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Jack on Netflix Last Kids on Earth (new season out now!) Smiling Friends on Adult Swim, Beyblade, My Little Pony, and more! Business:

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Joined Twitter 8/9/13 make that fish face in every photo! @netflixfamily @atomiccartoons @netflix @penguinkids @MaxBrallier
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhard"This is how I win." 8 years ago, Howard Ratner won $1.2 million after betting on Game 7 of the Celtics/76ers seri…
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardWatched Rango again, every time I watch it, just blows me away
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardI saw someone say that this looked like the poggers face and I took it upon myself to rectify the biggest missed opportunity everFROGGERS good not to share directly! Follow @LAIKAStudios on TikTok for more stop-motion awesomeness
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardWhen you just realize its a long weekend and you get another day to binge watch Last Kids! @netflixfamily
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhard @AricChojnowski Oof, that happened to me once when I got punched in the nose, I felt it but I didn't think it was a… @AricChojnowski I got stung on my eyebrow by a wasp years ago and I can still feel the sting when I touch itCrashed my bike as a kid, punctured my knee cap and there's been a blue-ish soft spot there ever since unused Shin Godzilla animatronic
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhard @visecs THREE DAYS
Twitter is basically just the circus scene from Fear and Loathing in Las VegasThis week will be a fun one! Lined up some chats w/ @Nick__Wolfhard, @MatreyaScarrwen, @kieferoreilly, @kamasood77, and more to come!
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardBeyblade ASMR is too high level Source: Tsukishita Kaoru: #カオルがおる…
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhard @Seitz_Unseen Dude you're missing outAnyone play this in elementary school? @citrus_smoothie Mayo
GR7 has embraced Ultra Instinct
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardThese past 2 and half years of working on @lastkidsonearth have been so fun. I experienced my first NYCC and made a…
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhard @LittlePancake__ Totally! @LittlePancake__ Thanks, and I'll continue to encourage you. If you're ever feeling down, you're ol pal Nick has your back! @KiraBuckland James Corrigal, the voice director I worked with on Last Kids on Earth brought out performances in me… Theory: Joji Spoon???? @solferleo NOGENTLEMEN, BEHOLD I probably went overboard on the posts @BrianDrummondVO @DaytimeEmmys @FinnSkata @lastkidsonearth @CarmenSandiego Thank u Brian
2020’re thrilled about @lastkidsonearth Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program! Congratulatio…
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardOUTSTANDING SPECIAL CLASS ANIMATED PROGRAM - Big City Greens: Green Christmas - Carmen Sandiego - Elena of Avalor:…
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardI had the disc launcher as a kid and it was so well constructed, those discs shot faaaaarSpy Kids had the absolute BEST McDonald's happy meal toys, disc launchers, wind up toys, etc you going for broke with the egg yolk folk of #TeamMayo, or do you plan on having the mayo lovers play catch up…
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardTVアニメ『#呪術廻戦』 制作は #MAPPA! 2020年10月よりMBS/TBS系全国28局ネット"スーパーアニメイズム"枠にて放送開始‼ PV第1弾解禁! 【Youtube】
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhard @Undead_Pie I've seen all of Gravity Falls and am a huge Jojo fanRight you are Ken @Gusbuckets Ye @MickWingert @FinnSkata Thanks Mick! @twomad Ultra bruh momentFrom Director Christopher Nolan. #TENET, coming to theaters. Watch the new trailer now.
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We are so honored and excited that The Last Kids on Earth has been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Special Cl…
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhard @thelastkidsonearth nominated for an #Emmy and 6 @leoawardsbc⭐️ Congratulations @thelastkidsonearth team! Great wo…
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardALSO @FinnSkata CARMEN SANDIEGO IS NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY TOOWE'RE NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY helped me move, kept me company many times when I was feeling down, REALLY got me into Jojo, and has made my lif…
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardJust started season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and loving it, since I'm almost done the series, I wanna watch a…
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardTony Hawk landing at 900 at 48 years old is probably cooler than him doing it for the first time.
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardKatamari Damacy stream either tomorrow or the day afterJust started season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and loving it, since I'm almost done the series, I wanna watch a…*shouts in Candace* LOOK! Enjoy this sneak peek of Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe, an Ori…
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhard @AricChojnowski I played the game and watched the movie and absolutely love both. Have only skimmed through some of… PILGRIM RENAISSANCE LETS GOOOO you thought watching Scott Pilgrim from home was great, wait until it's back @DolbyCinema, only in theatres!…
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhard4K UHD Blu-ray release planned for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, after the Dolby Cinema theater re-release
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardScott Pilgrim vs. the World is getting a Dolby Cinema re-release in theaters
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardWe’re beyond excited! The Last Kids on Earth has been nominated for 6 @leoawards! Thank you so much to everyone who…
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@Seitz_Unseen @kellengoff @ChrisHackneyGGK There is no system, I don't even know who got me verified or who had the… @Seitz_Unseen @kellengoff @ChrisHackneyGGK I can tell you all right now that its the hardest process ever to get ve… @Lisalisejam Wishing you and your family all the best, hope your mother gets well soon Lisa @jNQmSd6O1Sm9lV5 Literally nothing is off limits for Sorachi lolThe funniest thing about this one is that Gintama would almost definitely have Elizabeth dress up as Sailor Moon no… que j'ai vu le live de @Nick__Wolfhard ce matin, j'arrive pas à séparer le jeu Hylics de JJBA, je sais pas p…
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardAlso, absolutely AMAZING soundtrack, Cypress Hill, Incubus, Linkin Park, Filter, Muse, Powerman 5000, Deftones, I d… @warddraws Same, I always end up quoting the "what is rent" scene and the "my TV blew up scene" @twomad No, Nicky @hansvanharken My favorite part is that it just comes out of absolutely nowhere every single time, like it's so abr… don't care what anyone says I saw this movie when I was 6 years old and its still one of the funniest movies I've… @TrueCrazyFrog @maxxypad1 Crazy Frog gets a pass cause he's coolYO THE WONDERFUL 101 IS SICK!!!! I only played through the demo on Wii U and I'm SO glad I bought the remastered ve…
@Xerx Yeah that makes senseGood luck to @G_Panton let's have a fair and clean match, friend!Well, I guess the more accurate term would be The Emmy'sFor those that don't know, the Leo Awards are given to those in British Columbia's film production, its sort of lik… got nominated for best voice actor for the 2020 Leo Awards AGHHHHHHH gonna stream Wonderful 101 today1 Joe's Pizza, coming up! 🍕
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhard @Joseph__Avena STOPI just got a horrendous flash back to memes from the years 2008-2012 EUGHHHHH im gonna hurlVancouver is pretty gorgeous
#sailormoonredraw ちと濃すぎたかな…
Retweeted by Nick WolfhardWait... Is this right? #sailormoonredraw
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhard筋トレ中に狩人の夢に迷い込んでしまったちゃちゃまる
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhardchainsawman
Retweeted by Nick Wolfhard @Gigiisfunny Dunno yet but I'm excited!IM HAVING ITALIAN FOOD FOR DINNER TOMORROW YEEEEEEE @SweetBeanAmin LICK, YOSHISAUR MUNCHAKOOPAS @SweetBeanAmin @SweetBeanAmin LIAR I DO SO HAVE A BANKAI @inugamikorone フォローありがとう!! 😁
Reposted cause I TAGGED THE WRONG PERSONAy go watch @inugamikorone, even if you don't speak Japanese she interacts with her English fans too, her Pepsi Man… @luisdarkwatch Love TransformersThis song has been in the back of my head ever since 2007, that's how you know a soundtrack is good's easy to drown yourself in the waters of people who admire you, but you only really grow when you listen to the…
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