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Nicholas Pegg @NicholasPegg The Villa of Ormen

Actor, writer, director. Author of The Complete David Bowie. Co-creator of Decades. Probably the only Equity member to have played Hamlet, a Dalek and an otter.

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@trickytrees12 Okay, you’ve made me feel seriously old there. The day Diana died, I was digging the pond which appe…’s a thing. Name the most famous person who, because of your youth at the time, you had never heard of until th…’s extraordinary that Johnson is prepared to... what’s the word? ... oh yes ... spaff his popularity up against t… the garden today: unexpected visitor in the pond area. @mrjamesob To paraphrase someone or other, Dominic Cummings is Dominic Cummings’s idea of an intelligent person.It’s one thing for Cummings to re-edit a blog to give the false impression that he predicted the pandemic last year… - YouGov poll 59% think Dominic Cummings should resign (up from 52% at the weekend)
Retweeted by Nicholas Pegg @SaurPoints's a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to the prepared script which swept the inboxes of Tory MPs and right-wing hac…“I regret nothing! My vision is impaired! I cannot see! Drive to Barnard Castle! Barnard Castle! My vision is impai… days of deafening silence, East Devon MP @simonjamesjupp pops his head above the parapet. A bit. On Facebook. those wondering why the Prime Minister is risking it all to protect Dominic Cummings. The man he worked alongsi…
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggI agree. For those of us who’ve been investigating & reporting on Cummings for 3+ years, this is a good day. He’s f…
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggIf Dominic Cummings did edit an old blog so that it appeared to warn about coronavirus, it matters for three reason…
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggI think we all know from our own lives that you can sometimes get away with lying in the short-term. But in the lon…
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggNow Gove is claiming that he too has gone driving, more than once, to check his eyesight?! This is just becoming we…
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggBravo. This is what integrity looks like, Mr Johnson.’d have accepted this. The irony is that we are now governed by people to whom the straightforward answer - or ‘te…
Retweeted by Nicholas Pegg @RobertDick It’s a close-run thing, but in the end I think Stones pips Androids thanks to the whole megalithic folk… @pdplive Hello there! Love to you too, old chap. Not sure which of us has the maddest bastard in charge at the mome… my God, this is actually true., is Trump still a thing? Yes, I suppose he must be. Sorry, we’ve been a bit distracted over here by our own dera… luck with that. @albumtoalbum Now there’s an album. @red_mutant_eyes Me too! Tonic For The Troops was one of the first albums I owned. Love it to this day.
@red_mutant_eyes Oh, Rat Trap is fantastic. The documentary rightly traces its ancestry back through Springsteen an… caught up with that BBC documentary on The Boomtown Rats. A fine, probing, intelligent film about one of rock’…'s defence of Cummings is the same as Rees-Mogg's loathsome remarks about the Grenfell victims: if people ob…
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggTo get your idiot name, combine a feeling you've never personally experienced with the surname of another arsehole.
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggOh look, Boris Johnson is lying through his teeth again. Left: Daily Mirror, 25 May 2020. Right: Daily Mail, 20 Oct… futile to point out Johnson's lying, but here he is in 2014 contradicting his claim to newly require glasses…
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggIn the garden today: peonies come in all sizes, shapes and colours. This is a big round white one, and it opened to… “time to move on” tweets just keep on coming. magic words scripted by Cummings prior to today’s car-crash of press conference were “time to move on”. Do they…“Brother William, be so good as to lend me Adso of Melk for the day. I thought I’d take him out for a little spin i… @Paul_Burgin Oh, it’s a test they do for glaucoma. A quick puff of air in your eye at close quarters. It momentaril… @NicholasPegg I did quite well on my eye test, but I think I messed up the three-point turn.
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggI had an eye test in January. Usual sort of stuff: they shone light in my eyes, did that thing where they blow air…"I once took my wife and child on an hour's drive to test my eyesight"
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggPlease do NOT drive 30 miles to see if your eye sight is ok. Please do NOT drive at all #Cummgate
Retweeted by Nicholas Pegg“The presence of the Not-We threatens us. They must go away and leave us in peace. Now, quickly child, get in the c… much available here
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggMe at my next eye test
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggVery bold to try to blame the media when the most obviously disprovable account was written by your own wife.
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggTo be fair, I can see why it’s essential for someone this clever to keep their job at such a critical moment in our nation’s history.
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggThis is like when someone decides, against all advice, to represent themselves in court.
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggIf you are worried about your eyesight, you go for a 30 mile drive? Am I going mad or is that where we are now?
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggThe more rattled he got at the questioning, the more he started prefacing his rebuttals with the words “With respec…, your parents’ pad looks pokey and awful. Nowhere near as nice as a single-room flat in a tower block.
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggImagine the screaming and swearing once he’s safely indoors. Let’s hope Downing Street staff are currently removing…’s on a loop now. “I was weighing lots of things up... safety of my child... people will make their own judgement…, wonderful. Now his parents’ rolling acres are a shithole with, um... “concrete blocks”. So there. This is desperate stuff.“I make mistakes every day.” Yes. This car-crash of a press conference being a case in point. @Levity63 @paulwellerHQ Happy birthday!This is Professor Moriarty, the villainous mastermind behind everything that’s wrong with Britain. Just leaving thi…
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggHe’s attacking the media again. Over and over and over again. Apparently the problem is not that he did bad things,… anyone been keeping count of how many times he has said “to be honest”? He keeps saying it, but if one thing is… say, this is kicking Pizza Express in Woking into the long grass. @NicholasPegg Whoever told him it was a good idea to go before the cameras deserves a medal and a pay rise.
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggHe is really struggling now. His bullshit is piling up around him in coils.“I was looking to try to do the best that I could” by, er... [checks notes] ... driving 30 miles to a famous beauty… fairness to Cummings, let’s not underestimate the “Herculean effort” he is having to make during this press conf… a fourth time he tries to blame the media.Isn’t anyone going to ask Cummings why, on 30 March, Downing Street lied to the Financial Times by claiming that he… a third time he blames the media.Once again he is blaming “the coverage” of his conduct, rather than apologising for his conduct. Wanker.Ah, here we go. It’s the media’s fault, apparently.Oh, please. “On my wife’s birthday we accidentally drove 30 miles to a famous beauty spot” is about as convincing a…“Yes, Prime Minister, I know you’ve never picked up a saxophone in your life. That’s the whole point. Trust me, jus… delaying it so he ‘has to’ stop taking questions in order not to crash the Covid briefing.
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggIt’s rather marvellous, though, isn’t it, how this has brought us all together in front of our television sets on t… know his statement has been delayed, but to be fair, bank holiday traffic on the A1 is often very heavy.
Retweeted by Nicholas Pegg @NicholasPegg He's either waiting until he doesn't have to stand in direct sunlight or he's stuck in traffic on the M1.
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggThere’s an old proverb that goes “Punctuality is the politeness of princes.” There’s a new proverb that goes “Keep… Downing Street lied on 30 March, claiming Cummings was in London when he was not. Why did they lie if, as Joh… Times dated 30 March: Downing Street briefs that Dominic Cummings “will remain at his London home for th… what he did is in any way defensible he will have to explain why they lied about it from the very start.
Retweeted by Nicholas Pegg @LipskisGhost Ah, thanks.Ah, interesting. In direct contravention of the Code of Conduct for Special advisers, then. Do we yet know at what… country: Prince Andrew's decision to go on Newsnight was a once in a generation PR disaster Dominic Cummings: Hold my gilet...
Retweeted by Nicholas Pegg @ARCRooksmoor Years of experience have led me to conclude that, deep down, right-wing zealots find it impossible to… @edstradling Could be in trouble? Ed, they are up to their necks in raw sewage.1. Why the inverted commas on ‘rules’? They are rules. That’s not up for debate. 2. No, I haven’t. 3. No, I haven’t… a bit concerned about East Devon MP @simonjamesjupp. Like many of his constituents I’ve been messaging him… you lose someone you think, "What could I have done differently? Is this my fault in some way? Did I not d…
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggI think piling regret on top of grief is the most unforgivably cruel aspect of the government's position. Once you'…
Retweeted by Nicholas PeggToday's magic words are "rest assured I’ve conveyed the strength of local feeling to relevant colleagues"
Retweeted by Nicholas Pegg24 May: “He followed the instincts of every father and every parent, and I do not mark him down for that... I belie… April: “Breaking the rules is breaking the law.” On this day, Dominic Cummings and his wife Mary Wakefield are o… April: “If people don’t comply with the rules, the police will take action.” The following day, Cummings and his… April: “Breaking the rules is breaking the law.” The following day, Dominic Cummings and his wife Mary Wakefield… April: “The rules apply to everyone. Including you.” April: “If one person breaks the rules, we will all suffer.” April: “Your actions have consequences.” April: “Rules aren’t just for others.” Today, Cummings is photographed at Downing Street, his isolation period h… April: “We can all do our bit.” Today, Cummings is photographed at Downing Street, his 14-day isolation period h… April: “If you go out, you could spread it. People will die.” The previous day, Dominic Cummings and his family… April: “Stay home this weekend.” On this day, Dominic Cummings and his family enjoy a day out at the tourist hot… April: “Play by the rules this weekend and give the park a miss.” The following day, Dominic Cummings and his fa… April: “Thank you for staying at home.” Digging the Churchillian vibe there.