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senna ✶ @nicdolls they ᰋ black 19

‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍187 cm , bmi 20.1 ౨ৎ

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@slimvixn LETS HOPE i wake up bmi 19 tmr jolie getting a kiss. gnhope i can follow this well 😭🙌🏾 it would make me jump in real joy to be underweight while its still summer @slimvixn hiii tmb @kazukcal the twogood smoothie 🙌🏾 i pyo @slimvixn hiiyasss excusing anything but a lot of you do underestimate how fatphobic the average person is
Retweeted by senna ✶ @suzannescals good luck ill miss u!!this one.. feeling of protection and safety you had when you were little can come back !! all you have to do is lose weigh…
Retweeted by senna ✶ @sanzoaho same.. it will happen.. we WILL do ot @xscats literally like 💀💀 EVERYONE SHUT UP NOWcalling disordered ppl selfish for having disordered behaviors where have i heard this one before @slimvixn HERE. @slimvixn DELETE IM ALREADY HERRnever wearing a short sleeve to work again 😢my manager pointed out how much i lost while ive been here 💀 i said i was just slimming down she was like ohhhh oka… @slimvixn okay okaythe cons of having a high starting weight: everyone fucking notices when u losehe tried to say sumn else but i went to hug and talk to my other coworker i either gotta find a new job or hypnotiz… WHAT TO SAY TO THOSE TYPA THINGS DO I SAY YES DO I SAY NO OR DO I SAY LIKE A SMALL DIET???coworker asked me if ive been dieting i said no he cocked his eyebrow and i cocked mine back
i better be getting an apple watch for my bday ive been asking for MONTHS @slimvixn AMERICA 🇺🇸
Retweeted by senna ✶picking the yellow pill cuz i love walking @fluttrershy SLAYYYaiming for bmi 17s by end of june hopefully
Retweeted by senna ✶we have threads of ppl giving step by steps on how they lose a million kg in a week or how to fast and ur biggest i… came out the vault 375 cals ^^ 28.2g p fasting on friday bc i work from 8-4 😘this pic hasn’t left my mind since it came out
Retweeted by senna ✶the entry fee is your soul and happiness baby — hiii baby ^^ hru!'s so slayyy ☺️
Retweeted by senna ✶ok im acc serious this time
Retweeted by senna ✶ @zuzaskcalzz OF COURSE WE WOULDNT FORGET YOU @Couleuria1 cuz thats abt 7-8 months we twins actually @Couleuria1 i was bmi 27 in dec and now im bmi 20 almost 19 so tbh ima say thats good60 pounds and im still not underweight yet THIS IS HELL 💀💀 @slimvixn good job!!PLEASEEEE @slimvixn she projecting @xscats i think im in it but just in case meee @288CALS YAHHHH YAH MUAH MUAH @slimvixn YUPPP IM #NORMAL @288CALS YUPPbreakfast ^^ 325 cals 29.6g p @frailfwn just like youu @antilyra fitbit @288CALS love u 2 🩷 @288CALS YAAAA GOOD JOB @288CALS TY BABYYYnot even 12 yet cannot be real for a bit then doing another workout, breakfast then another walk and then i’ll shower @kazukcal do debloat stretches and drink lots of water itll go down dw ^^ @slimvixn do it 🤓 @slimvixn yumm @288CALS yes that makes sense @288CALS thisshould i stop eating meat this summer @288CALS yes tbh.. @288CALS everyone bday in june HELP @ploploplops #yolo @kazukcal ty!!weighed myself bmi 20.1 now walk done (1hr 4m) my new pinned and u get a low cal cookie 😘unpinning on bday , 🩵🩵🩵 @slimvixn TYYYY @slimvixn i wanna do something blue i think..changing my layout for june idk what layout to go for tho @ploploplops omfgg 😭😭😭😭 i luv it @ploploplops they got pink? 🤓 @ploploplops the colored burgers like omg @288CALS YES!! @slimvixn @popkalss EYE EYE CAPTAIN. @ggdiet hii @288CALS im 4.5kg away from mine too 😭😭thinking of how hard i will rock these if i was skinnyyy
Retweeted by senna ✶ @vomitcals nawww what @bbytoota21 which fit bit is that? i have the luxe but i want one with a bigger screensend me stuff plsss @976gore hruui have work today later so ill probs walk to work ^^gonna do 1-2 pilaties vids and then 1-2 walk the weight off vids when im done walking :3no way i'm wearing a bikini in public before i drop another 10lbs
Retweeted by senna ✶finally reaching the lower bmis after years of having an ed just for ppl pn edtwt to start saying bmi 16-18 is still fat SHUT THE FUCK UPPPPi maintained but i had 1.7k cals so 🧟‍♀️ maybe ill try a step challenge like 40-50k….exercise purging today to make up for yesterday