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art speedrun WR holder @niceupdog SMASHVILLE (nashville, tn)

lex ✧ 23 ✧ they/she ✧ dog lady artist, model, villain ✧ NSFW sometimes ✧ 📸: @irlupdog (+18) ✧ commissions closed

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just conk #FURSONALOOTCRATE prefers soda over bubble tea
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@sonofpoog she bouta choke him outi'm gonna take a break for a bit for my wrist, i'll see if i can find it in a bitit just poofed.... watch me find it once i finish all the comms in there lol though granted the new ones will 100%… think one of my commission .clip files got deleted so i'll have to start over again -w- it's not too awful of a l… @aren_alexander i was getting like 8 kills last night i was so proud of myself.... but same i usually dont trust a… me in splatoon if you wanna suddenly explode while you're minding your own business cuz i just sniped u from across the mapi never thought i would say these words in my whole splatoon gamer career but i've gotten good with e-liter and i… @dedadodadodasd2 @LilithLovett @OOCWesternR34 sorry that i made you cryshe's probably thinking about food or something
Retweeted by art speedrun WR holder @heckdemon cute lady!More small chests with big hips, tyvm.
Retweeted by art speedrun WR holder @12rules4meme he is a coward @LilithLovett @OOCWesternR34 i'm sure you feel that way as someone who's built their following on being constantly hateful and negative @Gnash00 gnash not being gnash just don't sound right! @Margikrap it's why i have ADHDgod didn't give me huge boobs cuz he knew i'd become too powerful @hawkeye_xigbar having a drawing friend that lives close by sounds fun!i wish there was somewhere i could go and draw in a public space that isn't like, a coffee shop or something @forrowoods @worldofcrap i read it like "you should keep trying to do better over time instead of getting overly comfortable"new windows 10 update changed the tablet's cursor in clip studio from the regular mouse pointer to the dot it shows… sometimes forget how much I appreciate Miyazaki’s cut-throat honesty. Zero fucks.
Retweeted by art speedrun WR holderi'm starting the "artists who've never drawn bowsette" club. we do knitting on sundaysit hasn't been taking as long to draw stuff since i hurt my wrist cuz i've been working on a doodle at least every… case you missed it @uejini yes!
@uejini i want to smoke with gashi! @momoechisArt congrats! u deserve itgame day blep
Retweeted by art speedrun WR holder @dogfloaties valid, i am dog lady after allthe title of "dog lady artist" is one that will always fit me but i always feel like i should probably just go by "…⛈️🔥𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓼𝓲𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷 🌈✨ how do you move on?
Retweeted by art speedrun WR holder @Nitomatta i remember i was at anime weekend atlanta so i was too busy to be active on twitter but every time i'd b…'m a little strapped for cash at the moment so I'm gonna do some $10 colored sketch commissions, dm me if you're i…
Retweeted by art speedrun WR holderit's what i get for liking to talk to multiple people at once vs 1 on 1 cuz it seems like 90% of artist people are… more like a shitty gacha phone game since russian roulette is supposed to be a 1/6 chance instead of 50/50asking someone to join your server, aka "russian roulette on if you'll ever get to know this person better" since t… @uejini i will do it properly next timeif artists do post more questions in pics, cuz i know some people dislike seeing curiouscat posts, please try not t… a brighter side of it, i guess at least it's more of an excuse to draw a response to a question rather than just reply through textpeople who follow artists should probably prepare for the media tags of artists they like to have way more screensh… fm never let me down like thisL @CuriousCatMe make the questions appear as screenshots instead of text since nobody on this website cares if you steal imagesis curiouscat masking questions with emojis now😺✏ — eat burger
@shydad420 looks like they deleted or changed usernames for me <: @MissMixi what the heck thank u! @justanotherfat7 no! they are very soft, just make sure they can see you first or ask before you do hehewe won both games today! yeehaw
Retweeted by art speedrun WR holderu KNOW i had to take a picture with my favorite boy @ahhcherontia yes! my mom and i were at bridgestone all day cuz we went to both games @dirtcup_art people on the west coast be like @ahhcherontia shoot, maybe sometime we can hang at one <: @LivvyFanon seeing my nickname and ben shapiro in the same sentence made my fight or flight instincts kick in before i read the whole post @ahhcherontia were u at the game??? @PredsNHL we (bridgestone arena) literally did the wave for like 10 minutes straight @NHLCowgirl @PredsNHL saros for two period then appleby @sonofpoog @yungzaniel join us zane @yungzaniel my phone loaded slow so it looked like nobody else gave answer, oops @yungzaniel he wasn't @JinglleJanglle my legacyIM CALLIN OUT FROM SCATMAN'S WORLD @niceupdog
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epic prank #nsfw
Retweeted by art speedrun WR holderi still like this pic quite a bita cassie for @theycallhimcake
Retweeted by art speedrun WR holderWhat’s the sexiest item of clothing you own? — one of those anime-ass microkini swimsuits. for research @dukeofduwang yeeeim s..soorry i m taking sso ll...long on ur commission u just p-paid me so m-much a nd i want it to…
Retweeted by art speedrun WR holder @CastArts go ahead!i've been really depressed lately so going to a game and getting to yell my head off at some talented rough icy boy… fellas, you're gonna be seeing a happy updog soon - i'm going to not one, but TWO preds games tomorrow ouuuugh…
@rainbowfoxchu anyone can draw sfw art but not everyone can draw nsfw, so it's a skilled subset ppl like! you know… the realest remember mama lex
Retweeted by art speedrun WR holder @BASEDCRUSADER am on pc ;w;i play on pc fellas, my steam is the same as my twitter name if you're interested in joining hunts with me. been ho… no she's hot! mhw the other day couldn't make my usual character since they don't have the same hairstyle, so i made my hunt…'re really pretty — thank you my friend.... it's one of those times of the month where i drop my curiouscat here and say "feel free to… like you never do good enough is a hard feeling to try and work around @Veggiefact a lotta folks aint even find out #1 yet
this doesn't have a time expiration, by the waythe long awaited sunny butt shirt and sticker (among other things) is finally here, fellas! there's multiple colors…
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Retweeted by art speedrun WR holdershe's probably thinking about food or something been hella busy and afk but i'll be back to the computer later this afternoon yay @theycallhimcake i def couldnt see u if u went there!!
@NoContextBoomer only sometimeswas gonna joke like "the summer never ends" but i unironically would like thatseen ppl online talking abt fall, meanwhile it's gonna be 100f here on thursday @K1ttensocks ;_; this is so cute.... @gambolSPA i feel like the fucked up part was that i was so young that the assault shit never occurred to me until… @gambolSPA i hated every male character in KS lmao theyre even worse written than the girls were @Cosmodore i just read this out loud in his voice @bigdespair football @raneshounds can't stop thinking about how she looks like one of those oil covered ducks from the dawn soap commercials @WSMV "it could be your street next" as if nashville doesn't already have plenty of other churches