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@liadisiniii Yullll cepet pulih sygggg πŸ₯ΊπŸ€ @strowberis Ngebukain injekan kaki di motor, ngebukain tutup botol, bsksbdjslsnsl gemes @AkiOjanse Yhh @sebatasstory_ Hadeh @sleepyh33roin Ih iyaaa aku gt πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί @liadisiniii Gabisa :( @ssturneedd Kannn :( @sukaespiscok Ok amaw πŸ₯Ί @lovinglifff Suka pgn nangis gt kan πŸ₯Ί @papahnyaraya Lagi kerja orgnya :( @sukaespiscok Betul bgt, harus tetep percaya kalo rencana Allah selalu baik @luvyouara Aaaaa gemoi bgt araa 😍🫰🏻 @algobirr Imut bgt @finallyweend Knp @slvnaaa_aan Kangen max!!! @awyyg_ aaaaa peluk πŸ₯Ί @Javanesiaaa Ok trims yh @ra_charmangel Tos beb @millenialshitt ayg @lifeisgoodmi Gatau, gapercaya virtual @bayu1563 Ok @adisucypto Offline donggg @awyyg_ aaaaa, kamu kalo kangen sampe pgn nangis gt kannn πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί @m_martiin_ Nggk @ichadddeee y @mkrisss_ Nyender di tembok? @papahnyaraya Lagi jauhan bay, bulan depan baru ketemu ☹️ @liadisiniii Sp yg sakitttt? @adisucypto Sok izin duluuu @adisucypto Peluk peluk aja u @sndi_frdian Bener :(Hari ini ga efektif bgt ih belajarnya @chikiballschiki Luv πŸ₯ΊπŸ€ @cfeksi Cute 😍😍😍 @goldqnbee Samaaaa @kareperaimu000 Rehat dulu @luthfiprtm Iya @nomadkidz Aku engga @tidakusangka Dapet nasi kotak nggak?Maaf bgt aku orangnya suka kangen, pas kangen suka sampe sedih ☹️ @liadisiniii Yullll? @pelampiasannkm Mana gue tau @Arul_Santana Ok diganti, met soreee! @chikiballschiki Alhamdulillah bgt deh ya 😭 @chikiballschiki Ayankku gmn hari iniii? @goldqnbee Bee 😍😍😍 @tanpaahmad Ya mau gmn lagi @liadisiniii Paling bener gausah berharap dan percaya ke cowok @akunsapenih Jgn membadut mel @cloudythngsz22 Hy cantik 😍 @ginidehdil Desember mid @millenialshitt Setengah aja cakep @ginidehdil Jgn lupa sendal barunya yh @cutiewittles Pada jum’atan @cutiewittles Cantik bgt ynk 😍✨ @cheesucakeuu Dah siang nihh @solusin_ Ayo makan siang ynk @jayclentzz Dah siang jay @bixchezbby Jgn lupa makan siang kay 🀍 @gausahhjulidd Jgn lupa makan siang @urqueencayy Have a good day ecayy 🀍 @percaddle Have a nice day 🫰🏻 @sleepyh33roin Sianggg @uniseblac Iya unii 🀍 @rifailed Hiii have a great day ✨ @bukannyasiapaaa Bener bgt @justneedatime Semangat ndaaa 🀍 @pipelmagerann Iyaaaa bgt @givemeurlovv Iya, mending jgn mau sih @millenialshitt It’s okay, take your time lalaaaa 🀍 @needyrattention Gausa tidur ajh @givemeurlovv Jgn lupa sarapan linnn, have a great day 🫰🏻 @allbt02 Have a good day ✨ @coffeevcc_ Have a nice day, jgn lupa ngopi @dappblu U too ✨ @dappblu Pagii @kareperaimu000 Piyanggg, have a good day ✨ @bkandewipersik Jgn lupa sarapan yh depeeee @ra_charmangel U too beb 🀍 @nomadkidz Mf @bangbiin_ Have a nice day @millenialshitt Jgn gitu πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜  @SymAb11 Sarapan angin @uniseblac Uniiii jgn lupa sarapan, sehat sehat yaa @SymAb11 Jgn lupa sarapan ka @niiiarchivee Gitaaaa have a great day 🫰🏻 @nomadkidz Mandi far @almaydawisnuu Have a good day mas al @Cilorjagbar U tooJuli tolong baik baik ya, soalnya Juni udah brengsek.
Retweeted by Nis @adisucypto Dah mandi di? @udinbikul Have a nice day!!! @sukaespiscok Maw jgn lupa sarapan yh @Rian_ya234 Have a good day ✨ @rpunjjel Nanaaa dah sarapan blm? @sasaaayang Jgn lupa sarapan syggg @kahlm_ Ayo @sasaaayang Udah juli nih @millenialshitt Pasti indah bgt @lifeisgoodmi Miii have a good day ✨