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7 Days since I’ve been murdered on the TL (he/him) #KomradeKittens

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@Sebbywebby_ I mean I get 50 gifted if I do 🤷🏾‍♂️Get you a man who knows how to cook ! It’s me... I’m that man 12:30 I definitely mean closer to 1I am running a tad bit late it is looking more like 1230 because there’s a very bad accident and I have to go a lon… Rattata can beat Goku (a thread)
Retweeted by Nicholi @ZxEffect What did you do @SavinTheBees @Class It’s my favorite piece of content he’s made tbh @EpicRacismHater @ihyviper Please help me @ihyviper These will forever confuse me @unamusedang I could’ve told you that! @Class For the love of god no @julesisontwt @ItsRake 🥺💜 @ariimoo7 Happy birthday!!! @ariimoo7 Happy chaitra navrati 💜I also have no idea how to cook Indian food that isn’t curry because I am whitewashed. So I will have no idea how to make what I’m makingGonna go live around 11am-12pm EST tomorrow with a cooking stream bc I can’t eat meat for religious reasons for 9 d…
@haileynoellee_ Lorde* give me the strength 😃Hey there Harry, can I help you with your wand lessons? 🙈🥵
Retweeted by Nicholi @Class @VeesAQueen Can I get rid of my follow to also get rid of @Sebbywebby_ ‘s follow?Girl: I’m not that confusing Also Girl @_MaddieSims My influence is crazyMight fuck around and play sims on stream that way I can have a life where a version of me is happy @YourEmbracee @_MaddieSims Please @Sebbywebby_ @_MaddieSims A lot of people do @_MaddieSims My badu want closure from ur ex i want my money back
Retweeted by Nicholi @ihyviper We Stan a queen 🙌🏾Not me imagining fake scenarios and hurting my own feelings
Retweeted by NicholiTap in 📲 @unamusedang There’s a dog named sally @Sebbywebby_ Death noteI’m deleting this stupid app thinking about her @Chloricc Hope you pass 🙏
@_MaddieSims Moooo @_MaddieSims MooooGot so many bitches imma start a pound @Viperous dresser just choked me and it’s the first time I felt something in MONTHS @Reck___ Wait you just giving away $200?? I need gas money tooNeed y’all to go follow Brynna on Instagram rq and get her to 1k followers. Her posts go crazy… @akaAced I hate it here @EZBakeClan @akaAced I MISSED IT??? WHAT THE FUCK @Sebbywebby_ I feel like I’ve seen this beforePLEASE FOLLOW MATT HE IS CLOSE TO 100 FOLLOWERS ON TWITCH
Retweeted by Nicholi @Viperous I don’t think that’s true @Class @EZBakeClan EZBake stocks 📈📈📈📈 @Sebbywebby_ @AStupidCouch @TannerLebo6 Hope someone sees this 🙏Congrats to @NicholiFNST and @TannerLebo6 on winning the giveaway 🎉🎉🎉 All you have to do is DM me your cashapp so y…
Retweeted by Nicholi @AStupidCouch @TannerLebo6 Big Ws 🙌🏾🙌🏾 @graeIyn @Class That’s crazy I’m trynna be the devil @bethmutchxo FNAF @Class The devil 100%
@mackenziereynaa I don’t mean to alarm you, but your feet are missing!!! @Sebbywebby_ @Class Seb please no @Sebbywebby_ If he pays for my hospital bill, I’m down @_MaddieSims @MinusWhale31 His “stans” are just himSchedule tweet coming out on Monday get ready..........👀
Retweeted by NicholiRedemption arc in bound @_MaddieSims I’m not gonna be in pain for 4+ hours just to lose againClermont twitter mutuals please please PLEASE retweet this!
Retweeted by NicholiThe answer is no. Fuck thatAm I hearing 4 gummy bears??? @KomradeKittens 10 minutes it is @ordinaryandcool I would accidentally leave people on read but then I can’t respond 4 days later bc they KNOW that… @ordinaryandcool I normally read a message a just forget to respond @ordinaryandcool I want people to know when I don’t want to talk to them so I leave them on @ordinaryandcool I got mine on @Froste You ain’t gonna shower @Class I got $5 saying he’s gonna run late @YourEmbracee @Class I hope I do @YourEmbracee @Class No you’re Laikyn @Viperous You’ll get through it 🙏 @olivehoodies I’ve known this man since like 2016-2017 that’s fucking crazy. He’s making MOVES @olivehoodies @olivehoodies WAIT YOU LISTEN TO RXSEBOY??? @leahdb98 Wait did you do those paintings???Hey um I’m very close to 36K on YouTube so if late night twitter can make that happen that’d be awesome! Promise…
Retweeted by Nicholi @nishnug Word @nishnug Hey @YourEmbracee @_MaddieSims God is good @YourEmbracee @_MaddieSims No she’s Maddie! @_MaddieSims Same goes for you, I’ve actually had a really good day! @MechanicsYT I promise if a friend group is frequently discussing “committed relationships” it can’t be that good @_MaddieSims Hello from couchIf my friend group only discusses stocks, real estate etc. when I’m 25, then I’m not making it to 26 @YourEmbracee @ezbak3lovin I promise you I am WAYYY bigger than Seb @ezbak3lovin @YourEmbracee I don’t think they make one that fits me @_MaddieSims It’s a long story but it’s valid20 likes and i buy the glitchpop phantom...
Retweeted by Nicholi @ihyviper But bad bitches don’t love me 😔 @leahdb98 Hi Leah! @ezbak3lovin Neither would I @ezbak3lovin I think we all need them for FloridaSHEEEESH
Retweeted by Nicholi @Innovvator You look good!My home and lock screen photos go CRAZYYYYY much can I get to?
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