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built like a brick shithouse (instagram: nicegirlmeg, art instagram: gaptoothart) they/she

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they just took down their “make canada great again” signslms if next time i pick up my dog’s poop i just hurl it onto my neighbour’s balcony don’t like it when i see my reply guys become reply guys for other girls. i prefer for my simps to be monogamouschomp @awhjeezdude DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEbrain is broken today because on a loop it just keeps saying “looney tunes themed sex” is that anything??? is that anything?every once in a while i stumble across a tiktok that i know will haunt me one told me that when you fart in leather pants it travels down your leg and out the bottom, but i'm here today…’s over....... it’s overmom no please get off my twitter
getting my baby a onesie that says “future podcaster” to make sure he gets the shit kicked out of him in daycare @nialloxyloto i know....... i knownot me breaking down into tears because griffin mcelroy is having another son and i’m just so happy for him. i valu… @arsedustig god that’s hot @arsedustig i cant stand him i just can’tfantasizing (sexually) about calling james corden a dumb fucknever found out what net neutrality was but i’m glad we saved it (or didn’t save it? idk i have huge tits though) @downtoplaycats i live to be bravei’m calling everything i do “camp” from now onthis is camp’m so glad it’s not 2017 anymore and i don’t have to pretend to like brockhamptonellen degeneres saying a birthday cake frappuccino was 800 calories in 2010 gave me an eating disorderhungover on a thursday morning like a real girlboss but one with an alcohol problem @excesstential cause it showed up on a ton of people’s recommendations for no reason outta nowhere. so it got to a nasty crowd @excesstential ladies kissing in the vid
@Giraffelimbs unreeeeal wow wow wowI wanna do more takes on classic costumes and monsters
Retweeted by megAh yes, the four horsemen
Retweeted by meg @BreadEmoji123 i’m not a nerd idk what that means @gemothy kiss methis is so remarkable
Retweeted by megand it seems to me you lived your life like a quibi in the wind........this is so crazy i'm beautiful. gn ideal way of spending my birthday is also having fake sex with kate winslet @purplelighter someone had to take a stand!!!!can i just say something?? i'm sick of all this "covid"crapthe three genders AMONG US isn’t voting? hey kids listen up,pokemon among us go to the polls! @TampaImmAtty the duvet is the skeleton of the blanket apparatus, the duvet cover is its skinmy account really is mostly me vs. duvet coversi was 23 when i broke down in inconsolable tears while trying to put a duvet cover on
burned my head on a curling ironbabe it’s time for your 4:30 pm depression nap is so funny if you're methe before trilogy by richard linklater like dinner’s sorted! would you fucking eat this im getting so mad a scraggly, stinky white boy doesn’t have a girl on tinder to tell “i’m ethically non-monogamous,” does he make a sound?ok this was half referencing the meme and half unironicgo on okcupid at midnight, fantasize about killing myselftaking my coffee out on the front lawn to get the newspaper at 3 pm, hoping to catch a documentary about WW2 on cab… only wear sweatpants and large, stained crew neck sweaters now like a recently divorced dad it’s getting so bleakwalking into rooms and forgetting why i went in there and just staring at the wall slack jawed for like 30 seconds… depression has caused some pretty severe memory loss lately and i wish someone would have warned me about this symptomthis can’t be real a first date, just talked about the 1991 film backdraft for 15 minutes? he hasn’t seen itstill got this one bouncing around the dome paul blartacab including paul blartI just made spaghetti for the first time!
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@harsh__babe DOGS CAN LICK TOO!!!!i cant stop laughing at this fucking text i’ve been in hysterics for like 30 minutesmy brother wrote a horror movie
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i don't have a way to articulate the way i'm feeling right now but i have that sharp feeling at the back of my jaw… on one date with a famous singer and my friend just caught me when his music came on wine is the sexier wine but you have all failed to consider that it tastes like shit? @Sylviraraine niceoctober is the most mysterious month and therefore the sexiest. who knows what will happen? *i walk out of the room… don’t like seeing people on double dates. one couple is bad enough and you’re going to add a second? fuck youit’s insane i haven’t been suspended for something or another yet but i’m gonna keep pushing the twitter envelope u… hagthis is why you aged the way you did
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@realgirlfieri every fucking month when it resets i get a blowout or a massage because i never actually use my credits to work outgot a blowout, have come to the conclusion that if i was famous i would be so hot like all the time the rest of my classpass credits on a blowout, explaining QAnon to the stylist in excruciating detail (she did not ask)it’s simple girl power babesit’s possible to support women in open relationships but not menthat starts at his knees?marx’s magnum dong @rainbowvelour HELLO?123movies when I try to pause my movie.
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holy shit @fuckpalahniuk u betvery me like 10 minutes fucking the couch up so he could sleep like this special arrangements with the funeral home to make sure my mouth is fixed open just enough to slot a lime wedge in therei want my funeral to be open casket and i want everyone to take a body shot off my corpse (non-negotiable)i need to emphasize that i have no fucking idea where this came from, i woke up and it was just immediately on loopwoke up with one haunting phrase on my mind: werner herzog got the keys to the jeep, beep beep @utterclaptrap are we looking at the same face @sharbopjects hannah and owen made me want to jump @sharbopjects what the fuck? what the fuck?if i was in bly manor i would smoke weed with the lesbians and just chill. nobody in that house just chilled and that’s why the vibe was off
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