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meg @nicegirlmeg vancouver

Absolute sweetie, aspiring bog body

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I just got up from a nap and stretched and my dog stretched and I did a burp and he looked very concentrated for a… @MargBarAmerica Hair’s good also congratsNo way who send out foul sexual tweets are weird and probably alone.
Retweeted by megBig congrats to MohammedJust been informed of don lemon’s likes @Giraffelimbs And sooooo handsome!Swoon! @kumonalumni420 This is true actually @kumonalumni420 Crime lineup? saw a 14 year old say twink is a slur I’m clocking out! Night everyone @ladeneuve Omg thank you!Looked great here @nodBard No bitch! @specialedluna The fridge ????Look at this kitchen obv butGod lol miss my old dog. She looked so weird @girlpowertbh Know for a fact that’s a clip on tie tooI very badly wish you could all just watch my dog go about his little lifeDid you forget him
Retweeted by meg @memetazaa This feels personal @fknlizard Thank you it healed really badly so it’s mostly scar tissueHow’s everyone doing. Whats the theme of the dayWhy do I stand like thatHair looking incredibly kamalaI look like someone’s teen spy son on an undercover mission to fit in with the town lesbians farewell to a known hater or somethingTrump would have something insane to say about larry kingJokes we need jokes people! Quick! Faster!!! Jazz musician with a scat fetish! Who cares write it down!Want all of you to say something similar about me when I die’d be really hard to date an older vampire. “What side were you on in the Peloponnesian War” - not exactly a firs…
Retweeted by megfriday night turn up
Retweeted by megI’m gonna feel hungover and terrible tomorrow! Mark my words!!Lmfao love drinking am going to tweet something like “women are so beautiful. End violence because kissing girls is so good” and get…, I’m about to go viral. This time it’s a sure thing... mhm... mhm... yeah, it’s Bernie Sanders and he’s sitting…
Retweeted by meg @misterpostsman I want to retweet this so badCaroline polachek screaming at those swans really helped me in my lifeSome of you are gayif i could do it all over i would go back to college and experiment less
Retweeted by meg @mulchlord What the fuck
2021 @misterpostsman YEAAAA!!!!! @nobuddyasked Cigarettes are actually good for you yeah @ChinatownMarket Missed the giveaway but I will be buying one for big boy Toby here we sure that cigarettes are bad for you? Who exactly is conducting these studies?My ideal woman is fit, active, blonde, and absolutely drowning in a pyramid scheme but won’t realize it for a couple more yearsI want everyone to always be looking at my dogWhat the fuck know what else is a potential superspreader event? This puTwitter son or parler daughterYang gang son or I’m with her daughterUgly son or ugly daughterIdk actuallySome may say I’m embittered. Some may say I’m crotchety. Some may even say I’m nasty. But you know what? @MILFWEEED My date cheated on me like a week before prom and we broke up and still went together @thisyearsgurl I was gonna get this!!!!! Ur beating me to all my purchases latelyLove to be like “celebrity culture is all fabricated!! Everything is a publicity stunt!! Everything is marketing! Y… say good morning to Toby @michaelacoletta They’re getting so slim he’s so skinny nowI used to talk about drag queens on the internet and i acted like I had thrown the first brick. Just shut up!! Go c… your virginity! Go get a part time job at a buca di beppoFans of pop stars act like oppressed minorities for being losers online. I love it! I used to do that tooHe’s free took my dog out without a leash for the first time and he kept looking back to make sure I was coming @memetazaa @user72682 @memetazaa @user72682 Fml @memetazaa @user72682 Wait fml sorry thought only Z was tagged @memetazaa @user72682 Yes and we’re gonna kiss@on the mouth!!The fact that I can’t risk my life by going to a stranger’s house right now to have sex is Orwellian!Think how cool things are gonna be in the future when this is all over. I just drank 6 white claws in my room alone… miss the Terry’s white chocolate orange!!!! Yes I am a pervert!!!! @TheEpicDept The only thing I fear in this world @s4m31p4n I always see the songs you post and go “yeah I like that one”cant sleep so i found a way to make midsommar better. thanks @scheana
Retweeted by megAnd one of the only career moves he’s ever made! Because hes unemployedWhen joseph gordon-levitt muted me on twitter it was the smartest career move he’s ever madeSalma hayek’s breasts!I want to be on women posting Ls so I can finally become a woman and all the girls in my grade will stop making fun… @Canady117 Yeah!!!!!! @lurkingfriend Fuck yeahI’ve been shadowbanned for so long that I feel at home here. I don’t want to be in the light ever again. I’ve grown barnaclesOne of you wanna take my wisdom teeth out @lurkingfriend Which one. I’ll decide if it’s bullyingFml
Retweeted by meg @lurkingfriend Is this bullying @thisyearsgurl ;;)Everything in the world always comes back to this“Defund the police but I called the cops on my neighbour for sending a cordial but slightly inconveniencing text” “… barstool girl on here will say or do something so horrible and everyone in the responses goes “it’s the crackhead behaviour for me 😂” @Thotkari I know that he was fully black as a puppy! They called him blackjack. Ugh god I love beagles what a cutie @Thotkari He’s 10!! @Thotkari I don’t know!!! I have no idea! The good kind @goawaywendy This is true actually @hotelmiramusic He’s a perfect and happy boy