 (According to an internal surv… #MonsterHunterMovie (@Monster_Hunter) crossover comes to #Iceborne on Dec 4th! Travel to the New World and play…
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“The Burning of Old Yharnam”, my other full piece for @soulsbornezine. See the full res piece and 46 other pages…
Retweeted by NibelEarlier today we released a patch fixing a few stability issues. We are listening to the community and continuing t…
Retweeted by NibelCyberpunk 2077 PS5 and PS4 Pro gameplay Dead Online will be available to purchase as standalone game on December 1st, at an introductory offer of $4.99…
Retweeted by Nibel @Aussie_Legend Doesn't seem to be the caseRed Dead Online will be available as a standalone release on December 1 (EGS/Steam/PS Store/MS Store/Rockstar Launc… Lambert in Mortal Kombat vs Christopher Lambert in Mortal Kombat Kombat 11 Klassik MK Movie Skin Pack revealed, includes voices and likenessnes from the original cast member… as an app on your TV? We're going to see this in the next 12 months, according to Microsoft's Xbox chief. 2021…
Retweeted by NibelHey PlayStation 5 fans! Some weekend reading for ya here care of yours truly:
Retweeted by Nibel @TheSilkiest @Static_Shxck I still enjoyed 3make but man they could have gone *way* harder @ZISPECIALONE__ YawnNew Hitman 3 location revealed, Chongqing - improved lighting and reflections - overhauled effects (water etc) - i… @JRobnson Afaik it didn't really changeKoei Tecmo has revealed that Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity has shipped more than 3 million units worldwide, a re…
@coolshortss @original_nasu Chainsaw Man (Read it!)トチュウ
Retweeted by NibelIt's an abrupt change but shows moving from a countryside area to a city one. #pico8 #screenshotsaturday
Retweeted by Nibel @Sawyer_DAA I finished that one some weeks ago and it's pretty rad; definitely underrated (and overlooked)